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Vampire Pleasure Train

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Vampire Pleasure Train

by Claudia D. Zawa 


The train ran into the tunnel as Kelly snaked her hand up my red shirt and cupped the underside of my breast. The tunnel filled our room with a laborious moan. Kelly licked my lips open and slithered her tongue into my mouth, pushing me against the noisy window. I shut my eyes and crawled my fingers through her hair.

“Kelly,” I groaned, “I love you. I love you so much.”

French kissing me, she pulled up my shirt and slid her hand down my belly, into my panties. She didn't pleasure me yet. As always, she wanted to torture me first. I gave a little laugh. Kelly smiled.

“I can smell you.”

Moonlight hit us as the train speed out into the countryside. Her eyes locked on mine, Kelly played with the puff of pubic hair, our bodies moving up and down. She put two fingers into me. I moaned and grabbed the back of her I raised my leg to give her easy access. She dug in deeper, kissed me – her tongue eager as her fingers. Our mouths were passionate and sloppy; drool dangled from our chins. Kelly's lip gloss made her spit smell like lemons. Her touch was expert. Jolts of pleasure turned my body to mush. My mind sighed. I was gone again, flying in that heavenly place of sexual calm and white noise. That's when the voice came....

it whispered over the clouds,
I'm watching you. I'm touching myself.

It was a woman. I shut my eyes tighter, as if that would somehow choke the voice away. It only made her louder.

I want you. Come to me. Cum

Was it my own thoughts? Was I losing my mind?

“Shit,” I said. “You're making me crazy.”

Kelly rubbed faster, tonguing my neck, her other hand squeezing my sweaty tit over and over, admiring its weight. I felt that familiar thunder in my belly rising. I spoke through clenched teeth, not even realizing what I was saying.

“God... I'm cumming... Don't stop...”

After what seemed like an eternity of holding back, Kelly finally rubbed my clit in that special way – a series of quick, moist, fleshy
. Hot lightning ran throughout my extremities. My legs gave out. Kelly held me up, her fingers still busy. My eyes rolled back into my brain. I was convulsing – shock waves of energy tickling my nerves – my nostrils flaring, my mouth open and dripping, my arms limp and flopping around. I must've looked retarded. 

And then...the ride ended. Kelly let me fall away from the window, onto the bed of pink and white pillows. She whispered into my ear:

“I'm not done yet.”

Exhausted, I had my hand on my forehead, still trying to come to my senses.


She grinned.

“I didn't go yet.”

Kelly took off her clothes and got into bed with me, her large breasts swinging. She pulled off my jeans as I took off my shirt. The small fan on the desk cooled my sweat. I raised my arms up and stretched and smiled.

“I'll be ready to go again in a few seconds,” I said. “Play with my body.”

Kelly opened my thighs and rested her nose on my dry vagina. She smelled in the goodness and licked me, spelling out the alphabet, lubricating me with her spit. It worked. My clit was electric. Kelly started making slurping noises. My natural juices flowed into her mouth. She eased three fingers into my wetness. I pulled my head forward to look at her and saw lust in her eyes. She looked like a hungry animal. I grabbed her wet scalp and let my head plop back onto the pillow. I guess her tongue was sore, because she started rubbing my clit with her lips. I loved the pressure.

“Harder,” I whispered, staring up at the passing shadows on the ceiling. “Feels so good. Don't stop.”

There was a knock on the door. Kelly shot up, lips covered in goo. Mumbling curses, she opened the door to reveal a woman in a long, black dress and a top hat.

“Good evening, ladies,” the woman said. “I have come to invite you to a party.”

“Go away,” Kelly snapped. “Can't you see we're naked?”

She was still cumming. I could see the shimmering juice running down the inner sides of her legs. The stranger poked her head into our room.

“My, my, my,” she said, scanning my nude body, “this room is steamy. If it's nakedness you want, our party will please you, indeed.”

Again, I heard the voice in my head.

Cum. Yes,

I sat up, my breasts bouncing.

“Splendid,” I told the woman. “We'll go.”

I held my hand out and smiled; the woman kissed it and walked me out. She said we didn't need to get dressed. Kelly shrugged and followed.


The train passed a hilltop littered with the silhouettes of wolves sitting under a tree, singing to the Moon. We ran over some rough terrain, and the train car wobbled. The woman in the top hat stood us before a red curtain. She smiled at me.

“My name is Stacy. My master, Miss Veronica, has been expecting you.”

Stacy pulled on a yellow rope. The curtain opened and revealed a room full of woman dressed in early 1900s attire: exposed corsets, dresses that raise the backside, top hats, veils, umbrellas, monocles, and hand fans – all black. Everyone gathered around gambling tables and laughed and sipped from wine glasses. An all-female band, their faces hidden behind thick veils, played classical music on violins and harps as a naked, jet black belly dancer tempted the room with her gentle, seductive hip movements – her gold wristbands and necklaces clinking. Kelly was hypnotized. I looked down between her legs and saw a wet spot on the red carpet. Her pussy was breathing, dripping, hungry... In the center of the room was a throne made of male skulls and bones and red silk. The beautiful Japanese woman sitting on this impressive chair – at first looking rather bored – saw me and perked up. She smiled, and my body turned warm. I blushed.

Stacy whispered into my ear.

“That's Veronica, our vampire queen.”

Kelly gave her a dumb look.

“Vampire? Don't be silly.”

Veronica waved at me. A servant in a red straightjacket and matching biter mask, his penis exposed, got down on his knees as Veronica used him as a step stool. His cock straightened at the first touch of her sharp high heel. The silver tip popped through his skin. He moaned in what I guessed to be pleasure as blood oozed from his back, ran down his side, and pooled under his belly. He clenched his asshole, and his throbbing member shot forth semen that decorated the blood with shimmering pearls – 400 million people drowning in an ocean of red mess.

Veronica wore a black, strapless dress that accented her healthy buttocks and ample bosom.

“I am Veronica,” she said. “I am here to save you from your mundane sex life. In exchange, all I ask is your blood.”

Her breath smelled like apples.

Yes, yes!
My mind said.
Anything you want. Just let me fuck you....

Kelly took my hand.

“This is insane. We're leaving.”

Stacy held a knife under Kelly's chin, snarling at her to keep silent. Everyone in the room continued gambling and drinking and laughing, either not noticing the situation or not caring. Kelly let me go, her hands held up in submission. She begged me to run. For some strange reason, I didn't care. I wasn't scared. I wanted to stay. Veronica kicked off her heels. She reached back and unzipped her dress and pulled it down. Her breasts popped out, and I felt my clit stand in attention. Those gorgeous tits... Those dark nipples erect and eager... I wanted them... Wanted to run my tongue across them. The dress fell to her feet, and she kicked it into a rattan bin of dirty clothes. One of the gamblers shrieked in excitement and dove into the bin, holding the dress to her face, sniffing, licking, groaning. Her friends pointed and laughed. Veronica grinned at me and got close – her nipples touching my chest.

“I will introduce you to a world bursting with pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Take my hand. Shall we go?”

Kelly screamed at me.

“Snap out of it! These people are crazy! What's wrong with you?”

To shut her up, Stacy fondled Kelly's left breast and licked her ear. Kelly squirmed, her pussy vibrating and oozing. My head buzzed with sex. Veronica took my hands.

“Wonderful,” she said. “I've wanted you ever since you got on my train.”

Our fingers locked. Her mouth came close to mine. I whispered:

“Your train?”

“Yes,” she said. “I own this train. And everything on it.”

“I have to go.”


“Yes, to my wedding. I'm getting married. To Kelly. My wife.”

Veronica put her hands on the sides of my head and looked into my sleepy eyes.

“You're my wife now.”

Kelly cried out in protest as Veronica kissed me. I gave myself to my queen and wrapped my arms around her neck as she fondled my breasts with both hands. We kissed like porn stars – no lips touching, just tongues darting in and out, sliding over each other. Everyone gathered around us, heads cocked to one side, curious, analyzing us. Veronica got down on a knee and rushed two fingers into my pussy, using her thumb to rub my click, her other hand massaging my buttock. I had to put my hands on top of her head to keep myself from falling over. My eyes were half open in ecstasy. Veronica licked my clit quickly, her eyes huge and unblinking. She reminded me of a lizard.

The women watching cheered and clapped.

Then they went to work... The women kissed each other and took off their clothes while a slave girl gathered everything up and folded them for later use. The room was filled with thirty naked women, all sweaty, many on the ground and slipping over each other on the red carpet, filling the room with moans and chirps of wonderful pleasure. Stacy's pelvis gyrated against Kelly's buttocks. Stacy tongue-bathed her neck. Kelly winced from the cold touch with such force, it looked like her face was going to implode. Her gaze met mine. She wanted to get away – her hands shaking, her feet shifting eagerly. Stacy said something threatening into Kelly's ear and turned her around, knife aimed at her heart.

“Time to eat,” Stacy said.

The other women grew fangs and cheered “Yay!” and jumped onto Kelly, sinking their fangs into her flesh. It all struck me as normal. Maybe it was all a dream?
Not real... It's all in my head... Just enjoy the moment...

Veronica's fangs grew with the sound of a pencil pushing through a Styrofoam cup. She bit into my vagina, and I groaned, grabbing her head, holding her nostrils closer to my pubic hair. I cried out:

“Shit! I'm cumming! Yaaaaarrrgghhhh!”

My stomach rumbled and wet goodness shot out like a water sprinkler all over Veronica's face. My legs gave up. I toppled over. She caught me and kissed my cheek, still fingering me. I shook my head, crying.

“I can't take the pleasure! It's too much!”

Veronica just worked faster, the sucking sounds coming from my vagina filling my ears. Her touch was expert. She smiled.

“I'm never going to stop. I love you so much.”

Her face was caked in a delightful concoction of cum and blood. We got on the ground and rolled around in blood, giggling, challenging each other to see who could get on top first. I won...and parted her legs, holding her ankles up in the air. Steam hissed out of her vagina. At first I thought it was a ghost. I put my head between her legs and enjoyed the warmth against my face...enjoyed the smell of rusty pennies.

“Can I eat you out?”

“Yesss,” she said.

Veronica's neck muscles relaxed. She closed her eyes and smiled and sighed. I slid my tongue into her pussy and felt around the walls, sniffing up her wet pearls, first finger shooting in and out of her anus. Veronica's clitoris was long and overused. It was dark purple and pulsating. I bit down on it, and Veronica shrieked in pleasure. I then proceeded to gnaw on it like a rabid dog. She ran her hands through my hair as her legs shook.

“So good!” she yelled, almost in anger. “So good!”

Kelly was screeching again. Lazy eyes filled with tears, I looked and saw the vampires tearing off her arms and legs and holding the limbs up and letting the blood drip down into starving mouths. The red hypnotized me...turned me on ever more. Kelly's body twitched and hopped around the place – her head still screaming in horror.

“I need help! I'm not dead yet! Call an exorcist!”

She had fangs. Her limbless body rolled across the room while everyone laughed and pointed and clapped and hooted. The belly dancer scooped Kelly up and kissed her forehead and kicked her like a football. She was caught by an obese woman who in turn kicked her into the crowd, then another kicked her, then another... Kelly didn't touch the ground for a complete minute. There was much laughter and joy in the crowd. Kelly was not pleased. As she sailed across the air, she complained:

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