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Nonplussed, the hostess stammered for a few moments before finally saying, “Of course, Mr. DeSanto, if that’s your preference. Right this way, please.”

Mark could barely pull her seat away from the table thanks to a rather large man behind them, but he somehow managed. Why in the world would he have wanted to sit here? Maybe he was one of those people who liked to herd with others. She’d never pictured Mark as a pack animal, but then again she wouldn’t have imagined him panicking over having sex either.

“This is great, don’t you think?” he enthused, as he appeared not to notice that she was wedged up in her corner with barely an inch to spare.

“Sure,” she agreed, determined to make the best of it. So Mark had some strange quirks. That was to be expected, right? Lord knows Bill had issues. Maybe she attracted that type of man. Looking at how handsome he was across the table, she decided that even if she had a permanent indentation in her side after their cramped meal, it was a small price to pay for a night out with the man of her dreams. After all, he looked delectable in the suit he wore so well. Needing a diversion to keep from drooling, she craned her head to see the view from the wall of windows. “Wow, what a beautiful place. Do you come here often?” Probably a stupid question since the hostess knew him by name.

Mark took a sip from his water glass. “I have dinner meetings here occasionally. I’m glad you like it.” They continued to do well with their polite conversation after ordering their entrees when her first embarrassing moment of the evening occurred. The waiter was adding fresh ground pepper to her Caesar salad when she made the mistake of taking a deep breath and inadvertently inhaling what seemed like half of the shaker. Instantly, her eyes watered and her nose burned. Then the sneezing started. Considering where they sat in the restaurant, it was impossible for those nearby to miss her attack. Sadly, she’d never been a dainty sneezer and tonight was no exception. She grabbed her napkin, trying to cover her face while fumbling in her purse for a tissue. The waiter was apologizing profusely even though it hadn’t been his fault, while Mark jumped to his feet to offer his assistance.

“Kleenex,” she managed to choke out between
rounds of both coughing and sneezing. He took her purse and upended it on the table until he found what he was looking for. Considering how close they sat to the other diners, she had little choice but to blow her nose right there for all to see and hear. Mark handed her a glass of water, and she managed to take a couple of small sips without spraying the table. Finally, she was able to regain control and wanted nothing more than to climb under their table and hide.

Mark was rubbing her shoulder, looking down at her in concern. “Are you all right now?”

She nodded, giving him a rueful smile. “Other than being mortified, I’m fine,” she added. “I can’t believe that happened.”

Mark returned to his side of the table and took his seat. “You certainly keep life interesting,” he acknowledged. Crystal was surprised to see that he still looked concerned, but there was also a flash of amusement in his eyes as he looked at her. Bill would have spent the rest of the meal berating her for causing a scene, but it appeared that Mark couldn’t care less what others thought. She’d yet to catch him looking at anyone other than her.

Within moments, he’d had her salad and water replaced with fresh ones and she’d put the items that had been thrown from her purse back inside. He was sweet, considerate, and thoughtful—in other words, the perfect guy. She was relaxed and enjoying her meal when their waiter—possibly trying to atone for the pepper incident—bent to pick up something from the floor. He had glanced at it, his eyes widening as he hastily handed it to Mark, and then left without a
word. Mark looked at the paper curiously before dropping his fork. The sound of it hitting the glass plate echoed loudly, causing Crystal to jump in her seat. “Are you—is everything okay?” she asked in concern. He shifted in his seat, before swallowing a few times.

He tucked the paper into his jacket pocket and asked, “Are you almost finished, Angel?”

She looked down at her half-eaten meal before shrugging. “Sure, if you are.”

He paid the bill quickly, and they were outside once again. He put a hand on her back, helping her down the steps. Not a word was spoken between them until they were in his Porsche. Instead of leaving though, he pulled the paper from his pocket and carefully unfolded it. “Angel . . . is this yours?” he asked, sounding stressed.

She noticed that it was actually some kind of booklet instead of a single sheet of paper. She took it from his hands, and then gasped in horror. “Oh crap! I—Mia—I mean . . . you weren’t supposed to—God!”

Dropping his head onto the steering wheel, he said softly, “I was afraid of that.”

“Mark—I can explain. Mia brought it by earlier. One of her friends sells this stuff, and Mia is hosting a party for her. It was lying on the table when you got to my apartment earlier, and I stuck it inside my purse so you wouldn’t see it.” Putting her hand over her eyes,
she whispered, “But now both you and the waiter think I’m some kind of pervert.”

Without looking at her, Mark asked thickly, “Did you make those notes?”

Crystal looked down at the page that the booklet was open to and cringed. She’d been thumbing through it while waiting for Mark and had listed a question down beside one particular product. It was intended as a joke for Mia—not for Mark’s eyes. “Yes,” she finally squeaked out. “I was going to tease Mia about it.”

“Did you get wet when you were looking at this book, Angel?” Mark asked as he turned to look at her intently.

Her mouth dropped open as she stared at him. “Wh-what?”

He put a hand on her exposed knee, slowly trailing his fingers up her thigh. “You heard me. Were you turned on when you imagined using one of these on yourself? Did you imagine me using them on you?”

Crystal was in serious danger of swallowing her tongue as his words ignited a fire of desire within her. She straightened her spine and forced herself to maintain eye contact with him as she admitted, “Yes—to both questions.”

He took the booklet back from her nerveless fingers and pointed to the item that she’d written beside. “To answer your question, baby, that toy is for double penetration.”

Gawking at him, she asked, “How can you put them both in at the same time?”

He squirmed in his seat before turning the key in the ignition. “Baby, one of them is for your ass.”

When his meaning hit her, she breathed, “Ohhh.”

“Exactly.” He grinned as he pulled out into traffic. “Angel, I want you to know that I really tried to behave tonight. I had every intention of taking you to dinner and then delivering you back to your door. But you’ve made that impossible.”

Uncertain what he was getting at, she timidly asked, “What do you mean?” Without answering, he took her hand and pulled it across the console, putting it against his crotch.

She hissed as her fingers wandered over the steely length.

He did a combination of a laugh and a groan as he gently pushed her hand away. “Do you want to come home with me and help me take care of that?”

Sitting up straight, she tried to hide her sudden giddiness as she asked, “Tonight?”

“Yes, Angel, you broke my resolve. I couldn’t even make it through the first date with you. If this isn’t what you want, then tell me now and I’ll take you home. Otherwise, I’m going to lick and suck every inch of your body before I fuck you—all night.”

Eyes going large, she mouthed,
Oh wow
. “That’s the best thing that anyone’s ever said to me, and I’d like to accept your offer of everything you just mentioned. Plus anything else you might want to throw in.” Then remembering his earlier explanation of the sex toy in the catalog, she hastily added, “But not the rear thing, if you don’t mind. I mean, I’m not saying it’s an absolute no, but that’s something I’d need to think about—a
lot. And maybe do some research. Do they have books with detailed descriptions of how that would happen and what it would feel like? And with a pain level listing?” When she realized that she was rambling, she abruptly stopped and saw that Mark was shaking with laughter in his seat as he drove.

“Angel,” he managed to get out. “Baby, I don’t know if they have books like that or not, but you don’t have to worry about it. There is no way I’d expect that our first time together. If everything we do in bed isn’t a ten, then I’m not doing something right. I’m not a selfish lover, so you can be assured that you’ll get yours—several times—before I do.”

Rubbing her thighs together in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure building within her, she admitted, “That sounds amazing. I—please don’t be disappointed if that doesn’t happen. I can’t have one of those during sex. It’s a more common problem than you know,” she added, not wanting to sound like there was something wrong with her. She had read that many women couldn’t come through intercourse.

“That’s a fucking cop-out.” Mark shook his head. “A man needs to make sure a woman is satisfied. I promise you that you’ll come on my tongue, my fingers, and my cock. I’ll never leave you hanging unless it’s just to delay your pleasure.”

Dazzled by his promises, she asked unsteadily, “Are we almost at your house?”

Mark laughed softly as they turned into his driveway. Before he turned off the car, he asked softly, “Last chance, Angel. Do you really want this?”

Instead of answering verbally, she opened her car
door and stepped out. Sometimes actions spoke louder than words, and Mark seemed to have no trouble interrupting hers.

Chapter Ten

He’d never been this hard in his life. He needed to dominate and devour her, but a part of him wanted to make love to her in a way that neither of them had ever experienced before. They were standing in his foyer and he was back to that odd, awkward feeling. She was different from any woman he’d ever known. He didn’t know why she had come to matter to him, but she had. He’d known deep down in his gut from the moment she passed out in his arms that she was special and would be a game changer for him. He’d proven his own point that day by taking her home and watching over her. It was inevitable that they would end up at this point. The fact that he’d waited as long as he had was a testament to his confusion and denial over what she made him feel—and the things he longed for when he was with her.

She was looking at him now in a kind of nervous anticipation. Funny—that was exactly how he would describe his present state of mind as well. His body was raring to go, but the rest of him was jittery, as if afraid of screwing up something vitally important. Clearing his throat, he asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

She looked surprised by the question. Shaking her
head, she murmured, “No, I’m fine.” Then she blurted out something that had his jaw dropping open. “Did you know that your nickname at the office is DeStudo?” As if thinking better of her revelation after the fact, she slapped her hand over her mouth. “Oh, my God, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s just when I get nervous, I lose the filter between my mouth and my brain and things pop out without me thinking them through. Please ignore that.”

After his initial surprise, Mark couldn’t control the grin that spread across his face. “‘DeStudo’? Did you come up with that name, Angel?” he asked, prowling closer to her.

“What? No! I don’t know who did,” she stammered.

“So you don’t think I’m attractive?” he asked, watching her gulp at his question. Teasing her was fast becoming one of his favorite pastimes.

A few seconds later, the joke was on him, though, as she admitted in a rush, “I think you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. I’ve never lusted after anyone before, but I can’t stop thinking about trying out all of my secret fantasies with you.”

“Ah hell,” he groaned as he stopped just inches away from her. He raised a hand, stroking a finger down her soft cheek before cupping her face. “I’ll tell you again, baby, that you had your chance to let me run the other way. But since you didn’t, you’re mine.”

“Yes, please,” she replied sweetly as she stood up on her toes to press her mouth against his. That was it; he was gone. There was no Declan to discover them together and interfere this time.

Mark forced himself to remain still as she licked at his lips until he parted them and let her inside. When her questing tongue met his, he lost it. Without breaking contact, he leaned down and picked her up in his arms before striding down the hallway.

When they reached his room, he walked forward to the end of his bed before easing her gently down onto the soft surface. He positioned himself on top of her, carefully bracing his weight on his forearms. For now, he simply wanted to devour her mouth. With Angel, he felt like he could happily kiss her for hours. When she wrapped a leg around his and ground her hips against him, the kiss became pure carnal activity.

“I want our clothes off,” she moaned in his ear.

Ah fuck! Me too, baby.
He reluctantly pulled back, getting to his feet and tugging her up with him. He walked quickly to one of the bedside lamps and clicked it on before returning to her. He lowered the zipper on her dress and he pulled it from her shoulders. The material slid past her hips and into a pool at her feet. “Sweet Christ,” he said feeling dizzy. “You’re beautiful, Angel—simply stunning.” And she was. Standing before him in a lacy black bra and tiny matching panties, she would fuel any man’s fantasies. Flawless skin, legs that seemed to go on for miles, a flat stomach, and breasts that were more than a handful.

“Can I?” she asked, pointing to his shirt. He’d imagined her being shy in the bedroom, so he was blown away that she was asking to undress him.

“Hell yes, baby; I’m all yours.” He’d worn a suit
tonight but skipped the tie and left a couple of buttons undone on his dress shirt. Her fingers went straight to the next ones in line and began slipping them through the holes until she reached his slacks. He remained quiet, wanting to see what she’d do next—and she didn’t disappoint. With barely a pause, she unbuckled his belt and released the hook closure on his pants. He fought to keep a straight face as she chewed her lower lip while she concentrated on her task.
Too fucking adorable.
He had to give her credit because within moments—with no help from him—she had his dress shirt on the floor and was tugging his undershirt over his head.

Then her hands went to his zipper, and his legs went weak. His cock was already peeping from the top of his boxers. Her fingertips were all over it, and he had a horrifying moment of fear that he would blow his load before he was fully undressed. That was only acceptable if your pants were around your ankles while you were buried deep inside a woman. Having it happen from some very light contact was strictly a high school mistake. One he’d never made, even back then. So—he grabbed her hands and held them in one of his while he finished the job for her. His cock sprang free. “Oh, my goodness,” she said, looking astonished, before licking her lips. And there it went—the last of his self-control. He had to have her—now. There’d be time to take it slow later.

Dropping her wrists, he walked to the bedside table, pulled out a strip of condoms, and tossed them on the bed. He returned to her and settled his hands on her hips. “I can’t hold off long, Angel. I’ll make sure you’re
there with me first, though, even if it kills me, baby. Okay?” She nodded her agreement and used one hand to open the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts tumbled free as she stepped back from his hold and positioned herself half-sitting, half-lying on his bed.
How could anyone have ever let this woman go?
he wondered as he climbed into bed beside her. He made quick work of removing her panties before sliding his hands up her inner thighs until he reached her core. His fingers found her slick folds, and he whispered in wonder, “You’re ready for me, aren’t you, baby? You’re so hot and wet.” His thumb slid easily around her clit while he eased his index finger inside of her.

“Hurry, Mark—hurry,” she cried out as her body quivered with need. He could tell she was already close to coming, just from the small amount of stimulation that he’d given her. He wanted to taste her—to see her come apart again and again—but right now, they both needed a release. Instead, he pulled back, rolled on a condom, and positioned his hands under her knees. Pulling her closer to him, he lined up his cock and thrust inside. When she screamed loud enough to wake his neighbors, he immediately stilled, gritting his teeth. “Why are you stopping?” she snapped. Her hips pushed back impatiently, taking him deeper. “Go—please,” she pleaded.

With no handcuffs or sex toys in sight, Mark had the wildest sexual experience of his life. He couldn’t even fathom the fact that she claimed to have never orgasmed during sex because she’d come within seconds of his plunging into her wet heat.

Her nails had scored his arms as she’d attempted
to top from the bottom. He’d had a lot of vocal women, but most sounded as if they exaggerated it just for entertainment value. His Angel, though, seemed to genuinely love his cock, and she let her appreciation be known. It reminded him of the saying
a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom
. He didn’t want to offend her by commenting on it, because he freaking loved it. He’d given it to her hard, and she’d begged for more. She was a greedy little thing in bed, as the fact that he was now lying next to her panting would attest to.

He leaned down to kiss her mouth, and then the tip of her nose. Her eyes, which had been closed, fluttered open. He saw surprise, along with satisfaction there. “That was amazeballs,” she murmured, before kicking her arms and legs in a way that made Mark think she was having some kind of attack. As he gawked down at her, she suddenly grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. “Oh, my God, I want to do that again and again!” Then it was as if she deflated in front of him. Her lower lip quivered as she said, “But we won’t, will we? I mean everyone says that you don’t repeat—things. So now that we’ve . . . done it, we’re finished.”

Mark felt his chest clench at her words. He had no idea how everyone at Danvers knew his sexual tendencies since he’d always tried to keep that rather private, but she wasn’t wrong, and that stung. This should be it for them. This was the point where he’d take home the woman he’d slept with and say a few meaningless
words. However, he would never promise to call again, because he wouldn’t. The thought of Crystal leaving now sent something close to panic racing through him. Hell, he wanted her to stay the night with him. He didn’t want to analyze why he was feeling what he was, because then he’d do something stupid like distancing himself and hurting her. And that he couldn’t live with. Not with her.

“Baby, the only thing I’m going to do is go toss this condom and grab us something to drink. After that, I’m going to taste that beautiful body of yours, and then you’re going to ride me. Sound like a plan?”

Her eyes searched his before she gave him a huge grin. “Yeah, I can go along with that.” Mark left the bed and disposed of the condom before grabbing two bottles of water from the kitchen. His voice of reason was screaming that he was in over his head, but for once, something beyond physical desire was ruling his decisions.

•   •   •

Crystal tried to keep a straight face as Mark walked back in the room and handed her a bottle of water.
This is really happening! I had sex with Mark DeSanto, and we’re going to do it again!
While he was gone, she’d slid under the comforter and propped her back on a few of his pillows. She was so sated and boneless that she’d barely been able to make herself move, but it had seemed kind of . . . slutty to remain sprawled across his bed naked. When you weren’t having sex, you were supposed to cover your lady bits up. At least that was the way Bill saw it. The first time they’d had sex and she’d thought she was supposed to sleep in the nude
afterward, he’d quickly let her know differently. He’d made her feel as if it was a dirty deed that should never be spoken of.

So, she was dumbfounded when Mark walked into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. He pulled the comforter away from her and nudged her legs apart. He was so gentle that it brought tears to her eyes. She would have never imagined a man doing something so intimate, and while a part of her was embarrassed, another part was entranced. Maybe she was being silly and he did this for all of his women—but she didn’t think so. Somehow, she felt she was unique to him. Possibly, it was the novelty of being with a woman who he considered innocent. Whatever it was, she found that she liked being taken care of.

And heaven help her . . . the sex. She hadn’t been able to get enough of him. He’d ignited nerve endings that she hadn’t known existed. Heck, even his touching her belly button sent spasms of pleasure through her sex. He had been everywhere. When she’d been close to going over the edge, he’d switch directions and come at her in another way. His cock was so big that she ached—but in a good way. He’d licked her nipples, and then bit down on them while he pounded away. Dear God, she’d even found herself rubbing her clit while he went deep. She’d never touched her body in front of a man before, but Mark made her lose all of her inhibitions. She was a total sexual being with him, and she’d held nothing back.

When he collapsed next to her and pulled her to his chest, she put one arm around his waist and snuggled closer. The room was quiet as he ran his fingers
through her hair, massaging her scalp. Mark, it appeared, was very comfortable in his skin. He was still nude, and a quick glance down showed that he was hard. Unable to resist, she dropped a hand to fist around his cock, marveling at how smooth and satiny the skin there felt. Her thumb moved across the lush head, rubbing the moisture that had gathered there. He drew in a ragged breath before growling, “That’s it, Angel. Tighten your grip and pump me harder.”

She clasped him as firmly as she could since her fingers wouldn’t meet and jacked his length. He groaned, making her feel as if she was doing something right. She wanted nothing more than to taste him, so with that in mind, she pulled away from his arms until she was kneeling over his dick. His essence exploded against her tongue as she twirled it around his head. She pumped the base with her hand while taking as much of his length as she could into her mouth. He raised his hips, sliding his cock between her lips and hitting the back of her throat. She choked momentarily as her gag reflex was triggered, causing him to moan as he felt the vibration. “Mmm,” she whimpered, so turned on by the pleasure she was giving him. She really had no idea what she was doing, but he guided her by placing a hand on her head. When he abruptly pulled out, she looked at him in confusion. “What?”

“My turn, Angel,” he rasped as with a few movements of his hands, she was flat on her back and her legs were over his shoulders. She was sputtering out a protest when he licked her slit and sucked her clit into his mouth. After that, she was unable to form any
more coherent thoughts as he devoured her through another couple of orgasms before rolling on a condom and pulling her on top of him, impaling her down onto his hard cock. Once again, she screamed and moved against him in ways that would do a porn star proud. If Mark DeSanto was a bad boy, then she’d never want a good guy again. He’d ruined her for all other men.

Now that she knew what was possible between a man and woman, she never wanted it to end. The problem was that everyone knew Mark didn’t do serious relationships. She surprised herself with what she was capable of in his bed. Was she strong enough to smile and wish him well when he walked away? Because he would, right? He always did.

BOOK: The One For Me (Danver #8)
13.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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