True Ghost Stories: Real Accounts of Death and Dying, Grief and Bereavement, Soulmates and Heaven, Near Death Experiences, and Other Paranormal Mysteries (The Supernatural Book Series: Volume 3)

BOOK: True Ghost Stories: Real Accounts of Death and Dying, Grief and Bereavement, Soulmates and Heaven, Near Death Experiences, and Other Paranormal Mysteries (The Supernatural Book Series: Volume 3)
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This Book Is Dedicated To



All Those Who Share The Stories Of Their Own Paranormal Episodes In The Longest Running Parapsychological Survey On The Net
Your Encounters Are Important To The Researching Of The Supernatural.
Thank You For Putting Your Experiences On Record!
True Ghost Stories – an Introduction


It's safe to say that encountering a ghost is probably the main paranormal experience that most people report. It's also the paranormal encounter that excites the most people, and captures our imagination!



These ghostly experiences are not confined to sightings only. It seems ghosts have developed a broad range of rather ingenious ways of contacting us, and these embrace our five senses, our sixth sense, and modern and olden-day technology.



In each of the books in The Supernatural Book Series you'll read first-hand accounts by those who've been touched by the dead, have smelt the presence of a departed loved one, have heard comforting words from beyond the grave, and have received welcome and unwelcomed visitations from the deceased. You'll also read how technology seems to be playing an ever-growing role in this inter-world communication.



The experiences you're about to read have not been hyped to make them sensational! They are written by paranormal experients, and I have only given their accounts a light edit. In my opinion, it is the 'moderate' tone in which almost all of these stories have been written that lends weight to their authenticity and the genuineness of their authors.



To reiterate: I have not altered these accounts to make them more spooky, hair-raising, spine-chilling or blood-curdling. I'm sorry if that disappoints you! These are not the ghost stories of old; the ones we read before bed to keep us up all night or the eerie tales we told around the campfire as the death hour approached. Such stories are wonderful, and they do have a place in the literary world; it's called fiction.



As you read these eyewitness accounts of the paranormal at work in the world, rather than scare you, I hope they'll make you think.



Who are we? What are we? Why are we here? What happens when we die? And, how paranormal is the paranormal, really?



For some, myself included, living with the paranormal is not 'on the edge'. It is our normal way of life!



Two Personal Invitations


First, the stories in The Supernatural Book Series are from completed questionnaires collected by my online paranormal survey. The survey is still open and it's open to all; it's free and I invite you to participate here:



Second, I invite you to join my online community at Psychic Revolution and sign up for regular email updates at



My Dissertation


Over the years I've had many requests from people around the world asking to read my thesis. It's always been my intention to spread the word as widely as I can about my own parapsychological research and that of others in academia; hence this series of books and my website,



If you're interested in reading part of my dissertation, at the back of this book there is an extract, and a link and password that will give you access to the third chapter.


This Book Is Dedicated To


True Ghost Stories – an Introduction


When Katherine is Around the Castle


You Saw a What?


You, Me and Baby Makes Three


They Come In Big and Small Sizes


A Visitor from Victorian Times


One Last Tune


I Was Speechless


Who Can Resist a Man in Uniform?


A Comforting Presence


Oh, So Beautifully Dressed for the Season


You See Him Here, You See Him There


Now That Was Quite A Shock


Who Is That Tapping?


Here One Moment, Gone The Next


Poltergeist Activity or Ghostly Impressions?


Down on the Farm


Whose Cat is This Anyway?




Down at the Jail


What is That Noise


Are You Still in Here Grandpa?


Does She Approve of the New Décor?


Did I Just Hit That?


Is That a Topper I See?


A Friend Beyond the Grave


A Mother's Love


This is My Home Too


Just Weird


Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia


The Old Man on the Stairs


The Experiences Can Happen Early in Life


Who Is That Lady?


A Message from Sarah


Is Seeing Really Believing?


Get Away


A Visitation


The Singing Monk


Unacceptable Behavior


Convicts, A Penal Colony, and Oppression


A Secret No More


Don't Blame the Dog


To Whom It Concerns


A White Mist


Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier






When the Animator Comes to Life


Paranormal Encounters and Some Reflections There On


Energy, Death and an Apparition


We Used to Joke


The Legacy of War


A Blue Bear


I Heard Hard Soled Boots But …


Is That a Ghost Tap Dancing on My Head?


Whilst Standing Sentinel


I Knew We Weren't Alone


Come with Me


Native American Indian


Psychic Vampire


Fog, Energy and Transformation


Drug Overdoses, Death, and the Remains


Heavy Breathing


Shadow Figure


A Light and a Stroke


An Electric Blue Flash of Light


House Sitting


Crossing Over to the Light


I Don't Think It's Grandad


A Neat Experience


I Was in Awe


The Landowner's Dog


Why So Angry, as You Lay Here Dead?


A Mischievous Look


Maybe Not the Fat Cat I Thought


Not the Christmas Visitor I Expected


Who or What Are All These People?


Coming or Going?


With or Without You


Same Time, Same Place


Same Sound, No One There


A Lot of Activity


Who Hangs Around the Parking Lot?


Why Hate?


A Wedding Gown Perhaps?


Who Was That?


Strange Things Happening Around Here


Hi Mom and Dad


Are Some People More Prone to Seeing Ghosts?


It Was Creepy


Is It a Comfort Having Them Around Still?


The Prison and the Hanging House


Boys Will Be Boys


No Wind, No Breeze, No Explanation


My Children


Who is That Jumping?


Cheese Toast and A Shadow Man


Blood-Stained Wood Floors


I was Astonished


Chinese Ghost


Disembodied Hand


A Friend's Hand




Playing with My Ponytail


Apparition First; Rumour Second


From My Childhood


A Full House


Having the Time of Their Lives


Thesis Extract


About the Author


Books by the Author


Thank You
When Katherine is Around the Castle


This castle has hundreds of ghosts, who can be quite fun at time and will even interact with us occasionally. Our favourite ghost, whom few have seen, is a 20-year-old woman called Katherine, who passed over in the 14th century.



One week after she told me her name, via a psychic, she stood next to me in an otherwise empty room for around three minutes, until visitors were heard getting nearer. I know when she is near because of the smell of roses that gets stronger and stronger when she is beside me. This is a wonderful gift from her to me, for my 21st season at the castle.



You Saw a What?


All I can really tell you is that my oldest son and I saw a man with wings! And he saw us too.



I was 40 at the time and my son was 18. The winged man was about half of a city block away. We saw him in an empty parking lot, wandering around and we wondered what he was doing. It was at night-time and the lot was well lit with overhead lights.



It looked like the man was wearing a sort of trench coat and he was walking around. My son and I watched him for a few minutes, thinking more that he was acting suspiciously rather than anything else. The next thing that happened was, we saw a huge pair of wings flap out from behind him!



He took two or three giant steps and went straight up into the air and was gone ... or so we thought.



We were pretty scared at that point and went into the house.



Neither one of us spoke; we were too stunned. Then, we heard gravel crunching noises in the driveway. My son opened the living room window and looked out between the bushes and then called out "Mom, look!" I looked; again I saw that "trenchcoat" moving past the bushes. Then, we heard what sounded like running and watched "him" again fly up into the air, over the bushes.



We slammed the window shut and never saw him again. It was terrifying!



You, Me and Baby Makes Three


After I had my baby and had returned home from hospital after what was a very traumatic pregnancy and birth, I was asleep with our baby in the bed between me and my husband. I suddenly woke up and was aware of something at the end of the bed. I'd describe it as a long sheath of light or mist. I sat up and watched as it drifted off to the side of the room, and then vanished. I did not feel afraid. I felt more like it was someone watching over us, and it was actually a very peaceful and comforting experience. What it was, I have no idea!



They Come In Big and Small Sizes


In my previous residence, both my husband and my sisters-in-law (2 of them) would regularly see both large and small dark figures walking throughout the house. These figures would also follow them and taunt them too. Once, one of these entities touched me and it felt cold, and it was so eerie.
BOOK: True Ghost Stories: Real Accounts of Death and Dying, Grief and Bereavement, Soulmates and Heaven, Near Death Experiences, and Other Paranormal Mysteries (The Supernatural Book Series: Volume 3)
13.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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