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When No Doesn't Cut It

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When No Doesn’t Cut It

(Book 3 Cloverleah Pack Series)


Lisa Oliver


When No Doesn’t Cut It (Book Three Cloverleah Pack Series)

Copyright © Lisa Oliver, 2014



Cover Design by Paul Oliver


First Edition May, 2014


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When No Doesn’t Cut It
is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


This book contains material that maybe offensive to some people including graphic language, cursing, explicit sex between males, male-male sex, anal intercourse, oral, rimming and a few BDSM elements.

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For the
patient readers who understood that Scott and Damien were never going to give into their love easily, but who never hesitated to let me know how keen they were to read about it - thank you. 

Chapter One

Damien, Alpha of the San Antonio Texas pack was angry.  No
, strike that.  He was angry, frustrated, anxious and horny as hell.  The anger, frustration and anxiety he could understand.  Here he was in bum-fuck Cloverleah chasing down a bear shifter who should have been dead a month ago. Thanks to the politics of his huge pack Damien’s promise to Shawn and Kane, that the bear would never leave his pack lands alive again, had been broken and he had just spent the past hour trying to apologize to the two men for allowing shit to come onto Cloverleah pack land. 

That explained the frustration and anxiety. Damien prided himself on keeping his promises.  Bruce the bear should never have been allowed to leave his cage. Ha, strike that too.  The bear should have been dead a month ago when Shawn had got his hands on him.  But no, Damien wanted to get retribution for the two sub’s families that had been hurt by the wannabe dominant bear shifter. He had been so cocky about his own security set up and the enforcers in his pack that he gave promises that he didn’t keep.

And now he was here, in Cloverleah. Sitting around a table trying to play nice with Kane, the Alpha, when all he really wanted to do was head home and sink into the nearest willing sub.  It was bad enough that Shawn had rejected his advances almost a year before, but to find him here now, mated to Kane and the pair of them so sickly in love was enough to make him growl. 

The other two mated men in the pack, Griff and that gorgeous looking cat shifter Diablo didn’t help either.  For goodness sake they were supposed to be working out how to catch the bloody bear shifter and Griff had his nose in Diablo’s neck. Kane and Shawn weren’t much better.  Damien scowled at the two men.  Shawn was sitting on Kane’s lap where he had been since they sat down.  Kane obviously wasn’t comfortable with Damien being around his mate and hadn’t let go of him since Damien and his enforcers had arrived.

“Look,” Damien said more forcefully than he would have liked, “Can you guys stop playing sucky face and concentrate for a moment.  My enforcers and your three guys should have been back to report by now.  What’s keeping them?”

Kane lifted his head slowly from where it was nestled in Shawn’s hair and smirked at Damien before sitting upright and back in his chair, his arm still clasped possessively around Shawn’s waist.

“Sorry Damien,” he rumbled softly, even though he wasn’t at all. “We four are newly mated as you know.  Somehow the thought of having to fight off bear shifters that shouldn’t be in this area anyway tends to make an Alpha a little possessive.  I’m sure you will feel the same way when you find your intended.”

Damien growled in warning because yes damn it Kane was smirking at him again.  The dig about Bruce and his friends didn’t help either.

“Even if I did find my mate I wouldn’t be as sloppy as you four men.  I’d be taking care of my responsibilities like keeping track of my men when they were out on patrol,” Damien snapped out angrily, the insult in his words intentional. 

He stood up and paced towards the French doors, looking out over the wide grassy area that preceded the forest area.  Stepping through the doors
, he walked across the wide porch and leaned against the porch rail trying to get control of his emotions. He had been out of sorts since he arrived and this lack of control was not something he was used to. 

Hell’s teeth he was Damien, Alpha of one of the largest packs in the United States.  He was known for his icy control, his calm manner and deadly efficiency.  But ever since he had walked into Kane’s pack house and caught a whiff of a delicious scent that permeated the air he had been edgy, angry and yes, still horny.

“Damien my friend, what’s really wrong. You are not usually like this.” Shawn’s soft, deep voice beside him nudged him out of his thoughts.  Sighing heavily, Damien turned his head to look at the man beside him.  Damn, Shawn still looked good.  His lithe 6’ 1” frame had filled out a bit since Damien had seen him last but his lean face, startling ice chip blue eyes and long straight black hair was still the same.  The confidence was a new thing though, as was the calmness and peace that Damien could see in those eyes. For a split second he was ashamed of himself that he could still feel something for the man beside him.  Finding his true mate had allowed Shawn to grow into his power, face his family and be the man slash Shifter Guardian he was meant to be.

Shawn had been more than a piece of eye-candy to Damien.  He had been a true friend.  Someone who could see Damien for more than his position as Alpha
, or the owner of the largest BDSM club in the States.  Shawn treated Damien like a man first and everything else second.  There weren’t too many people in Damien’s life that were like that.  Shit if he was really honest, there wasn’t anyone else like that in Damien’s life.  And because of that Damien owed his friend the truth.

“I don’t know what to tell you Shawn.  It’s like, from the moment I walked into this house this smell just hit me and I have been edgy and frustrated and angry ever since.  Okay
, the situation with Bruce was bad enough, same with meeting your lover for the first time.  But fuck it, there is something in your house that is driving me crazy. Shit, what do you use for floor polish here anyway?”

“Smell, ha?”  Shawn grinned and sniffed
, smelling Damien’s arousal. “A smell that makes you horny no less. Is there something about one of your enforcers you haven’t had the time to acknowledge as yet?”

Hell no.”  Damien was emphatic on that score.  He had known his enforcers for years and had never felt anything for any of them.  “Besides,” he said, “if it was one of my men I would have felt something like this before, and honestly this is the first time ever that I have felt this combination of lust and angst.  Like, standing out here I can barely smell it and that is making me more edgy than ever.  I don’t know what is happening to me.”

“Well what is happening, my friend is that you are scenting your mate. The question is who it could be.”  Shawn looked thoughtful for a minute and then shook his head and laughed.

“What? Stuff you Shawn, this isn’t a laughing matter.  I haven’t got the time to go searching for a mate.  I am trying to catch a bear shifter.”

Shawn toned down his laughter at Damien’s words but his grin split his usually solemn face.  “It’s obvious Damien.  If you  have felt this way since coming into our pack house then the
man you are looking for has to be part of our pack.  Given that our pack is so small it can only be one of two guys - Scott or Dean and it can’t be Dean because you would have smelt it if your mate was an Omega.  So that only leaves one option in this house - Scott Peterson.”

“So where is he, this Scott person?  Why haven’t I met him yet?”

“He was out on patrol before you guys arrived - him and his twin, Troy and Dean our Omega.  They have been out checking for new scents in the area since first light.”

Damien growled fiercely.  “He’s out there and you haven’t seen him since this morning?  What if they come across Bruce and his friends?  What if something has happened to him?” 

Suddenly all Damien wanted to do was shift and find this man with the tantalizing smell.  Every protective urge he had ever had rushed to the surface of his brain and he was desperate to hunt the man down and make sure that he was all right before he fucked him into the ground.  He tugged his muscle shirt off his chest intent on doing just that.

“Damien, stop it!
”  Shawn’s voice was still quiet but it was laced with power.  “Scott is just fine. The three men in our pack met up with your enforcers an hour ago and have split up and are making their way back.  Scott is with…” he tapped his head and looked up at the sky and then said, “Levi and Drake.  He’s fine.  They haven’t scented anything unusual.”

“Levi and Drake?  Oh fuck no. That’s worse. They are a pair of horn dogs that will fuck anything that moves. Why didn’t he go with Lucius and Vincent?”

“Because Lucius and Vincent know how important Dean is to us and he needed the most protection if they come across the bear,” Kane’s deep voice sounded behind Damien.  “Now do you want to tell me why you as a visiting Alpha see fit to not only insult me and the way I run things, but then presume to tell me who of your enforcers is fit to be paired with my men?”

Damien was struggling with his control and his wolf.  The thought of his potential mate running around the forest with two of his enforcers, who were known for their promiscuous
and rough ways was enough to drive him over the edge.  He had never felt such an urgency to get to another person in his entire life but he didn’t doubt for one second that this Scott must be his mate.

Older than the shifters in Kane’s pack, Damien had waited for more than a hundred and sixty years to be mated with someone although he still looked like he was in his early thirties.  It was his age combined with his finely honed control that allowed him to be the Alpha of the San Antonio pack despite constant challenges.  But for all of his wealth, his power and his position, Damien had never had anyone in his life that was solely there for him.  Now that the possibility was within his grasp he wanted to grab it, grab the man tight with both arms and never ever let him go.

Bending down to remove his boots, Damien ignored Kane and focused on getting shifted and finding Scott.  As he bent down he could hear the sound of wolves coming out from the forest into the clearing and he quickly stood up, scanning the tree line.  His mate was near - he could just catch a hint of that delicious scent coming from the tree line.

Lucius and Vincent in wolf form broke the tree line first escorting a smaller wolf, Dean.  Lucius noted the men standing on the porch and headed towards Damien, obviously to give his report.  As they reached the porch steps Dean broke off and ran straight into the house, still with four feet.  Kane and Shawn didn’t seem to be surprised so Damien ignored it too.

Max and Isaac came running up from the outer edge of the forest.  They had a dark brown wolf with them.  This must be Troy, Damien thought to himself, the twin.  He watched as Troy and the other’s shifted and was surprised to see a tallish, well built blond man emerge from the dark wolf.  Troy had a keen intelligent face, wide blue eyes, a straight nose and a full pink mouth.  His sun kissed blond hair hung at shoulder length and just grazed the broad tanned shoulders that tapered to a solid six pack and strong legs.  The man wasn’t pretty by anyone’s standards, but he was strong and handsome and Damien caught himself hoping that the twins were identical before he tore his eyes away and spoke to Lucius.

“Did you find anything?  Where are the others?”

Lucius looked around to see who was missing before answering.

“Nothing to report, Damien.  We didn’t find any suspicious scents in the area and we covered a five mile area.  If Bruce is coming through the forest area he hasn’t gotten close enough for us to scent him yet.”

“And Levi and Drake?  Why aren’t they back yet?”

Lucius shrugged as he wrapped an arm around his own mate Vincent, who was also Kane’s brother.  They were both wearing jeans supplied by Shawn, who was in the process of passing out similar clothes to the other naked shifters on the porch.

“We heard them as we were coming through the trees. I…er…think that Levi and Drake were hoping to convince Scott to shift before they got back to the house.  They were already shifted when I heard them, but Scott…”

“WHAT?” Damien yelled.  Turning to face the trees Damien roared, his Alpha power
rolling across the grass. “
Levi, Drake, get back here now, I command it.

Seconds later
, two large wolves came running out from the tree line and straight to the porch.  Troy, noticing that Scott wasn’t with them, murmured to Kane and then after receiving a nod in return, shifted and took off back towards the trees.

Damien looked at the two men who were now naked and kneeling on the grass in front of the porch, their necks turned submissively to the side.  Both men were big, ugly brutes.  Perfect enforcer material but known for being rough and uncaring when they were looking for sex. 

As Damien took in the Levi’s split lip and the swelling across Drake’s eye, the rage he had been keeping in check rose up and without warning he leapt over the porch rail to stand in front of the two men.  Now closer to them he could smell the same enticing scent that had been bugging him for more than an hour and he felt sick to his stomach about what his two enforcers might have done to his potential mate.

“Where’s Scott?”  He growled.

Both men looked at each other and then back at the ground.  Still growling Damien leant forward and grabbed Levi by his hair, raising him up off the ground until Levi’s feet were swinging in the air.

“Where’s Scott?” He said again, the menace evident in his voice.

“In the trees…we left him in the trees when you called.  We didn’t do anything to him honest…we just wanted to play with him a little bit.”

Damien raised his fist as if to strike the enforcer but just then a single low howl filled the air.

“That’s Troy,” Kane growled as he and Shawn raced for the trees.  Damien flung Levi to the ground and then nodded to Max and Isaac and said, “Don’t let them move.”  Swinging around to Lucius and Vincent, Damien snapped out, “You two are with me,” as he too took off for the trees.  He just knew something had happened to his mate; he could feel it in his gut.

BOOK: When No Doesn't Cut It
5.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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