When Earth Reigned Supreme (The Human Chronicles Saga Book 12)

BOOK: When Earth Reigned Supreme (The Human Chronicles Saga Book 12)
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When Earth


Reigned Supreme



The Human Chronicles Saga




an Adam Cain adventure




T.R. Harris


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Copyright 2016 by T.R. Harris


Edited by Lee Burton of


ISBN: 978-0-9913465-9-2


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“I want that entire galaxy sterilized, beginning with the planet Earth!”

“That is the goal, my Queen.”

“You do not understand. I want every advanced race destroyed, whether we collect the harvest or not.”

Councilmember Gori Bon shook his head. “You are correct. I do not understand.”

“Somehow the Humans of Earth have corrupted the incredible mind of my special offspring, Panur. It is now highly doubtful that the Colony will have his contributions in the future. This will cause us great harm over time. I am being strictly vindictive. I want D-441 wiped clean. Subdue their major worlds—all of them—and leave the population to wither and die if we do not have the harvesters to reap the crop.”

“You wish us to leave these crops to be ruined?”

“I care not for the harvest. We will get as much as we can, let the rest rot. There will be plenty of food brought back to the Colony, and other galaxies within that dimension we will reach. But for now I want this … this Milky Way to be a dead galaxy.”

Gori was thoughtful for a moment. “The limiting factor to the worlds we can consume has always been the number of harvesters within our fleets. It is such a momentous task to collect an entire planet worth of stock, especially before it rots…but if all you wish is for a population to be overcome by our pulse beams, that is a much simpler task. And as you say, we will still have the opportunity to take what we can with the existing harvesters. Still…it seems such a waste.”

“Let them rot, beginning with the Humans.”

“My Queen, you must value my counsel, since I have been allowed such access to you over the years.”

“And you make a point?”

“Yes…and it is that Earth will not be easy to subdue. It is the most closely guarded of all the advanced worlds in D-441. According to the history we have found, the planet has been attacked before, with devastating consequences. Hence, the population is in a state of continual guard. And then there is the possibility that the Humans may have the means to locate our transport portals. If this is the case, we may have limited resources available to accomplish your objective. By focusing primarily upon Earth, we may lose a fair number of our assets on a single target.”

“Yet if the Humans can be eliminated, we can build more portals.”

“Perhaps not. There is an unusual affiliation between the advanced races in D-441. I believe others will retain the ability to neutralize our ability to reinforce.”

“Are you suggesting we leave Earth alone?” The Queen’s voice boomed throughout the huge birthing chamber. Gori knew her elite guard would be alerted and might even suspect her to be in danger. He stepped back from the huge bulk of his supreme mother so as not to appear a threat should the guards react without consent.

“That is not what I am saying. All I suggest is that we attack Earth when the time is right and not press when it is not. Our priority should be to protect the existing portals and to build more. According to our Klin spies, it is now the objective of our enemies to close off all access to D-441.”

The Queen snickered, sending a stream of blessed fluid from her mouth into the collecting basins below her massive head. “Yes, the Klin. They are a strange race. They come to us offering to be our allies in exchange for immunity from attack.”

“They wish us to be the tool they need to destroy their enemies. They wish to reign supreme within D-441.”

The Queen’s smile grew wider. “Do they not realize that if I grant their wish they would rule over a dead galaxy? How satisfying would that be, to be the only surviving race of advanced intelligence in an entire galaxy?”

“It is obvious they do not believe we could harvest an entire galaxy of all advanced life. In normal circumstances, they would be correct. We would take a fair sampling and then move on. But with your new directive there will be nothing left for them to rule.”

“Or they believe we can be defeated, either by them or others,” said the Queen. “They could be waiting for that time to come.”

“They do not understand the time scale on which we operate. You, my Queen, have lived for over five thousand of their years. You will live many more multiples of that. D-441 will be conquered, either now or later.”

“You are correct, Gori Bon. Use the Klin to gather what information you can. Promise them…whatever it takes. If you see a point where they may become a threat to our operation, harvest them. I understand they built the first transport portal into their universe. Their brains should be of a superior quality.”

“There are very few of them, my Queen.”

“Then when the time comes, I shall place the harvest in my private reserve, to be consumed only on special occasions.” The smile vanished from the Queen’s face. “But now we must focus on overcoming the true threat in D-441, the Humans…and to a lesser degree the Juireans. I concur that it may be wise to bide our time for the right opportunity to strike Earth, yet let us begin stripping the galaxy of all who support and protect them. Let the planet stand alone against us. Then we shall see who will reign supreme in the Milky Way galaxy.”

BOOK: When Earth Reigned Supreme (The Human Chronicles Saga Book 12)
10.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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