Three Shifters for Sarah (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Three Shifters for Sarah (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Three Shifters for Sarah

Sarah Winter is on vacation in Montana. During her stay, she falls in love with not one, but three handsome cowboys. One night she spies the men turning into wolves before her eyes and comes to realize that love between a human and three shape-shifters can never be. So fleeing back to her home in New York, she vows to forget the men.

But the shifters have other plans. They have chosen her as their mate and won’t give up until she surrenders. One by one they travel to New York to make her fall in love with them again.

TJ Hawkin is eager and headstrong. Lance Bowie has known loss in his life the same as Sarah. Ryan McCloud, the Alpha, has already put his mating mark on her.

Sarah will have to overcome the different world the men come from. They are cowboys and she has a life in Manhattan. They are shape-shifters and she is only human.

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifters, Western/Cowboys

60,316 words








Dani April










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Chapter One


Sarah was singed with an instant attraction for the men. Maybe it was because she was on the first day of her vacation and felt giddy and carefree. Or perhaps it was the high altitude of the ranch in Montana she was staying at. Whatever it was, uncharted territory had been entered, and she knew she had never felt anything like this before.

Three cowboys were in the corral putting on a show for the gathered crowd. A bucking, untamed bronco was giving them the challenge of their life. One cowboy was riding the wild horse while the other two stood by with ropes ready for a strategic lasso of the angry brute. All in all the three cowhands made quite a team, and a whole lot of eye candy in those tight, dusty jeans.

The cowboy riding the stallion into submission looked at Sarah with the truest blue eyes she had ever seen. She didn’t imagine it. He actually picked her out of the several dozen faces watching him from the crowd. Though he rode the back of a mean animal intent on throwing him off its back, the cowboy’s gaze was steady, and his eyes locked with hers for a second that seemed to go on forever.

Quickly the horse was brought to obedience under the calm stewardship of the three trusty men. The crowd gave their applause, and the cowboys tipped their hats politely in acknowledgment, one of them offering up the exaggerated bow of a showman.

The spectacle ended with the horse prancing in high-step fashion along the fence containing the crowd. The kids were even encouraged to lean across and give it a pat or two.

Sarah approached a young boy who obviously worked there from his white Stetson and the blue kerchief around his neck, the uniform of choice at the guest ranch. “I’m looking for someone who can verify my vouchers from the travel agency that booked my cabin here at the guest ranch. I just checked in, and the lady at the front desk told me I could find the owners down here at the horse show.”

“Howdy, ma’am.” The young kid tipped his hat in a gentlemanly fashion to Sarah. “Can I help get your bags down to your cabin?”

“No thank you.” Sarah gave him a smile. “I already got myself settled in. The only problem I have is that I was promised two free nights in the travel package I bought from the agency that booked me here. They gave me these vouchers. But the lady at the front desk said she didn’t know anything about that and suggested I come down here and find the owners.”

“Sure thing, ma’am.” The boy returned her smile eagerly. Everyone out here was so friendly and polite, making her feel like she had gone back in time to a more gentle and honest era. Sarah loved it, and she had only just arrived.

The boy pointed straight down the fence. “Those are the owners over there.”

Sarah did a double take. He had pointed to the three cowboys who had just finished with the show.

“I’m sure they can fix you right up. Come on over, and I’ll introduce you.”

“No. That’s all right.” Sarah begged off. “Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t want to interrupt them right now. They seem awfully busy.”

As if she were a moth drawn to a flame, Sarah walked the length of the fence headed toward the three cowboys. One of them was hamming it up and signing autographs for his newly made fans, the other was seeing to the well-being of the horse that had played such a pivotal role in their show, and the third was shouting orders to some of the cowhands.

When Sarah got close the men stopped what they were doing and fixed her with three hard stares. Again she knew she was not imagining this reaction from the men. They really were staring at her. For some unknown reason they had picked her out of their crowd of admirers, and now the focus of their world was on her.

Sarah felt her legs turn to spaghetti as she stepped fully up to them. They were still on the opposite side of the fence from her, and she was just as glad. She needed the wooden shingles of the fence to serve as a barrier between her and the electric energy thrown off those three wild cowboys. Seen up close for the first time it struck her they were every bit as untamed as the stallion they had just bested.

“My name’s Sarah Winter,” she started. There was a frog in her throat. Her voice sounded too husky, and she felt the need for a glass of water. “Sorry to bother you guys,” she started over. “I was told one of you was the owner of the guest ranch, and I happen to be a guest here. I just checked in.”

“Welcome to the Circle T, miss.” The cowboy who had ridden the horse reached across the fence and took her hand. It was a simple gesture meant to welcome her to their ranch, but their skin touched for a tad too long, and electric sparks jumped down Sarah’s arm. “My name’s Ryan McCloud and this here is Lance Bowie and TJ Hawkin. All three of us own the Circle T. How can we be of assistance to you?”

Sarah explained what her problem was with the voucher and the two free night’s stay in her cabin. She felt like a teenager again when she spoke with the cowboys. She stuttered and stammered and could hardly form a coherent sentence.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” Ryan assured her and put her instantly at ease. “We’ll take care of everything.”

She tried to hand him over the vouchers, but her palms were sweaty, and she felt embarrassed.

“That’s not necessary. You have two of your nights here free,” Ryan told her, and Sarah’s vacation had begun. “Welcome to the Circle T guest ranch.”


* * * *


The Alpha’s gaze trailed after Sarah’s departing form. The round curve of her ass beneath her jeans drew his attention. Hers was a spectacular female form. A woman like this could be trouble for Ryan and his two Betas. Yet he couldn’t pull his eyes from Sarah’s retreat back across the rolling pasture.

“Take Black Bart back to the stables, Mac.” Ryan handed the reins of the horse to one of his cowhands.

“Yes, Mr. McCloud,” the cowhand answered, taking the bridle and leading the horse away.

“She’s the one.” TJ was full of testosterone and raring to go after her. He and Lance were now left alone with Ryan, the crowd and cowhands having cleared out of the corral.

“Could be,” Ryan admitted noncommittally and pushed his Stetson back on his brow to wipe at some sweat beading on his skin.

“That woman isn’t one of us.” Lance was the cautious Beta. Always somewhat of a pessimist, he served as a counterpoint to TJ’s gung-ho personality. “If we get involved with her it will end badly.”

TJ scoffed at Lance and gave him a rough pat on the shoulder. “Tell me you didn’t want to rip her clothes off her snug little body the moment you caught wind of her scent?”

“Stop thinking with that big cock of yours,” Lance scolded TJ. “The three of us are in a position of responsibility. We have to think for the pack and not just ourselves.”

Even though they loved each other like brothers, and actually were half-brothers, Lance and TJ were always at each other’s throats and never agreed on a single issue. Now both men looked to their Alpha to resolve their latest and potentially most important dispute.

BOOK: Three Shifters for Sarah (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
4.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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