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With all my grateful thanks to Wayne, Louise, Eloise, Katie, Becky and the marvellous team at Macmillan. They are all wonderful. Special thanks to Gill Paul for her help and advice. Thank you to
Lorraine Green for another splendid copy-edit, and my grateful thanks to Nicole Foster for proofreading. As always, my endless gratitude to my agent Lizzy Kremer and to Harriet Moore.

Thank you to my friends and family for all their help and support, especially to James, Barney and Tabby.

Praise for Lulu Taylor

‘Utterly compelling. A really excellent winter’s story’

Lucy Diamond

‘This is such great escapism it could work as well as any holiday’

Daily Mail

‘[This] engrossing romantic saga is a hugely enjoyable, escapist treat’

Sunday Mirror

‘Pure indulgence and perfect reading for a dull January evening’


‘Wonderfully written . . . this indulgent read is totally irresistible’


‘The book is full of mystery and intrigue, successfully keeping me guessing until the very end . . . An evocative read, full of dramatic secrets that will make the reader gasp’

‘A poignant, sophisticated and romantic love story’


Lulu Taylor moved around the world as a child before her family settled in the Oxfordshire countryside. She studied English at Oxford University and had a successful career in publishing
before she became a writer. Her first novel,
, was published in 2007 and nominated for the RNA Readers’ Choice award. It was followed by
Midnight Girls
Outrageous Fortune
The Winter Folly
The Snow Angel
. She lives in Dorset with her husband and two children.

By Lulu Taylor


Midnight Girls

Beautiful Creatures

Outrageous Fortune

The Winter Folly

The Snow Angel

The Winter Children

First published 2015 by Pan Books

This electronic edition published 2015 by Pan Books
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