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A Billionaire Punishes Part 1 (Erotic Romance) (6 page)

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“Quit my job?” She frowned. “Why the hell
would I want to quit my job? Unlike some people, I need my

“I got Remington to hire you.”

She wavered. “Was this before or after he
dumped your ass?”


Her face cleared and she pumped her fist in
the air. “I got hired by the billionaire hottie?”

“You got hired by Remington, yes,” I

She hugged me across the table, her boobs
clearing a path among the empty cups and saucers, salt & pepper
shaker and the menu card. “Woo-hoo! Thank you, hon!”

“You’re welcome,” I said. At least something
good had happened that day.

She sat back with a wide smile. “And for the
best part, I get to tell Celeste to fuck off and eat shit!”

“You’re not going to—”

She nodded vigorously. “Oh, you bet your
tiny hiney I’m gonna!”

“I better do the same,” I said. “Well, not
in those words exactly, but—”

“Don’t you worry about a thing!” Tamara
said. “I’ll quit my job and yours as well. Two for the price of

“Thanks for the offer, but I feel I have to
do this myself.”

“Fair enough. Now let’s celebrate!”

“Yeah, let’s,” I said, though I didn’t
really feel all that celebratory.

Chapter 10



That night, as I anxiously awaited the clock
to strike eight—figuratively, at least, for I don’t have a clock,
only my cell informing me what time it is—I wondered if Tamara’s
parting words hadn’t been true. It couldn’t be love I felt for this
man Remington. No-one falls in love like that. Probably what had
happened was that I’d fallen in love with his cock. Something that
wasn’t all that uncommon, Tamara assured me. It even happened to
her. She’d gone out on a date with Robbie—her green grocer’s cousin
and ugly as fuck, but the man had such a delicious cock on him,
that for weeks afterwards, Tamara couldn’t help lusting after his
fifty-year-old ass. Or rather, his dingus.

Was that what had happened to me? But then I
remembered the way he looked at me while we were making love, the
way he touched me. Those soft lips, the loving words he whispered
in my ear, that sweet caress… My body tingled just thinking back to
that morning. No, it was definitely more than physical attraction
alone. My heart had been touched—he’d reached deep into my soul and
I’d come away wanting him so much it hurt. But what hurt even more
than his physical absence, was the emotional distance he’d created
upon finding out I was working for Celeste.

I checked herself in the mirror. I’d found a
flimsy strapless black dress in my closet, hugging my small frame
and pert breasts, perfect for just this occasion. At least, that’s
what I hoped. Since I had no idea what Remington had in mind for
me, it was hard to dress appropriately, as he had requested.

My doorbell rang, and my heart jumped into
her throat. Eight o’clock already? I flew to the door, and checked
the intercom. I was surprised to find it was Remington himself
standing on my doorstep! I buzzed him in, took my tiny black velvet
purse with the gold trim, and sped down the stairs.

A hot blush was mantling my cheeks by the
time I reached the bottom step. The door was ajar and Remington
stood framed in the golden light from a street lamp nearby. He
looked absolutely stunning in a three-piece suit. I noticed he’d
even shaved for the occasion.

“Miss Gould,” he intoned, holding out his

As I stepped into the street light, his eyes
widened perceptibly at the sight of me, and the hint of a smile
flickered about his lips.

“You look nice,” he said gruffly, taking me
by the hand.

“Thanks,” I said breathlessly. “You don’t
look too shabby either.”

He couldn’t resist a smile, but instantly
wiped it from his face. “Are you ready?” he said coldly.

“Since I have absolutely no idea what you
have in store for me, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I said
quite truthfully.

Some people would have called me crazy, to
go along with this scheme of his. But somehow I trusted this man. I
knew if I placed my life in his hands, he wouldn’t let me down.

“Very well,” he murmured, and escorted me to
a waiting black limousine. He even opened the door for me. “Please
take a seat.”

I did as instructed, and slid into the
spacious luxury car. I couldn’t see who the driver was, and I was
surprised when Remington didn’t join me before the engine started
and the car pulled away from the curb. Through the partition I
couldn’t see a thing, and I could only surmise that Remington was
either driving this monstrosity himself, or was riding shotgun. Why
would he leave me like this? It was all very mysterious, and not a
little infuriating.

I searched around for a button or a
microphone to connect me with the driver but all I managed was to
turn on the music installation, and suddenly Creedence Clearwater
Revival blasted through the speakers. Remington’s favorite music? I
realized how little I knew of the man I’d entrusted my life

I finally decided to just sit back and try
to relax. I was so nervous, my stomach was all tied up in knots,
and I was cursing Celeste for dragging me into this mess in the
first place. Then, honesty prevailing, I cursed myself for going
along with her scheme. True enough, I only had myself to blame.
Remington was right. I deserved to be punished.

Ten minutes later, the car finally pulled to
a stop and the engine was turned off. Then the door opened, and I
was surprised to find Remington’s outstretched hand reaching in to
help me out.

“Did you drive?” I said, puzzled.

He nodded, but seemed reluctant to supply
any more details, so I refrained from probing further into the

I stepped out of the car, and found myself
in the middle of a forest, not a soul in sight.

“What…” I began, but then he suddenly pulled
a cap over my head, and took me in a strong grip. “Hey!” I said.
“What the hell?”

“Do I need to remind you?” he grunted in my
ear, “that you’ve been a very bad girl and that you’re in urgent
need of some well-deserved punishment?”


“You can either play along nicely, or face
charges, all right?” he said, as he lifted me up from the ground,
and carried me away from the car.

Somehow feeling his strong arms around me,
lifting me up as if I weighed nothing, sent a flush of arousal
through my body. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” I breathed.

“You better,” he said, placing me against
some hard surface. Next thing I knew, he had attached ropes to my
wrists, and was pulling my arms back, forcing me up against the
hardness pressing into me from behind. The moment my bare arms
touched the surface, I realized he was tying me up against a tree,
the rough bark pressing into my arms.

He then roughly spread my legs, and started
to apply the same procedure to my feet, tying them to the tree.
Finally he removed the cap, and I blinked. Remington was standing
before me, backlit by the limo’s headlights, parked a little
distance away, as he appraised my new position with glittering
eyes. In his suit and tie, he looked like James Bond who just
kidnapped an enemy agent, and is about to question her about her
employer’s evil plans to destroy the world.

Oh, God, I just hoped he’d get rough with
me. Tear my clothes from my body, and then fuck me with that
monster cock of his. Just staring at him staring back at me, his
eyes roaming all across my helpless body, made me hotter than hell,
and I simply knew I was soaking wet already.

I was still fully clothed, though the skimpy
dress I was wearing didn’t do much to protect my modesty. Something
flickered in his hand, and I saw that he was holding a pair of
scissors. Knowing that I was about to be exposed completely made me
whimper in breathless anticipation.

“How much do you like this dress, Miss

“Not too much,” I said, my eyes on his as I
licked my lips. “Not too much at all.”

“Good,” he grunted, then slashed away at the
shoulder straps, releasing the front of the dress to flutter down
around my waist, and expose my small breasts to him—my nipples hard
and erect.

He lingered on them with the tip of the
scissors, and the cold steel against my tender flesh made me

With a few more snaps, he released me from
the confines of the rest of my dress, and now I stood before him,
stark naked, my lacy black panties the only piece of clothing left.
Two snips, and he’d remedied that as well, my mound and wispy tuft
of reddish hair shining brightly in the light of the car, my
swollen pussy lips protruding underneath.

He casually slid the scissors between my
lips, and the cold made my clit pucker up and my cunt shiver in

“Are you going to rape me?” I said, a little
breathless. “Are you going to rape your defenseless secretary,
Mister Carswell, sir?”

“Yes, I am, Miss Gould,” he said, his eyes
roaming all across my body, taking in my slender frame, my breasts,
now covered with goosebumps, and my pussy, yearning to be touched
by his fingers. I was so wet, I could feel my juices dribble down
my thighs. He saw it too, and smirked. Oh, please. Fuck me! Fuck me
long and hard!

He suddenly grabbed me between my legs, and
I yelped. Bringing his hand to his lips, he licked my juices, and
his eyes darkened.

“You’re wet, Miss Gould,” he growled.

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered. “Please fuck me,
sir. Fuck me hard!”

“Not yet,” he said sternly, then suddenly
dropped down on his knees before me, and pushed his tongue into me,
just like that, shoving it in deep, the wide part splaying my pussy
lips, as his curious tip explored the walls of my soppy cunt.

I squirmed against the ropes that held me
tied up, but he’d done his job well, and I couldn’t budge an inch
against the onslaught of his tongue inside my flesh. I was fully
exposed and utterly helpless as he drove his tongue into me again
and again, and licked the most intimate part of my body.

“Oh, Remington,” I sighed. “That feels so

The moment I spoke those words, he stopped
and leaned back, his lips and chin glistening wet. Reaching up, he
grabbed my breasts, pinching my nipples—smearing them with my own
juices, and suddenly I felt my climax setting in, my lower body
straining against the ropes, the globes of my ass grinding against
the rough bark of the tree, and I came. The moment my orgasm rocked
through me, his mouth clamped down on my pussy again, his tongue
deep inside, and I came in his mouth, my juices flowing all across
his tongue—and he drank it all with relish.

“Thank you for preparing my drink for me,
Miss Gould,” he murmured. “Just the way I like it.”

I was still recovering, hanging limply
against my restraints, when he rose to his feet, and covered my
mouth with his, and I could taste my own juices on his tongue as it
reached deep into my mouth, mashing against my tongue. He was
hungry, voracious, and devoured me with such lust, I moaned in

He backed away from me, his eyes still
hungry, and slowly started removing his clothes, his eyes locked on
mine. He shrugged off his vest, then ripped off his shirt and tie,
and finally stripped down his pants and boxers, until he stood
naked before me—as naked as I was. His body was gorgeous, the work
of a master sculptor at the top of his game.

His cock was huge and rose to the sky like a
pillar of lust. And when he stepped up to me, I knew he was going
to enter me. That huge thing was going to penetrate me—disappear
into my tight cunt to the brim. I yelped as he closed the distance
between us in two bounds, and then he speared me onto his thick
hardness, shoving it into my cunt with no deliberation or warning.
One moment, he was standing before me, the next he was inside me,
filling me from cunt to womb with that long, thick girth of his,
shoving it all the way home in a single thrust.

“Aaah!” I cried, not from pain but pure
unadulterated pleasure.

For a moment, I detected worry in his face,
fear that he might be hurting me, but then he took a firm grip on
my ass cheeks, hoisted me onto his girth, and shoved even deeper
into me.

“This is your punishment, Miss Gould,” he
growled as he sank me onto his manhood until he disappeared
completely inside me. “Do you accept it?”

“Yes,” I cried. “Yes, I do! Fuck me,
Remington. Oh, never stop fucking me!”

“Remember, Miss Gould,” he grunted. “Each
time you disappoint me, this is what you get.” And he shoved his
cock into me with such force, I was sure I was going to explode
with pure pleasure.

“Yes, punish me!” I cried. “Punish me
harder. Harder!”

His hands were wrapped firmly around my ass
cheeks, and with his powerful fingers, he spread my cunt wide,
pulled open my labia, shoving his fingers in there, along with his
cock, so he could fuck me even deeper.

“That’s it,” he groaned, as I yelped. Each
time his cock thrust up into me, he sank me down onto him with his
powerful hands, shoving home with such force, my whole body
trembled and quivered. Never before had I been fucked this hard, my
pussy being relentlessly pounded. Harder and harder he pounded into
me, faster and faster, and I cried out more and more against his
shoulder. Finally, he was ramming me like a jackhammer, my lilting
flesh quivering, my clit on fire, my pussy gushing like a fucking
geyser, as I screamed out in ecstasy, a second and a third and then
a fourth powerful orgasm shuddering through my body. And still he
didn’t stop, punishing my little cunt like there was no tomorrow.
Sweat was streaming down his face and when his mouth claimed mine,
sweat and saliva all mixed into one intoxicating mix in our

Then he plunged one of his fingers into my
ass, shoving it home to the first knuckle, then deeper still, and
then my mind went blank, my body now pure pleasure, pure climax,
non-stop, as this man ravaged me, savagely fucked me into oblivion.
Then suddenly he reached up—there was a flash of steel—and I fell
forward onto him, my hands released from their binds.

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