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Stepbrother’s Baby







By: Lisa Cartwright


Copyright 2015 by (Lisa Cartwright) - All rights reserved.



In no way is it legal to reproduce, duplicate, or transmit any part of this document in either electronic means or in printed format. Recording of this publication is strictly prohibited and any storage of this document is not allowed unless with written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.


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Chapter 1


“Did you see Eric? I think he is scary looking.”

Bethany agreed with her friend. Her new step brother was scary looking. He was in his mid-twenties and covered in tattoos. The fact that he decided to wear his biker jacket to a wedding, should have told Beth all she needed to know about him. He was a rebel without a cause and as her new stepbrother living with him was a scary proposition.

“I thought his dad was rich?”

“He is and so is Eric, but instead of taking over the company, mom says he just parties till all hours of the night. That is why he lives in the pool house, so no one has to see what is going on out there.”

“I can’t believe you are going to be living here.”

Bethany nodded. She didn’t have a choice. College was going to cost more than she had scholarships and whatever money she made extra at her stepdad’s firm, would be put towards tuition. Her mother wanted her to learn to appreciate money, so her helping extended as far as a new room in her new house rent-free. Bethany was excited for the proposition, until meeting Eric started to make her wonder how living with someone like that was going to be. She was assured that he would pretty much stay to himself. The prospect of waiting for him in the bathroom in the morning was a daunting one.

“Well maybe he will have cute friends.”

“Yeah right. I am sure they are just as tattooed and rough looking as he is.”

Callie kept her mouth shut, her eyes on Eric as he talked to his father. The reception was beautiful and though he stuck out around all the gentile people, Callie could see that Eric was more than a little handsome. She had it out for bad boys and the idea of seeing him half-dressed at the breakfast table when she stayed over, made her think that she would be visiting her friend more. Bethany was not ready to hear that he was cute, though Callie figured she had to see it as well.

Eric was tall and built well. His leather jacket was cut at his arms and his large biceps stretched the T-shirt underneath. He had dark hair and dark eyes that when turned towards her, made her melt a little inside. Eric had the look of a man that knew how to get what he wanted and what to do, when he did. Callie couldn’t think of anyone else that made her feel that way inside with just a look.

“I think you are looking at it all wrong. Haven’t you always wanted a sibling?”

“Yeah when I was an adolescent. I’m used to just me and mom. She is already gone all the time with Jack and now I am never going to see her. Why did she have to get married?”

Callie rubbed her friend’s shoulder. She was freaking out and as her friend for many years, she knew that she just needed some positive thought.

“Just think of how happy she is. You want her happy, don’t you?”

“I do.” Bethany grudgingly admitted. Her mother was happier than she had ever seen her before. There was a twinkle in her eyes that she hadn’t seen since her father died nine years before in a car crash. Linda had waited for years to date, mourning her one true love. But all of that had changed when she had met Jack. The two had been together ever since and it was clear to everyone that was around them, they were head over heels in love with each other. The fact that he was a little older, handsome and far richer than the women had ever been before, didn’t hurt anything.

Bethany actually like Jack, but his only son Eric, kind of freaked her out. Beth did not know how to relate to someone like him. She was always the good girl of the bunch and she didn’t understand what he was rebelling against. Sighing deeply, she noticed her mom was urging her onto the dance floor and Beth pulled her friend Callie with her.

“Come on girls, why don’t you dance and have some fun. You are guys are like two wallflowers over there.”

“Sorry mom. You look beautiful today.”

Linda kissed her daughter’s cheek. “Why don’t you go dance with your brother?”


She gave her a sharp look, her eyes squinty. “Enough Beth. I want you to make him feel welcome. It is a big change for him too.”

Bethany looked over at the man and nodded her head. “He seems to be doing fine to me mom.”

“Now young lady.”

She knew the tone and she huffed as she walked over to the one corner of the room that she had no intentions of going to. Eric was not the only one there in a motorcycle jacket. There were several men with him, all in the same attire.


Bethany tapped his shoulder softly, trying to ignore the looks that she was getting from the rest of his crew. The men got silent and looked at her. Several had a lustful assessment in their eyes that made her want to blush. “Hey little one. You want to dance?”

A tall, bearded man started to walk towards her, his eyes on the cleavage from her dress. He was huge compared to her and she took a step back until she bumped into something hard behind her. “Oh leave her be Earl. I don’t think she wants to dance with the likes of us.” His voice was harsh and she knew it was Eric.

“Well actually brother, I was hoping you would dance with me. It would make our parents happy to see us pretend to get along.” Bethany turned around and looked up at her new stepbrother. He was smiling down at her and it was then that she saw what Callie saw. When Eric smiled, he was gorgeous. She could almost forget his rough exterior when the baby-faced man smiled like that at her.

“Love to.”

Before she could realize what was happening, she was being whisked off onto the dance floor and her friend watched her with a little green in her eyes. Eric held her firmly where he was supposed to, but his eyes devoured hers and she looked down. Bethany’s heart was racing with the close proximity and her flesh burned where he touched her. She was not supposed to feel that way about her brother and Beth tried to deny the way her body reacted.

He bent down to her ear and whispered softly. His breath tickled at her earlobe and a shiver went down her spine. “You should be careful little one.”

She pulled back and looked into his dark eyes. The smile was still there, but there was a bit of mischief in the depths that made her pause. “Why is that brother?”

“Because you have almost outshone the bride.” Bethany smiled from the unexpected compliment. “See there you go.”

She nudged him and told him to stop, though she loved to hear it. It was the first time that he had spoken to her without being asked a direct question. “Well you better be careful too.”

He pulled back and chuckled. “And why is that Beth?”

“Because no one is going to believe you are some tough ringleader if you are being so nice like that.”

His laugh was louder and he pulled her closer as the song changed to a slower one. His hands moved to just above her round ass and pulled her towards him. Bethany gasped with the pressure on her core. “All men are nice to fine woman. I bet half my men would sweep you off your feet in minutes. Just a few touches and looks, those panties would be wet in no time.”

He was right. Bethany could feel her own desires readying herself what she hoped for when he touched her like that. She looked at the group he had come with, not hard to spot in the sea of dresses and suits. Callie was over there hanging on one of the men, her eyes smiling about as big as her lips were. She groaned to herself and hoped that he didn’t see what she seen. His friends were charming the panties right off of her friend, though knowing Callie, that wasn’t exactly too hard.

“All well some women are harder to get than others, dear brother. You should know that, though I doubt you have gone much off the bottom to try your luck.”

His hands dug into her side for a minute and she gasped. “You have a sharp little tongue for such a gentile girl.”

“And you are as rough as you look. You’re hurting me. Real woman like to be held gently, sisters even more so.”

He relaxed and his touch was barely there. “Better?”

“Much thank you.” The song finished and she smiled before she turned around to leave. The pleasantries of her mouth, did not reach her eyes. He was no longer scary to Bethany, but he was a threat. To what, she wasn’t sure. She took her annoyance to assuage the way her body had reacted to him. Her neck was still red and her heart was still racing a mile a minute, but she could blame it then on anger instead of a lust that she was not supposed to feel for Eric.

Chapter 2


Eric watched her walk away. She said something to Linda and then walked into the house. He wanted to follow her and finish their verbal sparring, but he didn’t. She was different and he was going to have to approach her differently. It was clear to him from the first time they met, that he was going to have her. It didn’t matter who she was, he had to have the blue-eyed minx.

The more he had heard about her through his father, the less he had liked her. She was everything he hated in the new feminist woman. They wanted it all and didn’t need a man to get it. After meeting her, it was even clearer how uptight she really was, but he was not blind. He had seen the way her body reacted to him. If her mind was the one he had to convince, Eric would have to come up with another idea. As he walked back to the rest of his group, he noticed the blonde hanging on Jesse.

“So who are you?”

“I’m Callie. Your new sister’s BFF.”

His dark eyes took her in and under other circumstances he would have went for the slutty type. But there was too much at stake and he knew that a girl like Bethany would never speak to him again if he had got with her friend. There was a girl code that he was aware of and he didn’t want to get in the middle of that. She was an opportunity though and the way she was letting Jesse paw at her, he had a good idea of where she was going to be that night.

“Good to meet you Callie.”

He kissed her hand, laying it on thick. She looked at him with desire and he groaned inwardly, wanting nothing more than to take her into one of the empty rooms in the house. Jesse gave him a questioning look, his mind on the same page, and after Eric nodded, he pulled the blonde into the house. Eric watched them go and wished that he was in a similar situation. His cock was semi-hard still from his dance with Beth. Frustrated, he walked back to the small bar and got another beer.


Bethany had drifted into the house to get away from prying eyes and her new brother. She kept repeating the last bit in her head. He was her brother and beyond that a complete ruffian. He was not her type and she actually had a boyfriend, though he was in Spain for the next few weeks. She missed him and with a wet quim from her interaction with Eric, she realized how much. It had been two weeks too long and she found herself alone in the kitchen.

After making a drink, she walked through the large house. It was her first time in it alone and she wanted to wander. She had yet to see her new room, though she was told it was not quite ready. Bethany would have to stay in one of the many guest bedrooms for another week or two, until it was finished. It was a surprise, though she had a strong urge to go peak inside.

Walking up the large spiral staircase, she found her room and the door was slightly ajar. She could hear whispered words and moans coming from the room. Bethany recognized Callie’s voice and she stopped to get closer and peer in. When she saw the motorcycle jacket, her first thought was that her brother was fucking her best friend. The idea was unsettling and the intensity of how badly she wanted to run in there and stop them was breathtaking.

So instead of leaving as she should have, she watched as the man’s hands went under Callie’s blush dress and pulled her panties off. Bethany was surprised that she was even wearing any. Her jealously focused on her slutty friend. She couldn’t believe that she could do this to her. Bethany did not have any more time to think about it though. The next thing she knew, the man was lifting Callie up and spearing her with a cock that Beth did not get to see, but sounding to be huge by her friend’s reaction.

Callie hung on by his neck and her whimpers got louder and then she was calling out a name before her mouth was covered by a thick hand. All Bethany heard was the J sound from the beginning. Her quim was wet and she was wildly turned on, but she couldn’t watch anymore, an unknown sadness in her that she didn’t quite understand. Instead, she walked away and tried to get back outside to the fresh air as quickly as possible.

She found the double French-doors that led out into the garden area and she ran smack dab into someone hard and unyielding. Beth fell back, the chest unforgiving even with her momentum. She looked up at him in a daze, not sure how he could be there. He pulled her up, a concerned look on his face.

“Whoa Beth. Are you okay?”

Beth looked up at Eric. “What are you doing out here, I thought…”


“Nothing. Sorry to have ran into you.”

Beth took off and instead of going back to the party she got into her car and just left. She had had enough fun for one day and just had to get away from it all. Bethany found herself at an unfamiliar bar and she pulled in. She needed a drink and a place where she didn’t know anyone.

The interior was as dark and dank as the exterior. There were several men in jackets, much like Eric’s but with different insignias. Bethany should have walked out, but she needed a drink more than anything else. After the first few shots, her mind numbed and she started to forget about the day she was having. It wasn’t until she got a text from Callie, that she realized she probably shouldn’t have taken off like that. Not to mention she was Callie’s ride.

“Hey chica. Where are you at?”

“Finnigan’s. Getting a drink.”

“Why didn’t you invite me?”

“I figured you were busy.”

Beth didn’t get a text for a bit so she set her phone down and smiled at the man seated next to her. She hadn’t noticed him before, but he was cute and rugged, like Eric. With his dark eyes looking at her, she felt much the same that she had felt earlier.

“So what are you doing with such a pretty dress on in here?”

Bethany looked down at the gaudy thing she had been forced to wear. “Oh, I was in a wedding today. My mom got married in some big hoopla.”

The man’s eyes narrowed. “You mean the Castine wedding?”

“Yeah. That’s the one. I had to get out of there.”

“So you are Eric’s sister now?”

Beth made a sound in her throat. “Unfortunately.”

“So what is your name?”

“Bethany and yours?”

“Everyone knows me as Rex.”

“Well nice to meet you Rex.” He took her hand and shook it. His eyes took in the innocent woman and his plans of revenge started to play out in his head. They talked for some time before he asked her if she wanted to go back to his house for a little get together that they were having. Bethany was not usually one to go to parties with random men, but she was feeling a bit too open with the boos in her system. She wanted to go with him and for him to take her, as she had watched her friend get taken before. Ever since she had seen the two of them going at it, it was all that she could think about and Beth just needed release.

“Sure. Let me just let my friend know.”

He stilled her hand. “Don’t worry about it. You can talk to her later. Let’s just get out of here.” He looked around them, making sure that he really didn’t know any of the people there. Him and some friends were there to bust up the wedding, but Eric’s sister being dropped into his lap seemed too close to fate to pass up. What he was going to do with her, he still didn’t know.

He pulled her up with him and helped her to the door. Bethany wasn’t drunk, but her body was not moving as fast as Rex wanted her to. A few men followed him out and helped her onto the back of his bike. Bethany should have been nervous, she had never ridden on one before, but she was beyond caring. He got on and she grabbed him around the waist. Rex moved her hands lower to his groan. “Hold on tight. I don’t want you falling off.”

She nodded to the man’s turned back and as she gripped him. She could feel a hardness that hadn’t been there before and Bethany moved her hands upward a touch so that they no longer did. Rex took off like a rocket and she held on tight, more than once thinking that she was going to make them crash. Every movement from her sent the bike to the side she leaned in. It took her some time, but she was quickly adjusting to the feel of the bike. Bethany also learned to hold on with more than just her hands. Her thighs gripped his body as he drove faster.

Bethany was afraid, but at the same time, it was an experience that made her eyes twinkle and her breathing quicken. Her mind was soon forgetting about Eric or anything else, all she could think about was the ride and the wind pushing through her dark brown hair.

BOOK: 15 Paranormal Romance Collection Boxset- Billionaire Bad Boy
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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