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Two Point Conversion



Mercy Celeste


Two Point Conversion is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2014 by Mercy Celeste

All rights reserved.

Published in the United States by Mercy Celeste

Warning: All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any many without written permission, except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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Cover Photography provided by

Dan Skinner


Cover Art provided by

Jared Rackler



Violet Johnson Summers





To Sharita Lira who threw down the challenge to write a twincest.

And to Dan Skinner who refused to let me abandon the project .

Love you both…smooches.




Chapter One


Kyle took three steps deep in the pocket. Looking, looking, Kevin made it to the twenty and he let the ball fly. Hail Mary pass. Five seconds left on the clock. Kevin leaped into the air just as Kyle hit the ground. The cheers erupting from the visitor side told him everything he needed to know just as the buzzer went off.

They’d won. Two and O to start their senior year off on the right foot. The linebacker who’d tackled him didn’t look happy but he held his hand out to help Kyle off the ground anyway. “Good game, man. Really good.”

Kyle slapped him on the shoulder and returned the compliment. And it was a good game. Going right down to the buzzer. Their extra point attempt was good, putting this in the win column by three points. He found Kevin and hauled him into a hug, slapping him on the helmet.

“You did it. Oh
, my God. I didn’t think you’d get there in time.”

“Told you I would be there. When have I ever not been there?” Kevin shouted back, breathlessly.

“That is why they call them The Double Trouble Twins.” The announcer said over the sound of the screaming.

Their side screamed the stupid nick name, and then erupted into an impromptu sing along.
Happy Birthday to You
….Today was his and Kev’s nineteenth. He hooked his arm around his brother’s neck and dragged him close. They raised their helmets in thanks. Tonight was a great night.

Last to board the bus for home he and Kevin found their seats at the very back. They didn’t usually sit together but somehow this trip seemed like a good one to spend together. Kevin pushed him into the seat first.

“I can’t stand sitting by the window. Makes me sick to watch the road pass by.” Back when they were kids, long trips with Kevin were a nightmare.

“I thought you outgrew that.” Kyle adjusted into the seat, putting his shoulder against the glass to give Kevin room in the cramped space.

“I did, except for on busses.” Kevin shoved his gear into the space above their heads and reached for Kyle’s. He pulled down his letter jacket and sat beside Kyle with the jacket on backwards.

Identical twins, they were alike in nearly every way. Same height, same face, same brain it seemed sometimes. Kevin was a bit bigger in the muscle department but that was from the workout sessions not genetics. He also felt the cold more and had a weaker stomach than Kyle.

The drive was nearly three hours. Most of their families had made the trip up to see them play but all of them chose to ride the bus home. There was just something about being with the team after the game. The bullshit. The fun. Mostly the bullshit. But after a couple of hours, the long day and the adrenaline wearing off pretty much knocked them out.

Everyone but Kyle. He had other problems.

“Quit wiggling,” Kevin mumbled against his neck, he was mostly asleep lying on Kyle’s shoulder.

“I can’t get comfortable,” Kyle whispered back, trying to ease the pressure between his legs without his brother noticing.

“What’s the problem?” Kevin yawned, the warmth washing over Kyle’s skin making him shiver. Jesus. Kevin’s dark eyes finally opened and he sat up enough to see Kyle fidgeting.  “Seriously, Ky, what’s going on? You’re not hurt or something, and didn’t tell Coach?”

Kyle looked away in embarrassment. Usually a jack-off in the locker room after a game was all it took to bring him down. Tonight there hadn’t been enough time. And the urge wasn’t subsiding on its own.

“I…I’m still keyed up…I need…” He stopped trying to explain and pulled his shorts down enough for Kevin to see for himself.

.” Kev’s eyes went round. He licked his lips, and Kyle had to suppress a groan. Jesus, it was Kevin looking at his dick. Not some chick. He shouldn’t want. But he did. His dick rose up to say
, leaving a trail of pre-come between the head and his belly. He throbbed and twitched while Kevin watched.

“What do you usually do about it?” Kevin asked his gaze never leaving Kyle’s exposed body part.

“Jack off in the shower. How do you take care of it?” Kyle didn’t really want to know the answer to that question. Not with his dick hard and his brother looking on.

“Same. Why didn’t you shower?” Kevin finally looked Kyle in the eye.

“Coach called me over to discuss the last play and then it was too late.” Two more minutes and he would have been safely in the locker room and none of this would be happening. “I need to come down.”

Kevin nodded and looked around. His breath seemed rapid, like he’d been running. “Everybody is asleep. With headphones on.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” Kyle couldn’t help it– he edged his hand up to stroke himself. “Keep watch will you.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said, but he seemed engrossed in Kyle’s movements. “Want me to help?”

Kyle leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes. He didn’t stop to wonder how his brother could help. Now that his hand was moving there was no stopping…He bit his lip on a gasp. The heat that wrapped around his dick felt so fucking good. Hot lips and, oh fuck, the tongue pressing against the sensitive spot made him want to shoot now. He wrapped his fingers in short hair.

“Kev?” He whispered his brother’s name, as he glanced down to see if he hadn’t just imagined his brother going down on him.
Oh, fuck
. Kevin leaned over him, his head bobbing. Adrenaline spiked hard, leaving him breathless, he’d never been so damned hard.

Kevin didn’t stop, he opened his mouth wider and eased down Kyle’s shaft, taking him in deeper. Oh fuck, oh fuck, so good.

“When did you learn…?” He pumped into Kevin’s mouth. At this point he didn’t really care whose mouth was wrapped around him. He just knew he had to get off. And soon.

Kevin ignored him and pushed his hand away, replacing it with his own. Spit dripped down over his balls, and Kevin followed the wet trail into Kyle’s shorts. He fondled him, rubbing a damp finger over his taint. The thrill of his brother’s touch sent electric sparks shooting through Kyle’s body to his brain.

“So good.” He spread his legs wider as Kevin’s hand reached deeper. More hot spit and other fluids dripped down and Kevin wasted no time wetting his fingers.

Kyle slid in the seat putting his knees up on the back of the seat in front of them. He opened wider, biting his tongue at the first tentative breach of his hole. Just one finger moving in him, slowly at first. Kyle reached down Kevin’s body and found the hem of his shirt, and then the waistband of his shorts. He just wanted to touch flesh. He gripped Kevin’s hip but couldn’t reach forward far enough to return the favor. Instead he dragged his fingers along Kev’s ribcage looking for something to touch. He pinched the peaked nipple he found. Flat, hard, pebbled, and nothing like a girl. His brother moaned deep in his throat. The vibration had Kyle sweating. The finger inside him hooked ever so slightly and that was all it took— a jolt of lightening shot from that finger through his dick and into Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin gagged at the force and pulled off, but Kyle couldn’t stop—the dark eyes staring into his kept him on edge. Cum on his brother’s lips made his dick even harder. He tugged at Kevin’s hair and dragged his mouth up so he could taste himself. Kevin slid his finger out of Kyle's ass and continued to jack him as his tongue swept into Kyle’s mouth.

“I’m going to shoot again.” He warned his brother.

Kevin covered the head of his dick with his large hand and rubbed hard, hitting that sensitive spot that pushed Kyle over the edge. He wrapped both arms around his brother and bucked against him, coming harder than he had the first time.

When he finished
, he reached his hand between them and into Kevin’s shorts. It didn’t take his brother long to come in his hand. Their mouths pressed together, heavy breaths mingling, while the bus rolled over the bridge into town.

“Happy birthday, Ky.”

“Happy birthday, Kev.”


Chapter Two


“What the hell were you and Kyle doing on the bus Friday night?” Lucas Flint slapped him on the ass after practice. “Sounded like fucking.”

“Jesus, man, he’s my brother.” Kevin shoved his friend away and returned the slap.

“My mistake. But the way the seat started bucking, one of you was doing something.” Lucas persisted, his blue eyes too eager.

“I had a nightmare. You know I hate buses. I woke up thinking I was falling. Must have kicked out. Sorry man,” he lied. Of course he lied. What the hell was he going to say?
Oh, yeah, I went down on my hot brother and then he jacked me
. Hell no.

“Yeah, I forgot. Guess that one would have been awful. I hate those long trips. We’re home this week, though, and after that just the local schools.” Lucas slapped him on the shoulder now that he was sure there was nothing going on but boring old Kevin being boring old Kevin.

Kyle was still out on the practice field taking snaps from the new center. Their regular center, Jackson, had taken a hit in the last quarter and ended up with a fractured wrist. He hadn’t bothered to tell anyone, so it had swelled up over the weekend and now he was out the rest of the season.

Kevin leaned against the tackle dummy and watched his brother work. Kyle’s hands swept down the seam in McClasky’s uniform pants. He leaned over placing a hand on the center’s hip as Coach Davis issued an order. And then he backed up and took the snap.

“Okay, enough, we’ll pick it up again tomorrow. Hit the showers.” The coach fairly growled when McClasky fumbled the snap. Kyle looked over at him standing on the sideline and winked. And fuck if Kevin’s dick didn’t twitch in his cup.

After Friday night he'd pretended like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Hell, he had no idea how to even explain what had happened to
himself. When Kyle had flashed his hard dick, all Kevin could think about was tasting it. Kyle. His brother. And he was rock fucking hard and wanting dick right then—in particular, Kyle’s dick.

He couldn’t answer how he knew what to do when Kyle asked. He just…the way he tasted…
He wanted to take him home and show him everything he knew how to do. He wanted Kyle like he wanted water.

When they'd gotten home, their parents were fighting. Again. They hadn’t gone to the game, but something had sure as hell happened if they were up and screaming at each other at two in the morning. The next two days they'd all just tried to stay out of each other’s ways.

“Dad texted while ago. They’re flying up to Grandma’s. She had a stroke. We’re to lock the doors and not throw any parties.” Kyle came up beside him dragging his pads over his shoulders. He stuffed his helmet inside face mask out and carried it all like a bag. The ripped up half shirt he wore underneath barely covered anything. Kevin let his gaze follow the trail of hair down his brother’s hard belly to the vee between the pads leading down to the laces covering his cup.

“When did you get to the phone long enough to read a message?” Kevin knew there was probably a duplicate message on his phone. Right now he just didn’t care. He was fighting the urge to unlace his brother using his teeth.

“Had to take a piss, so I checked while I was inside. They’re acting squirrelly. Even for them.”

“D-I-V-O-R-C-E,” Kevin spelled out shrugging as he fell into step beside his brother.

“You think?” Kyle stumbled over the words. He looked stunned.

“You don’t? Come on
, Kyle. In my opinion they should have done it years ago. And it’ll be a relief when it does happen. Sometimes I wonder if we’re going to walk in on a crime scene the way they fight.” He stopped beside Kyle and gripped him behind his head, dragging him over he touched his forehead to his brother’s. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. I just didn’t…
Maybe I’ve blocked most of it out. Maybe I just want normal. I pretend it’s all normal.”

“Oooh, hot twin love
. Give him a kiss Kyle, please.” The female voice hooted out.

“Shut up Heather.” Kevin shot the cheerleader a furious scowl.

“All the homoerotic ass slapping and grinding.” She puckered up. “We all want to watch.”

“Jesus, man, since when are girls so fucking vicious.” Kyle said when they made it into the field house.

“That one was born vicious. The rest are terrified of her. Plus she’s pissed that I wouldn’t fuck her,” Kevin said as he stripped down to his jock and grabbed his towel from his locker.

“Me either. Can’t stand her. I’m not sticking my dick in her pussy. Afraid the acid in there would burn it off.” Kyle laughed and slipped out of his jock. Towel around his waist he followed Kevin into the showers.

“Heather Barnett…Oh, man, I hear you. I think she’s on a crusade to fuck all of us. And so far, the two of you seem to be the only seniors left on her list.” Lucas finished rinsing off. “She says the two of you are too busy doing each other to care about girls.”

It was Kevin’s turn for stunned silence. Friday night was the first time they’d even touched. How could…?

“Oh, yeah. We’ve been dicking each other since we were two. The perks of sharing everything with one person. We look alike, we dress alike, we think alike, we are conjoined at the dick.” Kyle laughed off the comment. “Hey Kev, give us a little tongue.” He stripped off his towel and stuck his tongue out. He was flaccid at least. Unlike Kevin, who suddenly was very grateful he’d kept his jock on.

“Fuck you, Kyle. Oh, wait. No, thanks. I’d rather fuck Heather.”

“Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. I mean I hear you’re a sure thing.” Kyle turned on the shower and stepped under. Water sluiced down his back and over his ass.

heard I give head on the bus.” God why did he say that? “I heard I’m good at it. But I can’t seem to find a single jock to confirm that rumor.”

Lucas laughed again, and this time he flicked his towel. Kevin dodged it easily. “Yeah, well, I hadn’t heard that one. Maybe we can sit together next trip, and you can experiment.”

“Geez, Lucas. Not in front of my brother, man. He gets jealous when he thinks I’m fooling around on him.”

Soapy water slid between Kyle’s ass cheeks. Kevin stuck his thumb in his mouth and pretended to chew at his nail as if bored. All the while his dick wanted out to play.

“Yeah, yeah. Cock blocked again. Gotta get home. It’s already late and I have to write a paper for English.” Lucas slapped him on the back as he left the showers, laughing the whole time. His locker slamming seemed to echo in the locker room. Kevin could hear the coaches in the offices, but the locker room itself seemed to be empty.

“I am so fucking glad he’s gone.” Kevin stripped from his jock and walked into the shower, one over from Kyle. “Nosy bastard.”

“He has a crush on you. Or hero worship. Or something,” Kyle said quietly as he turned the water off and reached for his towel. Kevin couldn’t look at him. The flush of embarrassment at being caught with an erection by his brother was bad enough. “Take care of it," Kyle added. "I’ll let you know if anyone is coming.” He didn’t expect those words either, and his dick sprang to full-out, raging hard so fast he saw sparks behind his eyes.

“What do you want for supper?” Kyle made small talk as Kevin filled his hand with shampoo but instead of putting it on his head he slicked his dick. He leaned against the wall with one hand and jacked himself with the other. While his brother watched. And talked. “Burgers or pizza?”

“Pizza…No burgers.” He flinched in surprise at the first touch. He smelled soap. And Kyle. And Kyle with soap. Washing him. As he jacked himself.

“Burgers. Yeah. Sounds like a plan. We’ll go through a drive through on the way home.” Kyle pressed between his ass crease startling a gasp from him when Kyle fingered his hole. “Would you like that?”

“Yeah.” He didn’t know if he was agreeing to burgers or to something more. He got the something more. He fucked his hand, trying not to look at his brother’s naked body standing behind him. The finger, slick with soap and water eased inside him. Not deep, just past the rim. Kevin spread his feet wider and arched his back, pushing his ass onto Kyle’s finger. Deeper. Oh God yes. That’s exactly what he needed. “That’s good. A drive through.” He couldn’t think. He couldn’t breathe. “Kyle. I’m going to

“There’s no one here.” Kyle pressed against his hip, his dick hard, his hand rubbing against Kevin as he worked himself. “I’m watching the door.” He pushed his finger in deeper, fucking Kevin in the right spot and Kevin blew his load all over the wall.

“So hot.” He heard his brother say about the time hot jizz coated his hip.

“Yeah.” Fuck he wanted to get on his knees to taste the last of the spunk as it dripped from his brother’s dick. “Thank you.”

“Yeah.” Kyle eased his hand from Kevin’s ass and handed him the soap. “Hurry up.”

Assistant Coach Myers walked in as Kevin tied his shoe. Kyle was bouncing on his toes.

“Are you two the last here?” the coach asked moving toward the showers. “We’re getting ready to lock up.”

“Yeah, just us. Coach Davis held Kyle longer. And where’d McClasky go? I thought he’d still be here, but he never came inside.” Kevin finished tying and grabbed his bags. Gym and school. He hadn’t even had a chance to stop at the car before practice today.

“Probably crying like a bitch all the way home.” Kyle grunted, his voice holding a heavy degree of disdain. “Wish Gary hadn’t broken his damn wrist.” He did the pump action over his dick. “I bet he did it jacking off.”

“Probably.” Myers snorted. Then stopped. “I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. She’ll be in our prayers.”

Kevin had forgotten all about that. “Uh, yeah, thanks. Mom and Dad are with her.”

“That’s good. You two drive safe, and if you need anything give me a call.” The coach hurried them to the door and closed it behind them.

“Did he seem eager to be rid of us? Or am I just seeing shit because…I’m seeing shit?”

Kevin had to laugh, maybe they were both seeing shit. “Maybe they have the showers monitored. Maybe they’re jacking off.”

“Oh, God.” Kyle covered his face with one hand.

“I was kidding.” Kevin looked through his bag for the car keys. “Most likely they’re fucking each other before they go home to their wives. But if they say something about it tomorrow, then we know the showers
monitored. And that is illegal.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” But Kyle looked everywhere but at him as he got into the car. “Let’s just get something to eat. I have a ton of homework and it’s nearly eight.”

“Okay. Any place in particular?” He suddenly felt like he was on a date. The awkward silence. The sounding out for a place to eat. The hot guy. Except he was with his brother, which would make
the hot guy.

“No, just food. Fast, and hot. I can’t even remember lunch.” Kyle handed him the twenty he had in his pocket. “And has to be less than that unless you have anything tucked away.”

“McDonald’s it is.”

“Steak and Shake?” Kyle looked at him with a pleading twitch to his lips. “I don’t need a triple, but would love a shake.”

“Steak and Shake, then.” It was further away but Kevin was okay with that. Anything to make Kyle happy. Anything.


BOOK: Two Point Conversion
11.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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