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He was soaked to the bone. She tugged at his hoodie.

“Take your shirt off. You’re going to make yourself ill. Are you crazy?”

“You saw the group. I didn’t feel right leaving them out there.”

“They chose to be there tonight. You didn’t tell them or ask the lot of them to do so. You aren’t responsible for their decisions. I can see the headlines. Ian Mackenzie dead from a bad cold.”

He laughed but let her continue to strip him of his wettest garments. With the car moving, she had him stripped to his t-shirt and still soaking jeans.

“I can’t believe you pushed through those people to reach me.”

“Try and block me when I’m on a mission.”

When Ian really smiled, he lit the whole universe. “Tonight. Having you here waiting for me. It felt so…perfect.”

He tugged her to him and kissed her so hard he might as well have consumed her. She shuddered as pleasure scorched her. Ian’s skin was cool to the touch. Another good reason to have gotten him out of there. They moved uptown but she barely registered the streets passing. His mouth was on hers. Sometimes he kissed her lightly, sometimes stronger. She didn’t care as long as he kept at it.

Finally, the car stopped and Ian groaned. “I have to fix my pants before I step out of the car.”

“Why?” She felt hot all over and didn’t think it was because of the heat blasting in the vehicle.

“All I need is a picture of me with a hard on to make the rounds. My poor mother would never live through the horror.”

She snorted at the imagery of that picture on the tabloid covers as Ian adjusted himself.

“Better?” she asked.

“For a quick run into the building.”

Teirney didn’t see any photographers around, which she supposed didn’t mean they weren’t there. Plus, people were always running around with their iPhones out. He had to think about these things all the time.

He extended his hand. “Let’s go.”

It wasn’t until she got out of the car that she finally realized where she was. They were practically on top of Central Park from his location on 5
. “This is a—wow—location.”

Ian nodded as he ushered her into the building and toward the doorman. “My assistant found it for me. I have it rented until a month after the show ends.”

The lobby entrance was bigger than her first apartment in Manhattan. Her grandmother’s brownstone was old and spacious, but as soon as Granny passed, she would need to find a new living space.

“He went and found your place for you? Did you give him specifications?

“She.” He pressed the button for the tenth floor.

Oh, he had a female assistant.

“I’ve never met her. Don’t you guys usually bring your assistants everywhere?”

His head shot up, and a small smile crossed his lips. “Us guys?”

“Movie stars.”

She pinched him because he deserved it, and he yelped before tugging her tight against him.

“I don’t need an army of people around me all the time. Or at least I’ve decided recently I don’t. I want them there when I need them and elsewhere when I don’t. She manages things for me from a distance, which she prefers, too, because she gets to stay home with her family in Los Angeles no matter where I am.”

“How does she know what nights you need extra security versus when you don’t?”

He shrugged. “She just does. If she didn’t, I’d have to find someone who could be on site, and then since she needs to stay home with her kids, I’d let her go. I’d hate doing it. But there you go.”

Ian didn’t know how his assistant functioned. She had no idea how he could stand it. Teirney needed to understand how every person who worked under her performed his or her job. If for no other reason than, if a worker called in sick, she had to be able to do that person’s tasks.

He opened the door. “I’m not easily stunned by things. I will, however, admit to loving the view here.”

She could see why. When they entered his living room, she found herself surrounded by windows, with a one hundred-eight degree view. The lights of city sprawled out before her. At midnight, the city was awake, lit as a beacon of color and power against the dark sky.

“It’s so beautiful.” She walked toward the windows as though an invisible string pulled her forward.

“Seeing you looking out reminds me of viewing it for the first time.”

Money had never interested her very much. She had had a ton of it growing up. Well, her parents had. But it hadn’t made them happy. Although she was glad to have a place to stay at her Granny’s, she’d return to sharing almost no space with three roommates before she took a cent from her folks.

Using them to pay for her grandmother—who was her father’s mother—was one thing. She would never take a penny from them in order to rewind her life toward a wealthy lifestyle. Still, she couldn’t help imagining the dollar figure for what Ian paid out to live here for six months.

Hollywood fame had its perks.

“How do you ever leave?”

Ian stood next to her. “I appreciate the beauty, don’t misunderstand me. I’d have to be dead not to. I prefer people to things. Wherever the person—or group—I wish to be with is hanging out, that’s where I go.”

“Well.” She took her hand in his. “You’ve got me here. I am taking the night off. What will you do with me?”

He picked her up in his arms. “Thinking I might do wicked things with you.”

“What does wicked entail, Mr. Mackenzie?”

Ian carried her as if she weighed nothing. She knew she was tiny, had always been short in height, although she wasn’t exactly petite. Her curves were thick, her breasts huge. She wasn’t a featherweight.

“You’ll hurt yourself.”

He kissed her forehead. “First, you pull me off the street to keep me from getting sick. Now, you’re worried about me injuring myself. I’m not old. Thirty-two is still young enough to cross my apartment with you in my arms.”

“I worry.”
About the people I care about

She chose not to share her final thought. Although she lived in the world, Teirney didn’t have an enormous amount of experience with men. Using the word “care,” only three or four dates, if their get-togethers so far could be called dates, could scare him right to the moon.

She got a few seconds to check out his bedroom before he set her on the bed. The whole room was decorated in dark colors. The walls were a dark hunter green. The sheets and comforter were black.

As she watched, he set two alarms. “Four-thirty. We’ll get you out in more than enough time to arrive home to your Granny.”

Her mouth fell open. It wouldn’t have occurred to her to ask about time. Yet somehow it was exactly what she needed. Hands down, the best thing he could have done. She had nothing to worry about. Her phone was on. If she was needed, it would ring. He had set the alarm so they would wake early.

She jumped at him. One second she was on the bed, and the next she had to be on Ian. Teirney didn’t really give it too much thought. He caught her, and they somehow fell or maybe rolled together toward the headboard.

This beautiful man with a face, which sold out shows and periodicals, had wanted to know what she needed, then he made it happen. Their mouths fused together. His tongue was in her mouth, hers in his. She pulled at his shirt. If she could have torn it from his body she would have. He took it off and threw it to his left. It hit the window with a clunk.

He had beautiful nipples, and one of them was pierced. Why hadn’t she noticed before? Oh, they’d never gotten their shirts off last time. Feeling daring, she bit on the non-pierced nipple and he cried out.

“Do that again.”

Thankful he liked it and didn’t throw her from the bed, she bit again. He shuddered beneath her touch. Ian yanked at her shirt, and they were soon both completely undressed.

“You get to come tonight.” He whispered in her ear, a savage growl deep in his throat accompanying the words.

Yes, she was really sure she would. It wouldn’t take very long at all.


Teirney had turned into the most passionate lover he’d ever been with. What a difference two days made. A few erotic novels and his tuning into what she needed made all the difference. If he’d known it would make her so happy, he would have set a million alarms.

She kissed him hard, and he rolled them over until he was on top of her. With a free hand, he held her wrists over her head.

She smiled at him. “Holding me down, baby?”

“If you don’t tell me I can’t.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and his cock jumped. When had he ever been so turned on? He wished he could keep her so relaxed all the time.

Letting go of her arms, he slid down her until he was in front of her pussy. His mouth watered to taste her, so he let himself. Her knees started to close, and he pushed them apart. “Stay open for me baby. Last night I got to pet you. Tonight it’s all about my tongue.”


His head shot up. He knew what no meant and respected it.

“For real?”

“First, I get to play. On your back, movie star.”

Who was he to argue? If Teirney wanted to order him around a bit in bed, he’d go for it. The idea of her playing appealed to him more. He flipped over, and she moved over him until she could grip his cock. Before her hands wrapped around it, she licked her hand. He watched in awe, his heart beating fast.

Teirney’s hands on him had been most of what he thought about all day. She stroked him once, a long, strong swipe of his penis before she bent over and before he could process what was happening, took him into her mouth.

His hips jerked, and he almost came off the bed. She raised her eyes to smile at him above his erection before she bobbed again, taking him further into her throat. The part she couldn’t reach, she gripped with her hand.

Over and over again, she deep throated him. He closed his eyes and went with the moment. Heat travelled through his body. He’d been so cold earlier, and the sheer warmth of Teirney as she gave him such a gift pulsed out of his veins. Ian hadn’t expected a blowjob when he brought her home.

Hell, he never would have asked. She wanted to pleasure him. It had been her idea.

When his hips started to pump of their own volition, he knew it was time to stop. He wanted to make Teirney come on his cock.

“Stop.” He almost begged; he would, in fact, have begged if she hadn’t let go.

Teirney sighed with him still in her mouth before she lifted her head. “I have you close.”

“No shit.” He laughed. “I need to be in you. I must see you lose yourself riding my cock.”

“Well, all right. If you insist.”

Ian loved the whine in her voice. It was sexy. She backed up, and, despite the pain in his balls, he moved until he was over her.

“Are you wet?” He knelt in front of her and pressed his face into her pussy. With a single lick, he found her clit. It vibrated beneath his tongue, and he grinned. She was wet and turned on as all hell. He was a lucky guy.

Teirney groaned loudly, and the groan became a moan.

“Obviously, I am hot. I think I’ve been so since I met you. I want you all the time. Shit, I can’t believe I’m admitting to my horniness.”

“I crave you, too. You’re not in pain alone.” He scooted over until he reached the condom in his drawer. His hands shook, and he almost dropped it.

“Here.” She extended her hand and took it from him. “I’d like this on you not on the floor.”

His girl got the condom out and slipped it onto his erection, sheathing him. Her hands moving over him almost undid him yet he was determined not to come in her hands. Nowhere except her sweet pussy.

“Climb on, and when you do I want both of your hands in mine.” She shifted over him until she could slip him inside of her. Teirney was still so tight, it took a few seconds for him to fit inside of her. The feel of her muscles loosening to take him, inch by inch, was sweet torture.

When he was finally deep inside her, he extended his hands, and she took them. Touching her was what he needed. The connection. He’d love to be on top, with her arms where he could hold them. But Teirney was in an aggressive mood. He’d go with it.

She felt so amazingly good on top of him. With a thrust of her hips she rose and then plunged down on him. He sucked in his breath, and she moaned. He squeezed her hands tightly.

“Damn, you are a sex goddess.”

She smiled, licking her bottom lip. “I am, aren’t I?”

They moved, their bodies rubbing each other until they were both panting. He was so close, but he wouldn’t come, not until she did. Teirney’s pleasure came first. He reached between them, finding her clit, and he rubbed it gently. She was so wet, he knew it wouldn’t take much.

Her head fell back, and she cried out as she spasmed above him.


His name had never sounded so sweet. Her body milked him, and, although he wanted to hold off, he couldn’t. Ian spent himself inside of her, coming harder and longer than he had in a very long time.

She collapsed on top of him, and he pulled her against his chest. He kissed her everywhere he could manage, and then, eventually, when he could move, he rolled them both to their sides so he could hold her more easily.

“Wow,” she mumbled.

“Yes.” Who needed talking when they could concentrate on breathing?

“Ian.” She raised her head and rubbed her hand along his cheek. “You thought to set your alarm.”

He grinned. “I did. I knew you’d be appreciative, but I didn’t know how grateful you would be.”

“Hmmm.” She lay her head on his chest. “Guess I’m easy.”

“In the best possible sense of the word.”

This was the life. If he got what he wanted, she’d wait for him every night. When they couldn’t retreat to his place, he’d go home with her. It would work. She snuggled closer, and he let himself close his eyes. A quick nap and they’d go at it again.

She felt so sweet in his arms.

The ringing woke him. With the room bathed in darkness, he creaked his eyes open to look at the clock. It was two in the morning.

“I set the alarm for four thirty. Turn it off.” His voice sounded as if a frog had taken residence in his throat.

BOOK: Under the Lights
12.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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