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The One That Got Away

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Erotic Romance

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Kerrianne Coombes

Copyright © 2012


you sure?” Will asked. His voice shook and his words came out
on a tight breath. When Cammy nodded his heart stuttered to a stop.
Laid on his bed with her light brown hair fanned out, she looked like
a storybook fairy; an illusion of absolute beauty. Will wondered just
how the fuck she came to be his.

I tell you that I loved you?” Oh, and he did. He was well and
truly smitten with Cammy and her beautiful hazel eyes. Yeah, he was
only eighteen and green as the hills of the countryside, but he knew
what love was.

was lying in his arms, on his bed—smiling at him.

giggled and nodded again. “Yes, you did.” She raised her
hand and brushed her soft fingers over his face. Will savored the
gentle touch, he lived for those hands and the feelings they gave
him. No one had ever touched him with such care, such soul-burning
kindness, and he would run over burning coals to have Cammy in his
arms. “Did I tell you the same?” She smiled and her eyes
sparkled with delight.

smiled back and leaned down to kiss her. Immediately she lifted her
head and accepted his mouth, accepted and added to his kiss. She was
like a living flame in his arms, a fragile, intense fire that set
alight his senses. Her hands threaded into his hair, her slim body
undulated next to him, making him hard as wood and desperate to have
her. She always did this to him, always had him on the edge of his
control. She made his blood boil in his veins and his heart fit to
burst. She was relentless in her pursuit of sex.

Will was determined to wait.

Will,” she whispered against his mouth. He felt her breath
tickle over his skin, as her hand moved down his stomach and towards
his aching shaft. For a pulse-beat of time Will waited. He wanted so
desperately to know what it was like to make love to Cammy. He knew
what her hands felt like. Hell, he knew what her mouth felt like.

God, to feel her pussy, tight and hot…


found his mind somewhere in the hormone-drenched need, and grabbed at
her wrist. He had a plan, and having a fast fuck on his scruffy bed
was not it. Cammy was special, she was so utterly perfect, he wanted
her first time to be wonderful for her. He wanted her to remember it
forever and know that Will loved her. He knew she was too good for
him, he knew it with a cold certainty. She would one day grow tired
of him and his lack of prospects. She was clever and bright, a jewel
amongst the rabble of their town. He felt like an art thief stealing
the Mona Lisa. But he had to have her, to love her before she woke up
and left him.

he whispered through the haze of his raging need. She pulled back and
gave a cute pout, dragging her hands down his chest again. She looked
up and smiled a wicked smile that had Will wondering what she was up
to. She pushed him to his back and crawled down his chest. Her long
hair tickled at his arms, her lovely eyes changed in to tempting
vortices of heat, and her hands—oh fuck, her hands—they
touched and stroked with sensual precision until she had his trousers
open and his cock wrapped in her slender, paint-tipped fingers.

yes,” he breathed as his eyes locked on and watched her every
move. She might be eighteen, and a virgin, but Cammy was so utterly
sensual. She was a master at teasing him—as was he with her.
Two years this had gone on, two years of being together, but not

was aware he
not good enough for her. His Dad was just a shop worker—a mean
drunk who liked to smack his kid around—and Cammy came from a
loving, gentle, hardworking family. He never thought their
relationship would last this long, but it had. And he’d never
thought he would be the one to take her virginity—but the
longer this had gone on, and the more he fell in love, the more he
knew he had to be the one to take it.

he would make it perfect for her.

lowered her face and licked at the tip of his cock. Will threw his
head back and gripped the sheets. How he longed to grab fistfuls of
her hair, but he wouldn’t; this was Cammy. Gentle, lovely
Cammy. He held his breath for the next touch, his heart banged
against his breast bone and when she took him fully into her mouth he
let out a growl of sheer wonder.

This is so good,” he grunted through the molten hot pinpricks
of lust as they shot through his balls and up his spine. She was
killing him, and he vowed that, as soon as she was finished, he was
going to return the favor. He pictured himself licking at her,
sucking at her clit until she screamed his name—his name!

image sent a shiver down his spine and heat licked his balls, his
back arched. He was so close…

the fuck is going on in here?” The bedroom door slammed back
and smacked the wall. Paint flaked to the floor and fear stabbed in
Will’s heart. His dad stood in the doorway—drunk as a
skunk and angry as all Hell. Cammy scooted back and Will sat up. He
jumped from the bed and tucked himself away while trying to get Cammy
behind him. His Dad had a nasty tendency of talking with his fist
first, and Will could see those meaty fists tightening with every

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