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The Pleasure of Pain

BOOK: The Pleasure of Pain
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The Pleasure of Pain

-A Novel Written by-

Shameek A. Speight


Copyright © 2011 by Shameek A. Speight

Published by True Glory Publications LLC

Second Edition


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This novel is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, real people, living or dead, organization, establishments, locales are products of the author’s imagination.  Other names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictitiously.


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It has only been the power of God, my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ that I have been able to persevere through many of the trials and tribulations that I have dealt with in my life.  I thank him for giving me the strength to move on.  I always need him by my side.

To my beloved sisters, I love you with all my heart. To my aunt, I love you and thank you for spreading my words and books. To my daughter, Niomi, I’ll prove every step I take is just for you to make you proud of me.  I love you my child. To Cierra Waugh, my typist, you’re the best and very much respected and loved. To all the men and women locked up, keep your heads up and keep the faith.

To Tess, when I started this book, I never knew the ending.  Now, that I do I wish I didn’t, but thank you for your time and years of love and friendship. To all my fans that buy my books, it’s you who keeps me writing.  You, the reader, are who I tell my stories for as long as you keep reading I’ll keep writing.  I thank you most of all for your love and support.


The Pleasure of Pain


Chapter 1

Hector was sitting back on his bed gazing at Tess and Iris kiss.  Each kiss between them was getting deeper and more passionate.  He usually didn’t bring women back to his house.  His brothers Jose and Ricardo warned him about doing so, but he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have these two beautiful women.  He looked both of them up and down from head to toe and couldn’t believe his luck. 

Tess was five foot two inches tall and one hundred forty pounds.  She had dark skin and a body any man or woman would kill for.  She was thick in the hips, skinny at the waist, and had an ass you could place a glass on.  She had long, dark hair that flowed down her back, with tear drop eyes, and the sexiest, full lips. It wasn’t that hard to see why she was the shit in every way. She was what you would call ‘eye candy’. 

Then there was Iris, who looked just as good with the same sex appeal.  One look at her and you would think her and Tess were sisters.  If it wasn’t for the fact, that Iris was Spanish w
ith green eyes and brown skin.

As Hector smoked a blunt while watching the two women suck each other from head to toe, not missing a spot, his dick grew hard as a rock. Tess gazed in Iris’ eyes while Iris licked in between her thighs.  She grabbed Iris’ head and placed it into her spot, “Ooohh baby, yes, suck there!  Yes, oh God!  That’s the shit.  It feels so good.”  Iris was sucking and licking Tess from inside her pussy to her clit, back and forth, and was enjoying every moment of it!

Hector couldn’t take it anymore.  He had to get in. He got up off the chair and walked over to the two women that were making love.  Tess stopped as she was about to cum because Hector was standing there with his dick in his hand.  She almost forgot about him because of the good ass pussy licking Iris was giving her.  She looked at Hector as she let Iris return to sucking her pussy, “Oh Hector, baby, mmm, you look so good.  Sit down on the bed baby and let us do all the work.”

Hector’s hands were rubbing all over her body while Iris was on her knees kissing all over between Tess’ thighs.  Tess g
ot up walking away from Iris, led Hector to the ottoman, and pushed him on it.  He couldn’t wait to feel her pussy, but Tess was no way in hell going to let him feel her sweet pussy.  She had other plans.  “So, Hector you got me all wet and now I got to pee.  Where is your bathroom?”

“Down the hall to the left baby, but why waste all that good wet juice?” he asked licking his lips.

“I just have to pee.  I’ll be right back, baby.”  Tess said.

As Tess was leaving the room, she gave Iris a sexy look, letting her know what time it was.  Iris walked over to Hector and grabbed his dick. Iris placed a condom on his dick using only her mouth.  She began sucking like there was no tomorrow.  “Mmm! 
It’s so big, Papi.  Mmm, and it taste so good!”

“Damn!  Iris, girl, you’re going to make me cum, shit!” Hector said as Tess walked out of the bedroom.

Down the hall Tess saw one of Hector’s bodyguards by the bathroom.  His name was Tony.  He was the one that patted Tess and Iris down when they came into Hector’s house.  Tess knew Tony wanted her by the way he was feeling on her when he patted her down. Tony looked up and saw Tess standing there with nothing but a thong on, “You lost, Tess?”

“No, just came to see you,
” she replied.

Shit, girl, you talking that shit I like to hear.”

“Tony, where is Rick?” she asked.  Rick was Hector’s other bodyguard.

“Why are you worrying about him when you have me?” Tony asked.

“No reason.  I just don’t want anyone around so we can do us.”

“What about Hector?” Tony replied.

Tony smiled at the thought of tapping that ass.  He wanted to fuck Tess from the moment he saw her come into the house.  Tess looked at him, “Well if you don’t know where Rick is, I’ll be on my way,” Tess started to walk away and she knew exactly the type of walk that drove men and women crazy.  Tony looked at that ass in the thong and knew he couldn’t pass it up. “Hold up,
Mami.”  Tess stopped and looked at him with a sexy gaze.  “We have time.  Rick is outside walking around the house.”  With that information, Tess smiled to herself thinking a weak man always thinks with his dick.

Tess kissed Tony on his lips and tugged on his pants until they fell to his ankles.  She grabbed his dick in her hands and began to jerk it off.  Tony sighed at the feel of her tender touch, licked his lips, and started sucking her breasts.  Tess let out a moan, but deep inside she was mad at the fact that she had this man even touching her.  While Tony was sucking and feeling on Tess, he heard noises outside the house, but he didn’t pay it any mind.  He was too busy to find out what it was and plus Rick could handle it
, he thought to himself.  Little did he know Rick was already dead. 

Outside the house were two gunmen that were dressed in all black with ski masks
that had just killed the guards at the front gate and killed Rick walking around the house.  Rick had noticed them, but before he could pull his 9 mm hollow point gun with a silencer on it out, a bullet hit him in the head.  The two gunmen instead made their way to the front door and slowly walked in.  They made their way through a long hallway where they saw a big Spanish man with his pants down sucking on a sexy, dark skin woman’s breast.  As they crept closer to them, Tony turned around and fired two shots at the gunmen. 

Tony had felt
that something was wrong, but didn’t know what.  From the corner of his eyes, he had seen them coming. He acted as if he didn’t and slowly pulled his gun out of his shoulder holster.  The two gunmen moved just in time before the bullets hit them. Tony pulled up his pants and was blocking Tess with his body. 

“Tess, get back!” he yelled.  But Tess didn’t move.  Tony aimed for the two gunmen that were on the floor ducking Tony’s shots and looking for cover. 

Tony was about to fire and hit one of the intruders in the head when he felt a sharp pain in his neck.  He grabbed his neck as blood was pouring out so fast that his white shirt was now all red.  He turned around to see Tess with a knife in her hand.  Before he could really think about what was happening, in one fast move Tess drove the knife into his eye.  Tony’s last thoughts were ‘where did she keep that knife?  I patted that bitch down,’ as he fell to the floor and died. 

Tess pulled the knife out of Tony’s eye and wiped the blood off on his pants and placed the thin knife in a secret spot on her pa
nty line.  “You two alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, we cool!” the two gunmen said.

“Okay let’s do this,” Tess responded.

Down the hall
, back in the bedroom, Hector was getting the shit fucked out of him by Iris when he heard shots from a gun.  He pushed Iris off of him and went for his gun under the pillow, but it was gone.  Iris had grabbed the gun while she was riding him without him noticing.  He was too deep in her sweet love box to see what she was doing with her hands. Hector looked up to find his own gun pointed in his face. “Yo!  What the fuck you doing?” Hector asked.

“Shut the fuck up, Hector, and sit the fuck back down before I blow a hole in your small dick ass.” Iris yelled.

Hector didn’t know what to do so he sat back down with his naked body exposed.  At that moment Tess entered the room with the two gunmen by her side.  The gunmen removed their ski masks and revealed that they were women.  “Tess, what is this?” Hector asked.

Tess grabbed her dress off the floor and put it back on.  Iris did the same.  “Hector, Hector, you know what this is.  You’re a smart man, not too smart, but smart enough to know what this is,” Tess said.  “So, now where is the stash?” Tess replied in question.

“What stash?” Hector asked with a smile, not really taking the four women seriously, a mistake he’d soon find out on his part.

“Okay Hector, I see how you want it,” Tess said.  Tess looked at Iris and the other two women and they already knew what to do.  Iris pointed the gun at Hector.

“Get up,” Iris ordered.  Hector got up.  The two other women went to work wasting no time tying him to a chair.  From a small bag they were carrying, they pulled out a blowtorch.  Hector’s eyes grew wide as he watched the blowtorch light up.  “So, you’re going to burn me?  Fuck that!  I still won’t tell you shit,” Hector yelled out.

“Oh no,” Tess said.  “We’re not going to burn you, but we are going to burn your little friend.”
It took Hector a while to really understand what she was saying and when he finally understood.  He started to scream and yell, “No, no!  Wait, wait, I’ll tell you!” 

But it was too late.  He didn’t take these women seriously and they were going to show him how serious they were.  One of the women dressed in all black came closer to Hector.  She bent down on her knees and put the blowtorch between his legs right on his dick.

“No, Noooo! Please stop,” Hector yelled.  His dick was on fire, burning up, turning black, and swelling up to the point it looked as if it was going to pop.  The woman in black moved the blowtorch to look at her work.  She was proud of it.  The smell of burnt flesh was in the air. 

Hector was now crying and pleading, “Please, please no more, I’ll tell you!”  His dick now was completely burnt, swollen, and bleeding.  Blood was dripping on the floor from it.  He tried to close his legs, but they were tied too tight to the legs of the chair. 

“Please, Tess, tell them to stop,” he begged.  “The stash is in the basement behind a fake wall under the stairs.  Just hit the light switch two times up and down and it’ll open up.”

“Now, Hector, you know if you’re lying or playing games with me you’ll feel that blowtorch again.”  Tess warned Hector.

“I’m not lying,” Hector cried.

The two women dressed in black stayed behind with Hector while Tess and Iris made their way to the basement with guns in their hands.  Just like Hector said there was a fake wall and it opened when they hit the light switch two tim
es.  When the door opened up, all you could see was all the money, drugs, and guns.  Iris took the bags she was carrying and started to fill them up.  Tess did the same.  When all was said and done, it looked to be over four hundred thousand dollars in cash, fifteen bricks of cocaine, and five pounds of marijuana.  They had a little problem carrying all of it out to the car that was parked outside behind the house by the two ladies dressed in all black.  When they were done loading the car up, they returned to Hector’s bedroom.

Hector was still crying.  Tess looked at one of the women and said, “Make it quick.”  Hector looked up with a surprised look in his
face.  “B…But, I told you where the money was,” Hector pleaded in between tears.

“Shit Hector that was the bounties,” Tess replied.

“ brothers will find you bitches and…,” and before he got the last word out Tess put a bullet in his head.

“Vanessa, you know what to do,” Tess told one of the ladies in b
lack. “I’ll be outside waiting.  Make it fast,” Tess ordered. 

was the woman with the blowtorch. She and the other woman in black worked fast, pouring gasoline on Hector’s body, around the house, and in every room. When she was done, she turned the blowtorch on and the house went up in flames with all the bodies and any of the other evidence left to go up in flames with it. The two women hopped in the car where Tess and Iris were already waiting and took off leaving Philadelphia behind and heading home to Brooklyn.

BOOK: The Pleasure of Pain
2.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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