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Praise for

This Generation

“The publication of [Han Han] in English is, in some ways, a rare
example of a piece of authentic, contemporary Chinese culture
making its way into the Western world.”

The Wall Street Journal
(Asia edition)

“Han Han, the enfant terrible of Chinese letters, makes enemies as
he conquers the world literature stage.”

The Daily Beast

“Witty and acerbic . . . Han Han is excellent at lancing the boil of
‘national humiliation' and pointing out that other proud nations
care far less about perceived slights.”


“A collection of some of his most interesting and politically relevant
essays, [This Generation] is filled with commentary poking fun at
officials and nationalists. But Han is careful not to go too far. . . .
He can be outrageous and funny, be also carefully elliptical and
shrewdly vague.”

The New York Review of Books

“A must-read for anyone, especially 20- and 30-somethings, itching
to understand China today.”

Kirkus Reviews

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Dispatches from

China's Most Popular

Literary Star

(and Race Car Driver)



This generation

Why do you cost more than me?

Social regression, government extortion

Regarding my debt to society

How radical and ridiculous I am

Traditional Virtues

On flying the flag

Let's do away with student essays

Insults to China

Market day for patriots

Q & A with Chinese nationalists

Loving our country, saving our face

Let's not get in a rage so easily

Expressions of personal taste strictly prohibited

I'll do whatever it takes to be an Olympics sponsor

Faking it

Sex + Soccer = Scandal?

Oh, man—what do we do now?

Clothes must be new; this is getting old

We must boycott French products

In praise of Feng Shunqiao

Some points to note about whoring

No fire without smoke: business as usual for China Central Television

Like Jackie Chan, guessing the majesties' wishes

Further points to note about whoring

The Founding of a Republic

Report on preparations for the World Rally Championship in Australia

November 21, 2009

Try the pickles

Just testing

Required course for Chinese officials: Lesson One

Are you Xiaoming?

Han Feng is a fine cadre

Where else could I find someone like you?

Letters from strangers

What is it you're so afraid of?

Yes, do come! Yes, do go!

Children, you're spoiling grandpa's fun

Talking freely, wine in hand

Those scallions that just won't wash clean


Orphan of Asia

Protect the—[unacceptable input]

Should we or shouldn't we?

Do we need the truth, or just the truth that fits our needs?

On begging

Prices are going to take a dive

Huang Yibo is a fine cadre

Three Gorges is a fine dam

I have a good life in Shanghai

The disconnected nation

What do you do if it's too downbeat?

We already had our say on that

Speaking of revolution

Talking about democracy

Pressing for freedom

This last year of mine

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