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Winter Solstice 2012






Savanna Kougar













IMPRINT: Romance


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Winter Solstice 2012

Copyright © 2008 by Savanna Kougar

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To all the angels disguised as mere humans, who brave Earth and help us all.





Winter Solstice 2012


Savanna Kougar

Copyright © 2008






Chapter 1
The Endtimes aren’t Jolly


“You know what they say about incarnated angels, don’t you?”

“They fly too close to the ground?” Zerr Dann half-grinned at his universe roaming buddy, a red Alsaishun. He tossed down a swallow of his barley ale.

“Incarnated angels, when on Earth just whispers away from a bad fall—isn’t that the cloud wisdom?” Jorque saluted with his full mug of liver ale, quaffed.

“On Earth good angels fall too hard. Rescued a few on our family vacations.” Zerr Dann revealed the sacred acts of his parents—what he had not done before, in accordance with The Timing.

“Angel crash and burn out. So that’s your Earth connection. Beyond your mother’s mortal inheritance,” Jorque barked understanding, then drank.

“Ways of the Divine Mind. I am my mother’s son. The question, was that the celestial plan all along?” Zerr Dann chuckled his joy, tipped up his ale.

“No. It was your father’s carnal plan. Love with the right incarnated angel.”

“Incarnated angels. Reluctant saviors of their chosen world. That’s what mom always says. Especially on Earth.”

“Your mother ought to know. Hey, I gotta a bone to pick with Seraphim Central. You’re just a cherub pup, still wet behind the celestial ears. Earth is evil-infested.” Jorque tossed back a large swallow, and leaned forward.

“The serpents of darkness devouring the serpents of light, yes, a gathering of evil.” Zerr Dann glowed white-fiercely, ready for the battle.

“What?” Jorque barking ribbed. “Three assignments completed beyond heaven’s gate?”

Zerr Dann didn’t speak it, or think it. Sworn to sacred oath, his previous ‘assignment’ had been dangerous and brutal. Yet, he had proven his ‘warrior cherub’ mettle. Also, he owned a connection to his new assignment. One that had his curiosity on sizzle because of the woman—an Earther, his angel incarnate.

“Three, yeah.” He grinned devilishly, his gaze good-natured. He swallowed more of his ale, listening to the night tavern crowd around them, where he and Jorque fit in. Here, they learned on the ‘front celestial lines’ what the high angelic realms needed to know. Since ‘beings’ in various physical manifestations of the Seraphim met with each other, all of them serving by assignment in the multitudes of physical worlds. Once their assignments were completed, they returned to this physical nexus realm. Designed to appear as part of the galaxy, the realm was also used as a constant training ground for service in the material worlds.

“Yeah,” Zerr Dann easily grinned. “What do they say? About incarnated angels?”

“Hot as sin. Carnal flight instead of celestial flight.”

Zerr Dann paused, glanced over the rim of his mug. Deliberately he set it down. “Dad would agree. The difference, though. I won’t be her lover. She’s prayer-sworn off men for decades.”

“Older Earth woman won’t be as threatened by a younger ‘cherub pup’. That the intervention strategy?”

“You will be a devoted pet?” Zerr Dann eyed him intensely.

“Arf, arf,” Jorque practiced. “I’ll even dutifully guard the pretend space ship.”

“And I’ll dutifully guard our Earth angel unaware.” Zerr Dann drank the last dregs. “Mostly unaware,” he corrected. “She’s experienced glimpses of her true spiritual nature.”

“Rare for an angel incarnate to endure, to last that long as an Earth human,” Jorque spoke, knowing there was more he wasn’t being told, probably a cosmos worth of knowledge. Still, he would go paw-digging for every tasty morsel of truth.

“Yeah, rare. I’m soaring-eager to meet her, learn from her.” Zerr Dann’s small powerful wings, black as the galaxy, flapped his emotion. Wings naturally manifested in this environment, and temporarily eliminated in Earth’s vibration.


* * * *


a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year,” Sedona badly sang, just to dryly entertain herself. “Especially if you’re seasonally depressed and have no vitamin D,” she sarcastically stretched. “Oh by golly, 2012‘s not Christmas holly, oh by golly, the endtimes aren’t jolly. Is our salvation just unholy folly?”

Sedona drove along the old one-lane highway southwest of what used to be
. Once the catastrophes lined up like the breadlines, it had become a FEMA /military base of operation. She had been fortunate to bypass the checkpoints without being stopped, and hauled off to the closest camp, then forced into some ungodly way of existence. Death was always preferable. And few her age cared anymore. No reason, no reason, at all.

As usual she wondered about the great mystery. Why?
Why am I still alive? In these unbelievably ugly times, with evil alive
and well everywhere
. Is it the grace of Goddess? It could only be grace. Only some strange miraculous grace that she still lived. The why of it? Sedona possessed no earthly clue.

True, she could summon psychic abilities as naturally as she breathed, in certain crucial instances, especially healing,. Whenever the soft glow of ‘knowing’ occurred inside her, she could simply touch a person or an animal, and the healing would instantly take place. Yet, she couldn’t just heal anyone who needed it. And certainly, her abilities didn’t compare to other well-known Psychic/Healers.

Still, she’d never fit in, not anywhere. And talk about choosing the ‘road less traveled’, she could be the iconic poster person on that book cover. Not that real books were available these days, except on the dangerous black market.

Briefly, Sedona shook her head, wanting to get rid of the angst over her survival. In truth, she envied all those who died, their spirits traveling to the other side. Human or animal, it didn’t matter. Sedona envied them. Especially when she saw all the corpses, common now, and literally piled up the world over. She blessed them all to heaven and desperately wished, aching-wished she could join them.

But she never had. Not yet.

Sighing, Sedona watched the impressive light show in the night sky. All around her asteroids arced constantly, some flashing out before they struck. Most of the stars couldn’t be seen, hidden by the ash haze of Mexico’s erupting volcanoes, hellish explosions she’d watched on an illegal TV feed. While hard on her lungs and eyes, the ash made the spy satellites useless, a victory in her book, since it impeded the net tight control of Homeland Security.

The steady rain of asteroids for the last thirty-five days had been strangely beautiful, yet deadly to large land areas on Earth, and sometimes to remaining population centers. Yet, it also prevented the Homeland Hordes from rounding up the desired or eliminating the undesired.

Slowly enough not to trigger the watch beams, her old early ‘90s van clumped along. Five years ago Sedona had eliminated every electronic device, and replaced the engine with an antique which had been converted to use water as fuel, although now, clean water was scarce in most places.

No electronics, no herd-control implanted chips, and a lot less chance of being caught, then charged with a crime against the state. Any crime, it didn’t matter anymore. Jaywalking could be considered a crime against the state, even a possible terrorist act. Recently a man had been convicted as a terrorist for halting the progress of an enforcement vehicle, and sent away to the most grueling work station, simply because he jaywalked. That was life inside what some now called and accepted as the North American Union.

Sedona didn’t accept it. Had never accepted it. She had neutralized every chip. But she couldn’t fight as a New Rebel either, even though she had trained the last five years to a high fitness level.

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