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I like Zayed. We all do. He's kind to us. Demanding yet gentle. He's a true sybarite, and he loves nothing more than to shower that opulence on us.

“Good evening, Zayed,” we all say, like wind-up dolls, making him grin widely.

“Good evening, ladies. Come, let us eat.”

We sit down at the table, with me on his right, Rosalyn on his left looking lovely in her deep purple silk. Regan pushes Rosalyn's plate over and places her bottom right on the table by Zayed's arm.

“Let me feed our tired sheik,” she says, saucy, flirtatious.

Zayed's eyes twinkle, and he pats her smooth, tan thigh. “You know just how to please me.”

And we do.

We spend the meal feeding him tidbits of meat, tiny, tenderly cooked carrots, dates, and goat cheese, and feeding each other, which he particularly loves to see.

Zayed is an unashamed voyeur, which is mostly what we're here for. Luckily, being watched thrills me. Even having him watch us eat is exciting: the widening of his eyes as Rosalyn slips a date between my lips and I suck on her fingertips, holding her hand there with my own.

Her hands are soft, her skin fragrant, and my sex swells in anticipation of the night to come.

Lhe meal is festive—food, wine—and we listen as Zayed tells us of his day. It's all international business, and I must
admit I don't listen too carefully tonight. My mind, my body, are preoccupied with the sensuality of the feast before us, the brush of Regan's breast as she leans over to pick something from my plate.

The meal lasts for well over an hour before Rosalyn stands up, moves behind Zayed's chair, and gently slips his suit jacket from his shoulders.

“How about a little entertainment for you, Zayed?”

“That would be excellent.”

He stands and leads us all into the bedroom. The bed is an enormous affair, all done in the purest white linen and piled with golden pillows, with a tall golden scroll-worked headboard reminiscent of the boudoirs of kings and queens, and flanked by those heavy blue and gold damask curtains. Truly a bed for royalty. But tonight it will hold three whores while we entertain our royal client.

I shiver all over, just a small trembling beneath my skin.

The three of us move to the bed while Zayed settles into a large, plush armchair which has already been pulled to one side of the bed. We kick our shoes off but don't strip down just yet; that's something Zayed will want to draw out, savor.

Rosalyn, ever passive, lays back against the pillows, and I step out of my black silk G-string before crawling onto the bed. I go to her on my hands and knees, my naked sex peeking out from beneath my emerald green silk chemise; I can feel the warm air whisper over my flesh, teasing.

Rosalyn opens her arms for me and I press up against her, my small breasts crushed against the lush flesh of her chest. Her nipples grow hard as I hold still for a few moments, smiling at her. Then her eyes close and she leans her head against the pillows, offering her long, lovely throat to me. I lean in, trail soft kisses over her skin. Skin like a doll's: that fine, that
smooth. I dart my tongue out, taste her sweet flesh, feel a ripple of excitement course through me as I hear a soft moan from our client. I lift my head to peek at him and see Regan standing by his chair, massaging his shoulder with one hand. His arm is looped around her narrow waist, his hand caressing her thigh beneath the hem of her pale blue silk slip. He grins at me, nods his head.

“Please continue, my lovelies.”

I turn back to Rosalyn, and her blue eyes are open once more. I press my lips to hers, raspberry lip gloss mingling in a sticky warmth. Kissing a woman is so very different from kissing a man. So much softer. Although it's been a long time since I've kissed a man. We don't do that with our clients. But we do kiss each other, during these sorts of little orgies. The clients love it. I enjoy it, myself. And Rosalyn knows how to kiss, her mouth all soft, moist heat, her tongue gentle, teasing as it slides between my parted lips.

My body is heating up, my sex going wet, just from kissing her, from her breasts crushed against mine, from the knowledge of Zayed watching us. Lusting for us. From knowing I'll be generously paid for what I am about to do.

Oh, yes.

I open my lips wider, really go in, probing her mouth with my tongue, thrusting as though my tongue is a small, pumping cock, which I know she loves. Her hands come up and slide my chemise up my thighs, baring my naked ass, my pussy, to Zayed's view. I wiggle a little for him, for her. It's all the same already.

Her hands are cool and smooth against my skin. And suddenly there is another pair of hands on my bare flesh, soft as only a woman's can be, and I know Regan is touching me. Taking her cue, Rosalyn pulls my chemise over my head,
breaking our kiss for a moment. Then I'm back on her, one hand going to the firm mound of her breast. Her nipple is hard, and I tease it through the bright purple silk for a few moments, pinching, pulling. She moans, a sound low in her throat, and beneath me I feel her hips arc up toward my body.

Regan's hands are moving over my skin, lighting up the nerves all over. My sex is slick, pulsing with need already. And when Regan moves her hands in between my thighs, parting the lips of my sex with her thumbs, I gasp into Rosalyn's mouth. That only makes her kiss me harder and push her breast into my hand. I slide her shoulder straps off, one at a time, baring her beautiful breasts.

“Ah, yes,” Zayed murmurs behind us.

Pulling away from Rosalyn's mouth, I lower my head and bury my face between those smooth mounds of flesh. I inhale her perfume, feminine, subtle, fill my senses with it, with that taboo feeling I always get when I fuck a woman. I'm shaking a little all over, with Rosalyn's flesh before me, Regan's fingers massaging my pussy lips. I surge back into her clever hands, and she pushes one fingertip inside me.

“Oh, that's good,” I moan, and she moves deeper.

“Come on, Val,” Rosalyn begs me, her voice soft, breathy. “Come on, suck my tits. Pretty please, Val.”

I bend to my task, pulling one taut nipple into my mouth. Rosalyn has lovely, large, pink nipples, so pale normally, but they go all dark and rosy when she's excited. Her flesh fills my mouth, and she squirms beneath me. It's hard to concentrate with Regan working my pussy with her fingertips. I almost want to come already. I feel like I could come forever tonight.

Regan adds another finger, then another, filling me, and suddenly I am transported back to my bath earlier tonight,
and Joshua's face fills my mind as, bit by bit, Regan's fingers fill my sex, going deeper, harder.

I groan against Rosalyn's breast, pull away and move to the other side. I pull the nipple in, taking it between my teeth. Her hands go into my hair as I suck, pulling, pulling, lengthening her hard pink flesh.

“Yeah, Val. Harder,” she gasps. “I need you to fuck me, Val. Please.”

I think of saying this to Joshua as I reach down and pull her silky slip up around her waist and immediately plunge two fingers into her wet heat. Her sex is all warm velvet as I thrust into her, using my thumb to massage her clit.

“Oh, yeah …”

Her voice is low, her breath catching as she tilts her hips into my hand, just as I would if it were Joshua working me the way I am Rosalyn, the way Regan works me with her softly rough hands. We are one female organ now, all nipples and pussy and drenched heat.

“Come, my ladies,” Zayed orders us. “I want to see you come.”

I focus, sucking hard on her nipple, which has become almost impossibly long in my mouth. And I pump my fingers into her. Her hips are moving, her rhythm the same as my own as Regan thrusts inside me. I am so damn wet, I can feel my juices trickling down my thighs. I arch my back, pushing onto those impaling fingers as I work Rosalyn harder, grinding onto her clitoris with my thumb.

Then she's panting, gripping my hair tightly, and I know she's about to climax. She lets out a long keening moan, her body arches into mine, and she's trembling, her sex clenching around my thrusting hand. I suck hard on her tit; I know she loves it when she's coming, loves it to almost hurt. A few more
cries and she goes limp. I let her nipple slip from my lips and fall onto her breasts, pillowing my head on her fragrant flesh, my ass high in the air. Regan renews her efforts now, using both hands: one to hold my pussy lips wide open for Zayed to view, one hand thrusting inside me.

“Beautiful, Val,” Zayed says quietly, his voice raw with lust.

I arch harder into Regan's hand, and once more Joshua's face comes into my mind. I don't know why it happens now. I don't care. Pleasure is arcing through me like some inevitable electrical current. And I can't stop the climax that comes hammering down on my body like thunder: that powerful, that relentless.

“Oh! Oh, oh, oh…”

And I'm coming and coming, my sex dripping onto Regan's lovely hands … Joshua's hands. I'm pushing back against her, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked. By him. By

“Oh, yes!”

Pleasure, intense, keen, shafting into my body in wave after wave. I am left shaking, weak. But Zayed is not done with us.

“Our poor Regan is left out,” Zayed complains. “I want to see your lovely face between her legs, Val,” he tells me, his voice rough with need, a sensation that reverberates through me as I hear him speak. “I want to see you make her come.”

There is a shifting of bodies as Rosalyn rolls to one side, and in a moment Regan's naked body is laid out beneath me. I part her thighs with a shaking hand and lower my face, breathe in the fragrance of her excitement, like the scent of the ocean.

I move up, tugging at her silky blue slip, and she helps me to pull it over her head. She has a truly spectacular body. Her
breasts are a bit smaller than Rosalyn's, yet still quite lush and full, with tight, dusky nipples. She's all long, lean limbs, a bit on the athletic side, without Rosalyn's rounded curves. More like me, but with those gorgeous breasts. I find I can hardly wait to touch her.

I lean in and run my tongue between those lovely, fleshy mounds, following with my hands. I pause to tweak her nipples, hard. She likes things a little rough, and I am all too happy to oblige. She reaches up and grabs my breasts in her hands, squeezes my nipples until I wince, making Zayed and Rosalyn laugh.

I grin at Regan. “Oh, you're in trouble now,” I tell her, hearing Zayed chuckle.

“You must punish her now, Val,” he tells me.

Straddling Regan's body, I sit back on my knees, watching her face. Her green eyes are absolutely glowing.

“As you wish, Zayed,” I say, turning to smile at him over my shoulder.

Reaching for Regan's breasts again, I squeeze them in my palms roughly. She's squirming beneath me, but I know it's all show. She's smiling, and her nipples have gone dark and hard as two large pebbles. I grind my naked sex against hers, feel the slick heat that is as much hers as it is my own. Oh, yes, she loves this, the rough play. So do I.

“With your beautiful mouth, Val,” Zayed instructs me.

Shifting once more, I lay my body over Regan's, skin to skin, breasts to breasts, and she lets out a groan. She is every bit as hot as I am; I can feel the need coming off her body in undulating waves. I feel it as though it is my own, and it is.

Sliding down, inch by inch, I trail my tongue between her breasts, over her rib cage, her taut belly, until I am at the apex of her thighs.

Her sex is mostly shaved, nearly as naked as my own, with just a narrow strip of silky blond hair in the center. Her lips are pink and swollen, glistening with her juices. My own sex clenches in response as I bend to my task.

First a gentle blowing as she spreads her thighs for me, wider and wider, opening herself to me, and to Zayed's view. A quick glance at him and I see Rosalyn is perched on the arm of his chair, naked, her hand working in his lap. Good girl. Our poor Zayed has an erection issue and it can take him a very long time to get off, if he is able to at all. But I think we will be able to take him there tonight.

I turn back to Regan. Inadvertently, my pause has been a tease for her. But I like to torture her a little.

I blow on her flesh again, and she squirms. I smile before letting my tongue dart out. Just one small taste before I pull back.

“Oh, come on, Val. Don't torture me.”

More laughter from Zayed, but that husky edge is there in his voice. Oh, yes, he's as turned on as we are.

Using my fingers, I pinch her pussy lips together, then begin to tug on them, hard. She groans, and I pinch harder, until I know it really hurts. I also know how much she loves this. She's drenched, her juices soaking the pure white coverlet beneath us. I bend my head and lick her slit, one long, torturous stroke, pinching still. She groans louder. And my own sex is full, needy. Needing to come again.

I really go to work then, pinching the lips of her wet sex, lapping at her clit with my tongue, hard and fast. Soon she is moaning, panting, writhing.

“God, Val, make me come. Yes, that's it. Make it hurt. Make me come. Oh!”

I plunge three fingers deep inside her, still pinching one
side of her swollen labia and sucking hard on her clit now, imagining that hardened nub of flesh is Joshua's cock in my mouth.

Oh, yes …

And I can almost come myself, just from this: Regan's hard little clit in my mouth, her moans, imagining the smooth flesh of Joshua's cock, his come spurting down my throat like liquid pearls …

I feel a hand between my legs suddenly, and as Regan comes, Zayed pries me open with his strong fingers, pulling on my clit expertly. My body explodes as Regan and I shatter together, fireworks going off behind my closed eyes. And it is as though Joshua is here with me, doing these things, as though it is
making me come like this. And in some sense it is. Always, lately. But it's too hard to think about it now.

I roll over onto my back, gasping, trying to catch my breath.

“You bitch,” Regan whispers, not unhappily.

I glance over at her, and she's grinning, her face glowing. She looks as used as I feel, but we're not done yet. Rosalyn has helped Zayed to undress, and he is climbing onto the bed, leaning against the pillows. And we all descend upon him and his poor, half-hard cock. But we can make him come without a full erection. We are experts, after all.

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