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45 Fat Burning Secrets - Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off

BOOK: 45 Fat Burning Secrets - Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off

45 Fat Burning Secrets - Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast And Keep It Off

By Jenny Allan

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Table of Contents


Secret #1: Why Low-Fat Isn’t Always the Best Option

Secret #2: Spices Are Metabolism’s Best Friend

Secret #3: Eat Foods With Negative Calories

Secret #4: Why Fasting Isn’t Necessary

Secret #5: Avoid “Bad” Fat

Secret #6: Not All Fruit Is Created Equal

Secret #7: One Way to Gain Weight is to Eat “Diet” Food

Secret #8: Increased Protein Equals Reduced Fat

Secret #9: Eat Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Secret #10: Improve Your Sluggish Metabolism

Secret #11: Cut Down On Butter Using These Substitutes

Secret #12: Cut Fat in Your Favorite Foods

Secret #13: Drink More Water, Lose More Weight

Secret #14: Why Veggies Are Best When Not Consumed Alone

Secret #15: How to Beat Belly Bulge

Secret #16: Have a Cup of Tea, Green Please!

Secret #17: Fast Food Doesn’t Have to Be Fat Food

Secret #18: Surviving Dining Out

Secret #19: Keep Snacks Low-Calorie

Secret #20: Yummy Sweets That Are Low-Fat

Secret #21: Surviving the Holidays

Secret #22: Buffet Eating for the Weight Watcher

Secret #23: Which is Worse: Carbs or Fat?

Secret #24: Practice Mindful Eating

Secret #25: Combat Food Boredom

Secret #26: Get Your RDA of Vitamins and Minerals

Secret #27: The Truth About Carb Blockers

Secret #28: Natural, Ephedra-Like Herbs

Secret #29: Lose Weight in Intervals

Secret #30: Increase Muscle, Improve Metabolism

Secret #31: Know Your Calorie Requirements

Secret #32: Exercise in Your Target Heart Zone

Secret #33: High Intensity Exercises to Ignite Weight Loss

Secret #34: Yoga for Weight Loss

Secret #35: Get Sculpted Arms for Max Calorie Burn

Secret #36: Your Legs Can Burn Calories Too!

Secret #37: Whittle Your Waist

Secret #38: Kids Shouldn’t Be Workout Stoppers

Secret #39: Sneak in Extra Daily Activity

Secret #40: Don’t be Derailed by a Desk Job

Secret #41: Green Thumbs Use More Calories

Secret #42: Keep Exercise Fun

Secret #43: Your Extra-Curricular Behaviors Can Increase Your Waistline

Secret #44: Dealing With Emotional Eating

Secret #45: Use Visual Motivators

Bonus Secret: Kick your Workouts into Calorie Burning Gear!


Where To From Here?

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Calorie-burning is two-fold. Physiology determines how you burn calories, but there are things you can do to kick your fat-burning into high gear. So, once you know what it takes to get results and how to improve those results dramatically, you’re on the fast track to weight loss!

That’s the goal of this e-book. How would it feel to kick your metabolism into overdrive? Imagine learning what you need to know to burn maximum amounts of calories even while you sleep!

Once you’re done reading this eBook, you will know how to:


  • Burn a ton of calories even if your work requires you to sit all day
  • Lower the fat content of foods you just can’t live without
  • Get physical activity in, regardless of your other home and work obligations
  • Kick your exercise sessions into calorie-burning overdrive
  • Boost your metabolism by eating specific foods
  • Lose weight easily by drinking the ‘right’ beverages
  • Deal with food buffets without anxiety and stress

This eBook will teach you how to burn calories all hours of the day and night! Yes, it is possible if you know how and, once you read this book, you’ll know how.

Are you ready to begin your weight loss success journey? Good – let’s go!

This e-book makes specific recommendations to help you increase your metabolism. If you have a health condition, please check with your doctor before beginning any sort of diet or exercise program to avoid any unintended consequences.

Secret #1:
Why Low-Fat Isn’t Always the Best Option

Low-fat foods seem like they should be a great choice when it comes to weight loss, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes full-fat foods make the most sense.


According to Dr. Walter Willett at the
Harvard School of Public Health
, research shows that low-fat diets can hurt you more than help. They may increase your risk of health conditions such diabetes (due to their large carbohydrate consumption) and heart disease. They also impact your cholesterol levels, raising your “bad” cholesterol and lowering your “good”.

Ever notice that when you eat low-fat foods, you’re hungrier sooner than if you’d eaten a high fat meal? That’s because eating fat keeps your tummy satisfied longer. This allows you to easily control your portion sizes when you do eat and reduces the likelihood of those uncomfortable, hard-to-beat cravings.

Secret #2:
Spices Are Metabolism’s Best Friend

When you eat foods that are spicy-hot, essentially it’s like adding gas to fire causing it to go from smoldering embers to flames that shoot into the air. Your body has the same result to some spices. They cause it to burn calories at a higher rate, which means that your metabolism is increased. This is known as the thermogenic effect.

Research published in
Physiology & Behavior
reports that eating red pepper increases the temperature of your body resulting in an increased calorie burn.  It also reduces your craving for foods high in salt, sugar and fat.

If you’re already eating high-spiced foods, you probably won’t notice much of an effect because your body has adapted itself to that type of diet. But, if you’re the person who normally eats a pretty bland diet and you begin to introduce spices, you’ll likely see an increase in the amount of fat you burn!

Secret #3:
Eat Foods With Negative Calories

Have you ever heard of negative calorie foods? These are foods that take more calories to digest than they contain, which means that you end up with a calorie deficit. A lot of negative calorie foods are in this category due to their high fiber content.

Some foods that qualify for this title include:


  • Celery
  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots

Eat these types of foods and you’ll be setting your calorie meter
instead of ahead. How great is that?

Secret #4:
Why Fasting Isn’t Necessary

Although fasting does normally result in fast loss of weight, the results aren’t the kind that most dieter is seeking to find. The scale goes down simply because your body has suddenly had its food intake restricted. Why does this happen?

A lot of foods you eat have high water content. So, when you reduce the amount of food you consume as a whole, you get less hydration. The result is a loss in weight – but it’s only water weight so the results don’t last.

Some people feel that fasting is beneficial in that it gives their body a rest from processing foods. However, the human body is extremely adept at its functions and no rest is necessary for it to work as intended.

Still, if you’re insistent on fasting, choose one that focuses on raw foods. This is a fast that involves eating foods in their natural state, forcing you to give up your beloved fast food and foods that have been processed to the point where their nutrition is gone. Who knows, you may find out that you are sensitive to some of the additives that are often added to food.

Make sure that if you do fast, you get a lot of water. Your body will thank you for the hydration!

Secret #5:
Avoid “Bad” Fat

There is fat that is relatively healthy for you and there’s fat that can put you at higher risk of disease and illness. The latter are called
trans fats
and are in a lot of processed foods such as baked goods, cereal and snack crackers.

According to the
Mayo Clinic
, trans fats increase your risk of heart attack. They do this because they affect your cholesterol levels, raising your “bad” cholesterol and lowering your “good”.

To give you an idea of how much they affect your body, health professionals believe that health care costs would reduce over the next two decades by $56 billion if trans fats were not available for consumption.

Make sure you read ingredient labels on foods before you eat them (preferably before you even purchase them). Trans fats have many names, such as hydrogenated oil and margarine, so be aware of this when you’re looking for them.

Secret #6:
Not All Fruit Is Created Equal

When it comes to getting vitamins and minerals, fruit is right up there with vegetables. However, that doesn’t mean that you can eat unlimited quantities of every fruit available. There are some fruits that have an elevated sugar content, which can leave you fighting cravings because they send your blood sugar on a roller coaster.

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