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He puts a finger to his lips, signaling that I should be quiet. His hand is trembling.

“What’s so—?” I start to ask, but his other hand goes to my mouth, silencing me at once.

His soft, warm hand.

The violent throws of bodies and glass continues for what feels like several minutes, and then instantly falls silent. A single pair of footsteps crosses the tavern floor as though pacing, one end of the tavern to the other, back and forth.

The man holding his warm hand to my mouth, I notice how strong his arms look. His broad shoulders from which the arms come. His face reflects a warmth that stirs something deep in me, something I’d assumed was lost. His five-o’clock-shadowed rosy cheeks, I’m shocked that any miracle from the squatty pink Refinery could replicate them. Or his lush lips. A noteworthy job they did on this rugged man I have to admit, even despite the odd circumstance. His soft watery eyes are more aware than any I’ve seen yet. I watch his forehead screw up in concentration as he silently presses an ear to the door, listening with all his body.

Slowly, the steps approach us. This guy’s grip on my mouth tightens so much, I have to bring my own hand up to meet his. He seems to be holding his breath, squeezing his eyes shut like he’s in pain. The mystery walker stops just short of the door, then waits there as though he is listening too. An eternity seems to pass before finally, the footsteps slowly draw away, growing fainter, fainter, then gone at last.

He finally lets go of my mouth and whispers his first words: “Are you going to eat me?”

Not the sweetest first words I’ve heard. “What?”

“Are you going to eat me?” he asks again.


After studying my face doubtfully for a while, he seems to relax. “Okay, then.”

And without further explanation, he swings open the door and peers outside. Deciding the coast is clear I guess, he steps out of the bathroom. When I reluctantly follow, I find the tavern littered with skulls and bones of the bodies it once peacefully occupied. None of them stir. This must be part of the big pretend-scene—the part where they all lay in a mess, knocked out by one bottle or another, done in by someone’s wildly swinging fist. Skulls and bones, an unsettling but impressive touch. Among them, shattered glasses and spilled pools of waste decorate the scene.

This is an impressively disturbing tableau of undeath. I’m genuinely taken aback by its … horror.

“Is everyone okay?” I ask carelessly, looking around. “A little bit overdone, don’t you think?—this scene? I didn’t know the dead could die. Seems silly, the thought.” I blink. “So … Anyone getting up anytime soon?”

“No,” the young man murmurs, quickly locking the front door of the tavern—no idea why—then whipping over to the bar counter and inspecting it, looking for something.

“Is this normal? Bar fights? Is this what I have to look forward to for all eternity?”

“No,” he mumbles again, agitated, opening cabinets, rummaging through drawers.

“I’m Winter. That’s the name they gave me.” I watch him scavenge through every drawer behind the counter, curious. “What’s the name they gave you?”

“No,” he says, slams something shut, tears open another cabinet, a vein jutting out of his forehead with his face scrunched up in frustration. “Not a drop of anything, anywhere. Not even—Not even—”

“What are you looking for? Wait,” I say, listening carefully. “Do you hear that?”

He stops his hunting and stares at me now. I meet his eyes, pointing up at the ceiling where I think the sound is coming from. “Do you hear that? It’s like ... a gentle drum.”

“No,” he whispers, the sound barely making it from his lips this time. “I hear nothing.”

“Do you think whoever it was that started this is coming back? It sounds like footsteps, or some kind of drum, or ... Wow, I can’t believe you can’t hear that. Just listen ...”

I draw closer to him, thinking the noise is coming from the counter. Then I cross around the counter and notice him stepping away from me.

“Wait,” I tell him. “Just listen … Listen.”

His back is pressed against the wall. Before I realize how closely I’ve come in pursuit of the strange sound, I’m standing right in front of him.

Then I hear it, clear as a spoken word. A thumping. A drumming.

The horror returns to his eyes. Thumping. Thumping.

Drumming. Within him.

A heartbeat.



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BOOK: The Whispers
7.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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