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The Woman

BOOK: The Woman
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This book is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places and incidents have been produced by the author’s imagination or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, or to any actual events or precise locales is entirely coincidental or within the public domain. Sea Crest, Oregon, lives only in the mind of this author, inspired by the quaint Oregon coastal towns of Depoe Bay, Yahats, Newport, and Canon Beach. If you wish to further capture the flavor of Sea Crest, visit these beach towns in Oregon and you should feel that connection.

The Woman
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Note to Readers

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge

Chapter 1

About the Author

The Woman

by David Bishop

Here’s what Readers are Saying

The Woman
captured my attention in the first two pages. It is a great book. I have read books by Flynn, Margolin, Connelly, Thor, Baldacci, Morrell and many others. I just finished David Bishop’s books,
The Woman
, and
The Blackmail Club
and have enjoyed these books as well as any I have read.

* * *

You might be a little tired of James Patterson and if you are seeking a new storyteller, you just found him! Wonderfully drawn characters, descriptive locations and very convoluted situations . . . all in a very good mystery.

* * *

My Third David Bishop Read and I’ll be back for more. This guy can really, really tell a story.

* * *

Just finished my second David Bishop read. If you like a who-dun-it that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity until the bitter end,
The Woman
is for you!

* * *

The minute I started this book by David Bishop, I was hooked. It was very interesting and entertaining all way through. I could, at times, only imagine the desperation she felt running for her life. I believe it was well-written and thoroughly entertaining. I am looking forward to reading his other novels.

* * *

The first book I read written by David Bishop and I finished it in 2 days. Good story line that keeps you wanting to turn the page.

* * *

Being relatively new to Kindle books, I have to say that this book was probably the best that I have read so far. I was thinking that it would be a romance novel and it turned out to be a thriller. I would highly recommend this book and I will definitely read more books by David Bishop.

* * *

This is my first David Bishop reading and I am already a fan.
The Woman
was an enjoyable read with good pace and interesting characters.

* * *

I was looking for a book that could be loaned. Along the way I found a favorite new author. Love his writing. Will be reading him from now on.

* * *

Linda Darby seems like many of us—maybe a little prettier and more toned from jogging on the beach, but a divorcee who lives quietly and whose idea of a good time is movie night at her friend’s—a friend with a dark, mysterious and dangerous job.

Toby Neal, author
Blood Orchid, the Lei Crime Series.

* * *

This is the first novel I read from David Bishop but will not be the last. I enjoyed it because it was believable. How many mysteries do you read that you ask yourself, “What a stupid thing for the victim to do?” Like go after the trained killer alone or purposely place themselves in a situation where there is little chance to escape. No, the story line here is strong enough to provide suspense without relying on the ridiculous. The characters are well drawn out and the author ties everything up nicely and sensibly at the end. Kudos to David Bishop!

* * *

This book had everything that I love: suspense, action, and deception. The lead characters backgrounds were fleshed out pretty well. I can’t wait to read Mr. Bishops other books!

* * *

David Bishop’s mystery
The Woman
is much more than a clever detective story could be. Bishop has written a story that tells another story: he writes of today’s world, its political corruption, personal greed, and efficient killings.

Terry Crawford Palardy, author

* * *

With Linda Darby, author David Bishop has given us a character to cheer for, worry about, and applaud along the way. The story is a fast-paced high tension ride with the perfect amount of details to keep it flowing in living color before your eyes, right up to the dynamite final scene. Sure to be a big hit with action/crime novel fans everywhere!

* * *

I enjoyed David Bishop’s writing style, easy without any extra unnecessary description. The dialogue sounded accurate to what the characters portrayed in the book. I will be reading more of David Bishop.

* * *

Mr. Bishop has written a remarkable book that has something for everyone but doesn’t feel like it is too much. You are drawn into the story and almost feel as if you are a part of it which compels the reader to continue reading.

* * *

Overall, a very well crafted, satisfying and entertaining read. I tend to be somewhat conservative in my ratings, but I have now re-read this again and it’s going to stay to be re-read. Those books [like this one] are the only ones I give my 5-star ratings to.

* * *

We go along living our safe and sometimes boring lives, much as Linda Darby does in her little quiet sea side town. Fortunately, most of us won’t be thrust into running for our lives from unknown evil forces; wondering who to trust and not to trust. Bishop, entrusts his mystery, ‘
The Woman
’, to a great character, Linda Darby; smart, strong and braver than even she knows.

* * *

This one is about THE Woman, a remarkable character involved in a very original plot. The secondary characters are equally well portrayed and, to me, they are also memorable. I would call this a psychological thriller.
The Woman
has many twists and surprises, and the end is totally unpredictable. It rings true. And, once again, the dialogue plays a big part in this novel’s appeal. The last sentence is proof of this.

* * *

This is an absolute gem of a book. It has everything that a suspense thriller story needs; shadowy political/intelligence operatives, fake identities, lots of money and a bit of sex. The author shows throughout that he really does know what he is doing.

* * *

The Woman
” grabbed me and had me hooked within the first few pages. This is the first David Bishop book I’ve read and I was on the edge of my seat the entire book. I kept trying to figure out what was happening to Linda Darby and what the big picture was, but I was kept pleasantly guessing. It was a fun thrill ride full of mystery and suspense!

* * *

The only negative aspect of David’s books are that I find myself reading them way too fast and then wanting more. So David, if you are reading this, please make more books. I know I’ll be buying them if you do.

* * *

David Bishop has mastered the art and does it without having to take you on a journey to the center of the earth with a thousand slow moving pages. It moves along quickly, surprising you at every turn, and never releases its grip on your imagination. I am a fan.

Gerald Lane Summers, author of
Mobley’s Law

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The Woman

BOOK: The Woman
11.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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