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Twin Temptations

BOOK: Twin Temptations
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An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication

Twin Temptations

ISBN 9781419916649


Twin Temptations Copyright © 2008 Elizabeth Lapthorne

Edited by Sue-Ellen Gower.

Cover art by Philip Fuller.

Electronic book Publication June 2008

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.



Elizabeth Lapthorne

Elizabeth Lapthorne

Chapter One

The ballroom was packed with assorted Rutledge extended family, friends and coworkers. The formal benefit for the wolf foundation had brought everyone out in their most dressy, exquisite outfits, and as usual people were having a blast, laughing, dancing and drinking the night away. Samantha Monique Rutledge, however, stood silently in a corner of the room and tried not to fidget in her elegant dark green cocktail dress as she smiled and waved to the people who passed her by. Sipping at the flute of champagne in hand, Samantha debated the wisdom of trying to cross over to the buffet table in her stiletto heels. Werewolf power and strength didn’t come in the least bit useful when it came to balancing in needle-thin high heels.


Samantha grinned and waved as her twin brother, Alexander, headed toward her, his hand firmly clasped in his long-time girlfriend, Isabel’s. An unknown but dashingly handsome tall, blond man kept pace with the couple, and the three of them crossed to where she stood.

“Al, darling.” Samantha laughed at the exuberance her twin exhibited. “Better lay off that champagne, or Bella will need to drive you home.”

Alexander waved her comment aside with ease. The twins had always been exceptionally close, and growing into adults with their own lives had not changed the love and deep bond they had always shared. Although mind reading was not common between werewolves, Samantha and Alexander had always been able to communicate privately between themselves, deepening their link. Teasing between them was par for the course, and they both knew that where and when it counted, they were there for each other like almost no one else could ever be.

“You should be out there dancing and partying, Sammi,” Alex chided her seriously.

“This is supposed to be a celebration. Luckily for you, I found you a dance partner.”

Samantha raised an eyebrow as Alex waved at the stranger. She didn’t get the chance to interject, however, as Alex ploughed on before she could catch her breath.

“Sammi, this is Bella’s cousin, Callum MacLennon. Callum, this is my twin sister, Samantha Rutledge.”

Sam could feel her face flush in embarrassment. Ever since Alexander had fallen so hopelessly in love with Bella, he had been determined that she be as blissfully happy as he. He didn’t seem to understand that she already felt perfectly happy with her freedom and single status.

On the other hand, she wasn’t about to turn down a bit of dancing from a sexy man either. His blond hair was neatly slicked into the popular “just out of bed” casual messy look, and his dark green eyes—very similar eyes to his cousin, Bella—sparkled with laughter, interest and that slightly awkward “we’re being set up” look, which Samantha felt sure was currently reflected in her own dark blue eyes. Samantha assumed this not-so-subtle setup of her brother’s had come as a bit of a surprise to Callum as well as herself. Despite the small uncertainty she could see in his eyes, he gallantly held out his hand to lead her to the dance floor, curiosity etched onto his face as they surveyed each other casually. Smiling, knowing one dance couldn’t possibly hurt anything except her feet in these damn stilettos, Samantha took Callum’s offered hand with a warm, genuine smile.

“My cousin and your brother have painfully little tact when it comes to their Cupid skills, don’t you think?” Callum chuckled as he led her onto the packed dance floor. “I thought since I’m leaving next week for Australia, Bella might have actually laid off my case for once.” Samantha smiled in sympathy and shrugged her shoulder. Resting one hand gently on her partner’s upper arm, Samantha shivered at the slight tingle that ran through her body as Callum wove their fingers together and they slowly began to move to the slow music.

“Alex has only become really bad since falling like a ton of bricks for Bella,” Sam said, defending her twin. “And Bella mentioned your project work with dingoes. It sounds really interesting.”

Callum and Samantha smiled at each other and continued to dance. “Actually, I was plotting my own escape,” she confessed with a wicked chuckle. “I have a mountain of work I really should be doing, and it’s fizzled any party mood I had worked up.”

Samantha grinned impishly at Callum’s raised eyebrow and looked deviously over her shoulder to where Alex and Bella now hovered at the edge of the dance floor swaying slightly, their bodies melded together. She could easily tell the couple was engrossed only in each other, and so she should be fine to make her escape soon.

“Will you help me break out of here?” she asked, laughter in her tone. Samantha began to lead them both, still dancing, toward the back exit. She was only teasing Callum, had no intention of him playing Sir Knight, so his response came as somewhat of a surprise.

“Now how can I resist such a request?” he chuckled, and took over the lead. Dancing their way carefully to the opposite edge of the floor, and then working their way cautiously through the crowd, Samantha had trouble stifling her laughter. Callum had taken on the air of someone attempting to be stealthy and happily failing miserably. Giggling as they reached the back door, Samantha cast one last quick glance over her shoulder, pleased that she could no longer see either her parents or her brother, and ducked outside into the cool evening air.

“That’s priceless,” she laughed. “Thank you so much! For the laugh as well as the escape.”

Impulsively, Samantha wrapped her arms around Callum’s neck and kissed him softly and swiftly on the lips. It was a chaste kiss, but it sent a shudder of heat and need exploding through her body. Samantha pulled back, a slightly startled look on her face, as the heat and intensity of her reaction had caught her completely by surprise.

“Uh…” she stuttered as she blinked her eyes and wondered how a mere kiss could effectively change her from being an impish vixen into a blithering idiot in under five seconds.

Callum cupped her jaw in one strong, tanned hand and drew her mouth back to his. Their lips met a second time, and the world seemed to slow down to a complete stop. Callum easily slid his tongue inside her parted lips, and they tasted each other, both of them eating at each other’s lips and mouths. Callum pulled her closer, and Samantha could feel the heat of his body press against hers. When one of his powerful thighs slid between her legs, she could feel the thick hardness of his erection press against her lower belly and aching pussy.

Panting now, Samantha arched herself into Callum’s warmth, her body wanting nothing more than to rub against him, her legs already spreading, her pussy damp and craving his thick shaft to plunge inside her. Her cheeks flushed with arousal, Samantha turned her head to the side as Callum began to string nipping kissing down her neck. The thin, silky material of her gown rasped as Callum’s pelvis and thigh rubbed against her body, the friction heightening her arousal. Samantha shivered as Callum’s lips and teeth teased her, his warm hands moving down from her jaw to clasp her shoulder and tug her closer towards his own overheated body. Without thinking, Samantha lifted a leg to wrap around Callum’s hips. This brought her pussy directly over his hard cock, straining against the zipper of his slacks, and as she rubbed, the soft rustle of silk against linen had them both moaning again. Samantha laid her hand over Callum’s on her ass and led him up and under the short hem of her dress, guiding his hand toward her naked pussy. She swallowed his gasp as his fingers touched the soft, short hair barely covering her, and without any further invitation his fingers dipped inside her to become slick with her cream. The tip of his index finger stroked out to caress her hard clit, and Samantha let her head fall back in ecstasy as she moaned deeply.

“No panties?” Callum gasped, excitement and eagerness dripping from his tone. Samantha grinned wickedly and cupped his face in her hands. She watched his pupils dilate, making the green in his eyes deepen at his heightening need as she kissed him slowly, licked his lips and nibbled lightly on his full lower lip.

“Even a thong showed a line through the thinness of this dress material,” she said huskily, “and so it was easier to go without.”

Callum rocked into her body, his erection again pressing hard and insistently into her barely covered pussy. She was wet, ready for him and more than eager. Samantha had never responded this quickly to someone or been this needy after hardly five minutes acquaintance, but for now, she knew all she needed to know. A hard, sexy, totally fuckable good man.

“I need to know you’re with me here, Sam,” Callum groaned, his restraint obviously coming close to its end. Samantha chuckled wickedly and tightened her leg around his waist, rocking herself against his cock and pressing her breasts into his chest. Her erect, tight nipples rubbed against the silky material of her dress and caused a spasm of delight to course from nipple to clit.

“The back door is supposed to be the fire exit,” she panted. “No one is supposed to use it. I promise I’m with you here, Callum, so please, fuck me right here against the wall.”

“There’s a condom in my wallet,” Callum groaned as he pushed her hard, but not roughly, against the wall beside the door. Samantha’s hand dived into Callum’s pocket almost before he had finished his sentence and withdrew his wallet, finding the small foil wrapper with ease.

She dropped the wallet, but thankfully not the condom, as a warm, large hand worked its way down the front of her dress and cupped her breast, a wickedly skilful thumb sliding over her nipple and tweaking it expertly.

“Fuck, yes,” she panted, her back automatically arching up into the erotic caress. Her hands fumbled slightly as she unzipped Callum’s pants and pushed soft, cotton boxer briefs down to free the large cock that strained his pants. They exchanged hot, biting kisses as Callum continued to play with her breasts, and Samantha ripped the foil package open and hurriedly eased the thin latex down to cover the massive cock. His pre-cum lubricated the condom and heat pulsated through the plastic from his engorged dick. Callum spread the skirt of her dress back so he could open her legs and let his fingers roam her pussy better.

“Don’t want to hurt you,” he murmured softly as he slicked his fingers in her juices and coated his cock. Samantha chuckled softly, cupped his face and brought him close to her so she could kiss him tenderly.

“I am so ready,” she insisted softly. “It’s been a while and I haven’t reacted like this in…in ages.”

Samantha had been about to admit she had
felt like this before, but stopped herself from stating it. Instead she opened herself wider and drew Callum’s hips closer until they were pressed tightly against each other and his cock was nestled at her entrance.

“Please Callum,” she said huskily, her eyes steadily holding his so he could see she was serious and not teasing. “Fuck me. Fuck me right now. I want you inside me.”

Callum groaned, and she gasped as in one swift, hard movement he sheathed himself deeply inside her, his thickness and length taking Samantha slightly by surprise. It really
been a while since she had indulged in sex, work and her small PI business keeping her exceedingly busy. And it had been a
long time since she’d had sex that meant anything other than a quick, passing fuck. Somehow, with Callum right now, this seemed to her as more than just a quick fuck-against-the-wall fling. Filled until her body was stretched, Samantha panted and clung to Callum, her short nails digging into his arm and hip, leaving small marks behind in his flesh.

BOOK: Twin Temptations
5.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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