The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert (The Winemaker's Feast)

BOOK: The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert (The Winemaker's Feast)
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The Winemaker’s Dinner



Dr. Ivan Rusilko


Omnific Publishing


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The Winemaker’s Dinner: Dessert, Copyright © 2013 by Dr. Ivan Rusilko

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First Omnific eBook edition, April 2013

First Omnific trade paperback edition, April 2013


The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


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Rusilko, Dr. Ivan.

The Winemaker’s Dinner: Dessert / Dr. Ivan Rusilko – 1st ed

ISBN: 978-1-623420-32-1

1. Contemporary Romance—Fiction. 2. Erotica—Fiction. 3. Miami—Fiction. 4. Celebrity Chef—Fiction. I. Title


Cover Design by Micha Stone and Amy Brokaw
Interior Book Design by Coreen Montagna

Photography by John Conroy (

Cover Models: Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Adrianne Martinez


To the one girl I will love forever. ;)

Chapter 1

“Hotel California”

! F
, Y

The sound of utter ecstasy rebounded off the dimly lit hotel room walls and ricocheted into the cool Miami Beach winter’s night. The ocean breeze carried the faint but sweet smell of burning
through an open window, providing Ivan momentary relief from the heat radiating between his torso and the body bent over the bed in front of him.

“You like that.” It wasn’t a question but a command. His voice was barely more than a growl, resonating with power and dripping with control. His thrusts increased, and he pounded into her hard—maybe even harder than he should have—but she loved it. The crazed, glassy-eyed look on her face told him as much.

“Ah, fuck!” was the only response she had for him as she tossed her jet black hair away from her face and across her back, practically begging his inner beast to pull it.

A mirror on the wall opposite the bed reflected the erotic scene playing out in front of them, one of dominance and submission, power and control. Ivan grinned into the mirror as he saw a smile sweep across her lips. She looked through the mirror and directly into his eyes, watching him watch her get off. She raked her hands down the sheets and clenched the white linen between her fingers as he took her from behind, her gaze transfixed on the man in the mirror.

Ivan couldn’t help but revel in the reflected show he was enjoying. He reached forward and grabbed a fist full of hair, pulling her head back and once again exerting his dominance over her and her body. Harder and harder he fucked her without mercy. All she could do—all he would allow her to do—was brace herself against the bed and succumb to his domination. She moaned as he held her firm, one hand gripping her ass and the other her hair.

Faster and harder he forced himself into her as her panting morphed into a string of mangled profanity, further fueling his lust. Her body bounded back and forth, and she screamed in pleasure as the figure in the mirror dug his fingers into her hips, fucking her like a madman.

Finally he felt her tremble under his control. He quickened his pace and wielded his power with forceful upward strokes that lifted her feet off the floor. Seeming to want all he could give, she rose up on her tiptoes to give him even more access, which he greedily took. His body began to splinter in an all-too-familiar way, and he started down the inevitable path to orgasm. His cock firmed and his spine loosened, readying his body for release. He tightened his grip on her hair, jerking her head farther back as he reached around and teased her swollen clit with hard, meaningful strokes. Each one drove her toward frenzy, and she began to scream when her body convulsed in pleasure. She tightened around his cock like a vice.

Ivan felt her body climax, but that didn’t stop him. Needing his fix, he drove himself back into her. He released her hair and flipped her onto her back as if she was weightless, all the while marveling at her naked form: perfect, delicate, and properly fucked. His mind released a rush of endorphins—a reward for making her come—but there was another need to satisfy. His addiction remained unfed. The smell of sex engulfed him, and without a word he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, bringing the backs of her knees to rest on his shoulders. His hands wrapped around the back of her neck, and he pressed his forearms against her shoulders, leveraging himself against her body and deepening his thrusts. Ivan began to invade her with every inch he had, making his intentions clear: he wanted, no, he
to come.

Every inward stroke brought him closer and closer to a nirvana he longed for, but it was in the shimmer of her green eyes and the blackness of her hair that he found what he was looking for. His spine tingled and his toes flexed against the wooden floor as his own release began to overcome him.

“Harder!” she commanded.

The sound of flesh on flesh and panting screams filled the room, and Ivan, now the obedient one, pushed harder, driving himself toward his sexual heaven and relishing the sound of her passion. With a final thrust he plunged inside her, finally achieving the orgasmic bliss he craved. A rush of warmth ran through his lower back and his dick convulsed. His arms squeezed her thighs and his hands cupped the back of her neck as a final spasm rocketed through his body.

Without warning, a warm and gentle hand ran up the back of his thigh and across his ass, piercing through his sexual oblivion. His breath was still uneven and his cock still buried in the girl he’d just finished fucking as he turned to acknowledge another expectant lady standing next to him. She was naked.

The invitation for a second go ’round with an even more adventurous third party and the annoying feeling of the restriction of a condom was all it took to strip away the last of Ivan’s sexual haze and snap his mind back to a reality that wasn’t at all what he wanted. His now-clear vision exposed the situation around him for what it was. The locks of ebony hair that cascaded across her shoulders were not ebony at all, but a dirty shade of blond, and the shimmering green eyes that he thought had mesmerized him morphed into a pool of ordinary brown. The legs he’d caressed didn’t belong to the dark-haired, green-eyed Colorado beauty who had touched his soul, but instead to a blond-haired, brown-eyed Miami Beach land shark who did little more than tickle his dick.

“Mind if I join you?” the woman beside him asked, squeezing his ass as she stroked the blonde’s inner thigh. “I want a taste.”

Remorse filled the base of Ivan’s skull, and he knew no amount of faceless sex would ever fill the void that lingered in his chest. Swallowing hard, he replied, “Why don’t the two of you start without me?”

Ms. Waiting-To-Be-Fucked smiled and nodded. She slid her hands around Ivan’s waist and eased him out of the other girl’s body. The women erupted into a fit of giggles as Ms. Freshly-Fucked captured her friend by the shoulders and tossed her onto the bed. There she straddled her legs while she cooed and kissed the nape of her neck.

Falling back onto a chair, Ivan took a minute to marvel at the sight unfolding in front of him. His dick did more than marvel as blood rushed into it, causing it to grow hard and wanting again.

“Do you like this?”

Ms. Freshly-Fucked’s voice cut through him like a rusty knife, reminding him of his weakness for the flesh. Staring at them with a hard cock and mindless gaze, he simply nodded and smiled as they began to work each other over. The sight of them, naked, kissing, and touching while they beckoned for him to join, should have felt like winning the sexual lottery. Instead, it felt as if poisonous toxins were seeping into his body through every pore. Even two girls burning with need for him wasn’t enough morphine to medicate the hell he’d been living in the past six months—six long and painful months since his baby girl walked out of his life.

The loneliness that engulfed him every day was now his companion. Jaden was gone forever, never to lie by his side again. The random sexual conquests that had become his drug of choice since she’d betrayed him were merely Band-Aids to his hemorrhaging heart. But they were his only salve against the complete and utter devastation Jaden had left in her wake. Ivan hated it, but he couldn’t avoid it. Jaden’s indiscretions had made him a prisoner of his own device.

Life was nothing more than a faded black-and-white movie now, and the occasional thirty minutes of sex, endorphins, and vivid imagination were his sole glimpses of the once-familiar rainbow palette of colors that had painted his mornings and brightened the nights lost in her gaze. But these glimpses were just a mirage. It was life’s dick tease, nothing more than a lie to numb his mind and soothe the pain that tortured his soul.

“Come join us?” the girls asked in unison.

Their breasts ground together as they explored each other’s bodies, inside and out. It was a sexual feast begging to be eaten, figuratively and literally. Two gorgeous, sexual creatures taunted him with sweet sins of the flesh, but try as he might, Ivan couldn’t bring himself to say yes. It didn’t feel right. It never did. He’d gotten his fix for the night, and even though they were stunning, something was missing. It wasn’t
. It would never be

BOOK: The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert (The Winemaker's Feast)
2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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