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Valia’s Villain



Book 2 in the Sempire Seduction series.


When Valia approaches the
demon hoping for scorching sex and a feed, she doesn’t expect to be handcuffed,
transported to the demon realm, accused of dirty deeds she has no memory of
committing and held captive for three days. Even though she believes her captor
to be crazy, she feels a connection to him she’s never experienced before.

When Rydin senses the
who locked him up, fed on him and used him as a sex slave many years ago, he
knows his wait for revenge is finally over. Burning with the need to punish
her, he imprisons her in the demon realm, where she is at his mercy. But as
much as he tries to ignore it, a connection sparks between them every time they


paranormal erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave

Valia’s Villain

Jocelyn Dex



This one’s for my
, my monkey, my alpha male.

Writing this series wouldn’t have been possible without your
support, encouragement and ability to deal with a wife who prioritizes writing
over house cleaning. This time, when your coworkers ask if the hero’s
personality is a reflection of yours, you can say yes. You are my

And, if zombies ever do attack, there’s no one else I’d
rather have by my side.

Thank you for helping me live my dream.

I love you.





Geraldine, you deserve an acknowledgement! I’ve been so
absorbed in writing the last several months that I’ve been an absent friend.
Always know that you are the best friend I’ve ever or will ever have. Thanks
for all your support, for always reminding me how awesome I am and for buying
my first book five times. You’ll always be my favorite Cynthia.


Chapter One


Rydin’s muscles tensed as he forced himself not to run at
her, throw her down and fuck her amongst the writhing bodies on the dance
floor. She was here, in the human realm, in this nightclub. He didn’t know how
he knew, but he felt her presence in a primal way. He’d almost given up on ever
finding her and getting revenge on the sultry bitch.

He scanned the club, needing his eyes to confirm what his
body felt.
. He squinted as her absurdly red hair blazed beneath
the offensive pulsating lights. His gut twisted and he hardened in

His nails pierced his palms as his hands balled in to fists.
She looked exactly as he remembered. The insane craving for revenge had kept
her image burned into his brain.

Thirty years had passed since she’d fucked him—literally and
figuratively. Thirty years he’d longed to do to her what she’d done to him.
Lock her up for three days, fuck her, lick her cunt, whatever he wanted, when
he wanted, whether or not she wanted it. He’d make her want it. He’d been her
sex slave for three days and he knew what made her hot. That wasn’t typically
his style but this wasn’t a typical situation. She’d done it to him and
finally…finally he had his chance for revenge.

One problem, he had another mission tonight—to kill a demon.
He didn’t know why, nor did he give a shit. He only knew that Debol, the
deranged Incubus who held his contract, wanted the demon dead, and after
killing it, Rydin would be one step closer to being free. Free of the demon
realm, free to live the life he wanted.

Being contractually obligated to a deranged Incubus for one
hundred thirty years put Rydin in a generally shitty mood, but tonight it
enraged him. He refused to miss this opportunity. Refused to wait any longer to
get his revenge. The bitch was his. Tonight. But he had to kill the demon too.

If he breached the contract, that fucker, Debol would add
more time to his contract. With only twenty years left, no way, no matter how
badly the need for revenge made his ass itch, would he let her be the cause of
him being stuck for another fifty years.

He watched her glide through the club, confident, at ease,
while males, human and demon alike, stared after her with carnal gazes and he
didn’t blame them. She presented a salacious picture in that green miniskirt,
and matching halter top that barely covered her breasts. She was a vision even
with that ridiculously red hair. He’d think it a dye job if he hadn’t been up
close and personal with her. He’d have detected the scent of chemicals but
there had been none. No, her hair had smelled of sweet citrus and pineapple
that made him think of a tropical paradise.

He mentally shook himself. This wasn’t the time to be waxing

The anticipation, as she drew near, drove Rydin nuts. He
hadn’t planned to make a scene in the club, but with her walking right toward
him, it might just happen. He couldn’t wait to see the shocked expression on
her face when she realized who she’d run into.

Would she cry and beg for his mercy? Would she try to run or
would she actually try to fight him? Ha. He’d like to see her try. He was a
demon—just short of seven feet tall and built for fighting and killing.

There was still the obstacle of completing his assignment
and he still hadn’t caught sight of his mark. He couldn’t miss this kill, but
he couldn’t let her slip through his fingers after waiting so long. The need
for revenge burned like acid sloshing in his guts. He’d have to teleport her to
his home in the demon realm, secure her then come back and make his kill.

He had no doubt of his ability to overpower her, but because
he had to come back here, he couldn’t afford to draw much attention to himself.
Although, with his size, he drew attention anywhere he went in the human realm.
Puny humans

Holy shit
. She was so close now he could smell her
pineapple fragrance.


Valia needed semen and she needed it soon.
required it, derived nourishment from it and would wither and die without it.
Her sister Araya had been keeping her busy with planning her upcoming wedding
to her human-Incubus fiancé and Valia hadn’t fed in three days.

Valia burst out laughing as she made her way through the
crowd looking for a suitable male to feast on. It never failed to crack her up
that her sister, a
, was getting married.
didn’t do that.
reveled in taking nourishment and pleasure from
varied partners, monogamy and relationships simply didn’t fit into their plans.
In all of her years, she’d never heard of a Sempire getting married.

What cracked her up even more was her sister’s fiancé being
a goddamn Incubus.
avoided and, if the opportunity presented,
would kill an Incubus because of their semen being highly addictive to
Too dangerous. Once addicted, there was no cure and just thinking about it made
her uneasy.

Oh well, her sister had been a sappy, romantically inclined,
half human. She’d literally been dying because she refused to feed from a male
and complete her transition to full
. Her mother had been
desperate to save her and had abducted and locked Kean, the human-Incubus
hybrid, in Araya’s room hoping his alluring Incubus scent would be too much
temptation to resist. It had worked and not only had Araya fed from Kean, she’d
fallen in love with him. Luckily for him, he loved her back and all was well.

Valia was glad for her sister’s happiness, but that kind of
life wasn’t for her. She had no sappy, romantic illusions of her own. She
accepted her
nature and fed it well and often. With so many
delicious males to choose from, why saddle herself with one, or one thousand
when there were millions available?

She stopped short as the tingling in her chest grew to a
rambunctious prickle. What was that sensation? It had started as soon as she’d
stepped into the club tonight. It must be her craving for semen. At her age,
she only needed to feed once every four or five days before she’d begin
weakening, but she never waited that long, so her body wasn’t adjusted. That
must be it.

She scanned the crowd and she caught the gaze of a tall,
well-muscled human. His face was a little prettier than she’d like, but he’d do
for tonight. She preferred her males big, strong, burly and a little rough.

She was about to give him the look, the one that said “come
and get it”, but that damn prickling sensation turned into a pulling sensation.
Pulling her away from pretty boy. Was her
DNA rejecting him,
repelling her from him? It usually only repelled her from demons whose semen
wasn’t compatible with
, not humans.

Whatevs. She was getting grumpy and didn’t feel like wasting
time figuring it out. Once she fed, she’d feel better. She’d be back to normal.

She moved through the crowd, but every male she considered
notched up the prickling and she felt as if she was being pulled or pushed away
from them.
. She never had this problem. Normally she saw a male
who pleased her, seduced him, fed and moved on. Simple. So, what was her
problem tonight?

The closer to the back of the club and farther away from the
crowd she got, the better, more at ease, she felt. So, instead of fighting the
sensations, she gave in, let go and let them pull her in whatever direction
they wanted. And she was so glad she did when they led her to the marvelous
beast in front of her.

She could sense his species. A
demon. She’d
never had one but had always wanted one, she assumed because of their
lore—huge, feral, yummy. This one did not disappoint. He stood a good foot
taller than her five foot eight inches, muscles bulging in all the right
places. Cruel but sensual lips, short, dark-brown hair and deep-amber eyes. He
wore a black baseball cap, she assumed to hide the horns she knew
had and she had visions of tonguing them before she rode him. And those arms…
Holy hell, they were roped with muscles and bigger around than her waist.

He felt right to her in a way she didn’t remember ever
feeling before. The contentment inside her had grown with each step she’d taken
in his direction, a warm excitement bubbling within her. His aura blazed with
lust and anger. Scary but hot. Valia’s father had been a
demons could read and manipulate auras and Valia had a little of the reading
ability but not much. She wondered why his aura was so clear to her, but didn’t
waste time trying to figure it out. He had what she needed and just knew he’d
deliver it in a way that didn’t disappoint.

His gaze, raking her from head to toe, made her skin hum and
she grew instantly wet. Yeah, he was definitely the one she wanted. Hell, she
was tempted to bend over the table for him right now. She could barely wait to
feel his hands on her, his cock inside her, to inhale his masculine scent as
they fucked each other into climactic ecstasy.

He jumped when she spoke. “Wow. You’re a big one, aren’t ya?
I think you’re the one I’ve been looking for tonight. Wanna get out of here?”

Chapter Two


She didn’t recognize him. How the fuck did she not recognize
him? Her guards had locked him up and put a collar around his neck, a collar
that kept him from harming her, and she had worked some kind of
magic on him so that he, even though his brain had rebelled, had not been able
to refuse her every sexual demand.
weren’t rumored to wield any
kind of magic, so he had no idea how she’d done it, but she had.

Rage blinded him. He’d waited all this time for revenge and
he hadn’t forgotten a single detail about her. He even saw her face when he
slept, but she stared right into his eyes and showed not a single bit of

Fury overrode logical thought. He threw her over his
shoulder and stormed out the emergency exit. She didn’t kick and scream as he’d
expected so the heads that did turn their way, weren’t overly alarmed.

Once outside the club and away from the noise, he heard her

“What’s so damn funny, female?” Rydin asked. He carried her
to an unlit spot behind the club and set her on her feet.

She flipped her blazing red hair from her temptress face.
“Wow. A simple yes woulda been sufficient, but the whole caveman thing is
totally workin’ for you.” She looked around, treated him to a stunning smile
and closed the few inches between them, pressing her body to his. “Public
displays your thing?”

He could not believe she was flirting with him, tempting
him. The sting of her lack of recognition fueled his anger and need for

“No,” he gritted out. He grabbed a fistful of hair at the
back of her head and teleported her to his home in the demon realm.

“Whoa,” she said. “Aggressive. I like it, but don’t jack up
my hair.” She reached up and locked her fingers behind his head, encouraging
him to kiss her. To fucking
her. He remembered how that mouth had
felt. How it had aroused him and brought him pleasure even though against his

He released her hair and grasped her around the waist,
lifting her to him. She didn’t hesitate to wrap her legs around his waist and
cling to him. Her lips met his. He wanted to push her away, to reject her but
he couldn’t resist. He hated her, but he remembered the feel of her, the taste
of her and he needed to taste her again. Now.

He ravaged her mouth, holding nothing back. He put the past
thirty years of wanting revenge into that kiss. She should be afraid, pushing
away from him, but instead she met his intensity, tongue thrusting, tasting,
biting his lip, fisting his hair.

He had to stop before she bewitched him again and fucked up
his kill tonight. He’d have plenty of time to ravish her later and he would
enjoy every second of it.

He placed her on the bed, not breaking the kiss until he
quietly removed the handcuffs from his nightstand—occupational equipment. He
didn’t always kill. Sometimes he abducted.

In one fast move, he raised one of her wrists above her head
and cuffed it to the bed post. Now she’d understand this wasn’t a game. He was
in control this time.

“Ooh, handcuffs. Nice. Are we role-playing? I’d prefer
fluffy, but the hard steel seems to fit your personality,” she teased.

He growled at her utter lack of concern. “This isn’t a game,

“Whatever you say,
.” She scooted to a sitting
position in the bed and drew a booted foot to her chest causing her tiny skirt
to hike higher, giving him a clear view of her green, barely there sparkling
panties. His cock strained painfully against the zipper of his jeans.

She struggled to remove the boot with her only free hand. “A
little help?” she asked.

Yeah, he would help her. He had been stripped of his
clothing and left naked in that cell for three days. So, yes, he would help her
remove her clothing so she could lie here naked as he had. Like for like.

He bent over the bed, averting his eyes from her sparkly
cunt. He’d never get out of here if he didn’t rein in his lust. It pissed him
off that she aroused him, tempted him so much. Yeah, he was going to fuck her
senseless but this was about revenge and only revenge. He removed one boot and
dropped it to the floor, then repeated the process with the other boot. He was
about to remove her skirt but the images that flashed through his mind froze
him. He didn’t trust his control in that moment.

He took a step back and said, “You can manage the rest. If
not, I’ll take care of it when I return.”

Her red brows drew together. “Huh? Return?”

Finally, something got her attention. He sneered and
immediately ported back to the club without answering, leaving her there to
worry. Oh and how he hoped she worried herself sick.

* * * * *

Valia sat in shock. He’d left her. Left her hungry, horny
and handcuffed to his bed. Alone. The handcuffed part was hot, but the alone
part was disconcerting.

She’d always fantasized about having a
but they were few and far between in the human realm, and she damn sure didn’t
make trips to the demon realm. She and her family resided in the veil between
the human and demon realms and lived a lifestyle of opulence.

No, the demon realm wasn’t any place she wanted to visit,
even if it had meant finding a
sooner. She didn’t know why but it
was almost an obsession and even sitting here alone and confused, she wanted
him. She knew she could simply break the cuffs and teleport, or flash as she liked
to call it, out of here and find someone else to feed her hunger tonight, but
she wanted him.

From the moment she’d walked in the club, she’d felt him,
had been drawn to him. She hadn’t realized that was what had been leading her
but once she found him, everything had felt right. Every fiber of her being had
screamed “this is the one”. It made no sense, but some force had pulled her to
him and when he’d touched her, her body had hummed its approval. Valia enjoyed
the males she fed from, many of them had been excellent lovers, but she’d never
sort of rightness from a single touch.

She looked around the small bedroom noticing, for the first
time, her crude surroundings. The concrete walls were bare except for a couple
of stray, creepy-looking black vines winding through cracks. There was a
beat-up dresser next to an open door with a sink inside that she assumed was a
bathroom, and there were no windows. A raggedy chair set to the left side of
the bed and the only light in the room came from a lamp with a crooked, shabby,
light-blue lampshade sitting atop an equally crappy-looking nightstand next to
the bed.

Ah, a drawer. Maybe she could find out something about her
demon. He was obviously poor. Dismally so, but that didn’t
matter to her. All that mattered was his touch and his semen, but she’d get
neither of those without his presence.

With her wrist cuffed to the bed, she couldn’t quite reach
the handle. Well, she’d just have to break his handcuffs. Although, looking
around his room again, she figured he might not be able to afford a new pair.
No problem, she’d flash home and grab a pair of fluffy cuffs. She had several
and money was no issue for her. She rubbed the scratchy brown sheets beneath
her and decided she’d also treat him to a set of her
fifteen-hundred-thread-count sheets, or maybe silk.

She forcefully jerked her arm in a downward motion, crying
out in pain when the cuffs didn’t break.
What the hell?
were strong and the cuffs should have broken. Was she weakening from lack of
feeding the last few days?

She tried again, putting more force into it. “Shit!” She
rubbed her wrist with her free hand. Great, she was bleeding and she might have
broken her wrist. These were not regular handcuffs. Fine. She’d simply flash

“What the fuck?” she asked the empty room when nothing
happened. They had to be forged with materials from the demon realm or were
bespelled, negating her abilities. Holy crap, she couldn’t break free, she
couldn’t teleport. She was truly trapped there.

How long would he leave her there alone? What if something
happened to him and he couldn’t make it back to her? Did he ever have visitors?
Would she wither and die before someone found her? “No dammit,” she said to

Valia refused to panic. It wasn’t her style. She was much
too awesome for panic. The
would return soon, feed her, fuck her
and fulfill her fantasy and then she might punch him in the dick for almost
making her lose her cool. Until then, she had no choice but to wait. Wait in his
dingy room on his uncomfortable sheets. She would not be stuck there for long,
she assured herself. She sighed and tried to relax.

* * * * *

A foul mood consumed Rydin as soon as he’d ported away from
. He told himself it was because his revenge had to wait but
if he were honest with himself, he’d admit he’d felt a sort of internal loss at
the distance between them.

Fuck. Where was the demon? He knew it was supposed to show
up, but the when of it wasn’t known. He’d left her handcuffed to the bed. What
if? No. He refused to worry about her. It would serve her right to be scared
for a while, to wonder what her fate held.

There he was. Rydin wasted no time and walked quickly to
where the demon stood twirling a drink in his hand. Not caring at that moment
who might see, he grabbed him around the neck and ported him from the club to
the veil between the human and demon realms. He didn’t speak and he didn’t give
the demon a chance to speak. He plunged a dagger into the demon’s heart,
snapped his neck then ported him to the steps outside Debol’s domain in the
demon realm. This was exactly what Debol had asked him to do. He didn’t know
why. He didn’t ask why. He didn’t care. With his task completed, he could get
back to his revenge.

With a thought, he appeared in his bedroom and his cock
instantly hardened in her presence.

“Why aren’t you undressed, female?” he asked.

She pouted, her pink, sultry lips begging him to kiss the
pout away. Damn her for being so beautiful, so sexy and tempting him, almost
making him forget what this was about.

“You left me here alone.” She reached between her legs
resting her fingers there. “I almost started without you,” she teased.

She obviously still thought this was a game. He needed her
to know. He needed to make her understand. It wasn’t revenge if she was having
fun and in control. No. He was in control and was about to make her see the

He walked to the bed side and glowered at her. “You will
learn to obey me during your stay here. Now remove your clothing.”

“It’d be more fun if you removed it for me.”

He bent over her, trying his best to be menacing, which
usually came naturally to
. Humans and demons alike cowered in the
face of

“Obey me,

She winked at him and pushed her miniskirt down her thighs
with her free hand. He stood and crossed his arms across his chest in
satisfaction. That was more like it. She bent her knees and tossed the skirt to
the floor at his feet. She worked the halter top over her head, but it hung on
the handcuffed arm. He sucked in a breath at the sight of her braless breasts.
The pink nipples tipped slightly upward, beckoning him to lick them. His eyes
traveled the length of her body. A growl erupted from deep within when he
spotted the blood on her wrist.

“What happened to your wrist?” he asked as he leaned over to
inspect the wound.

“Well, I tried to break your cuffs when you left me alone.
Regular cuffs wouldn’t have left a mark. You coulda told me these were

“Damn it, female. Why didn’t you just sit and wait?”

She snorted. “I’m not the waiting type. You’re lucky I still
wanna stay. Still want
.” She leaned forward and lightly bit his jaw.
Her warm breath caressed his skin as she said, “My name is Valia, not female
and not

Valia. He hadn’t known nor cared what her name was thirty
years ago but now that he knew it, it drifted through his mind and he decided
it suited her. Unique, feminine, sexy.

He felt guilty. Damn it. She wouldn’t have injured herself
if he hadn’t left her alone, but he’d had no choice. It wasn’t a serious injury
anyway and she’d heal. He was surprised it wasn’t already healing. And she
wanted him. She still didn’t understand. He would tend to her wound and then
make her understand. A little guilt did not change the situation.

He removed the cuffs from her injured wrist, cuffed the
other and then attached the other end to his wrist. He thought it unnecessary
at this moment, especially considering she’d not put up a fight and offered her
wrist to him freely, but he refused to take the chance of losing her after
waiting so long to find her.

“Come with me,” he said as he led her to the bathroom.

“Yes sir.”

Still joking. Unbelievable. He almost smiled. Almost.

He ran water over the cuts, then dabbed the smelly liquid,
that passed as alcohol in the demon realm, on them.

She crinkled her nose at the smell. “Ew. That’s funky.”

“Why isn’t it healing? Do
have inferior
healing powers?”

She sighed and pressed her bare breasts against him. “You
can help me heal it.” She rose up on her tiptoes and tipped her head back. “I’m

He took a step back, unable to think clearly with her
luscious body so close. “You can eat after I’ve tended your wrist.” He
inspected his handiwork and led her to the front room that served as a combined
kitchen and living area. Shit. He didn’t have any fruit in the refrigerator.
He’d learned everything he could about
after his stint as her
sex toy and knew
only derived nourishment from fruit and semen.

BOOK: ValiasVillain
7.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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