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Months later – or perhaps it was even
years – Haley found herself behind the wheel of a car parked overlooking a
sandy beach and ocean shoreline as the sun set overhead. She could feel her
mother’s presence in the car with her, scoping out the energies before them.
Feeling anxious about whether she should let her daughter go.

Haley turned
and looked to the empty seat beside her. “I’ll be okay,” she whispered. “This
time everything’s going to be alright.”

She pushed
open the driver’s door and let her bare feet touch the asphalt. The air was
cold and she wasn’t wearing a jumper, but she felt no need to return home to
get one.

She walked
around the front of the car and made her way down the steps towards the beach.
The path straight ahead was basically clear. To the left she could see two lone
figures walking across the water’s edge. To her distant right, she could see
the bonfire. The bonfire, meant for her.

With her arms
wrapped around herself she trudged through the thickened sand moving closer
towards the fire.

“Haley! Look
everyone, it’s Haley! Over here!”

Haley looked

A young woman
was calling her.

She wasn’t
sure she even recognized her voice.

But of course
it had to be…


Riley ran
from the fire to where Haley was, trudging along.

“You made
it,” Riley said wrapping her arms around her. “We really missed you.”

Haley murmured. “I missed you too.”

Riley led her
back to the bonfire where she saw a few other faces she recognized.

“Haley!” Dino
exclaimed, handing her a vodka cruiser. “Have a drink on me.”

Haley said.

“Well sit
down,” Riley offered. “Get yourself situated.”

Haley sat
down on the sand.

Jason got to
his feet and walked over to shake her hand. “I can’t believe it’s you,” he
said. “We thought we’d never see you again.”

“I heard
about Luna,” Haley said. “And … Nadine…”

looked away a moment.

“She’ll be
lucky if she ever gets out this time,” Dino said. “They put her away in max
security from what I hear.”

“It’s pretty
sad that she betrayed us,” Haley said. “And all for that creep Cyrus.”

“But you took
care of him, didn’t you?” Riley said punching her in the arm. “You took care of
him for all of us.”

Haley,” Jason said. “Tell us what it was like.”

“What was
what like?”

“Watching him
die,” Dino answered.

Haley looked
far away into the depths of the ocean. “I thought we were going to keep things

“How did you
do it?” Riley wanted to know.

“Did you
stake him?” Jason asked.

“I heard you
set him on fire,” Dino chimed in.

“It was
nothing spectacular,” Haley said. “In the end he wanted to go. He wasn’t happy
with who he was.”

“Fuck his
happiness,” Dino said. “He deserved what he got whether he wanted it or not.”

“So what have
you guys been up to?” Haley asked, changing the subject.

“This and
that,” Riley said. “Actually we were thinking of getting back into the
paranormal investigations. Now we’ve had a break.”

“You mean
going back to work for the Centre of Paranormal Affairs?”

“We’re gonna
start our own thing,” Jason said. “Freelancing.”

welcome to join us,” Dino said.

“I don’t
know,” Haley said. “It’s kind of hard to come back from everything. I don’t
know how you guys do it.”

worry,” Riley said cuddling into her. “You’ll get used to it eventually.”

“I hope so.”

Haley then
lowered the bottle from her lips. She could see two colorful eyes watching her
from the other end of the beach.

She stood up.
“Did you guys invite…?”

“Who is
that?” Dino asked following her gaze. “Is that – is that –”


He had found
his way back to her.

“I guess I
better go talk to him,” Haley murmured.

“Do you want
us to go with you?” Jason asked.

“No, that’s
okay,” Haley said. “Just … keep an eye on us, would you?”

“Of course,
Haley,” Riley said.

“We’ve got
your back,” Jason added.

Haley said forcing a smile.

She moved around
the side of the fire and walked across the beach towards where Brock was
standing in his pool of eerie blue light.

When she
caught up to him, she could see he was skipping stones across the water. Or at
least trying to.

“Give it
here,” Haley said taking the pebble from his hand. “I used to be good at this.”

Haley turned
the stone to the water and launched it into the air.

One splash.

Two splashes.

Three, four,
five, six…

impressive,” Brock said. “I can’t get past two.”

“That’s cause
you’re useless, isn’t it?”

“Thanks a
lot,” Brock laughed.


A pause.

“So you
tracked me down, huh?” Haley asked. “Doing a bit of detective work yourself,
are you?”

Brock said. “Or maybe it’s a right place, right time, kind of thing.”

“I don’t
think we’ve ever had one of those. It’s usually the opposite.”

“Yeah, that’s
generally the way of things.”

Haley lowered
her head. “So you were just watching me the whole time? When I was running
around Cyrus’s maze?”

“I had faith
in you,” Brock said. “I knew you’d kick his ass.”

“The whole
time you were trying to blame this whole thing on the Count, and it had nothing
to do with him. He wasn’t even dead either.”

“Us vampires
seem to have a way of coming back from the dead, I suppose.”

“Shame us
humans don’t.”

“Yeah. That
is a shame.”

swallowed. “Do you realize we’re still technically married?”

technically? We are married.”

“You still
calling yourself the Count?”

“No, that
wasn’t for me. I became too much of an asshole filling his shoes. So I gave the
agency back to him.”


“Yeah, I’ve
just been by myself. Wandering the world.”

“Not killing
anyone, I hope.”

“Well, I’m
not going to lie, there was the odd girl or two that caught my eye.”

Haley stared
at him angrily.

kidding,” Brock chuckled. “You should see your face.”

“That’s cause
it isn’t funny. Not even funny at all.”

“I miss
this,” Brock said. “I miss us.”

“Yeah, well
you’ve got a long way to go before you’re in my good books again.”

“Really? I’m
in the doghouse, am I?”

“I think so.”

“Well, what
am I going to do about that? How should I try and make it up to you?”

seriously. You can’t make it up. It was too much bullshit for too long.”


“Bossing me
around. Controlling my appearance. What I say. You were a total psycho.”

“I know I
was, but I still think I deserve a second chance. Let’s not forget how much I

“Don’t you

“Don’t I

“Don’t say
you love me,” Haley said cynically. “I’m not a fool you know. It’s not going to
work on me.”

“But what if
I’m telling the truth? What then?”

“I’ve seen
what you do to people you love. At least in the long term.”

“But what
about the short term? What about the present moment? Isn’t that what it’s all

“You’re a
cheeky bastard, you know that, don’t you?”

Brock smiled.
“I was born cheeky.”

Haley looked
down towards the ground.

Brock got
down onto the sand and stole her gaze. “Haley, I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

Haley didn’t
know what to say.

“Please say
yes,” Brock pestered.

shrugged. “Whatever.”

Brock stood
and moved in beside her. “May I hold your hand?”

She didn’t

He took it
anyway. “I’m holding it,” he said. “Alright.”

Then he

And they
watched the ocean together.

“Do you think
it’s going to last this time?” Haley asked.

“I promise it
will last as long as you want it to,” Brock said. “Because all that matters to
me is you. And hopefully one day, starting a family together.”

“You want to
start a family? Really?”


“I don’t
know. How can we bring a child into this world when there’s all this danger
that surrounds us?”

“Because we
love them,” Brock said. “And because we believe.”

“We believe.
In what?”

“In there
being another place outside of this. In everyone that has passed away still
being out there, somewhere. That all life is eternal. Not just a vampire’s.”

Haley thought
on what he’d said. She couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed
perhaps there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, after all…







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BOOK: Vampire Dating Agency: The Finale
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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