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The Perils of Judge Julia

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The Perils Of

Judge Julia

by DrkFetyshNyghts


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In the beginning and at just turned eighteen years old, Mandy's expertise did not come with a huge amount of experience or 'miles' attached to it. Rather, she was a natural. Mandy was a prostitute because she enjoyed the work and put her all into it. Treated it like a vocation. She had never subscribed to the theory that hookers were sad girls addled out of their heads on crack cocaine or single mothers struggling to make ends meet. She certainly did not fit into either of those categories. Oh, she would learn the hard way, eventually and she would rise out of that and come back as a quite different creature. But at just turned eighteen, she was enjoying her work. Enjoying it to disturbing levels. Enjoying it to addictive levels.

She had been paid for a slippery wet, sucking blow job that would culminate in the glans of her customer exploding in her mouth and the contents of his balls jettisoning down her throat and into her digestive system. She would play the part to perfection – even down to when she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the copious amount of thick healthy semen, she would let her mouth fill up, swill her tongue around, and make a show of how she loved the taste and then she would swallow allowing just little dribbles to spill from the corners of her lipsticked mouth. She would swallow slowly and deliciously. There would be no doubt about the fact that she was enjoying it. It would be in her eyes. It would be seeping up from her soul at the same time as that semen was sliding down the inside of her eighteen year old throat. She would swallow and at the same time she would be looking up at her paying customer. Looking him right in the eyes as she swallowed his seed. As with all of her assignments, Mandy didn't think of it, or treat it or carry it out as a quick blow job. Or a quick job of any description. Mandy entered all assignments like they were a test of her commitment to the cause. As though there were some kind of test board watching her every move, her every slurp, every nuance and that they were then marking her out of ten. Surely such a committee or board wouldn't have enough marks to give. Twenty out of ten each and every time. On top of all that she ENJOYED the work. Enjoyed it to the core of her very being. Definitely enjoyed it to the core of her own ever budding clitoris.

Mandy was one of the lucky ones. She was one of the few who could take drugs or leave them. She enjoyed getting high, but in her case her addiction to sex was probably far stronger than any addiction to a drug induced high that she could attain. Still, she played the drug fuelled hooker to perfection like she played all of her parts to perfection. She knew which buttons to press with guys.

“Do your lips red. I like them red and glossy.”

Her customer had almost hissed his preferences to her as he lay on a huge bed with soft silky black covers. Mandy had heard the line countless times before, but acted like it was a new and exciting thing for her, making him feel very special and at the same time feeding her own need and greed.

“Ohhhhh yessssssss Red Lipstick, mmmmmmmm.”

She had purred as she stroked the guys cock to its fullest erection emphasising the Red Lipstick as though she knew all to well what guys thought of her full, delicious lips. In fairness, and probably as a salute to her lack of miles, or inexperience, Mandy had done a double take at the size of the guy's cock. An asian man probably in his late thirties or early forties and using the services of a prostitute for the levels of power it afforded him rather than he needed to pay a hooker for sex. He was buying her for a period of time. Once she was bought and paid for he could do with her what he wanted. Or she would do whatever he wanted with question or comeback. Even flaccid, or semi erect, the cock was like a semi comatose boa constrictor lying across his thickly haired lower tummy. Mandy had massaged the huge heavy balls with her perfectly manicured fingers, deep red gloss expertly applied to each nail. The diminutive size of her hands when next to, and on this cock bordering on gargantuan kind of betrayed her relatively tender years. Even more so, when her slender fingers were unable to meet around that thick shaft of cock she was preparing to work on. She lovingly wrapped as much of her fingers around the vein ridden shaft as she could and rubbed. She rubbed until she felt it fill and then she slid back the folds of foreskin to reveal a huge, ever expanding bell end. It was over this bell end that she seemed to slide her mouth with ease. Even though her freshly painted lips had to stretch and distort wide, she seemed to do it in her stride. Sliding her mouth over it in its totality and in doing so, sealing it from the outside air. She pressed her lips to the shaft just under the peeled back folds of foreskin and then she began by slowly swirling her wet, warm tongue around the exposed glans. She would saturate those glans and at the same time treat them to the slow firm sucking motions that she had become very adept at doing. Mandy could multi-task and as she gently sucked, she would swirl her tongue around that most sensitive of male flesh finding the glans and then coaxing them to open. And then around the pee-hole looking disturbingly like an eye watching every move she made. An eye having the glorious honour of seeing how the inside of her mouth worked as she sucked on it. She would do that until she got the first taste of pre-cum in her mouth. This was 'early days' in this particular assignment. More like just the preparation for what was to come. As the bell end grew and grew and expanded in her mouth, so Mandy's mouth changed shape and expanded with it. It really was a sight to behold, this young girl managing this cock in her mouth in such a way that belied her age – a look into her eyes more than telling her of her love for the job she did. Not just a day at the office! Mandy often wondered, even shared with some of her closest friends her thoughts that anyone who treated this as a job must be mental. She LOVED it. And it showed. It showed right down to the little nuances and shows she did with her face, her body and expressions; the ones that to her came natural, but to a working whore, one who just did it for the money would have to work hard to attain. That little purring snarl with the lips, the little dip of the back so that her flaring hips and ass were thrust back. The little spread of the legs, the glimpses of smooth hairless and yet constantly dripping sex the lips of which had retained their elasticity making sure that even after solid, and hard reaming by her customers had returned the flesh to its natural, almost virginal state.

Mandy would eventually saturate the whole cock, and balls with her eager copious saliva. But that wasn't the plan initially. She worked the bell with her mouth, restricting the suction to just the exposed glans, making the blood rush and the nerve endings open. Expertly avoiding the dribble, simply using enough of her own saliva and then the leaking pre-cum to coat the head. Bring it to fullest and most brutal looking swell. Then pulling her mouth off with a 'plop' wrapping her fingers around the shaft just under the glans again, masturbating slowly, letting her customer see her watching his cock, watching it, loving it as it twitched and writhed for some kind of release. But not giving enough pressure of her slender fingers to bring the guy off. The reason for keeping the shaft of the cock dry becoming clear as she pressed the cock to the tummy of the client, and then perfectly, expertly poured a line of the best quality cocaine down the centre slightly raised and pulsing vein of the cock. From the balls all the way up the shaft finishing off by letting the delicate white powder spill into the wetness of the bell end area of the cock, Just where the groove of the pee-hole started. Mandy taking a fifty pound note from the client's wad of cash, rolling it up slowly seductively into a straw, even flicking her tongue over one end before leaning over the cock and sucking the cocaine up into her nose through the straw made of the fifty pound note. She pressed down the huge cock with one hand and guided the straw with the other hoovering up the white powder in one hit. As she sucked up the last of the dry powder, she slipped the note down into her stocking top and stayed leaning over the cock, bending to take it back into her mouth and rubbing the dissolving powder into her gums. At the same time her eyes just glazing over slightly and rolling as she took the hit. Using the glans and rubbing her gums hard to ensure the fullest use of the cocaine. At the same time she dipped her back into that natural concave arch and thrusted her ass high. Her more than ample and yet still developing breasts hanging under her and and then pressing into the side of her client. His hands and fingers idly feeling her breasts, squeezing the delicate pale flesh and then finding a nipple and squeezing it until it sprang to its fullest, almost black erection. Mandy responding, wetly, purringly by slipping her mouth back over the entire head of the cock and beginning to work it proper now. Taking the cock head into her mouth and then slipping it to the back of her tongue and then letting it nudge the back of her throat. As she nudged the back of her throat so the throat muscles convulsed a little, complaining that the airway was temporarily blocked off. Every move, every action of her mouth designed to stimulate the cock. Make the glans expand and nerve endings open. Mandy's mouth producing more and more saliva as it worked and worked. Little gurgling wet moans coming from the back of her throat and even using those noises to resonate through the very core nerve endings of the cock. The guy's head back eyes rolling as this godsend of a find, worked his cock to the edges of oblivion time after time. Its what Mandy did and did well. If anyone COULD do a quick blow job, she could. But what her customers got was their money's worth. She worked the glans and brought him to brink of orgasm time after time with ease simply flicking her tongue and softly sucking. Always and always sensing and timing that orgasm eruption was about to occur, and her lightly pinching the base of the cock with her long nailed fingers. Not to cause pain but rather just enough to quell the approaching tide. Then after lapping up the dribbling pre-cum she would start with the sucking and licking actions again. Never the same pattern of attentions to the cock, always slightly different and the tongue flicking over slightly different glans making the guy twitch and making him pant with the growing need for release. Its what Mandy did. But it wasn't a duty to her, she actually enjoyed it. The dribbles coming from her mouth, deliberate slow visual dribbles could have been for effect, but in her case it wasn't. She was immersed in her role and hungered for it. Her mouth sliding over the bell end time after time but at the same time expanding her areas of attention by dribbling down the shaft and then using her lips to spread the dribble mixture of saliva and pre-cum until the shaft was a glistening, dripping pole. Then flicking her tongue through the testicle hair; using the hairs and the flicks of her tongue to stimulate that area eventually working her mouth over the two semen heavy sacks and even snaking her tongue down under the balls to lick and make slippery the area of flesh between the balls and anus hole.

In short, Mandy using her mouth and saliva producing skills to turn the guy's intimacies into a wet, dribbling, pre-cum excreting pile of nerve endings ready to explode and being kept on the edge of explosion; and being KEPT exactly like that. Mandy feeding her own enjoyment and need and at the same time getting paid for it. Using her throat to constrict around the cock head, tilting her head slightly causing the throat to slide around the cock head for the split second that the airway was cut off. Mandy's eyes bulging at that very second and then releasing her throat bringing the cock head back up into her mouth so that she could flick it and lick it with her fleshy wet, dripping tongue. And that is what she did with her tongue, she flicked it. First around the pee-hole and then circling the pee hole outwards around the circumference of the hole locating and working the very sensitive glans. Mandy with a sixth sense, knowing when those most sensitive and receptive nerve endings had been opened and expanded. Just knowing by the very slight twitches, the very slight moans and gasps coming from his throat just exactly when the spot had been found and reached. Then stopping the flicking, just moving up over the pee hole again, moving the lips as well to hoover up the pre-cum with her delicious mouth before using her tongue again, this time using it to press around the bell end, press and hold in the distortion of the glans and then slide the tip of the tongue around the glans with pressure still applied. Letting the pressurised tongue slip thus cajoling the glans more. Then sliding her whole mouth over the cock again; taking it deep throat, cutting off her own airway as she made the gagging sound. Mandy knowing that this guy would probably like and get off on her gagging sounds, so emphasising them a little bit more. Using her red lipsticked lips to the best effect, and in contrast with the deep purple of his bell end. Wetting the shaft and continually making those little short sharp sucking motions. Time after time bringing him to the brink and then letting it subside. Mandy enjoying the little spurts of pre-cum as they squirted into her mouth.

“Fuck bitchhhhhhhhhhhh lemme cummmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

The hissing desperation in his voice a cue for her to let him subside one more time before almost lovingly slipping her mouth over that cock-head again in its entirety. This time tightening her mouth, stiffening her tongue and constructing her throat muscles for the final assault on the man's genitals and senses. When he did orgasm he did so with a huge, animal like grunt, and a roll of the eyes. The first jet of thick, slippery semen hitting the back wall of Mandy's throat and sliding down inside her in one. Expertly, Mandy flicking her tongue at the convulsing bell end glans, stimulating the ones that provided the most pleasure. Sealing her lips just under the folds of foreskin so that none of the beautiful stuff could dribble away, or escape, at least not yet. Mandy taking jet after of the beautiful stuff directly down her throat and swallowing. From the outside, the roll of her throat betraying how much of the thick healthy semen she was consuming. When the orgasm was at its height and she could no longer swallow at the rate of the pulses, then she let the stuff come back up into her mouth. Let her mouth fill, and overspill just slightly. Then she swallowed and at the same time dribbled it from the corners of her mouth. The cock coming and coming in wave after wave of undiluted pleasure. Mandy's nostrils flaring a little before she let some semen up into her nasal passage from her throat and then out giving the viewer, in this case the asian man, the full deceptive vision that he was forcing his huge cock down her throat and that the semen was regurgitating inside her mouth and nose as though in fact her mouth were being raped. Mandy played the part to perfection. Her eyes wide, almost bulging and for a guy in mid-orgasm, mid-fantasy mode, looking vulnerable, exploited even. Mandy tasting the cum and swallowing it and letting it dribble and then sliding her tongue out and lapping up and the trails of the stuff from where it had escaped. The cock shaft and the head swelling and receding with each spasm, Mandy's mouth stretched to the maximum as it worked and worked until the orgasm began to subside. Her swallows becoming less, and her mouth making obscene noises as she began the process of gently sucking and cleaning the dregs of semen and consuming them. Oh god she enjoyed her 'job'. She enjoyed the cleaning up as much as she enjoyed the beginning and middle acts in any assignment.

BOOK: The Perils of Judge Julia
5.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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