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by Zerlina Valinski


Copyright © 2014 by Crimson Frost Books


This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and events are fictitious in every regard. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names, or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used. Except for review purposes, the reproduction of this book in whole or part, electronically or mechanically, constitutes a copyright violation.


Copyright © 2014



The heavy beat of the music
filled the Urban Wolf Club. The place was packed to overflowing.  Liam had sought the privacy of his office just to get away from everything and everyone, even if that meant rustling through the papers on his desk trying to decide what bills to pay first. The check book was open, and he’d already paid ten bills. “Damn I hate doing this shit. It’s hard to think with all this noise.”

At times it could be difficult running two different clubs. Tonight both were packed. It was talent night, the night for local performers to show off their best. They came from all around to sing, dance, and play various instruments for the chance to win a big prize, to be on stage and be heard.  Some had real potential, and on a few occasions talent scouts had come to his club to hear the performances. So, tonight was the busiest night of the season in both clubs and to make things worse, the moon was full. 

Upstairs he catered to the local humans while downstairs he hosted the more special clientele. Both groups had their issues at times, especially when the supernaturals mixed with the human customers. And, he had a feeling, it was going to be a particularly challenging evening. A large group of Sensual Witches was visiting on their way to the new Lustulian temple to serve as priestesses. For the moment, the lusty women and the local pack of werewolves were downstairs enjoying some carnal delights.

Even in his back office, the sound was overpowering. “I just need to give it up.” Liam put his head in his hands. “But I gotta get these paid tonight.” He slammed open his ledgers, then turned on the computer. He could smell the varied scents of all of the people in his territory. The human patrons paid the bills and kept his cash flow where he liked it. But their emotions were powerful and he could sense them, especially the more nefarious ones. Sometimes they threw him into overdrive. He was a predator and some of them were no more worthy than prey.

Damn, I need a vacation.
He snarled.
get away from everything.

After writing two more checks, he stuffed them into envelopes. The annoying noise pounded in Liam’s aching head. “Fuck, I can’t think, there’s too much going on here tonight.”  He threw down his pen, and it rolled off the other side of the desk. As he was about to get up to retrieve it, there was a knock at his door. “What?” His jaw tightened with irritation.

“There’s a delivery for the kitchen.” Tobias opened the door to stick his head in.

Come in.” Liam waved.

They need your signature. I’ve checked everything, it’s all here.” Tobias pushed the door open and walked to Liam’s desk.  

Kinda late for a delivery on a Friday night.”

Tobias stopped at the front edge of his desk. His hair was unfashionably long and shaggy. He handed Liam the bill of goods. Liam reviewed, signed it, and then handed it back to him. 

“It’s only 6:30.”  Tobias shrugged. “It’s not really all that late.”

Oh, guess not.”

But why are you working on a Friday night? You’re the boss.”

It’s gotta get done.” Liam frowned. “I’ve got nothing better to do, and I just don’t want to deal with the crowds tonight.”

Can I bring you anything? You should really cut lose. Enjoy the night.”

Liam barely heard Tobias, his mind deep in thought as he looked over the next bill to be paid.  “Hey, you listening?”

“What?” Liam looked up. “You still here?” 

Yeah. Did you hear me?” Tobias frowned.

I guess not.” He looked back down at his ledger. 

I asked if you’d like me to bring you something.”

Nah, I’m fine. I have some whiskey.”

Okay. Call if you need anything.” Tobias closed the door as he left.

For several minutes, Liam stared at the closed door. Frustration rode him. He downed a shot of whiskey in one gulp. “Damn, I’d wish they’d turn down the bloody music.” He leaned back in his chair. Unfortunately, the whiskey was having no effect. It would take at least a dozen more shots to even take the edge off.

As of late, Liam found he had little tolerance for anything. He was quick to erupt, making those who knew him, seek to avoid him. He knew what he needed, but he hated the issues that accompanied his preferred activities. 

“Liam,” Zoey called from the other side of the door. 

“Come in.”

“Liam, I’m sorry to bother you.” She cracked open the door to look in.

Then don’t.”


I’m sorry, come in. What do you need? And when is another band going to play? That one is driving me insane.”

Zoey's eyes were wide with worry as she entered, like those of a frightened doe. “There’s a disturbance downstairs among some of your Betas. They’re fighting over a Sensual Witch. It’s about to get ugly. And I’m not sure about the band. I haven’t been paying attention to the performances tonight.”

Liam stood up, and his chair hit the wall behind him with a loud bang. Zoey jumped then backed out into the hallway. He could hear her heart racing from the hallway and her fear infuriated him more. “What the fuck? Why the hell are they fighting over bitches? And don’t act like you’re afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you.” He growled.

“I know, Liam. But you’re really on edge tonight.” She gave him a wide eyed look. “The witches are all hyped up and sensual as hell. You know how things can get with your unmated male pack members.” Zoey shrugged, cautiously re-entering. “But I’m only the messenger. Collette sent me up to get you.” 

“Can’t Collette control things? She’s the all-powerful priestess. Have her cast a spell or something.” Liam stomped out of his office and down the stairs leading to the area for special members only. The alluring scent of sex and magic floated down the hallway. The Sensual Witches exuded potent pheromones which were intoxicating to all exposed to them, even him. He could hear the moans and groans of men and women enjoying themselves mixed with what he recognized as warning growls of disgruntled males on the other side of the door.

He shoved it open and walked in. It banged hard against the wall. For a brief moment, all eyes were on him. The angry growls ceased. Then most resumed their sexual activities as if he was nothing but a small disturbance. Everyone in the room was naked.  Two gorgeous women with long hair and supple bodies reached up from the floor to touch his legs as he passed by. He walked around them and the piles of discarded clothes. The large room was crowded, making it hard for him to move without stepping on someone.

The room was dimly lit, candels filling every corner. The witches loved scented candles. And for good reason: the scent further intoxicated the males’ need to fornicate.  Many of the witches were on their backs under members of his pack. Even those women already engaged sought to gain his attention. The Sensual Witches were insatiable, and their sex made magic in honor of their Goddesses.

Collette was on the other side of the room on her knees in front of his second in command, Jared. She was, from what he could see, unconcerned with the violence brewing on the other side of the room.  

The growls from the men engaged with the witches deepened, turning more aggressive as they were pleasured. One male bared his teeth at the other. These men did not need weapons to have a bloody fight. They were equipped with teeth and claws which could tear an ordinary man to shreds.

Give her the fuck back to me,” a blond werewolf hissed as he pulled the voluptuous witch closer to him. “I was screwing the witch first. Wait your fucking turn.” Davis was enraged, his face reddening as it shifted between beast and human. Thom, a young Beta, snarled as he held the object of their dispute on his lap. He was joined with the woman.  As was characteristic of a Sensual Witch, she was unaffected by their argument. Intent on riding the man’s cock, she bounced steadily, rotating her hips just right for added pleasure. She was there to stimulate herself and share the experience with others in the worship of her Goddesses Aeval and Aidin. The women were dedicated to their craft making potent magic from sexual fulfillment. Since the building of their Lustulian temple, initiated by the witch Tasia Redcape, more and more witches had stopped by his club on their way to serve the Goddesses. 

Fully on alert, Liam continued to make his way to the center of the room. When he got there he was surrounded by at least twenty wolves and a dozen witches. He could sense a few other males were about to lose their tempers as well and take sides to fight. The werewolves loved a good fight as much as a good fuck.

Liam gritted his teeth to control his rising temper. “Not here, not now when I have a full house of humans upstairs.  If you want to fight, take it out of here. Out of my club and the city or I’ll pound you into the ground.” He flashed sharp teeth in warning and growled. “You understand me?”

All of the males lowered their eyes. When mad, no one dared challenge him. “What the fuck’s the problem anyway? There’re plenty of willing witches here, take turns. They’ll service you all and more than once. They thrive on it. So chill or I’ll put you on ice. Got it?” The room again fell silent except for the music playing upstairs. A new band was playing, and thankfully, it was some music he could tolerate.

The Beta wolves cooled as if their steam was suddenly released.

“I told them everyone would get a turn. We’re here to pleasure them all,” Collette chimed in. Liam turned to see the fair-haired witch waiting to be mounted by another Beta wolf. “We want to please them.” She pushed back onto a large cock. 

Yes, yes, so good.” The beautiful witch with long ebony hair moaned. Thom held her on his lap as she rode his cock with enthusiasm. She faced away from him, gyrating her hips with an expression showing intense pleasure, as did his. Thom’s large hands cupped her voluptuous breasts, gently squeezing them. She rewarded him by rotating her hips more, committed to achieving their combined pleasure. “Fuck me good.” She climaxed, her body trembling as a blue magical light washed over her.

So good,” she moaned. “Blessed be our Goddesses. Mm, I love all of these big cocks. Wolves are so satisfying.” The Goddesses’ light dissipated leaving her creamy complexion a rosy hue.

Liam could feel the Goddesses’ energy stirring; it washed over him, causing his cock to come to attention. He longed to enjoy the pleasure of a lovely woman. But not these women. Someone special, meant only for him--that was what his heart needed. 

He bit his lip to avoid moaning as vivid thoughts began to fill his mind. The Celtic deities were getting stronger by the day, especially since Alpha McKnight’s pack mate Tasia Redcape and the other Sensual Witches had built the grand Lustulian Temple in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Aeval and Aidin’s Moon Witches of Sensuality instructed them to create sex magic to strengthen the Celtic deities in this realm and the others.

The doorway between the Faery realms and the human realm was now always open to travelers. Over a short period of time, witches all over the human realm were awakening to fully understand who and what they were. Even witches who had aged were suddenly returned to their glorious youth and beauty as their magic opened to them. Their magical longevity and exceptional powers, before dormant or unrealized, were now coming to the fore. The world was changing, reverting back to an era similar to the time of Liam’s birth, where the faeries and the ancient Gods had boundless power in all of the realms. Soon the humans would become aware of the changes and recognize the powers of the great ones. It was a mystery as to how these modern humans would respond to the supernatural. But for now, it was hidden to them.

“Is it good?” The woman on Thom’s lap flipped her long hair over her shoulder in a seductive manner. She grinned up at Liam. 

Oh, yes baby.” Thom kissed her neck. His eyes glowed amber as his climax took him. She rocked her hips for more effect, trembling as her body was again washed with the magical blue light. She separated herself from Thom and cum streamed down her leg. The fragrance of sex was stronger as everyone returned to their carnal enjoyment, the hostility fading away with the appearance of the Goddesses’ magical light. The combined stimulus triggered Liam’s cock to stiffen even more. He adjusted his cock in his pants.

The woman rose from Thom’s lap and drew nearer to him, reaching for his belt buckle. “I’m Alisha. You need something?” She smiled up at him and Liam did not resist. The seductive powers these witches had made it hard for any male to resist. Not only were they all naturally beautiful, supernaturally so, they were imbued with the powers of sensuality.

“You’re so tense,” she cooed. “Relax, let me offer you some release. I’d love to pleasure you.” She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed his lips. Then she stepped back from him, holding both of his hands. He could feel her magic flow into him. It was hot and potent, arousing his every nerve. Liam watched her but never lost track of what was going on in the room.

Another long-legged woman with short spikey pink hair sashayed over to Davis, who was sitting on the sofa right next to where Liam was standing. She rubbed against him, like a feline wanting to possess him. “I’m Isis, you can fuck me.” She kissed the side of Davis’s face as she took hold of his erect cock. “I’ll make you feel good, big guy.” She pumped her hand around his cock. His expression softened, and his eyes glowed as she delivered soothing strokes. Isis straddled him, taking his cock into her with well-practiced ease.

BOOK: Urban Wolf
7.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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