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The Seed of the White Tiger

BOOK: The Seed of the White Tiger
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A Paranormal Shifter Romance BWWM By..








Dom never had any idea things would end up like this.


After being impregnated by her White Tiger lover Gregor she is now carrying a cub and this is causing quite a huge reaction throughout the shifter world.


Carrying a cub means she is considered Gregor's mate and this now makes her a target also. Only thing is, Gregor alone can not protect her from what they are due to come up against.


Do they run for safety? Or does Gregor have a trick up his sleeve?



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Dom looked from the phone in one hand to the positive pregnancy test in the other. A part of her wanted to answer the ring, but another part of her was still unsure. She didn’t know if she was ready to have that conversation, but knew that Gregor had to be wondering what was going on. She knew that she had to come to a decision as the phone rang again. His name popped up on the screen and she sighed and hit the ignore button. She couldn’t talk to him at that moment; she had to admit to herself that she was afraid. His reaction to the news was uncertain, and that was the scariest thing that she could imagine. The problem was, she wasn’t sure what response would frighten her most: the thought that he might want to stay by her side or the thought that he might run for the hills at the closest opportunity. She was already guilty of lying to him by omission, by not telling him as soon as she found out, and knew that waiting would only make the anxiety and frustration worse, but she couldn’t bring herself to answer his call.


For his part, Gregor was unsure as to what was happening. The woman wasn’t returning his calls at all, and he had no idea what he was supposed to do about it. He was staring at his phone at the same time Dom was staring at hers, and somehow the two of them could feel the connection. They both felt the similarity of the situation and it frightened Dom.


Dom put down her phone and moved her hand over her stomach. She could feel the baby growing, its power starting to develop within her. She had already had it confirmed, and knew that she should tell him; it was just a matter of how at this point. She had confessed her fears to Anna, but it hadn’t helped the conversation that she would have to initiate any easier. Something had to be done. She had to talk to him eventually. She couldn’t keep hiding, and she knew it. Dom sighed and ran her hands through her hair, pushing it back from her face. She had lost enough sleep about this already and could feel the exhaustion creeping in.


Walking to the living room she picks up the project that she working on, a light blue baby blanket made out of soft yarn, something that will be gentle when it touches the child, something that will make her son happy. Whether she was ready to admit it or not she was warming up to becoming a mother. Everything was perceived in a softer light, everything was becoming more and more meaningful. She felt a connection to the child, something that can only be felt between a mother and child, closeness to a brand new life that was growing inside her body. A part of her loved the feeling, but it was married by a feeling of dread, fearing the revelation of the news to the father.


Her magic was growing as well. She could feel it whenever she started working, and it was getting to the point where it felt like she was walking on the clouds. Her grandmother had told her stories about the magic that the children possessed would often be passed to the children when the mother was pregnant with them. With such early effects coming to bear it was easy to believe the story that Anna had told her. It was easy to believe how special this child was going to be. The challenge was going to be controlling the power this child would possess during the rest of the pregnancy.


She felt like her mind was slowly dripping out of her skull. There were so many thoughts bouncing around that she screamed in frustration. How should she tell him, she barely knew him, should she even tell him? The questions were agonizing. She was frustrated and upset, and wondered if their connection would allow him to sense it. She wasn’t sure if she was sensing him on occasion, if it was true he was lonely and missing her, but it might have been her imagination.


She just couldn’t be sure of anything anymore. Gregor had turned her life upside down, but she didn’t know if she should be happy or sad about it. She didn’t know if she wanted someone to be as close as Gregor was trying to be.


She paced and he paced, in different parts of the country but the movements mirrored each other. It was one of the moments that transcended the distance, two hearts beating at the same rhythm, but separated by over a thousand miles. This was a connection that had transcended time and space, but the problem was, the ever burning question of the reality of it. If this was just an aftereffect of the spell that had been cast how much longer would the passion for him be burning inside her. She had no idea, so she did the only thing she could do in that moment.


Pulling out her cards from the closet in her spare room she lovingly removed the cloth covering them. The cards had been worn with age, and that gave them a special insight into the world and the way it worked. She gazed into the cards, clearing the doubt from her mind as she shuffled them.


She dealt the cards, her eyes half closed, her breathing shallow, concentrating on receiving answers to her questions.  She gazed at the cards, reading the position and the deep meaning in them. She frantically searched for answers, any answer to the jumble of questions that had taken over her entire existence recently, but the readings were as confused as her feelings on the matter. She knew that the cards were not to blame, but a part of her was upset by the results. Her cluttered emotions had clouded the power of the cards. She realized that her own powers had been muddled by the problems she was facing; the cards were merely a conduit of her own powers of divination.


Dom was worried; she couldn’t find the answers she needed, even though she knew that the answers were trapped somewhere inside her. She started to pace again, her eyes on the floor, wondering and slowly driving herself insane. Pacing wasn’t working so she grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and held it to her face. She screamed into it, trying to calm herself down. It helped to control the immediate frustration. He had called her, she knew that he would be on his way soon, he had promised not to call until he was ready to return.


She pictured herself at the airport. Her mind wandered over, watching her own meeting, seeing him take her into his arms, seeing him lower his lips to hers and trapping her in a passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. Her mind jumped to a picture of them making love. Hours of passion ending in exhausted slumber wrapped in each other’s arms. Her mind continued to wander, heartbreak upon his cordial greeting, a case that terrified her just as much as the other greeting. Her mind continued to play with her heart, with her feelings as she thought about every possibility. His possible delight, anger or indifference about the child she carried frightened her. While the worst possibility would be indifference, the other two emotions frightened her equally.


She started to pace again, her mind playing tricks on her. She hated the fact that her emotions were so out of control, but decided to blame this unusual loss of control to the hormones that were coursing through her body and the situation she had gotten herself into. The thought allowed her to calm herself a little, the control returned a little at a time as she walked the line that had been worn into the carpet by a month of worried pacing.


The moment was disturbed by Dominique’s phone ringing. Thinking that Gregor was calling again immediately put her back on edge. She grabbed the phone from the coffee table, trying not to look at the pregnancy test that was sitting right next to it. Recognizing Anna’s number she answered her bosses call. “Hello?” She wasn’t supposed to be working today and she was curious as to the nature of the call.


“Dom, I need your help.” The words were short, sweet and to the point. Anna didn’t mince words as a general rule, and it was rare that she would make a specific request to someone so far beneath her. Dom recognized how much extra attention that the woman had been paying her since she had landed in her situation, and appreciated it, even if she didn’t show it well. Anna had called her at least once a week to check on the baby and urge her to find a safer place to stay. Dom had always refused.


Dom sighed. “What do you need?” The question was laced with the frustration of having a train of thought interrupted. She couldn’t get the nagging questions out of her mind.


“Are you free tomorrow evening?” The question was pressing, and it was clear from Anna’s voice that she needed to make sure that she was free.


“I could be free if you needed me to. I would have push up another appointment.” Dom hoped that this would be worth it.


“Can you get Gregor from the airport? No one else is available and you know him the best.” The hint was unmistakable. Anna knew that Dom hadn’t talked to him about the baby, and was trying to make her do it. Gregor would have a stake in helping to protect the child from the enemies he was sure to have, just for being the rare and powerful creature that he was destined to be.


“Why do you want me to get him? Don’t you have someone else available?”


“No, as I said, I don’t. I need you to go.” Anna’s voice was harsh, indicating that she wasn’t going to accept excuses. “Plus you need to talk to him anyway. You’ve been putting this off far too long.”


“Maybe I’m not ready to talk to him about it.” Dom’s anger was rising in her chest, threatening to make her lose control at one of the most powerful people that she had ever met.


“If this child is to be one of the Doppel, he needs to know. He’s going to be put in danger as soon as it’s discovered and he should know why.”


“Why can’t we keep this a secret?” Dom was curious; having done only a little research on the subject had given her sketchy information, at best.


“You might keep the child’s exact nature a secret, but you won’t be able to keep the amount of power coursing through his veins from anyone. Even the most ignorant and blind humans will be able to tell there is something strange about him.” Anna’s voice grew a bit warmer.


“I haven’t been able to find out anything about this. How do you know so much?” Dom questioned, sensing the woman’s personal interest in this matter.


“Let’s just say that every powerful person in the world is going to have a unique interest in this child.” Anna’s words were vague.


Dom sighed again; wanting answers that obvious weren’t going to be provided. “I wish that I wouldn’t have known about this child. I wish that I would never have met Gregor.”


“There are some things in our lives that we just can’t change. I want you to pick him up and talk to him. Perhaps you’ll think of a way to talk to him about it once you see him again. Maybe the news will just pop out. In any case, you are going to be doing this. You will pick him up. I’ll text you his flight details, so that you can track his flight, in case it’s been delayed.”


Anna made it obvious that there wasn’t going to be any more argument on the subject, but Dom wasn’t ready to give up. “Why can’t anyone else do this? I don’t want to talk to him yet. I’m not ready to do it.”  Dom hoped that the honest truth might get her out of this assignment.


“I need you to do it. Do I have to make this an order?” Anna’s voice grew stern again. She wasn’t going to put up with the excuses and hiding much longer.


“Don’t order me to do it.” Dom’s voice grew just as stern as Anna’s.


“Why shouldn’t I order you? You need to talk to him, and it will be better if you do it sooner rather than later. Right now you’re just torturing yourself over the possibilities and it isn’t going to end until you tell him.”


“If you order me to do this, I’m going to quit.” Dom threatened. She didn’t know whether or not she was willing to go through with it. There were a few minutes of silence.


Anna let the realization of what had been said sink in before she responded to the angered outburst. “Quitting isn’t going to solve your problems. You need to talk to him; I’m just making you face him.”


Dom remained in silence for a while. She regretted her frustration. She regretted her words. She wasn’t going to quit over this. She knew that she had to face him eventually; it was just a matter of when at this point. “I’ll pick him up.” She agreed, but wasn’t happy about it. “I just don’t know how to tell him.”


Anna’s voice softened. There was a motherly quality to it. “If you would like me to, I’ll tell him about it. I know it would be easier on you.” Dom found herself wondering if Anna had ever had children, but didn’t have the courage to ask.


“No, I need to be the one to tell him. If he’s going to get this news it should be from me. I’m the one who screwed it up.”


“It’s not a screw up, Dom. This is something amazing. You have no idea how many people would love to be in your situation right now. They would love to be the mother of someone who could accomplish such great things.”


Dom changed the subject. It was difficult to comprehend how anyone would want to be in her shoes. “How do you know so much about the Doppel?”

BOOK: The Seed of the White Tiger
12.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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