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“They found that sleeper you used. His
body was blown nearly thirty feet from the explosion site. The cops said if the
neighbor hadn’t found him in their pool they might not have known he was

Conrad looked up at his trusted aide as
he continued.

“They are also saying that it was a
major gas leak and it might be months before they can sort through it all to
find out. But there was no one in the house when it went up.”

Because she had escaped somehow. He
looked again at the house as it had gone up before the feed had fuzzed out. The
blast had taken out his camera so he had no idea what had happened in the
seconds after. Except, of course, that her truck that had been parked in the
driveway had blown up seconds after the first blast.

“Any of the neighbors see anything?”

Nestor Carvey shook his head.

“How the hell is that possible in a
neighborhood that small?”

“There were no houses on either side of
her. The house across the street has an older woman in it that had no idea
there had been an explosion until I knocked on her door. She had to have been
all of three hundred years old and probably as deaf as a post. The other two
houses the owners were at work and only came home when it hit the news. And
they said they didn’t have much contact with her other than seeing her in the
yard leaving or coming. And of course there were the idiots that we hired to
kidnap her and bring her to us. They won’t be talking to anyone ever again.”

Conrad nodded. The Ingrams had come up
with their own plans concerning McCray and he hadn’t been happy about it. Not
only had he ordered them killed, but had made it so no one would find their
bodies for some time. Then this happened. Now the cops were bound to go to the
house and find what had been done to them when they’d stashed them in the
basement wrapped up in tarps. Christ, this was a major fuck up.

He pulled up the video again. He was
missing something. Conrad wondered again who had decided to put the camera on
rotate so he only got a view of the house when the camera swung around again. He
waited for the feed to come around as he watched her truck pull into the drive,
then back again when the house was there with the truck in the driveway. The
third time around, it showed the house go. He looked at the truck from the
first two times the camera rolled by it and tried to see if she had anyone in
it with her when Nestor spoke.

“I looked into the fall she said she
had. There are no records of her going to the hospital or even the company
doctor. I’m thinking she was either lying, which we both know she’s a pro at,
or she simply took care of herself.”

“She wouldn’t go to the company man. She
never liked him in the first place.” Conrad laughed. “With good reason, I
suppose. He’s one of mine.”

When he brought up the video this time
he paused it on the truck. He kept staring at it when Nestor spoke again.

“The police are looking for her
landlord. They can’t seem to reach him. And I’ve put in a search for him on my
own. He lives in England with his fifth wife and they have another home in
France. As soon as I get a number for him there, I’ll try.”

Conrad didn’t think he’d find one, but
stared at the truck. “What kind of vehicle does she drive? I know it’s a truck,
but what can you tell me about it?”

“Dark blue with tinted windows. It
doesn’t have a cab on the back. She said she hated them. And she—”

Conrad stood up. “It’s not hers. The
truck, it’s someone else’s. This one in the camera, it’s dark green and has a
tool box in the back. Mother fuck, she took off in that monster she drives. Tell
me what you know about it.”

Nestor was shaking his head and Conrad
wanted to scream at him. “Nothing, sir. She bought it as a personal and never
turned in the paperwork on it. She’s only had it for about a month, but even in
all that time she never registered it, nor has she ever driven it to work. The
only reason I know what I do about it is because I had told her I had gotten my
new tool box put in mine and she told me about disliking them. The color came
up because she said hers was dark blue and not the piss green mine is. I don’t
believe that it’s even remotely that color.”

Conrad had to agree with McCray. It was
the ugliest shade of green he’d ever seen. And he didn’t believe for one minute
that her truck was blue any longer. It was more than likely the dark green one
he was looking at. Turning off the computer, he walked to his couch and sat
down with a huff. Nestor sat across from him with the scowl that was forever a
part of his uniform.

“I want you to see what you can find in
satellite and tell me if there are any other vehicles in the area. All of them.
Also, get me Intel and have them look into her new truck. If she’s had it as
long as you say, then she’s driven it somewhere and it would have to be
registered.” Nestor scribbled while Conrad thought.

He wanted her dead before the trial. He
knew that she was the star witness and that she had some major thing to give
testimony about on Vice President Jerry Small. He also had an idea that after
this, she had shit on him as well. But the vice president was the one he
reported to, even though the man had been in a special jail for the past six

He’d been caught with his pants down.
Literally. And not only that, but with a few too many others in the room with
him. All male and all but one of them minors. But that wasn’t what had gotten
him in so much shit. It was the fact that he had some top secret paperwork out
on his desk that one of the men had been reading over while getting a blowjob
by one of the kids. Fucking idiot had been recorded and McCray had gotten it. And
now they might know about all the arms deals that he and Jerry had been working
on for years.

“Mr. President is on line one.”

Conrad looked up at Nestor when he
repeated himself.

“He wants to know what we’ve been able
to find out about McCray. He said he expected an update over an hour ago.”

The fucking president loved her and
Conrad couldn’t touch her without going through hoops and circles to get her. He
took the phone from Nestor and nodded for him to leave his office.

“You were to call me an hour ago with
news. Have they found her yet?”

Conrad told him no.

“She’s laying low. I don’t know what
happened with her, but I want you to find her and make sure she’s safe. I don’t
care what it costs the government either. Bring her home.”

“Yes, sir. I’m using all my resources to
do just that. I have a team in the area right now seeing—”

“You go.”

Conrad nearly said for him to fuck off
when Warren Russo, the president, continued.

“I want you to go there and make them
see that she is a treasure to this country and we have to find her. I will have
a team standing by to go to her aid if she even has a nail broken.”

The fucking prick was making his life a
living hell and Conrad wanted nothing more than to go to the White House and shoot
the mother fucker in the head. But he took a deep breath and tried for
calmness. “She might not even be there if she managed to escape the explosion. Or
she might be buried under all that rubble and we may not know it yet.”

“She’s not there. I know it. She found a
way to escape and she’s right now trying to either find a safe haven to hide,
or she’s licking her wounds to come out and kill the bastards who did this to
her.” Russo took a deep breath. “You go there right now, find her, and keep me
in the loop. And Garrett?”

“Yes, sir.” Garrett closed his eyes to
what he knew he wasn’t going to like.

“You fuck this up and so help me, you’ll
never be able to find a place to hide from what I’ll do to you.”

Conrad hadn’t expected him to threaten
him, but before he could say anything, the line went dead. He threw the cell
phone across the room and watched it shatter against the brick fireplace. The
fucking cunt was doing nothing but fucking up plans that had been in the works
for more than a year. He went to his desk again and called Nestor.

“Get me ready to go to Ohio and don’t
fucking forget whatever bug spray you can find to keep the shit-for-brains
people that live there away from me.”

Nestor said that he would do his best.

“And make arrangements for you to go as
well. There isn’t any reason for you to be in the lap of luxury when I’m forced
to go to some shit hole.”


Her body was sore, but warm. Not an
unpleasant hot just…well, hell, she was snuggly warm. When she tried to move
closer to what she thought was the source of her comfort, she was met with a
soft groan. Pulling back, she looked into the face of Walker.

“You should really learn to wear nothing
to bed. It’s much more pleasant when you wake up naked next to me. Well, it is for
me anyway.” He pulled her back and buried his face in her throat. “You smell
like sex.”

“I most certainly do not. Let me go.” Instead
of doing as she had demanded, he licked his tongue where his face had been. “Walker,
what are you doing?”

Her voice had gone husky. She knew that
he’d heard it as well because he nipped at her tender flesh and then moved his
mouth up along her jaw and then to her lower lip. Before she could protest, and
she was nearly sure she would have, he kissed her.

His mouth was soft against hers, but
demanding. Before she could think to protest, he was seeking entrance to her
mouth, and she let him in. Her entire body felt his command of her mouth, the
way his tongue danced along hers, and most importantly, the way his hands began
to touch her seemingly everywhere.

When he rolled her to her back she knew
he was being careful of her. It was a good thing too, because right now all she
was feeling was him and what he was doing to her. When he cupped her breast
from beneath, she moaned. Before she knew what she was doing she wrapped her
hand around him and pulled his ass closer to her heat.

“I want you.”

She wanted him as well and nodded at his

“Are you too hurt for me to taste you?”

“Please,” was all she could manage. He
made his way down her body. When he reached her belly, his hands moved her
shirt up her torso until her bra was exposed. Before she could beg him to take
it off her, she felt his thumbs at her nipples and her bra pushed up high.

“I want to taste all of you. But you’re
nipples…Christ, they’re calling to me.” He took one into his mouth as he held
himself up off her. His cock was between her legs and she could feel his length
and thickness rubbing her clit. Lynne wrapped her fingers into his hair when he
suckled on the tip of her breast. She wanted him there forever. But he had
other plans and moved down her body slowly.

Her jeans were suddenly gone. She’d
heard some tearing sounds, but wasn’t concerned about that at the moment. His
tongue was moving inside of her navel, causing her nerve endings to come alive
with need. Before she could beg him again to take her he was sitting on his
heels and looking down at her from between her thighs.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

She doubted that she’d care, but nodded
at him.

“I want to make love to you, but I won’t
here. Not our first time. I want to bury my cock deep inside of you and never

“What are you waiting for then?”

He chuckled at her.

“Walker, it would be wonderful if you
just did something. I’m really needy right now.”

His grin was evil. When he ran his
finger along her thigh to her apex and down the other side, she wanted to brain
him. But when he got off the bed, she thought about getting up and getting her
gun to make him finish her off. The damned man was—

“I want to be naked too.” She watched as
he unsnapped his pants and pulled the tiny tab of his zipper down slowly. “I
want to be able to come on you. Mark you with my cum. Are you all right with

“Come inside of me.” She wanted to cry
when he shook his head, but was distracted again when he pulled his pants off. His
boxer briefs showed her every curve, every vein of his shaft, as well as the
small wet stain on the tip of where his cock was.

“I’m going to take off my underwear. When
I do, would you lick me clean?”

She nodded, not capable of speech.

“I don’t want to come down your throat
yet, but I do want to feel your tongue on me.”

He took off the briefs and moved toward
her, stroking his cock as he went. She sat up slightly and opened her mouth for
him. The tip of his cock was so thick she wasn’t sure he’d fit, but she took
him in and swirled her tongue around him. Christ, he tasted delicious.

Walker rocked into her mouth and she
gagged when he touched the back of her throat. But as she got used to his girth,
she was able to take more and more of him in. When he pulled away and took a
step back, she reached for him.

“No. Christ, you’re good.” He stroked
his cock a few more times as he moved to the bed and settled back on his heels.
This time when he touched her, he slid his finger into her pussy and thumbed
her clit.

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