Valentine's Day Romance: Finding Love

BOOK: Valentine's Day Romance: Finding Love
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Finding Love






T.K. Chapin



© 2015 T.K. Chapin
All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Standing up from the table, Rebecca threw her napkin down on her plate and pushed her date’s wine glass over, knocking it into his lap. Startled, he jumped up and said, “What is your problem?” Rebecca shook her head smiling as she looked down.


“Tip for the future honey, order a real drink and not what your date’s having,” Rebecca said as she put her purse over her shoulder and walked out of the restaurant.
Another pathetic excuse for a man, in a city of a half million people; you’d think I’d find the right one or at least a half-way decent one by now.
Exiting the restaurant, she stopped along the sidewalk and phoned for a cab. As she hung up the phone she spotted a couple across the street. The man was holding his woman’s hand, and they speedily walked across the street towards the restaurant.
I want that; I want something real.


Her phone buzzed, she glanced in her purse at the screen to see it was Jonathan, her dashing boss that has led her on for the last two years.
Wonder what he needs.
She answered the phone with a smile on her face.


“Jonathan dear, to what do I owe the pleasure?”


“Rebecca. I need you-” Interrupting his words. Rebecca pounced at the opportunity.


“You need me? Jonathan, dear... You’re taken. I’m sorry but I don’t help people cheat.”


“HA-HA, very funny Rebecca. I need you to come down here; I cannot find your article write up on the interview with Harold Macabre and it’s going live in…” He paused mid-sentence, for what Rebecca assumed, to check his watch, “40 minutes.”


Just then her cab driver arrived. “I’ll be there.” She ended the call before letting Jonathan respond. It was the latest technique she was trying to use to lure him away from Stacy, his girlfriend of over a year. Rebecca has caught Stacy making out with random guys around the office on more than one occasion, but didn’t feel it was her place to bring it up to Jonathan. Plus, she didn’t want to win him that way; she wanted him to want her for who she was.


Rebecca’s date, from that night, suddenly came walking out of the restaurant as she was approaching her cab. She made eye contact with him and politely flashed him a smile, while he returned a glare.


“She’ll be alone forever,” He murmured under his breath as he was walking down the sidewalk to his car. Rebecca heard it and shut the door of the cab, leaning in the passenger window she let the cab driver know she’d be back in a minute. Heels clanking against the sidewalk, she caught up to her date. He turned around and put his arms up shielding himself in fear.


“Ha… You are more pathetic than I thought. I don’t want you to go home thinking I was rude; I want you go home knowing I acted that way because I’m sick of men catering to every whim of the woman they are with. I’ve been there and done that.”


“You think I cater to who I’m with because of my drink order?” He said standing upright. “I just like wine, but that doesn’t matter because you think you know me after 20 minutes at a restaurant.”


“The wine was the nail in the coffin Jeffery. It started long before, you were agreeing with everything I said and you just magically liked everything I liked. Anyways, I got to go. Nice knowing you.”


Turning around, Rebecca marched away, back to her cab.




“Where’s Vivian? She should be taking care of all this…” Rebecca said as she dug through the file server on the computer. She had left very specific instructions for Vivian to take care of this exact task. Vivian was Rebecca’s assistant and also helped around the office. She was a sweet gal for a receptionist, but she was a bit of an airhead.


“I had her leave,” Jonathan said as he poured himself a glass of scotch.
That’s a real drink.
Rebecca found herself judging men constantly by what they were drinking. She was convinced that there was something to what a man drinks and their personality. “Vivian was upset and when I asked why, she told me her and her fiancé had been fighting. I told her to take the night off and I’d take care of it.”


“That’s very compassionate of you Jonathan. Hopefully they figure it out. They’ve been engaged for 2 years now,” Rebecca said as she found the folder with the article in it on the server. Noticing his scotch again, Rebecca asked, “Would you ever order the same drink as your date?”


Jonathan took a gulp of his scotch and set his glass down on the desk as he looked confusedly over at Rebecca. “What?”


“You heard me, would you?”


Letting his serious tone and posture relax, he rubbed his defined jaw line as he pondered. “Depends on what she’s drinking,” he said with a smile.


“My date ordered a glass of wine tonight…”


“Oh my…” Jonathan said looking down. “Poor guy. How did you react?”


“The usual,” Rebecca lowered her head as she blushed.


“You have to stop freaking out on your dates when they make a mistake Rebecca!” Jonathan said laughing. “You are going to end up with a million cats and no man.”


Rebecca finished uploading the article to the website that was going live in only a few minutes. As she stood up, she looked at Jonathan, and felt sparks explode inside of her as her eyes met his.
I swear he likes me… I just don’t get it.
Walking towards him, she grabbed his decanter of scotch and poured herself a shot using his glass. She drank it quickly and set the glass back down next to Jonathan on the desk. Turning away from him, she began to leave.


“Rebecca…” Jonathan said with a low tone as she was rounding the separating wall between the cubicles and lobby.
Is this it? Will he finally make a move?
Rebecca turned around and beamed at Jonathan.


“You forgot your scarf,” he said standing with her baby blue scarf in hand.
Sigh… I guess not… Wait, you know what… I’m going to go for it! I don’t care what happens
. As she grabbed the scarf from Jonathan’s hand, she leaned in for a kiss tilting her head. Her lips found nothing but a scruffy cheek. Jonathan placed his hands on her arms, sending tingles through her body that helped calm the anger she felt from the rejection.


“Rebecca… You are a gorgeous gal, but I’m…”


“With Stacy?” Rebecca said angrily swatting his embrace away. “I know for a fact you are interested in me… I don’t get it. I’ve been here two years and we flirt all the time.” Jonathan nodded acknowledging what she was saying and thus fueling her hatred for him rejecting her in that moment.


“The problem is…”


“Don’t even go there Jonathan, you can’t explain yourself out of this situation like you can with the board and the Kinsley report!” Rebecca snapped at him.


“I feel something for you, that’s my problem!” Pulling her close their faces were inches apart, “I like the way your hips sway when you are going to the water cooler, the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you are passionate about…” He stopped.


“What else?” Rebecca encouraged him to continue, enjoying his proximity. “You sounded like you were leaving something out?” Rebecca bit her lip. Jonathan quickly got even closer to her face.


“That lip bite you do… It drives me insane!” He released her quickly and turned away, but not before she saw the fire in his eyes.


“Then what’s the problem?” Rebecca asked firmly.


He paused for a moment and looked towards Stacy’s desk. “I just want something real.” Rebecca grabbed his chin and pulled his face towards her, running her fingers through his hair, she looked into his eyes.


“This can be real Jonathan,” She leaned in to kiss him again, but he stopped her.


“That’s just lust and it isn’t real,” He said looking down. “I’ve been down that road too many times…”


“Okay…” Rebecca said, setting her purse down on the desk. “Let’s get to know each other.” Taking a seat in a chair next to the desk, Rebecca leaned in and looked at Jonathan.
I want to know this man. Sure I’ve pined after him for years, but he was right, it was just lust.
Jonathan sat down in a chair and crossed his arms, he looked apprehensive about doing this. “What’s wrong?” Rebecca asked.


“I just never knew you felt the same way as I did…” He rubbed his neck before continuing, “Tell me Rebecca, how long have you been interested in me?” Rebecca’s heart began to race at the thought of admitting her feelings and how they’ve been there since she first laid eyes on him.


“They’ve been around for a while,” Rebecca said blushing.


“Oh yeah?” Jonathan couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he poured her a drink and handed it to her. “Tell me… What has drawn you to me?”


Taking a deep breath and letting it out she said, “I have always admired the way you work so well with others… and I don’t know… you just exude this masculinity that I’ve never seen in anyone else before...” Rebecca found her heart pounding and her skin flushed. Jonathan was sitting directly in front of her smiling as he took it all in. He scooted his chair closer and leaned into Rebecca’s face as he set his hands on her knees, creating a stir in her that made her want him even more.


“My turn,” He said with a smile. “I’ve admired your tenacity with every project you’ve ever been assigned…” His thoughts seemed to take him somewhere for a moment before he continued, “I want to take you somewhere.” Jonathan arose and Rebecca accompanied him by grabbing his arm.
What is this about? I wonder where he is taking me.
Jonathan led her through the cubicles, around the partition, through the lobby and into the elevator. “Close your eyes,” He said.


The chill of the night immediately caught Rebecca’s attention as they stepped off the elevator and onto the roof. Jonathan took his suit jacket and wrapped it around Rebecca. “Go ahead and open your eyes,” He said smiling. When her eyes opened, she saw the tops of the buildings throughout the city on the backdrop of the crisp dark sky. Looking over the ledge, she could see Freeway 101 and the cars zooming along its winding road.


“Wow…” Rebecca said admiring the view of the city. “This is just amazing.” Turning to Jonathan she leaned her head against his chest. He lifted his hand and held her. “What is with this place? Do you come up here a lot?” she asked.


“Not a lot, but I do come up here when I need to think.” Walking over to the other side of the roof, Jonathan set his hands on the ledge and leaned over looking at the street below. Joining him at the ledge, Rebecca spotted a couple walking along the side walk.


“What are you thinking about right now?” Rebecca asked curious if it was about the couple down below.


“I’m thinking I am already 38 and I’m getting old.” Jonathan said before he turned around and leaned against the ledge. “This life… it’s too short to waste it on doing anything you don’t want to do.” Jonathan began to pace as he continued, “My life has been spent in board meetings and in plastic walls…”


“What are you saying Jonathan? Are you thinking about quitting?”


“Yeah,” He said leaning back against the ledge. “I really am thinking about it Rebecca. I just want…want to be outside and…” Jonathan took a deep breath in, “I want to be alive, and I don’t want to die in this stupid office…” Rebecca was inspired by his ambition, but she wasn’t sure how an older guy like him could find a new job.


“You aren’t young Jonathan,” Rebecca said walking up to him and placing her hand on his chest.


“I’m not old either! I’m at this… this threshold.” Rebecca perched her lips in concern and Jonathan took notice of her unhappiness in the moment. “What do you want to do? Where do you want to be in a year or two?” Jonathan asked.


“Well… If I could ever get a series, that’d help me move up the ranks at least. I know that just doesn’t get handed out though. I don’t know… I want to stay with this company and move up to editorial someday…” Rebecca smiled, “Life is what you make it Jonathan, if you are miserable here, it’s because you choose to be.”


“That’s a good point Rebecca,” Jonathan said as he turned and looked over at the cityscape. “There’s so much out there, I just can’t help myself from wondering.” Jonathan put his arm around Rebecca. Her heart fluttered at his touch.
Could this be the guy I’ve been waiting for? He’s so passionate about life and so driven.



BOOK: Valentine's Day Romance: Finding Love
13.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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