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You are Mine

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You are Mine

Lisa G. Riley

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Chapter One


Mackinac Island, Michigan, May, 2003


She ran. Ran until she was out of breath,
and continued to run after that. Panic was neck and neck with
determination to get out alive.


The gun’s blast was like a cannon exploding
and made her jerk in fear and freeze for a second before the sound
propelled her into a directionless, panicked rush through thickets
of brambles. Flight trumped fight and she continued to run
heedlessly, despite distant warnings coming from her brain telling
her to slow down and take notice of her surroundings.


The second shot shocked her as much as the
first and she kept running, and tried to go even faster when she
heard an imperious voice -- his voice -- demand angrily that the
gunman stop shooting. Knowing that he was so close terrified her
and sent her crashing prey-like even more carelessly and deeper
into the forest.

Long after she couldn’t hear anything behind
her, she ran.

Her breaths were explosive little bursts of
fire as they blew through her lungs and her legs felt as if they
had no muscle tone left, but she took deep breaths and clutched her
own gun tighter.


She ran.


CHICAGO, two weeks earlier…

“Love me, Brian,
Caroline Singleton breathed huskily from beneath him as she wrapped
her legs tightly around his waist and continued to match her
movements to his.

At the urging of her fingers that went from
gripping his hair to pressing into the back of his neck, Brian
Keenan bent his head until his lips touched hers. “Oh, I do, baby,”
he whispered against his wife’s mouth. “Madly and absolutely,” he
promised before taking her lips in a kiss that had her whimpering
into his mouth and digging her nails into his shoulders.

“But I want you to…could you…?”

Brian grinned at her hesitation. After
nearly two years together, she was sometimes still a little shy
about sex. “You were saying?” he asked against her lips.

“Don’t tease me,” she murmured as she held
on tighter to him and kissed him again. “I want it faster and a
little, well…

He chuckled and gave her a deep kiss that
made her arch her smooth brown neck in passion. When she bit his
lip and sucked his tongue into her mouth he reached down and took
hold of her behind, lifting her into his strokes. He plunged deeper
and she clenched tighter around him, driving him to the brink of
losing control. He moaned and broke from the kiss. “Not yet.”

He dropped his forehead onto the pillow
beside her head, burying his face in her thick aromatic hair. He
breathed deep and shuddered. Sometimes the very scent of her, the
of her, nearly drove him wild. She was the
perfect fit for him, and much more than he could have ever hoped
As he thought about how lucky he
was to have her in his life, he slowed his strokes into her body
even more, not wanting the connection to end. Even as he thought
this, she took her hands up his back and buried her fingers in his
He felt a slight, but warning tug and
chuckling at her impatience, lifted his head to look
down at her.
My wife.
They’d been married for seven
months and he still found himself marveling over the fact whenever
it flooded his mind, which was quite often.

“Darling,” she said in voice that was husky
with arousal, but still quite firm, “You’re over-thinking our
marriage again.”

“Am I?” he asked with another grin. A grin
she didn’t see because she kept her eyes closed. “Think you know me
so well, do you?”

“Mm,” she murmured in confirmation and after
catching her breath when he gently tweaked her nipples, continued,
“the thought of it distracts you and deters you from …” she paused
in thought and then with a crooked, mischievous smile said, “the
goal of the moment, so to speak.”

Brian chuckled. “Bad girl,” he chided.

“Am not,” she purred and smiling fully now,
wrapped her arms around his neck and urged his head down so she
could deliver brief, delicate bites to his mouth. The little nips
were designed to drive him a little wild and she was rewarded for
her efforts when he executed a series of powerful thrusts. “I

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Brian growled
hungrily when the high-pitched sounds he adored started building in
the back of her throat and he felt her fingers digging into his
waist. Helpless to resist the maelstrom now, he once again lifted
her and greedily plunged into her body.

She buried her face in his neck as she found
her release, making him feel both protective and powerful. “I love
you, Brian…so much!”

As always, Brian felt love overwhelm him at
her words and that spurred him to orgasm. Forcefully, he drove into
her one last time before he howled her name as he followed her over
the edge. And knowing his wife as he did, five minutes later,
roused himself to carry her into the bathroom for a shower.


“THERE’S more to me than my stomach, you
know,” Caroline said sleepily and around a yawn a few hours later.
Intent on chastising him, she reached down to cup Brian’s head
where it lightly rested on her stomach. He lifted his head to look
at her and she smiled when he smiled. And the all-encompassing love
mixed with just a hint of fear that she saw in his gray eyes made
her relent and gently cup her hand under his chin and stroke his

“Hi, sleepy-head,” he said to her. “You
okay, sweetheart? You need anything?”

Caroline bit her lip to keep from chuckling.
He wouldn’t appreciate her humor at his concern or his efforts to
help, but his appreciation and excitement were making him go
overboard with attentiveness. By now she was hearing him ask those
questions and others like them at least a dozen times a day. He was
just so cute. “I’m fine, baby, and you’re going to spoil us. You
have to stop worrying so much.”

Brian just lifted a brow, kissed the palm of
her hand and then went back to pressing his ear to her stomach and
massaging her hip bones with his thumbs while his hands palmed her
satin-covered butt.

Caroline sighed and ran her fingers
soothingly through his silky, black hair. He had been like this for
weeks. “How much sleep have you had?”

“I just woke up a few minutes ago,” he told
her and lifted his head again. His eyes were tinged with wonder
now. “You know, despite a couple hundred millennia of evidence, I
still can’t believe another life can grow so successfully in
there,” he said as his gaze went back to her stomach. “You can’t
even tell.”

Caroline chuckled. Her stomach was still
flat. “We’re only about eight weeks along, Brian. Give us

Brian kissed her stomach and then addressed
it, “What does she know, hmm?” he said in a sing-song voice. “After
all, she’s just the one carrying you in there, the one responsible
for all your sustenance over the next seven months. Her knowledge
on the subject is woefully lacking, don’t you think?”

Laughing, Caroline sputtered, “Hey!”

“Sure, she’s the future milk machine, the
, but what does that really mean? You and me? We’re
gonna turn this mother out.” Caroline’s amusement was at its height
now, and throwing her head back, she let loose several throaty
chuckles. Finally settling down long enough to wipe tears from her
eyes, she looked at her husband again. The laughter died in her
throat. He was looking at her breasts and the glint in his eyes
made everything within her freeze in anticipation.

“When I think about it, though…” he began
contemplatively as he gently cupped her breasts. “I have to admit,
just from
you’ll get your milk are things of beauty --
just wait ‘til you see ‘em.”

Caroline closed her eyes, moaned and arched
her back. “You know they’re overly sensitive now, Bri. And you know
that the pregnancy has made me more…more…”

Brian smiled when she broke off in
embarrassment. “Horny? Hot to trot? A-mo-rous?” He chuckled in
further amusement of her embarrassment before kissing her stomach
one last time and making his way to the head of the bed.

Sighing, Caroline turned so that she was
lying in his arms with her arm around his waist and her head on his
chest. She took his hand in hers and laced their fingers together.
When she finally settled, he said, “Everything good? You
comfortable? Need anything?”

Caroline let the affection she felt show in
her smile, and nuzzled his neck. “I’m fine, darling, really. You’re
going to turn me into a pampered princess if you keep this up.”

“You were already that when I met you,” he
said matter-of-factly.

Not believing he was serious, Caroline
balanced her torso on his chest to look down at him. When he only
stared passively back at her, she objected. “I was not!” He only
lifted a skeptical brow. “
?” she protested. She lovingly
kissed the smirk off his mouth before lying back down. “I demand

“All right. We’ll start with the fact that
you’ll only sleep on fancy French sheets flown in special from

Caroline shrugged. “Mom started buying
Porthault sheets when I was a teenager and she thought I was at the
right age to appreciate a good thread count. I just continued the
tradition, and we get them from New York. Besides, you’re
exaggerating. I don’t
sleep on those sheets; it’s just
that I prefer them.”

“Oh, yes, the thread count. What was it?
Two-thousand-five-hundred-ninety-eight, right?”

She chuckled and shook her head.

exaggerating! And it’s not just the thread count. The
designs are pretty darned awesome and the quality of the work is
great, which if you weren’t such a philistine, you’d know already,”
she teased with a sniff. “But our child will know -- I’ve already
picked out a couple of outfits. Wait until you see; they’re just

“Not so fast; don’t change the subject. Just
how many sets of those sheets do you own?”

She shrugged again, and still amused, said,
“I don’t know. What does it matter? And it’s we.
own the
few sheet sets and the coverlets and the quilts.”

“That’s right: we,” Brian said teasingly. “I
stand corrected. Back to your being pampered, though. Weekly hair
appointments, monthly spa visits --”

Caroline snuggled against him as he ran his
finger through said hair. “I do that for the baby,
child. I’m not putting relaxers in my hair anymore because I don’t
think it would be good for the baby, so I go to the salon so that
my hair remains healthy while I go through the process.”

“Uh-huh. And the spa appointments? The ones
you’ve been taking monthly since I’ve known you?”

“Well, those I just like and I find they
help me because I’m on my feet so much painting or sculpting.”

BOOK: You are Mine
4.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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