Warrior (Freelancer Book 2) (30 page)

BOOK: Warrior (Freelancer Book 2)
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The Author

Terry Irving is a four-time Emmy award-winning writer and producer. He has also won three Peabody Awards, three DuPont Awards and has been a producer, editor, or writer with ABC, CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

Exhibit A Publishing released his first novel,
, on May, 1, 2014 and subsequently went out of business on June 7, 2014.

Terry denies all responsibility.

went on to win several awards, sell close to 10,000 copies, and form the nucleus of Ronin Robot Press.

was re-released in January of 2015, and
, the sequel, in July 2015.
Day of the Dragonking: Book One of the Last American Wizard
was released on April Fool’s Day 2015 (you need to read it to understand why I thought that was appropriate.) Last, but not least,
Taxi Dancer
the first in a series featuring private eye Angel Pearl and set in 1930's Manila, is due later in 2015.

In addition, Ronin Robot Press is putting together an exciting lineup of the best new writers in Westerns, Romance, and Children’s Books. Check them out on Amazon’s Kindle eBooks and at www.roninrobotpress.com.
Undefeated Love
, a story of growing up in 1972 among the strange teenage subcultures of suburban Philadelphia by Bruce Bennett, was released in June 2015.
Gold for San Joaquin
by Cliff Roberts was the first Western released by Ronin Robot Press, followed by
Texas Spitfire
, a Western romance by Chloe Mayer, and
Timmy and Stacey’s Adventure at the Carnival
by Dennis Gager and Nathan Beckwith.

Many more are still to come.


BOOK: Warrior (Freelancer Book 2)
5.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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