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Tiger's Lily

BOOK: Tiger's Lily
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Tiger's Lily
Wind Warriors [1]
Cheyenne Meadows
Silver Publishing (2012)
Contemporary, contemporary adventure erotic romance

Lily's peaceful life in a small town vanishes when two men arrive, one carrying a bullet wound. She's nominated for private nursing care in her home and grudgingly accepts despite her uncertainty, but soon finds herself drawn to the scowling Cale.

Cale, a.k.a. Tiger, isn't thrilled either, but agrees to the arrangement for his wounded brother's sake. He learned a hard lesson from his deceitful barracuda ex-wife and vows never again. With a handful of revenge-seeking criminals hot on their heels, Cale fights his developing feelings for the tender-natured Lily.

Can the brothers survive the upcoming clash while protecting Lily? When they leave, will Lily's fears come true? Will she never see the man she loves again?

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Chapter 1

Four forty-five. Fifteen more minutes before their extended Thanksgiving holiday began. Margaret, the receptionist, dashed off right behind the final client of the day, eager to hit the grocery store and begin cooking for her large brood. The benefits and expectations of being a grandmother, she pointed out. That left Lily to clean and stock up after the harried day while the doctor finished his notes.

Lily pulled the last bag from the trash can, adding it to her increasing pile to be taken out as she left work for the day. Mundane chores didn't care if you were a housekeeper or a nurse like she was. All part of the job. A job she was more than happy to have after her life toppled like a deck of playing cards.

Before this year, she lived happily in a suburb, working at a large hospital as a floor nurse and stayed in a small house with her mother. Her sweet, happy-go-lucky mother and best friend rolled into one, who loved life and living. Then, with great suddenness, her mother grew ill. An aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, the oncologist called it. They fought it with chemotherapy until her mother sadly shook her head. Her body thin and frail, weak and wracked with pain and nausea, declining any more treatment, instead wishing to die comfortably. Hospice took over her care and a week later, Lily's only living relative passed.

With her world turned upside down, Lily made a hasty decision to start over. After all, nothing remained but memories and those only seemed to drag her mood into the doldrums more often than not. She paid off the medical bills with money from the sale of their small home, leaving her with little to survive. A quick phone call and letter resigned her from her nursing position in the hospital. She packed and planned, all while searching for a new job, a new lease on life.

In Cooperstown, she found just that. The small rural area consisted of hard-working farmers and down to earth people, with one family practice doctor in the area. Dr Carson Snider happened to be searching for an office nurse. Lily's lucky stars located the help wanted ad, took her to his door, and landed her the position. The kind young doctor's generosity went much further. He moved her into his sole rental house at the edge of six hundred acres of prime pastureland where he raised cattle and horses in his spare time. Obviously guessing at her lack of funds, he made her a deal, namely low rent in exchange for watching out for the livestock, keeping their water tank full and clean, and checking the fences often for any needed repairs. Insisting she call him by his first name, they became fast friends in addition to their professional relationship.

She took a large pay cut compared to what she used to make at the hospital, but she felt this was right within every ounce of her being. The town, the people, the job, everything called to her on a basic level. Peaceful and content described her feelings since moving here.

If there ever was an angel, Carson fit the bill. If he wasn't married, probably every woman in a fifty mile radius would be banging on his door for some undivided attention from the handsome, smart, and friendly doctor. He radiated compassion and caring, working long and often late hours in order to see any client with a need. All his dedication along with a smile, kind word, and gentle hand.

Quickly, Lily tied up the final trash bag, stuffing a clean replacement in the plastic can near the back door while mentally checking off the closing routine chores.

The back door whined as it opened.

Spinning around, Lily watched as a tall, dark-headed man stepped confidently through the back door, camouflage covering a powerful build. Her attention quickly moved from the man to the weapon he carried in his right hand. A rifle for sure, but not one used for hunting game. More like what she would expect someone in the military or even a SWAT team to use. Her heart raced as she kicked her stunned brain into action.

Stark blue eyes quickly raked over the room before landing on her. His grim mouth, with a deep scowl, spoke of his current mood. Black smudges covered his face, sending her fear levels skyrocketing.

She opened her mouth to scream, only to find the strange man's hand immediately there. His other arm wrapped around her middle, keeping her in place, facing away from him, but easily under his control. Instinctively, she began to struggle, kicking and pulling at his arm, anything to try to break free.

"Hold still. I'm not here to hurt you." The deep husky voice penetrated her brain.

That's probably what all the villains told their victims, lured them into a false sense of safety then did their worst. A momentary pause later, she renewed her fight.

He shook her a bit, the strong, tanned hand immobile over her mouth. "Stop it. I don't have time for this."

The sheer frustration and annoyance in his voice stilled her endeavors for release. That and the sheer brute strength she felt in the body holding her told her that this man could do anything he wanted to her and there was little she could do about it.

"Mayberry!" He shouted through the clinic.

Confused, Lily focused on breathing and searching for any opening to escape.
Mayberry? What did that mean?

Carson strode quickly into the back room, coming to an abrupt stop when he spied the situation. A frown covered his face as he blinked a couple of times, as if trying to figure out some complex puzzle. His hands clenched into fists before his body stance relaxed. "Tiger?"

If the man acknowledged the name, Lily couldn't tell. Instead, she watched her employer's face, hoping that recognition meant a happy reunion, not a past of hatred. Her fear lessened as she heard her captor's voice once more.

"Sorry to barge in like this, Mayberry, but it's Dillon."

Immediately, Carson stepped forward. "Release my nurse and tell me what you need."

The hand loosened slowly along with the grip he had on her body. "No screaming." With that warning he set her free.

Without thought, she slammed her elbow back into the guy's gut, grumbling when he stepped away in the nick of time, only receiving a whisper of the impact.

"Damn, she-cat."

She turned to glare up at the man who scared the living daylights out of her. Her mouth opened to give him a piece of her mind, but the doctor quickly interrupted.

"Dillon? What happened? Where is he?" Both men headed back out the back door, their movements hurried.

A minute later, they re-entered the room, supporting a man between them. They both wrapped an arm around him from each side, carrying him in a standing position.

Lily moved into action, clearing the path to the exam table, and noting the state of the new man. Close cropped hair made the color difference between dark blond and sandy brown too difficult to call. Not quite as tall as the first man, he still carried muscle and mass enough to impress. Both had scruffy whiskers, hinting at a few days without seeing a razor. Dust and dirt clung to his camouflage clothing just like the other man's with one major distinction. A large tear ran down the left thigh. Blood soaked the area, both fresh and dried.

Dillon, they called him.

He groaned as they laid him easily down on the exam table.

Lily raced for the bandage scissors, yanked them from the nearby drawer, and handed them over to Carson. As he cut the clothing, she dashed from cabinet to cabinet, gathering any supplies she thought might be needed. The men spoke softly in the background as she fluttered around. Gauze, cleaning solutions, bandages, tape, and a sterile tray soon piled up on a nearby table, all within the reach of the doctor.

"How long ago was he shot?" The words whispered across the space.

Tiger glanced at his watch. "Approximately fifteen hours ago."

"Damn." Carson continued with his work, cleaning and inspecting the wound. "Should have sought the nearest hospital, Tiger. This could be bad."

"Couldn't." The words rasped out of Dillon.

"Bullshit. Flash any of those high security clearance government passes that I know you both have. The locals wouldn't have batted an eye."

Everyone watched while the doctor worked in silence for a bit longer. He turned Dillon over, asked him a dozen questions, and looked at the leg thoroughly before releasing a breath. "It appears like you are a lucky man, Bugle. I'll grab a quick x-ray to make sure. Good thing you have all this baby fat for that bullet to go through instead of important parts."

Dillon cracked open his eyes and snorted. "I'm not the one with the beer belly."

Carson chuckled. "Good thing I'm not either. It doesn't do to offend the guy caring for you, kid."

"Bugle?" Lily asked from her position beside the doctor, feeling a bit small and dwarfed by the surrounding men all a good head taller than she. She was all about average. Average height, average build, just average.

Bright blue eyes snapped at her from across the table, but he didn't speak.

She quelled the tremor running through her with such an intimidating expression aimed at her.

"Nickname. From years ago." Carson answered, using the saline to wipe away more of the blood and clean the wound, revealing the true injury underneath.

She recalled the name Tiger had called when he arrived. "Mayberry?"

"Don't ask." The doctor sent her a warm, reassuring smile. "I'll need more saline for irrigation, Lily."

She rushed off to the storage room to gather up three more bottles, clutching each to her chest as she made her way back to the patient. "And an IV. He needs fluids. Normal saline."

Before long, she had the IV going while the doctor stood to stretch out his back. "He needs antibiotics for a few days. Rest. Food, too."

Tiger glanced from Dillon up to the doctor. "Give me the antibiotics. I'll find somewhere to hole up for a few days. I've had basic medic training. Just get me the necessities."

Carson shook his head. "No. I mean he needs IV antibiotics. I don't think that pills are strong enough at this point to keep infection down. Besides, how are you going to lug all those supplies around with you, take care of your brother, and watch your back at the same time?"

"I've done it before."

"Not this time. Stick around here for a few days, rest and rehab." The corner of his mouth turned up, speaking when Tiger would have argued. "Doctor's orders."

They shared a long look before the doctor spoke again. "Lily? You said you weren't doing anything but staying home over the holiday. These men need some nursing care…"

She stared up at the doctor, her mouth dropping open. He wasn't saying what she thought he was saying?
Was he?
Even if she didn't have any Thanksgiving family dinner to attend, it didn't mean she wanted to take a couple of stray
men home with her. "But… I… don't they need a doctor's care?"

Dillon spoke up, pain lacing his voice. "Could be tails. Can't take risk. Cale can…"

Lily looked at the young man and her heart melted. He certainly needed looking after and attention. It wasn't his fault his brother possessed the manners of a bear just out of hibernation with a thorn in his butt.

"But…" Lily tried once more.

Carson held her gaze. "I would if I could. However, I can't get out of this visit with the family. Don't worry. I will just be a phone call away. I'll make sure you have everything you need. And," he raked both men with a stern look, "they may be a bit rough around the edges, but they do know how to be gentlemen."

She looked from Tiger to Dillon and sighed. Carson and his wife Casey had a newborn son, Adam, who happened also to be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. He promised everyone weeks ago that they would spend the Thanksgiving holidays with the large family, savoring and sharing the adorable angel of a baby. Unfortunately, the grandparents lived several hours away, making it a long journey for the doctor and impossible for him to pop in each day to check on his patient. A small part of her mind picked up on an underlying deal sealer. If Dillon said people were after him, Carson would move Heaven and Earth to keep his young family safe. He couldn't turn his back on friends, but finding them a safe venue while they receive medical care with someone he trusts would fit the bill to a "t". He had done so much for her; she simply couldn't refuse a favor in return. In the scheme of things, she owed him this and so much more.

A long sigh declared her decision. "Okay. Fine. But, there has to be some ground rules."

"Of course."

"I have clean sheets, so please get Dillon showered before he lays on them. I don't have any food, since I was going to the store tomorrow, so I'll have to find time to do that. I'll need supplies and he certainly won't fit in my car."

"It will take me a while to get everything together." Carson seemed to consider her demands. "Go shopping now, but make it quick. Tiger and I will see to Dillon. I'll pull the IV antibiotics out of stock. It will work." He nodded at her.

"One more thing." Lily's hands went to her hips as she frowned up at Tiger. "If they so much as upset my girls, there will be hell to pay."

"Girls? She has children?" Tiger asked, his attention directed to Carson.

He received a wide smile in return. "Something like that."

Spinning on her heel, she headed through the door to the office where her purse waited.

BOOK: Tiger's Lily
9.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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