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“No, Daddy, it’s too cold to go outside today.” She says, closing the curtains and walking back over to the couch where her Step Dad is sitting.

“Well if you don’t want to go to the mall today, baby girl, I will gladly do something else with you.” Her Daddy says, looking over to the coffee table.
“How about a movie?”

“Yes, Daddy, a movie sounds nice.” She replies.

Her Momma is out of town visiting her Grandmother for the weekend. And her Step Daddy, not caring too much for the old woman decided to stay at home. Which didn’t bother her, all her friends were back at college, she was the only one who came home for winter break. In fact, she’s sort of glad she gets to spend some time with her Step Daddy since they’ve grown kind of far apart since she turned 18 and went off to school.

She sits on the couch beside her Daddy and drapes the yellow blanket over her shoulders while her Step Dad surfs through the channels.

“Here’s one.” Her Daddy says, finally picking a movie. “A movie from my childhood. Very Funny.”

“Why is it black and white, Daddy?” She asks
, a little annoyed at his taste in movies. “Did you not have colour TV or something?”

“Just watch.” Her Daddy says, pulling a corner of the blanket over to cover himself as well.

They sit in silence, watching the movie. Nina feels a chill run through her and she instinctively moves closer to her Daddy, trying desperately to get warm.

He asks, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her in.

“Yes, Daddy.”
She replies, nuzzling her face into his warm chest.

“Here, you can wear my hoodie.” He says, slipping his arms out of the cotton jumper and pulling it away from his back.

Her Daddy wraps it around her shoulders as she slips her arms through the sleeves.

“There.” He says. “Now you’ll be warmer.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” She whispers. “But I’m still a little bit cold. Warm me up some more?”

“Like this, baby girl?” He asks, pulling her onto his lap, surrounding his arms around her fully.

“Yeah, Daddy that’s nice and warm.” She whispers.

As the movie goes on she can feel a bulge form in her Daddy’s pants underneath her.

“Daddy, you’re getting rock hard.” She whispers, leaning over into her Daddy’s neck.

“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry.”
Her Daddy exclaims, trying to push her off and hide his embarrassment.

“No don’t be.” She says, sliding off his lap onto the couch beside him. “I can take care of it.”

Her Daddy doesn’t move a muscle, too in shock over what his baby girl offered. Surely he couldn’t have heard her right.

“It’ll keep us warm.” She purrs as she leans forward and clasps her fingers around the fly of her Daddy’s jeans.

She pulls the little tab down before reaching back up to the waist and fiddling with his button, fully opening his pants.

He closes his eyes as his cock comes fully to attention in front of his baby girl, standing up tall and tenting in his boxers under her face.

She leans forward, brushing the tip of his cock over her lips through the fabric of his underwear, before snaking her fingers in the gap at the front of his boxers and pulling his erection back out through the hole.

Nina sticks her tongue out and licks the tip of her Daddy’s cock
before swirling it around the head. She pulls back his foreskin and slides her tongue under the rim of his sensitive tip, making her Daddy’s head fall back into the couch.

She wraps her fingers around the skin of his shaft, sliding it up and down in her palm.

“Daddy are you warm yet?” She asks looking up at him.

“Huh?” He replies, opening his sleepy eyes.

She smiles slightly before bringing her head back down, wrapping her lips around her Daddy’s swelling cock before sinking it down into her throat.

She bobs her head up and down, her lips surrounding her Daddy’s cock with a gentle pressure as they drag.

Nina gives the tip of her Daddy’s cock one last suck before sitting up, her hand still gently pumping up and down on her Daddy’s shaft.

“Daddy will you lick my pussy?” She asks, shaking her Daddy out of his stupor.

“You want me to lick your pussy?” He asks, unsure of the sudden turn the cold winter’s day had taken.

“Yeah, Daddy.”
She whispers. “A tongue on my pussy makes me nice and warm.”

Her Daddy shifts on the couch, his cock bouncing, still outside his boxers as he watches his baby girl lay down on her back beside him, getting comfortable.

“Take off my pants and lick my pussy, Daddy.” She begs. “Please?”

He turns to face her, running the palms of his hands up and down on her thighs over her pajama bottoms before running his fingers down her calves and grabbing the ankles of her pants.

He gently pulls, watching the thin material slowly slide down her legs, the waist of her PJ’s drags over her thighs and he gets a peek of her lacy pink panties.

“God, you’re wet.” He whispers, his eyes being drawn to the darker pink line forming on the crotch.

“Your cock was so nice to suck.” She whispers. “Cocks always get me wet.”

He tosses her bottoms to the carpet beside the couch and gently spreads her legs open. Her Daddy runs his fingers over her panties, watching as more wet seeps through
onto his finger.

“You can take them off, Daddy.” She insists, rolling her
hips .

Her Daddy grabs the waist of her panties, closing her legs and pulling the garment down. He brings them to his face, deeply breathing in the smell of her college girl pussy, before tossing them to the side.

She giggles as she opens her legs to show her Daddy her soaking wet pussy lips, shivering as the air chills them.

“Come on, Daddy.” She moans.

Her Daddy bends down, running his flattened tongue over her pussy lips and licking up as much of her sweet juice as he can. He brings his hands forward, using his thumbs to spread the puffy little flaps before burying his face in deeper.

“Oh, Daddy.” She moans as he swirls his tongue around her clit. “Daddy, you’ll fuck me right?”

Mhm.” He nods, dragging his tongue across her every crevasse.

Her Daddy laps at her pussy, bringing one of his thick fingers up to her pink entrance and dipping it in, coating the digit in her thick juice
, pumping it in and out.

She bucks her hips, moaning for her Daddy to fill her more.

“Daddy, I need you.” She moans.

Her legs tremble as her Daddy sucks and licks at her pearl. And she shivers as her wet drips down to her puckered backdoor.

Her Daddy brings his head up and looks at his baby girl’s pussy while using his right hand to pump at his arousal. He uses a finger on his left hand to re-enter her, sliding in and out and then adding another, stretching her and getting her ready for his thick swollen cock.

Her Daddy places one of her legs up on the back of the couch while pushing the other to let it hang off the edge. He positions himself between her legs, bringing the tip of his cock up to her entrance before pushing himself inside of her aching, pink flower, finally connecting them. Nina moans as he pulls all the way out before sliding back in once again.

Her Daddy closes his eyes and thrusts his hips into his baby girl slowly, getting used to the warmth wrapping around him, the contrast making his body tingle in the cold room. She reaches down to softly rub her little swollen clit as her Daddy starts to buck faster. Her Daddy’s breathing deepens as his now slick cock slides in and out of her tight pussy.

He sits up on his elbows, leaning forward and sucking one of his baby girl’s nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around hit as he fucks.

“Oh, Daddy, yes.” She moans, rubbing her fingers through his hair. “Oh, God that feels so nice.”

Her Daddy moans out with his Step Daughter’s encouraging words, before bringing his head forward to her ear and whispering into it.

“Let’s change positions.” He sighs. “I can fuck you faster that way, baby girl.”

She whimpers as she feels her Daddy’s cock slip out of her and sits up, waiting for his direction.

Her Daddy sits back, leaning into the back of the couch before reaching over and grabbing her hand.

“Come over here, baby girl.” He whispers, holding his cock up straight with his hand at the base of his shaft.

Nina crawls over to her Daddy and straddles his hips. She rocks her hips back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy lips over the tip of her Daddy’s cock before finally letting it slide back into her aching entrance.

Ohhh.” Her Daddy moans out as his cock in swallowed by his baby girl’s pussy.

Nina rocks her hips back and forth, letting her Daddy’s cock slide in and out of her.

“Oh, Daddy.” She moans. “Yes, Daddy, yes.”

Her Daddy slowly bucks up his hips, letting his cock slide in and out of his baby girl gently. He begins to pump quicker, increasing his speed as
Nina’s pussy slick drips down onto his boxers.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” She begs as her Daddy’s thick cock thrusts in and out of her. “Oh, this feels so good.”

Her Daddy grabs her by the hips, relaxing back into the couch as he works his hips, his swelling cock slipping in and out of her, grasping tightly around his manhood.

Nina reaches down between them, gently threading her fingers around her Daddy’s cock, feeling it tug and drag her pussy lips out with it with each and every thrust. She slides her fingers back up slightly, over her clit, rubbing at it and melting into her Daddy’s shoulder at the duel sensation.

She moans deeply, barely able to catch her breath as she feels her whole body tighten and heat up. She rubs her fingers quicker over her sensitive pearl, closing her eyes as she reaches nearer.

Nina cries out as wave after wave of pulsing pleasure rolls through her body like thunder. Little droplets of liquid cum splash onto her Daddy’s already wet boxers as he pumps through her orgasm, her pussy spasming and tightening around his cock, massaging it gently.

“Daddy, don’t stop.” She moans, her hot breath tickling his neck.

Her Daddy speeds up his pumps, his cock swelling deep inside her, stretching her pussy open even further than before.

He moans out deeply as his cock, too, begins to twitch inside of her. Each jolt squirting a hot stream of cum into her hot pink pussy, filling it until it begins to drip out of her entrance and off of her lips before sliding down her thighs.

His pumping stops as hit twitches run dry and he slips his cock out of his baby girl. She leans into him, still feeling her pussy spasm deep inside of her.

“Oh, Daddy.”
She moans out, her heart beating inside her chest. “I’m warm now, Daddy.”

She sighs as she feels the palms of her Daddy’s hands run up her sides under her shirt

“Yeah, baby girl.
Me too.” He whispers, glancing behind her at the TV. “We missed the show.” He laughs.

“That’s okay, Daddy.” She says, rubbing her rosy cheek on his neck. “We can watch another one later… And maybe warm ourselves up again.


From Annie Varney:

: Where is her Daddy going to place all his loving kisses?

Stretched In The Car
: Fisted by her Daddy on a food run.

By My Boyfriend's Daddy
: If you want that new car, you’re going to have to fuck your boyfriend’s Daddy!


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BOOK: Too Cold To Play Outside (TABOO)
10.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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