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She frowned and looked at his lips. She pulled herself up on her side and kissed him, licking his lower lip. He shuddered and pulled her hips to him. His cock was already hard and she reached down and took it in her hand.

"No, really, Paige. We have five minutes and the kids are going to be in our rooms!"


They stood up, very quickly dressed themselves, and sprinted through the tunnel.

They stopped at the chair at the bottom of the opening, out of breath. Joseph grabbed Paige in his arms and planted a sweet and gentle kiss on her lips. He lifted her up onto the chair. As Paige dragged herself up out of the opening, Joseph reached up and squeezed her ass. She squealed and laughed.

"You'll have to save that for tomorrow," she said and ran out the door.


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About the Author

Scheri Cunningham resides in Minnesota with her husband and children. She has been a teacher for over ten years and a writer for the past two years. She kept her writing to herself for a long time and has recently decided to make a go at publishing. She is a new author and loving every minute of it! More titles coming soon!


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Live from the Back Seat: Carlos and Sofia


Carlos and Sofia

Carlos cleared his throat and read from the card the cabbie just handed him. "Hi and welcome to another video from "Live from the Back Seat". We are ready to put on a show for you. But let us introduce ourselves first." He pointed to the girl sitting next to him to suggest she start.

"I'm Sofia, I'm 25." She flashed a beautiful, if a bit hammy, smile at the camera. She brushed her long brown hair away from her face and behind her shoulders.

"And, I'm Carlos." He cleared his throat. "I'm 22." He sat stock still and stared at his feet. He wasn't smiling or hamming it up for the camera. He agreed to do this because, honestly, it was probably the only shot he'd ever have with Sofia, but he was scared. Maybe it was just stage fright. Sofia seemed really into it, though.

The two of them fell silent. Carlos wasn't sure what to do next. Sofia tapped the card in Carlos's hand.

"Oh, right!" he said, completely flustered. They both laughed, not because anything funny had happened, but because it was pretty tense in the taxi. They were so on edge that they were willing to laugh at just about anything. "We know each other because of my sister," Carlos said. "Sofia is my sister's best friend."

"We've known each other since we were kids," Sofia added, and smiled at him. His heart flipped in his chest.

"We're going to pick her up from the airport," Carlos said, though he wasn't sure why it seemed important to say so. "She has been in Spain for three months, and she's coming back tonight." He babbled in an unsuccessful attempt to hide his nerves.

Carlos handed the card back to the cabbie and stared into the camera. The green light was on which he assumed meant it was streaming. Carlos had never used a web cam before. He'd also never recorded himself having sex before. He wondered if Sofia had. She didn't seem the type.

The cabbie started driving as soon as Carlos handed him the card. He didn't say a word but Carlos caught him checking the rear view mirror frequently. He was probably annoyed that they hadn't started yet. Carlos really didn't need any more pressure to perform so he looked down at his feet.

He and Sofia sat silently a little unsure of what to do next. They sat about as far away from one another as you could in the back seat of a taxi. They were in the seats facing toward the front and there was another bench of seats directly across from them, facing backward. The camera was right in the middle of the divider between the passengers and the driver. Carlos had never been in a limo before and as the car had pulled up to the curb, he mentioned it to Sofia. She immediately opened the door and jumped in so Carlos could "experience it", as she put it. He was starting to regret saying anything.

Carlos had often fantasized about Sofia. They'd known each other since he was ten years old. He used to think of her a lot when he was a teenager, masturbating in his room. He grew up and his tastes expanded, but Sofia still took up a lot of his thoughts. He wasn't proud of it, but he'd had to pull up thoughts of Sofia more than once while he was fucking other girls.

He'd imagined her every which way possible but could never bring himself to act upon it in real life. He thought the world of Sofia. He loved her smile and how she had just one dimple instead of two. He loved what an awful singer she was and how it didn't stop her from singing. He liked how passionate she was about politics. He liked to fantasize about a kinky and casual night with Sofia, but in reality, he respected her too much to propose it. And, also his sister would kill him. When Sofia immediately agreed to the free fare, Carlos couldn't believe it.

"Well, so, let's get to it." Sofia leaned toward him, put her hand on his cheek, and planted a kiss on his lips. He froze. He wished he could enjoy the sweet sensation of her lips on his, but he was fighting against this opportunity for a quickie with her. He was having a hard time believing this was a good idea. And also, he could see people outside the window, waiting to cross the street. Could they see in? The windows were tinted but seeing all those people on the corner made him think twice about what he was doing. They might be able to look in and see him doing…whatever it was he was going to do to Sofia.

"You're going to have to put a little more into it, Carlos."

"I'm sorry," Carlos hesitated to say more. "I'm nervous."

"Me too," whispered Sofia. She slid her hand across the seat and onto his thigh and squeezed it reassuringly. "I've done this a lot in my fantasies; it can't be much harder in person."

She kissed him again, this time tasting his lips with her tongue.

"Really?" Carlos asked, shocked and pleased by what he just heard. Despite his nerves, he was getting a little hard.

"Oh, yeah. Wanna hear how it usually goes down? It might help with your nerves."

He nodded his head, unable to speak.

Sofia slid over so she was sitting right next to him and put her hand up to his face. His skin tingled the length of his thigh where hers touched his.

"Well, it's never been in a car!" She giggled a little and kissed him again, just a little peck, just a test. He kissed her back this time, not how he really wanted to kiss her, but it was better than the stone lips he offered her the first time. "In my fantasies, we've done it with people watching. Having him here," she pointed toward the front seat, "is a big fucking turn on for me."


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Live from the Back Seat: Carlos and Sofia


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