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“He redeemed himself in the end by saving our lives.”

Later that evening, after they had settled in for the night, Tate pulled her close to him. “Luke’s coming tomorrow. He doesn’t really like that school he’s going to, but he knows that he needs to get an education if he’s going to help his people. When he finishes school, he wants to have a horse ranch of his own. Maybe we can help him get a start.”

They shared a few kisses, and then Tate said, “You know, I’m beginning to hate Dr. Duval. You spend more time with him than you do with me.”

“That is not true and you know it.”

“I know it” —he chuckled—“but I’m jealous of every man who looks at you.”

“That’s just silly.”

“I love you.” He moved his face until it was only inches from hers. His nose brushed her cheek as she laid her head on his shoulder. She smelled a tangy odor and realized he had shaved before coming to bed.

Tate’s hand worked beneath her hair; his fingers stroked the nape of her neck. It felt so good that Kate almost purred.

“You’ve had a busy day.” The words were murmured as he crossed a leg over hers.

“No busier than other days.”

“I’d hoped to keep you so busy you wouldn’t have time to miss your life in New York.” He leaned over her.

“I haven’t missed it at all.”

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear. “I’m glad.” Tate took a deep breath. “I love you more every day. I’ll love you when you’re old and gray and without teeth.”

Kate giggled. “I’ll be a sight without teeth.”

“You’ll be beautiful.”

“When we’re alone like this in the dark, it reminds me of the nights that we spent on our way from the cabin to Muddy Creek. Then I felt like we were the only two people in the whole world. Even now, lying in our bed, I feel like we’re all there is.” She could feel the warmth of his breath against her neck and savored being close to him.

“For me too, sweetheart. With you, I feel like I have the world in my hand. I know you’re tired, but I want to love you.”

The sincerity in his voice touched her heart in a way his words did not. She remembered the pain in his eyes the day he thought she would leave with her father. She would not have guessed how much she would love the man with the gruff voice, wild hair, and silver-blue eyes.

She turned her face to his, angled her nose alongside his, and caressed his lips with her own. Nibbling, stroking with her tongue, deepening the kiss, and withdrawing. All the adoration in her heart was given to him now. She murmured his name as her lips glided over his straight brows, short thick lashes, and cheeks to his waiting mouth. Her hand slid over his chest and down over his flat stomach to the aroused length of him captured between their bellies.

“Ah, love. Don’t stop.” His voice came huskily, tickling her ear. His hands kneaded her rounded bottom and pressed her tightly to him. He pulled her leg up between his thighs. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“I’m glad.”

His legs glided off of hers, and his hand moved to spread her thighs. He lifted with strong hands at her waist, and when he settled her on him, she made a purring sound like that of a pleased kitten.

“Just be still, sweetheart. Just be still.” His hands glided up over her hips to the sides of her breasts, which were flattened against his chest. He grasped her head and turned it so his lips could reach her mouth. “We fit perfectly, my love. We’re perfect together,” he said, breathing deeply. His voice was a shivering whisper that touched her very soul.

Much later as she lay quietly beside him, he turned and buried his face in the curve of her neck. She held him, stroking his thick dark hair back from his forehead, loving him, wanting him to feel loved.

In spite of the hazards, the hardships, and the dangers, she would be forever thankful that she had taken the train from Marietta. Because of it, she had met the man who made her life complete.

About the Author

is one of America’s—and the world’s— favorite novelists. Her work has appeared on national bestseller lists, including the
New York Times
extended list, and there are over fifteen million copies of her books in print translated into eighteen languages. She has won more than twenty writing awards, including five Silver Pen Awards from
Affaire de Coeur
and three Silver Certificate Awards, and in 1998 she was selected a finalist for the National Writer’s Club Best Long Historical Book Award.

After retiring as a news reporter and bookkeeper in 1978, she began her career as a novelist with the publication of
Love and Cherish
. She lives in Clear Lake, Iowa. You can visit her Web site at

BOOK: Train From Marietta
9.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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