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The Unraveling of Avery Snow

Past Lives Series Book 2

Written by Christy


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Once t
he council had finally sat down, and when everyone was at attention, Gunther stood. They were bubbly with talk today. Rumors were swirling of a new spirit guide, one who would be assigned to Avery Snow, the Affinity. She is somewhat famous at home because she lived through a Dark Guide attack, thanks to the efforts and sacrifice of Ianni and John. Not to mention her strength of human character. She is one of a kind and everyone in Heaven, or as they call it Home, knows it.

“Please qu
iet down everyone,” Gunther said loudly. “I know we are all so excited for this, but we must stay calm. She is a new guide and must be eased into her job.” Quieting down, they all listened to him. Gunther was a strong leader whose skills had led the Relife Council for many years. He has taken his role seriously and helped many souls choose their path. It is not an easy job to guide a soul into their destination. Many souls want to stay and others want to reincarnate, while some are so intimidated they just stare at the council. Gunther’s job is to make their transition as easy as possible; by assigning them the right guide for their choice. With Avery Snow he thought Ianni would be perfect. He assigned her Ianni when she was Claire, back when she had first begun life. He thought Ianni was a perfect match, and still believes she is. Unfortunately, she took the lives of Dedrick and Benjamin and she has to pay the price. Now Avery is a human soul without a guide.

“We must meet this new guide
, Gunther,” Baltic suggested. While he is a very good member, with many astute qualities, he is also very impatient.

“We will meet her
, Baltic. Please, everyone keep calm. I do not want to frighten her,” Gunther asked of the council. “She was previously a greeter.” A greeter is an angel who greets the souls as they return home, much like someone on Earth who greets the humans at a restaurant and seats them at their tables. Gunther knows the ways of Earth well enough. He knew that this greeter would be perfect for Avery.

, a young, blonde haired angel entered the hall. She bit her lip as her nerves seemed to get the best of her. Her blue eyes were filled with hope as Gunther reached out his hand to guide her to the pedestal on which he now stood. She tried to not to look around at all the other members.

“Amanda,” Gunther said to her. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, Gunther. I am familiar with Avery Snow and am prepared for this task.” Smiling, she stood tall. Anyone in the room could see she was nervous, but also behind all of that, she was brave and strong. Gunther took his hand and placed it on Amanda’s left wing.

“You are now a guide
, Amanda. Your duty is to selflessly guide this one and only soul. Keeping her on her path, without showing yourself,” he explained, his voice strong and stern. “If you do so you will be punished. Your pure, white wings will discolor and change. Let it be known from this day forward that you are now the guide of Avery Snow.” He took his hand from her wing and everyone clapped in pride of Gunther’s choice. Amanda followed the other guides out of the room to get ready for her departure. It was New Year’s Eve on Earth and her work would be starting tonight.

Once she left, the hall became quiet. Gunther took his seat at the table and they all spoke
amongst themselves about the new Dark Guides that were threatening the souls of Earth. Evil lurked everywhere on the mortal plane. And even though Ianni and John had defeated Gunther and Benjamin, there were others seeking souls. They would never stop them, not truly. For a brief moment, Gunther caught himself thinking of Ianni. He wondered how she had been doing, but he knew she would be just fine. He had broken the rules and let her have her own Spirit Guide, assigning Lillith to guide her. Once Lillith became adamant about something, he knew he would not hear the end of it. The truth was, Lillith and Ianni needed each other’s help on this journey. He was very fond of Ianni, so much so that he broke even his own rules to help her on her way to becoming a human.

“Gunther,” Baltic said loudly, breaking Gunther from his trance. “May you please answer the question?”
     “Sorry, which question is that?” Gunther felt embarrassed to be caught not paying attention to the discussion.

“This human, Landon Cooper.
His memories are shaved, are they not?” Baltic asked.

Even though
Gunther knew this question would come up sooner or later, he would rather have avoided it altogether. He himself did not want to do the shaving, as he felt it was very barbaric to take a human’s memories. He knew it was necessary, especially for Landon, but hated to have to finally admit the truth to the council. He wished he could have told them another day.

,” Baltic pressed. “What are you not telling us?” They obviously knew something was amiss, since they asked almost every day. It was their job to make sure Landon lived his life the right way.

“How are we to know that Landon needed this shaving of the memories?” Gunther started. “I mean to say, dear friends, how are we to judge the mortal path of his?”
        “Gunther, please tell us.” Baltic stood, now staring at his leader.

Yes, I performed it. But I am afraid I may not have done it to my true capacity.” Saying nothing more, he left the hall in silence.




A New Y


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!” we all rang out. It was a new year, and that meant a new beginning for all of us. I searched the room for Dallas, but sure enough he found me first. He looked so handsome tonight in a navy-blue button-up shirt and dark wash jeans. He also smelled amazing; he was wearing the new cologne I had gotten him for Christmas.

Grabbing me, he
kissed me softly yet sternly enough to tease me. When he pulled away, I grabbed him and kissed him again. One little kiss was simply not enough.

“Wow, wha
t was that all about?” he asked with a look of intrigue.

“I don’t know
, maybe I feel a bit frisky. It must be the last drink you made me.” We were at Kerri and Justin’s house for their New Year’s bash, and like always Dallas got stuck bartending. Their house was quaint, yet big enough for a small gathering. I looked around and saw Kerri and Justin in a tight embrace. They were so in love it was sickening, but for a newly engaged couple I suppose that was normal. It wasn’t like Dallas and I weren’t the same way in private. We were still in our honeymoon phase of dating, where we were excited to see each other and still sometimes got butterflies when it had been a while. We couldn’t take our hands off each other. Although, like I said, we were private about it.

sat on the couch and looked a bit sullen. I felt sorry for her because she didn’t have anyone to kiss, but had no doubts that she wouldn’t be lonely for too long. With her long, wavy red hair and her super model looks she would be busy kissing someone soon. Unfortunately tonight she was alone.

I didn’t expect for her to ask anyone to come, really she only had Kerri, Justin, Dallas and
me as friends. When you’re a Spirit Guide turned human how do you make a ton of friends?

As for Land
on, well he wasn’t alone. I had been trying all night not to look his way. It pained me to see him with his date; another girl with super model looks. She was a girl from our apartment building and her name was Erica. She seemed nice enough, but to see the man I used to be married to with her killed me inside. Landon still didn’t remember who I was. He knew I was Avery, Dallas’ girlfriend, but he didn’t remember that we spent three lifetimes together. First as Henry and Claire, then as Cooper and Emily, and lastly as Adam and Elsie.

He didn’t
remember because the Relife Council shaved his memories. In all of Landon’s lives he revives his memories of his past and he eventually remembers me, his twin soul, his Affinity. Once he remembers, he begins to search for me. With help from his Spirit Guide, Lillith, they eventually find me. I fall in love with him all over again and we are married or spend the rest of our life together. Things didn’t turn out that way this time.

This time we decided
, since I am dating his cousin, we would stay friends. Even though we are drawn to each other. Even though I eventually fell in love with him all over again. That doesn’t matter now because he doesn’t remember me. I found myself staring at him again and I had to look away, since he was now making out with his date.

“Do you want another d
rink yet?” Dallas asked me, pulling the empty glass from my hand.


He walked over and started making my drink. He was very good at it, and I will miss going to the bar and hanging out with him after work. He was done with all of his classes and would be looking into purchasing his restaurant. This has been his dream for so long, and I am being more than supportive. He told me that once it’s open and he is working, we will not see too much of each other. Usually I tried not to think about it.

The tho
ught of not being with him pained me. I have never been dependent on a man in my life. After my dad left me I didn’t trust men. Then meeting Dallas, and letting my wall down, I had now become accustomed to being with him. I called him every day, and tried to see him as often as I could. I did feel dependent on him emotionally.

We have all been through so much
, and I will be glad to start fresh this year. Last year wasn’t the best year for me, beginning with losing my favorite resident at work, Lucy. After that I went through a bout of not being able to sleep. When I was finally able to sleep, I dreamt of Landon. Until I realized who he was, it frightened me.

I fought off a Dark Guide, well two actually
; Dedrick and Benjamin. They were after Landon’s, and my, soul. With the help of Ianni they are no more, but she paid a big price. Now, instead of being an angel, she sat in this room as a human. That is what she wanted, and without her, Landon and I would be dead. I owe her everything, even though living with her has become difficult. I try not to show her my frustration about it, because she deserves a roommate who is patient. It was difficult because I am used to being alone.

decided to walk over to her as she sat looking depressed on the couch. Once she saw me though, she smiled.

“Hi, Happy New Y
ear.” She had learned all about our human holidays and customs.

“Same to you.
Are you having a good time?” I knew she wasn’t, but I was trying not to point out that she looked like she was going to cry at any moment.

“Yeah totally!” she lied. I kn
ew how lonely she had become because I had been in her shoes before. I have been the one sitting on this very couch watching everyone party and kiss, while I sat alone. I wanted to tell her I knew how she felt, but she would just deny it.

“You look really pretty tonight
, Ianni. I love your new dress.”

“Thank you.
I love it, too. The fabric is so unique.” It was very unique indeed, and in all likelihood cost a fortune. Ianni had developed very expensive taste in clothes. Her silver dress probably cost about five hundred dollars. She works with Kerri and me at the retirement home, Sunrise Estates. She doesn’t make great money, but I don’t charge her rent. I told her I would wait until she had everything she needs, feeling it was wrong to charge the woman who saved your life rent. So her wardrobe is packed with only designer clothes and shoes. I still have no idea how she affords that stuff. Of course Kerri helps her with her clothes since I don’t shop where they do. Although, I did go with them to a sale at this great shop downtown and I bought some nice tops that cost a pretty penny. I felt like maybe it was time to start dressing like an adult. I know Dallas likes it when I dress up. I had been feeling better about the way I look and more confident as well. I guess it’s because Dallas is always telling me I am beautiful, and so does Ianni. She says I shouldn’t think otherwise.

I have started to wear a bit of make-up too
, which is different since I used to only wear mascara. I found that I do like eye shadow and lipstick, as well as a little bit of blush at times. It’s strange, but being with Dallas has caused me to take a bit more risks in life. I also bought a new car and I love it. Dallas said my old one was just not me and it was true. It was time to spoil myself for once.

Landon even commented on it
, saying, “It fits my personality.” This made me laugh because he doesn’t really know my personality. After he lost his memories he hardly talks to me anymore. We see each other in the morning and I wave hello. He waves back, but just looks irritated, like I am bothering him. There was a time when it snowed that we made a snowman together. I thought he was starting to remember because he was singing our song. It was ‘You are my Sunshine,’ a song Cooper sang to Emily more times than I can remember. I was giddy with excitement as he started singing, but it turned out he wasn’t remembering, he was just singing a song.

    I decided to start being overly nice to him, even though he probably thinks I am weird. I figured maybe one day it will trigger his memory, but so far nothing has happened. Dallas wanted him to remember, too. Not because he wanted Landon to be in love with me again, but simply because he misses the old Landon.

As f
ar as Lillith goes, we never see her anymore. Even though she can be a real pain, I miss her. I know Ianni still sees her sometimes, because Lillith is her Spirit Guide. Mr. Grey is no longer around either. I miss him terribly; I didn’t even get to say goodbye, he just left. I know he is still around though, always watching me. Ianni tells me he will always be my Watcher and I know in my heart he is probably watching me as we celebrate a new year.

“Are you
okay, Avery?” Ianni asked me, pulling me from my thoughts.

I gave her the same answer she gave me
, “Totally.” She cocked her head to the side and studied me, maybe hoping to unearth my secret annoyance.

“What is it?
Dallas?” she asked. Shaking my head I got up from the couch, not wanting to talk to her about what was really bothering me. She had been very sensitive lately. She shrugged her shoulders and turned away. I knew I had made her angry, but I didn’t want to tell her what was on my mind at that moment. I didn’t even want to admit to myself that watching Landon with his date had gotten me in a funk.

Once Dallas was
done making my drink he brought it over to me. The music had been turned up and the other guests were starting to show up. Old friends of Kerri’s and a few from our work. It was starting to get crowded in there, so I went out the back door onto her newly furnished deck. Of course Dallas followed because, unlike Ianni, he will push me for answers and he knew something was wrong.

“What’s going on? Are you feeling a
ll right?”

I am fine. It’s just crowded in there now. I wanted a bit of fresh air.” Telling him the truth would break his heart. Plus, what good would it do? I looked out at the sky, so black and clear that I could see all the stars and the bright moon. Such a beautiful night for a party. If it weren’t so cold I would have stayed out there the rest of the night.

“Do you want your coat?”
He is always such a gentleman.

stay here. I will get it,” I answered, but he was already going inside to get it. Sitting down on a chair, I looked out into the night. Sometimes peace and quiet is nice, but other times I missed all the craziness of Spirit Guides and invaded dreams. I missed dreaming of Landon. Now my dreams were regular, weird dreams. No visitors anymore. No dreams of my past lives, no more memories of who I used to be. The cut off is sad and left me depressed.

now dreamt of basic things, like going to work in my pajamas. I sometimes dreamt of Dallas and me being together, doing fun things; things we never get to do. We had been separated by his work schedule and his new business venture so often lately that we hardly saw much of each other. This party was the first real date we had been on in a long time. Sitting on the back patio, I couldn’t help but think of the last time I sat here. It was when I told Dallas about Ianni. Turned out he already knew the truth about my Spirit Guide and how his cousin was in love with me. Sometimes I am astonished by life’s changes.

“Avery,” Landon’s voice broke
me from my thoughts. I turned to face him. He was alone now, his date inside talking to a group of men. Flirting no doubt. “Dallas asked me to bring you your coat. He got caught up making more drinks.” I peered inside to see Dallas busy making cocktails for the new arrivals. Ugh, how irritating it was to want to be with him and he gets dragged away to work, again!

In Landon’s eyes I could see the
reflection of the moon. It was captivating. Part of me wished he would just remember everything. Another part of me was thankful that he didn’t. It allowed Dallas and I to be together with no love triangle.

“Thank you
, Landon. You better get back inside to your girlfriend before the other guys steal her away.”

“Erica isn’t my girlfriend,” he said eagerly. “She is just a friend.” His eyes dart
ed to the sky, looking everywhere except my face.

, I thought you and her were dating.” Of course I knew they weren’t serious about each other. Lately Landon has had quite a few girls on his arm. He moved out of his apartment and back in with Dallas. Every time I visited he had a new girl hanging out there, swimming in the pool with him or leaving on his arm. I fought the evil, angry jealously-monster all the time. Ianni was the only one I could talk to about it. She knows Landon and me best really. She told me it’s natural to be jealous; now that my memories are revived I can’t help but be envious. I wasn’t sure if I believed that or not.

“Avery, I am not
anyone. I am just hanging out, meeting new girls. You know, looking for the right one.” I gulped at his words. The right girl for Landon. I wanted to say that the right girl is in front of him. Luckily, just then Dallas came out to join us, grasping my hand tenderly and pulling me from wicked thoughts.

, I had to make some drinks really quick.” Dallas must have noticed the tension in my face because he rubbed my hand. “You all right?” I nodded and he pulled me closer to him.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” Landon said
with irritation lacing his voice. As I watched him go I thought I saw him roll his eyes.

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