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Authors: Constance O'Banyon

Tags: #Historical, #Romance, #Fiction, #19th Century, #American West, #Native Americans, #Indian, #Western, #Adult, #Multicultural, #White Man, #Paleface, #Destiny, #Tribal Chieftain, #Stagecoach, #Apaches, #Travelers, #Adventure, #Action, #Rescue, #Teacher, #Savage, #Wilderness, #Legend, #His Woman, #TYKOTA'S WOMAN

Tykota's Woman (Historical Romance)

BOOK: Tykota's Woman (Historical Romance)
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She reached up, sliding her fingers through Tykota's long
black hair.

A raw urgency built in the pit of his stomach and spread
through his veins, his mind, his whole being.

It didn't seem to matter that his mortal enemy, the
Apache, were nearby, or that he and this white woman
might die at any time. Just one kiss was all he wanted.

But when Tykota's lips touched Makinna's, he knew that
would never be enough. His mouth ground against hers. His
tongue explored her, stirring the heat in his belly. He
wanted to know her in every way a man can know a
woman. He wanted to unveil her hidden beauty and kiss
every part of her body.

Wild, primitive emotions tore through him, and he was on

And, in that moment, Makinna became his woman.

His to protect. To love. To take...

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This is for you, Courtney Melton, my delightful
granddaughter with the bright blue eyes, infectious smile,
and loving heart. I love you, sweet one.

And for my dear friend Helen Owens. Thank you for your
cheerfulness and support during difficult days. It's always
nice to know that someone understands how reclusive a
writer can be when she's on deadline-and still like her
when it's over. You are a blessing!

And for Lynsay Sands, who made me realize more than
ever that friends are treasures and can cheer you on when
you most need it.

And Marisa Yanes, my little friend South of the Border.
Thank you for your help with research-your input was
invaluable to me and is much appreciated.

BOOK: Tykota's Woman (Historical Romance)
5.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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