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Authors: Jennifer Malone Wright

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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter The Complete Collection

BOOK: The Vampire Hunter's Daughter The Complete Collection
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Jennifer Malone Wright


Copyright 2012 Jennifer Malone Wright

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I would like to thank my good friend Rose for
helping with every step during the process of bringing this story
into the world. I would also like to thank my editors at Accentuate
Author Services for their excellent skills and help. Visit
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Michy and Lynn, you are the bomb!

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I also want to give a shout out to all my
fellow authors I have met and networked with. All for one and one
for all!

And thank you to the fans, without you this
series would not exist. You all kept me writing more and more with
each installment.

Finally, thank you to my husband, for his
continued support and encouragement of my writing. Thank you,
Honey. I love you.







“Chloe!” the voice called out sharply. At
that exact moment, the earth shook violently beneath my feet.

“Chloe, wake up!”

The ground swayed and gravity took hold,
forcing me to sidestep back and forth. I threw my hands out for
balance and tried to catch my footing, but I ended up falling onto
my hands and knees. The quaking world was suddenly bathed in harsh
sunlight. It had washed over me quickly, blinding me. I threw my
arm up to shield my eyes from the glare.

“Chloe Kallistrate, get your ass up

My eyes snapped open. All the lights in my
room were on and my mother stood over me. She held my blankets in
her arms. I realized she had impatiently whipped them off me. I lay
there in only my boy-short underwear and my favorite sleep shirt: a
torn and faded but still ultra-comfy Harley Davidson tee-shirt.
Sometimes when she said our last name really fast like that, she
developed an accent. It was a strange name, pronounced

The light explained the sunlight in my dream,
and Mom must have been shaking me, which would have been the
earthquakes. I groaned defiantly and glanced at the clock on my
nightstand. The glowing red numbers told me that it was two
forty-seven in the morning.

I grabbed my comforter out of
her arms and rolled over, taking it with me. “It’s the middle of
the night.”

Only then did the heavy fog of sleep lift and
I realized
that: It was the middle of the night and
my mother was in my room desperately trying to get me out of bed.
Something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

I threw my blanket off and jumped out of bed,
causing my mother to jump back in surprise.

“What is it? What’s happening?” I

“You have to hide!” she whispered.

She was still in her pale blue-satin pajamas
with the matching robe, and her eyes were wide with fear. Her dark
brown hair, which was the same color as mine, hung loose and
flowing down her back. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to my

“Quick, get in there.” She looked around the
room. “There is nowhere else to go. Now,

“Mom, stop it! What are you doing?”

Her fingernails dug into my arm. She opened
the door and literally threw me inside the closet. She bent down,
took my chin in her hand so that our dark eyes would meet.

“I love you,” she told me, and then abruptly
slammed the door shut, submerging me into total darkness.

Even though my fourteen-year-old mentality
wanted to fight back and open the door, I did as I was told and sat
on top of all my shoes that littered the floor of my closet.

Thundering footsteps pounded on the stairs
outside my room. I could tell my mom was still in the room because
I hadn’t heard the door open and shut. My bedroom door burst open,
and my mother immediately yelled, “Get out of here! Now!”

I could just see her pointing her index
finger at the door, like when she would tell me to go clean my room
or something.

A man’s voice, low and smooth, answered back.
“Really, Felicia, you honestly think we are just going to turn
around and leave?”

He tsk’d at her like she was merely a child
who had gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar. This man
knew her. He called her by name and spoke to her with familiarity.
I was desperate to see what was going on.

“Trevor can’t have her!” my mother screamed
at him.

The sarcasm was clear when the man laughed
and said, “Well,
should know as well as I do that what
Trevor wants Trevor will get.” He paused and then casually added,
“He also wants you dead.”

I covered my mouth and stifled the urge to
cry out.

What the hell is going on?

He continued to speak when my mother said
nothing in return. “You messed up, Felicia. He would have let you
live if you had just left and gone on with your life away from us.
Instead, you chose to steal what was his. Trevor wants his child

What? My mom stole a child?

That just couldn’t be the truth.

My mother finally answered him, but she did
so in a voice that was surprisingly fearless and brave. “Eli, you
know he would have never been able to raise her. She is as much
mine as she is his. I did not steal her; I


The smooth voice continued as if her words
had meant nothing. “Nevertheless, we must carry out our orders. I
would tell you I’m sorry, Felicia, but I’m not. I never liked you,
and I’m ecstatic I am the one who gets to kill one of the most
renowned hunters to walk the Earth.”

Fear grasped me like a cold hand around my
throat. I would not just hide in my closet and let him try to kill
my mother. I threw open the door and flew out of the closet to face
her attackers.


I think I may have actually scared them a
little, because every person in the room jumped. After the initial
shock, my mother’s eyes widened in disappointment and that
man—Eli—his lips curled up into a smile.

I could put a face with the voice. He was
about six feet tall with dark brown hair and cutting green eyes.
The weird part was that he looked like he was about eighteen years
old. The thought briefly passed through my head that I could take
him. That thought was immediately crossed off the list when I got a
good look behind him. There were about five other guys and one
woman standing just outside my door.

I bit my lip and wished I had stayed in the

“There she is!” Eli declared. “James!”

Suddenly, James was behind me and grasping
both my arms hard enough to restrain me. Really, it didn’t take
much, because his hands were like iron vices. My mother lunged
forward with her arms extended out toward me.

“No!” she shouted. “You cannot have her!”

The dark-haired man thrust his arm forward
and sent her flying across the room with one hit. I struggled
against James’s grip.

“Let me go! Mom!
, are you okay?” I
repeated over and over again.

I was scared to death, but I wasn’t going to
let them hurt my mom. I watched my mom slowly get up and brush her
long dark hair away from her eyes. When I saw her eyes, I felt a
rush of power. My mother looked vicious. I had never before seen
such determination in her. She took two slow steps forward while
Eli appeared to wait for her, and then she rushed him.

“Mom, no!” I called out.

But she didn’t hear me, or she ignored me.
She was on him, pounding away with tight clean punches. He simply
grabbed her by the back of her pajamas and yanked her off. He threw
her to the ground mercilessly, and that’s when I saw my mother do
something amazing: She was on her back staring up at him, and then
she hopped to her feet without using her arms. Lightning fast, her
hand struck out and grabbed my desk chair. She smashed it over his

He threw his leg forward and sideways,
knocking her feet out from under her so that she fell to the

“Now this is more like the Felicia we used to
know, the one with fight!”

In an instant she was up and snagged one of
the busted chair legs off the floor on her way. With a quick spin
for distraction and then a lunge, my mom did something I never
would have imagined: She staked the man.

He laughed at her.

I was so freaked out by the whole situation I
couldn’t say a word. Shock ate through my body, making my fingers
and toes tingle like they were asleep. My head throbbed, and it
looked like a fog was rolling into my room.

Yes, he had laughed at her, and then he
pulled the stake out. “Felicia, you should know enough to know that
you have to get under our ribs. This little piece of wood could
never penetrate our bones.”

He grabbed her by the hair, and she screamed
in pain. He twisted her around until her back was against his chest
and the stake was poised above her heart.

“Chloe, look at me!” she demanded. “No matter
what happens, you always remember that I did everything for
. I did what I had to do to give you a good life.” She
paused and twisted her neck to look up at the scary, dark-haired
man with the smooth voice, and she nodded. Then, with a final look
back at me, she whispered her last words, “I love you, Chloe.”

He shoved the chair leg into her heart and
snapped her neck at the same time. Instantly, her body fell
lifeless in his arms. Blood seeped out of the wound and bloomed
like a flower around the chair leg protruding from her heart,
staining the pale blue silk almost black. In the distance, I heard
myself scream. James kept his grip on my arms while my legs kicked
at his. I even tried to bash the back of my head into his face, but
he was too tall for it to be effective. I ended up thumping it into
his hard chest.

Eli turned to me with my mother still in his

“Shut up!” he snapped and carelessly threw my
mother’s body onto the floor.

I did stop screaming, but only because I
wanted to tell that bastard off. I felt so scared and helpless, but
for some reason, I knew I was going to live through this. My voice
cracked from all the screaming, so I’m sure I didn’t sound serious
at all, but I told him anyway, “If it is the last thing I ever do,
I will kill you for what you just did. I swear to god.”

He casually wiped my mother’s blood from his
hands with one of the towels I had left on my desk from when I had
showered before bed. “It’s not nice to swear, Chloe. Now let’s take
you to your father.”

I swung my leg up and kicked out at him. “I’m
not going anywhere with you! And I don’t know what the hell you’re
talking about. My father died before I was born.”

Eli sighed. “Of course he did. Let’s go,

He waved his hand, and those who had stood by
doing absolutely nothing while my mother was murdered in front of
me made way for him to pass. James dragged me along behind him, and
they followed.

Even though I was sure I was going to
live—only because Eli said Trevor wanted me—I certainly wasn’t
expecting a rescue. I was trying to figure out a way to escape when
we reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs. The front door
burst open, and people filed in.

Eli’s goons rushed forward and more fighting
began. Everyone was fighting everywhere and smashing up everything
in our house. I could do nothing but watch and scream. I couldn’t
even struggle any more because I was exhausted from trying to get
away from James. I couldn’t fight any more, so I just let myself
hang there in James’s grip.

The people who had burst through the door
looked like average people, from what I could see, but the weapons
they carried were extraordinary. I saw one of the rescuers drive
what looked like a steel arrow into the belly of one of the men and
upward under his ribs to meet the heart. One of the women rescuers
had a whip. With one smooth flick, the tail of the whip found the
neck of the woman on Eli’s side and wound around it. When the
rescuer yanked it back, it sliced the other woman's head off.

BOOK: The Vampire Hunter's Daughter The Complete Collection
9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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