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Zoe's Blockade (Destiny's Trinities Book 5)

BOOK: Zoe's Blockade (Destiny's Trinities Book 5)
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Zoe’s Blockade

The impossible just might be possible when trinities are forming….
Zoe got out of the hunting business years ago and headed north into the Canadian Rockies, shortly before meeting Cole, a Canadian military officer, and Declan, the town’s sexy doctor. Cole and Declan are married, but still weaken her knees
her heart and change her life forever.
When Declan dies in a skiing accident, Cole is devastated. Zoe helps him pick up the pieces and after years of circling each other, they marry and settle into a quiet life in the mountains.
Then a man called Diego Savage arrives on their doorstep and says they are two of a special trinity who must halt the evil forces that are surrounding their house, blocking them from the outside world and determined to stop the forming of the trinity.
Only…who is the third?
The bonding has begun….
Warning: This short MMF vampire romance features two super-hot alpha heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No non-humans were harmed except for large numbers of Grimoré, who died with satisfactory squeals…
This book is part of the Destiny’s Trinities series:
Book 1.0: Beth’s Acceptance
Book 2.0: Mia’s Return
Book 3.0: Sera’s Gift
Book 3.5: The First Trinity – Novellas 1-3
Book 4.0: Cora’s Secret
Book 5.0: Zoe’s Blockade
Book 6.0: Octavia’s War (August 2016)
Book 6.5: The Second Trinity
Book 7.0: Terra's Victory (September 2016)
A Vampire Ménage Urban Fantasy Romance

Readers’ praise for
Zoe’s Blockade:

All Romance eBooks Bestseller
There is a twist to the trinity, and it was one I have really never seen before, but it was a super idea and I loved it.
I really love the way you again meet characters from the previous Trinity stories; it's exciting to see them still involved and what they do to help.
I can highly recommend this book, it is a page turner, hot and steamy, with a fast paced storyline that reels you in, something that this author excels at.
I fell in love with the characters and the forces pulling them together - the chemistry was sizzling.
The descriptions are so vivid and the narrative is so realistic and flowing that I felt like I was in the room with the characters.
Zoe's Blockade has everything you can think of—travel, fighting, magical beings, teleporting and last but not least really hot, sexy, erotic love scenes.
I have loved all of the books in this series but this one managed to keep things fresh with interesting twists! I read it in one sitting.

Chapter One

“I gotta be somewhere near the north pole by now,” Diego groused. “I feel as if I’ve been driving for a century.” He paused to steer the Mustang around a deep curve of the road, which was hugging a monster outcrop of rock, using both hands on the wheel.

“You didn’t learn how to drive until last year,” Blake pointed out. His voice emerging from the car speakers sounded reasonable and calm. “It’ll be a while before you catch up.”

“You can’t possibly be near the north pole yet,” Sera said, her voice as serene as always. Even though she was in Florida, she sounded louder and clearer than Blake, who was sitting at his desk in New York.

Diego gritted his jaw against the emptiness in his chest that always made itself felt whenever he was talking to them. “I miss you guys,” he breathed.

“You have to find your trinity soon,” Blake assured him, his voice dropping in volume. He was trying to avoid being overheard. “Where are you, anyway?”

Diego saw a big green sign coming up. “Hang on,” he said and waited for the lettering to be clear enough to read. “Revelstoke.”

“Still in British Columbia, then,” Blake said.

“Revelstoke in the Rockies, isn’t it?” Sera said. “I’m looking at a map now. It must be beautiful.”

“Beautifully white and boring,” Diego muttered. “The bloody snow is already a foot thick around here and it’s only October.”

“Oh! It sounds wonderful!” Sera breathed. “There are trees, too, yes?”

“You be careful, driving in that stuff,” Blake added.

“Yes, lieutenant.”

“I mean it. In driving terms, you’re every cop’s nightmare. You’ve been driving just long enough to think you’re great at it and not long enough to know how to get yourself out of trouble when it happens.”

Diego gritted his teeth together.

“He’s scolding because he loves you,” Sera said, only this time it was from right next to him. She was sitting in the passenger seat.

Diego jumped. “Mary, mother of God and all her saints! Sera! What the fuck?”

She smiled at him, her big eyes wide.

“What? She’s there?” Blake asked.

“Yes,” Diego breathed. He felt winded. “Sera, I’m going way too fast for you to try that sort of stunt. You’ve never seen this place, you have no idea what you were jumping to. Of all the stupid….”

“And now
scolding because he loves you,” Blake said.

Sera’s smile was complacent. “Yet despite all the risks, here I sit.” She looked at the mountain peaks around them, completely covered in snow. The endless march of fir trees, the only color in the landscape anywhere. “It
beautiful,” she declared.

Diego had to admit that she was right. The farther north he’d gotten, the more spectacular the scenery had become. At times he regretted having to concentrate on driving. He would have enjoyed stopping to look around, only the urge to keep going, to keep seeking, had been pushing him onward for a week now.

He had flown to Seattle and rented the Mustang there, then started north, crossing into Canada late that afternoon.

Why he had come this way, he didn’t know. He’d learned from the others that the impulse to seek out their trinity didn’t arrive with maps and directions. He had to follow his gut. Well, he had been doing that for centuries, so it was no burden. Although it

He braked, slowing. Then he dropped the speed by changing down the gears, easing it to a slow stop. He’d learned quickly that stamping on the brakes could send the little sports car into a heart-squeezing fishtail on these icy roads.

“What’s wrong?” Sera asked.

“I don’t know.”

“What’s happening?” Blake asked.

“Diego is stopping,” Sera said.

He brought the car to a final halt, pulling off the cleared section of the road into the inch of snow carpeting the edges, dropped the car into neutral and put on the handbrake. He looked at Sera, in her skimpy tank top and cotton skirt. “Stay in the car. It’s only fifteen degrees out there.”

As he opened the door, she wrapped her arms around herself and shivered.

He shut the door and did a slow full circle, taking in everything. Had the direction changed?
had forced him to stop.

His breath came out in thick, steamy billows, so he stopped breathing. Then he held still, put his head down and eased his senses out to their maximum and waited.

There. From over there.

He lifted his head and looked in the direction he felt the urge to go. It was off the road, up against the base of a mountain range. A thick batch of trees hid all other detail.

He strained his vision to the utmost and saw that the green swathes were broken up by a structure. He glimpsed white, too. More snow, which meant open areas. A house?

Diego got back into the car and pulled warm air into his lungs. He put the car back in gear and drove slowly along the road, looking for a side road to appear. “Somewhere on the left, up there,” he told Sera.

“Among those trees?”

“Think so.” The compulsion was growing stronger now. Except it wasn’t the only thing building in his mind.

“I can feel blackness ahead,” Sera murmured, her voice strained.

“Still there, Blake?” Diego asked.

“I’ve got Google Maps up. I can see where you might be. There’s nothing on the map around there.”

“Private house,” Diego muttered. The darkness in his head was growing thicker. “I think we might have company, too,” he added.


“Or vampeen. That trinity over in Pennsylvania figured out that the Grimoré were using forests to farm the vampeen. Maybe it’s the same here.”

“In the snow?”

“It’s not that cold,” Diego protested.

“Says the vampire who can’t feel anything,” Blake replied.

“I can feel it,” Sera said. “The cold
the black.”

“Sera, jump back out of there,” Blake said sharply.

“I can fight,” Sera said firmly. “Diego is on his own.”

“Then jump back here and get me and
help him,” Blake said. “You don’t have a weapon.”

“Diego has two guns,” Sera pointed out.

Diego shook his head. “I had to leave them behind. International border and this is Canada. You can’t carry guns around, even if you can get a permit.”

Sera bit her lip. “Then what are you going to do? Blake, I can come and get yours.”

“You don’t even have a knife, Diego? What the hell?” Blake said, sounding pissed. “Sera, jump back to the apartment, you can get his spares.”

“No, no time,” Diego said. “Hold on.”

He turned into the side route that had appeared. It was a gravel road, well ploughed and clear of snow. White fencing and two wagon wheels propped on either side for decoration told him this was private property. Beyond the fenced opening, they plunged into a tree-lined tunnel with pale blue sky for a roof.

From the corner of his eye, Diego could see movement through the trees on either side of the car. Flashes of something moving at speed. Matching them.

Sera gripped the armrest, her knuckles white. “There’s something out there,” she whispered.

“Don’t stop,” Blake said, his voice quiet. He liked to give orders and constantly fussed about safety and security, only when the real fight was about to begin, he turned into the hunter he really was—wary and short on conversation.

“Sera, jump back to Blake,” Diego said tersely.


He hissed his frustration, but didn’t try again. Sera wouldn’t leave until he was safe, now.

Instead, he settled down to drive the car as fast as he could on the narrow route. That wasn’t fast at all and whatever it was out there, it was keeping pace with them. That meant it probably wasn’t vampeen, who started off life as human. No human could run as fast as a car, even a car dipping into every little pothole and bumping along a country road. It just wasn’t physically possible.

Yet he could
vampeen. Out here, where there were no other sentient signatures and traces to confuse the markers, the sense that the vampeen were nearby was almost screaming at him.

“A bridge,” Sera said and pointed ahead.

The trees were broken up by a small ravine. A bridge of steel grids crossed it. The average bridge was slippery, Diego had learned. This metal one would be even more icy.

The shadows flashing through the trees alongside them were coming closer. They were big and low to the ground.

Diego gripped the wheel. “Hold on,” he said shortly. “They’re coming for us.”

“Can they stop a car?” Sera asked, her voice high.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what they are.”

The things broke through the trees and leapt at the car. They looked like really big dogs. Larger than wolves. Their eyes were red. The teeth in their snapping, drooling jaws were the same as the familiar vampeen—crossed, crooked, sharp and deadly.

The lead dog rammed into the side of the car, rocking it and cracking the glass in the passenger door next to Sera’s shoulder. She muffled a scream against her hand. Diego fought the wheel, keeping the car steady and keeping it moving forward.

BOOK: Zoe's Blockade (Destiny's Trinities Book 5)
6.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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