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BOOK: Twisted
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To all the Pretty Little Liars readers and fans




Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.



Title Page
Some friendships never die


Chapter 1:   Pretty Little Party


Chapter 2:   Furs, friends, and far-off giggles


Chapter 3:   Just another perfect political family


Chapter 4:   And now arriving from Helsinki . . .


Chapter 5:   Meet the Pennythistles


Chapter 6:   Oh, those insecure pretty girls


Chapter 7:   Touchy-feely


Chapter 8:   You’ve got mail!


Chapter 9:   Trouble in Paradise


Chapter 10:   A star is born


Chapter 11:   Emily’s got a swimfan


Chapter 12:   Finn Dining


Chapter 13:   Seduction and Secrets


Chapter 14:   Bffs 4-Evr


Chapter 15:   Hanna Marin, Role Model


Chapter 16:   What a cute little peikko Aria is!


Chapter 17:   Dance like no one’s watching


Chapter 18:   Friends tell friends everything


Chapter 19:   A picture’s worth a thousand tears


Chapter 20:   Nothing like that fresh mountain air


Chapter 21:   Some stripping and some teasing


Chapter 22:   The Bridges of Rosewood County


Chapter 23:   Whatever means necessary


Chapter 24:   Every guy’s fantasy


Chapter 25:   One big happy family


Chapter 26:   Things get steamy at the pool


Chapter 27:   Ahh, vacation memories


Chapter 28:   When push comes to shove


Chapter 29:   Don’t ask, don’t tell


Chapter 30:   She’s smarter than she looks


Chapter 31:   Congratulations, now eff-off


Chapter 32:   Ali, the cunning cat


Chapter 33:   The news they haven’t been waiting for


Chapter 34:   The girl on the beach


Chapter 35:   Don’t close your eyes . . .


What happens next . . .
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Some friendships never die

Have you ever known someone with nine lives? Like that daredevil who broke seven bones in his body last summer but somehow led his team in goals this lacrosse season. Or the two-faced girl who sat next to you in geometry—even though she cheated on tests and backstabbed her friends, the bitch always landed gracefully on her feet.

Relationships can have nine lives, too—how about the boyfriend you fought and made up with for two years straight? Or the conniving BFF you forgave again and again? She was never truly dead to you, was she? But maybe it would be better if she

Four pretty girls from Rosewood find themselves faced with an old frenemy they thought had gone up in flames—literally. But they should know by now that nothing in Rosewood is ever really over. In fact, some long-lost besties live on to get exactly what they want.


“Last one off the cliff buys dinner!” Spencer Hastings double-knotted the strings of her Ralph Lauren bikini and scampered to the edge of the rocks overlooking the most beautiful turquoise ocean she’d ever seen. That was saying a lot, considering the Hastings family had been to practically every island in the Caribbean, even the tiny ones that required a private plane to reach.

BOOK: Twisted
9.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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