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“Quite,” I answer, not doing a very good job of hiding my bitterness.

“Neither of you are listening to me,” Kitten cries out. “I don’t want to lose either of you!”

I look at Thomas, saying softly, “Many children have two fathers.”

He smiles, asking, “Many?”

“Well, you know what I mean, but I can be Uncle Gar if it suits better.”

“I think you will make a wonderful father, Garrett.”

“You are a wonderful father already, so your expertise will make us quite a team,” I tell him and the emotion that crosses his face breaks my heart. I’ve been so wrapped in my own insecurities I haven’t considered how Kitten’s pregnancy has affected Thomas.

He never talks about his own children, but I know how much he loves them.

I turn to face Kitten. “Are we having this baby?”

“Yes,” she says and it comes out as a sob. I stretch my hand out to her and, standing, she comes toward us.

She looks at me, not Thomas, when she says, “I’m scared. I never thought I’d want this, but then I never thought I could have this. I always thought God would punish me for not being good enough and it would be no baby for me.”

“God doesn’t do that.” She walks into my arms and I hug her.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she tells me. “I know I did and I’m sorry.”

I kiss the top of her head and hold out my hand to Thomas. He stands and walks over to us then wraps his arms around both of us. Holding his gaze, I ask, “So we can do this?

The three of us … committed. No more surprises?” I don’t want to say it any more plainly than that, but I must. Following Eva’s arrival, I’ve thought of nothing else. “And what happens when Lattie and the children come back from their … trip?”

I feel his muscles tense.

“Garrett!” Kitten cries out in shock that I would actually ask.

“No,” he answers, looking at Kitten. “I deserve that.” He steps back, taking each of our hands, turning his gaze to me. “You’re right to be concerned since I haven’t divorced Latisha … and I have no plans to do so. I can only assure you that I know her and she isn’t coming back to the United States. She isn’t coming back to me.” His gaze softens and he leans his forehead against mine, saying softly, “I’m not hers any more. I’m yours.” He kisses me quickly then bends to kiss Kitten on the nose playfully. “And yours.”

Kitten smiles up at him and it is a brilliant smile, a telling smile. She loves him. Then she turns the same look on me. She loves me just as much .

A light tap on the door makes us all look up.

Enrique peeks around the edge of the door. “Sorry to disturb. A man at de door said dat I mus’ tell ju dis immediately.”

“What is it?” I demand.

“Not you.” Enrique nods at Thomas. “He said, tell ju de words Alexiares and Aniketos.”

Thomas jumps up and races into the foyer. Loud voices follow—his and a man I don’t recognize. They speak in a foreign language. I look at Kitten, she looks at me and shrugs then takes my hand. I don’t pull away. Together we sit on the leather couch Thomas just vacated. Enrique sits down opposite us. It seems our drama has been displaced by something even more intense as Thomas says, “Call George and tell him to come now. It’s an emergency.”

The End

BOOK: Unholy Promises
2.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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