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“Well. That’s one big ass bottle of lube, baby. I approve.”



Adrien stilled instantly, nearly choking on his own spit before he burst into raucous laughter that sounded like nothing so much as a dying duck calling piteously for its mate. Devon gaped at him for a second, and then chuckled before his expression morphed into a downright lecherous grin.

“Laughing at me, are you, baby? I’ll give you a little something else to concentrate on, shall I?”

Devon reached into the drawer, snagged Adrien’s economy sized bottle of Liquid Silk lube and lobbed it carefully onto the bed. The bottle bounced once before coming to rest against Adrien’s left side. He shivered at the cool touch of the hard plastic against his side. Devon continued to stand beside the bed while he opened his wallet to extract a condom, and then with a triumphant grunt, a second one. He grinned cheekily at Adrien, his dark brown eyes looking almost black with their pupils blown wide with lust. A lock of his normally carefully styled dark brown hair fell over his forehead. Naked, with his full lips still wet and shiny from their kiss, and his rock hard body almost vibrating with want and need—the man took Adrien’s breath away.

“Oh, my god—do you know how stunningly gorgeous you are?”

Devon flashed a slashing white pirate’s grin at him, and then dropped down onto the bed as sexy-boneless-rumsoaked-hot as Johnny Depp in the first Pirates movie. Adrien shivered and sighed. Devon continued forward, crawling up and over Adrien with the sinuous grace of a jungle cat. Then he leaned forward, purring his response to the question Adrien had nearly forgotten, and—oh, sweet heavens—murmuring it directly into the sensitive shell of Adrien’s ear.

“Silly, silly Adrien… the only stunner here is you.” A moment later Adrien remembered the advertising for Liquid Silk and sent up a fervent prayer of thanks. The pump really did work easily one handed. Devon had one hand wrapped around the underside of Adrien’s jaw, stroking the skin from just under his chin to the top of his throat. He lifted Adrien’s right leg up over his left shoulder, running the hand on that side down along the thigh until he came to Adrien’s plump ass. Devon made a low noise, not quite a growl, not quite a moan but somehow both and neither. Then there was the spreading lube around on the nerve rich area around his anus. Devon ran his slick fingertip around and around the tightly furled opening, waiting until the muscles began to loosen before pushing just the tip of his finger in.

Adrien opened his mouth, a tiny noise escaping from the back of his throat as he fought to dredge up a single coherent thought. Nothing came to him, nothing except, “More…”

Devon just smiled his pirate smile again. The shushing, plastic rubbing, clicking noise of the lube’s pump tickled Adrien’s ears at the same moment Devon thrust his finger fully in.

Adrien pushed back, wanting more, wanting now. Just wanting... “Ahhh.”
Devon pulled his finger out, circled the rim, and then thrust two in with slow deliberation. Adrien’s breath caught in his throat. Turning his face sharply to the left, he opened his mouth over the pad of muscle below Devon’s thumb, licking and suckling the spot. Devon’s hand tasted of salt, coffee, and man. Adrien was hard pressed to keep himself from biting hard enough to break the skin. He wanted to put his mark on this man.
“Shhh…shhh…shhh…” Devon leaned down, nuzzling into the side of Adrien’s neck, strewing tiny butterfly kisses along his jaw and murmuring all the while. The frenzied, wild thing rising in Adrien stilled, curled about itself and lay quiescent.
“It’s okay, baby. You’re okay. Shhh…”
More lube and another finger and then Adrien heard what had Devon murmuring and nuzzling and gentling him like some poor wild thing trapped in the glass and metal confines of a city. His own voice keening out in a continuous low wail of broken trust and disillusion made the hairs on his arms stand straight up and he couldn’t stop. Adrien clutched at Devon, fingers digging in. The bite he’d begun to relax closed back, breaking the skin this time. Devon grunted, and then pressed his big thumb into the pressure point just at the hinge of Adrien’s jaw.
Adrien’s mouth sprang open, and the noise grew to wails. Devon continued to murmur, nonsense sound and endearments. He lifted his bloody hand to Adrien’s jaw again.
“Babe. You gotta put the condom on. I can’t do it. One hand’s all covered in slick and the other’s bleeding. If I use that hand we might as well ditch the condom, and we’re not doing that anytime soon, much as I’d like to be bare inside you. Adrien, look at me. That’s right, look at me. I got you, but you gotta help me.”
Whimpering, Adrien nuzzled into Devon’s hand. He needed to do what Devon wanted. Anything to keep Devon close, get him closer. Adrien reached out, hand scrambling around on the sheets searching for the condoms Devon had tossed down. His hand closed over a small square packet, cool and slippery against the soft cotton of the bedding. Devon lowered himself down, pinning Adrien in place with his body.
“Adrien, focus for me, okay, babe? I’m going to lift up enough for you to reach the goods here. Don’t—that’s precision equipment there, beautiful. Try not to knock it out of calibration, alright? That way you get a better ride, right?”
Adrien laughed then, surprised that he could, a little grossed out by the snot bubbles he could feel in his nostrils. Devon just gave him that same wicked pirate grin. Grabbing up the condom packet, Adrien nodded.
“… yeah… I can do that.”
Devon lifted up. Adrien brought the condom pack to his mouth, ripping it open with his teeth. Devon pressed down and forward, and for a second Adrien was nearly doing the splits. He felt Devon’s cock brush, hard and hot against his hand.
“Oh. There you are.”
Adrien focused his eyes quickly on Devon’s face. Devon smiled again, softer but somehow more wicked.
“Put it on me, Adrien. I’m dying here.”
Grasping Devon’s thick—holy shit thick—shaft in his hand, Adrien slicked the condom down. He looked back up at Devon. “I don’t think I’d have had big enough condoms anyway. What the hell do you feed this thing?”
Devon grinned so hard his eyes crinkled at the corners. He pulled his fingers out of Adrien’s hole, and then adjusted Adrien’s legs so both were up over Devon’s wide shoulders. He laughed a little, pushing into Adrien as he answered.
“You, babe—I feed it you.”

Chapter Five

As Adrien’s tight heat wrapped around the tip of Devon’s cock he stopped laughing and started concentrating on holding onto his nut until Adrien got off. He inched in slowly, pausing repeatedly to give Adrien time to adjust to his size. He wanted to be buried to his balls in Adrien right the fuck now. More than that, though, he wanted Adrien to stop biting his bottom lip, and he wanted him to have that same sleepy, fucked-out look he’d turned on the camera during the last seconds of the video. But this time, Devon wanted that look to be his alone.

He pulled his hips back, and then pushed forward a little farther than before. Closing his eyes, he hissed in pleasure. “Fuck. So tight.”

Adrien gasped. “No. You’re just fucking huge. I don’t think it’s gonna fit, Devon.”
Devon opened his eyes in shock at the fainting virgin voice Adrien used. Adrien smirked up at him. Then the younger man let his long lashes drop down until his eyes closed fully. He sucked in a deep breath, holding it for a moment. In the distance a dog barked, and someone slammed a door somewhere in the building. As Adrien exhaled, that sweet honey and nut scent from earlier hit Devon again. He bent forward to taste the flavor right from the source. Before he reached his intended target, Adrien went completely lax underneath him, canting his hips at an angle. Devon slid fully into Adrien’s hot depths. “Mierda”
Snickering, Adrien nodded. “I imagine so.”
Devon grunted. Pulling back his hips, he watched Adrien’s face for signs of strain. Adrien kept snickering. Devon paused at the last millimeter before withdrawing completely, and then surged back into Adrien in one long thrust, rotating his hips as he did so. Adrien jumped, eyes flying wide open, snicker ceasing abruptly. Devon felt smugness wrap around him like a dryer heated blanket in a drafty old house.
“Gotcha, Mr. Prostate.”
Now that he had the spot mapped out, Devon paid special attention to sliding repeatedly over Adrien’s happy gland. Adrien started to moan and wriggle. Devon picked up his pace. Sweat trickled down the center of his spine, and dripped down from his forehead to fall on Adrien’s face. The hot, fierce feeling from before rose up in Devon’s chest again, and he reveled in every little whisker burn on Adrien’s neck, every drop of sweat marking him with Devon’s scent.
Adrien’s moans turned to yelling, and Devon pumped harder, harder and faster. His breaths heaved in and out sounding like a poorly maintained antique bellows. A flush of red crawled up Adrien’s chest and neck. He opened his mouth, screaming silently with his eyes locked tight to Devon’s, as his sweet, heart-shaped ass went rock hard, every muscle clamped as he shot over and over. Devon fucked him though every splatter and shiver, holding his pace steady until Adrien stopped twitching. Then he let go, his rhythm falling off, hips stuttering and surging unevenly. At the end, Devon yelled so loud he hurt his damn throat. His heart tried to rip itself out of his body, insisting that no, really, it could very easily climb down through his innards to push itself out through his still throbbing cock to bury itself right inside Adrien.
When he could breathe again, when he went to pull back, Adrien wrapped his legs around Devon’s sweat slick waist.
“No. Stay, just for a little bit. Stay.”
Devon pulled one of Adrien’s legs from his waist, clamping his hand down hard on Adrien’s hip to hold him steady as they rolled to their sides... “Shhh… I’ll stay. Here, just let me—yeah, right like that.”
Adrien snuffled, sighed, buried his face in Devon’s neck and took deep, shuddering breaths. A trickle of hot wet liquid ran down Devon’s neck. He tightened his arms around Adrien, rubbing his fingers around in small circles everywhere he could reach. Adrien sighed again, his body growing heavy in Devon’s arms. After a moment, his sighs turned to soft breaths that tickled the side of Devon’s neck, chilling the wet spots and heating the rest. Devon slid one hand down, grasping the bottom of the condom.
He closed his eyes, resting them for just a second before he roused Adrien by getting out of bed to get something to clean them both up. His eyelids drooped shut, heavy as though they had fishing weights tied to each lash. Devon fought the dark pull of sleep, his hand tightening around the base of his cock. Keeping Adrien safe was important. His lids drooped shut again. Slitting his eyes open he peered at Adrien’s bedside clock. Not even noon. His lashes obscured the view of glowing red letters as eleven fifty-nine became noon.


Bieber’s totally hot, sinfully sexy voice singing the opening lines to Boyfriend lured Adrien into wakefulness. He smacked his hand over toward the nightstand, searching around for his cell. Oh god, when had he gotten the big, warm, comfortingly heavy duvet he’d been wanting? He wiggled and rolled to his left, trying to roll onto his stomach and simultaneously pull the duvet over his head. The cover growled at him.

“Turn that fucking twink off, dear lord, turn him off. Or I’ll be forced to police all your ringtone purchases from here on out.”

Adrien’s heart leapt in his chest, adrenaline flooding a bloodstream suddenly rushing to get everywhere in his body at once. He sat up with a squeak, long bangs flopping over both eyes.

“Ohmygodohmygod, Devon, you scared me!” Devon hissed. “Careful, careful, Adrien.” Adrien blinked at Devon, cataloguing the things his

half sleepy, adrenaline overdosed mind was jabbering about up in his skull. His asshole burned exactly like someone had ripped their dick out of him too quickly. Devon had his hand wrapped around the base of his flaccid shaft, and holy man-lotto, the thing was huge even soft.

Adrien eyed Devon in fascinated horror. “Did you go to sleep with your cock still up me? And then wake up dissing the Biebs? Because, seriously Devon, I have to tell you neither of those things is cool. I can give you a pass on loving the Biebs like I do, but disrespect for his music is strictly forbidden.”

Devon opened one eye, glaring at him like a lopsided Cyclops. “Come. Here.”
Adrien froze. His mind told him to jump up and flee the dark promise of that rusty baritone, totally fucked-out voice, but his traitorous slut-body swayed toward Devon. The big sex-god in his bed ended all necessity for decision making. Grabbing Adrien’s upper arm, Devon yanked him down and rolled them over.
Adrien found himself squished down into the bed’s soft embrace, happily compressed by a mountain of uberhot manliness. “Wow. Despite the shittastic start to this day, I sooooo feel like I won the man-lotto. You do know I signed up for the lump sum payment, right?”
Devon’s pirate grin made a sudden reappearance. “Nope. Someone musta jacked your paperwork, cause I’ve got you down for the installment program, and I’m afraid your payment schedule is set in stone, Mr. Jimenez.”
As he spoke Devon thrust his hips in rhythmic little pulses against Adrien’s groin. The pressure teased a moan from Adrien’s throat without his conscious consent. The squelchy feel of the used condom falling off against his leg pulled another, far less sultry noise however. “Ewwwww, ick. Dammit, that’s just gross, Devon. You just rubbed— oh, gross. Get up. We gotta shower.”
Devon lay down on him, sliding his hands under Adrien’s shoulders. He pressed Adrien upward, capturing his mouth in a hot, messy, kiss for several long, delicious moments.
Adrien gasped for air. “Ohmygod. You just went all Alpha-Action Hero again. God I love that.”
Devon rolled his eyes. “Hmmpf. Get up, Goldilocks, and we’ll go take your shower.”
Adrien examined Devon’s face carefully for signs of incipient insanity. “Ah, hello there Mr. Non Sequitur… Goldilocks? I don’t suppose you wanna clue me in to that one, big guy?”
Devon grunted, rolled off Adrien and hopped to his feet beside the bed. Scooping Adrien to the edge of the bed, he pulled him up to a seated position while fingering blond highlights. “Yeah. Golidlocks. Get it?”
Adrien blinked up at Devon. Despite the man’s sexgod appearance, he clearly had a much beloved and pampered inner geek. Whoa. Who woulda guessed? Adrien wiggled a little with the joy of his discovery. Usually, guys got bored when they discovered he wasn’t just a pretty piece of ass, and dumped him. Maybe, just maybe Devon’s inner geek and Adrien’s inner—okay, his klutz wasn’t really hidden. Adrien shivered as Devon pulled him inexorably to his feet, turning him toward the bathroom door and pushing gently between his shoulder blades. Devon leaned down, breathing words into Adrien’s ear. “I don’t know what put that goofy little smile on your face, but I like it. Now get your luscious ass in the shower. We’ve got some shopping to do.”
Adrien bit back a whimper as air warmed in Devon’s lungs blew softly against the side of his face and neck. He stepped away from Devon, detouring to his closet. Pulling a long, sage colored medieval style dress from the back of the closet, he smoothed his hand lovingly over the finely woven fabric. Holding a fold of the hand-woven fabric between his fingers, he gave a little half smile, and then waved at the dress.
“It’s my Maid Marian costume.”
Devon’s raised his eyebrows in response to that statement, but seemed to get derailed by the sight of Adrien’s ass as he stepped into the bathroom. He caught the big guy staring at his bum with a lustful expression when he looked over his shoulder to see what was keeping Devon. With his focus behind himself and his body moving forward, the inevitable happened. He tripped over his own feet, fell forward hitting his forehead against the shower door. As he bounced back, his foot slipped on the little throw rug Sam always bitched about him having in the bathroom. The rug didn’t have any of those rubbery, grippy things on the bottom, but it was a really great shade of bronze that perfectly matched the accents in the tapestry wall hanging he’d found for the master bath. As his toes touched down on the soft fluffy surface of the rug, Adrien felt the tile of the bathroom floor bumping along as the rug slid. He closed his eyes and hoped his ass would save him again the way it had when he and Andy collided a few days ago.
Strong arms snaked around his waist. “Right, then, that’s the first thing on the list. We need a no-slip matt to go under that rug.”
Adrien shuddered, clutching the reassuringly hair roughened strength of Devon’s forearms. “Oh. That’s what they’re called. Um. We need?”
Devon, turned Adrien around, giving him only enough space to rotate his body. “Yep. We. I’m gonna stay with you until this whole fiasco blows over. I—shit, if that’s okay with you.”
The last words came out like they pained Devon. His nostrils flared as he said them, and his jaw clenched after he finished.
Adrien drew in a deep breath. He wanted Devon here, but… “I can’t think with you smelling like that. Jesus. Give me a minute, okay?”
Devon stepped back, and the wash of cooler air against his body pushed Adrien to step forward towards him.
Devon held out a hand. “What, I stink or something?”
His tone came off all flippant and I-don’t-careish, but Adrien was watching his eyes and saw the same flash of lingering pain he’d seen at the mall.
“No. You smell like sex and Drakkar and us. I can’t think with that in my nose cause all I wanna do is lay down or bend over something and beg you to take me again.”
Devon’s cheeks lit with bright flags of color, the blood turning his light olive complexion a sexy, dusty rose color. “Oh. I—”
They stared at each other. Adrien’s heart pounded against his ribs like a bird trapped behind glass. Devon swallowed hard, his throat working convulsively. His phone rang in the other room, and the definitive tones of Roseanne Cash’s Land of Nightmares filled the silence between them.
“I better answer that. Old buddy from the service. He called earlier, and I think he might be in some kind of trouble and need to come here to stay with me for a bit till he gets straightened out. I—it’s been a while since I saw him last. He was a good kid, and I always said if he needed any help after he got out, he should give me a call. If I’m staying here I can let him stay at my place. No pressure, Adrien. In fact, don’t answer now. Just think about it, okay?”
Adrien’s hackles rose at the idea of someone else staying in the tiny, three room apartment Devon had described to him the night they met. There was no way in hell Adrien would ever be okay with someone sharing space that closely with his personal sex-god. They’d have to either sleep right out in the open on the living room’s futon, or double up with Devon in his bed. That shit was so not going to happen. He cleared his throat as Devon flicked open his—holy shit that thing was so old it was almost retro-cool—phone. Adrien looked up from the phone, locking his gaze to Devon’s. The air between them thickened with intent.
“Here. I want you here.”

BOOK: Worth a Thousand Words
9.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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