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A Christmas Surprise

BOOK: A Christmas Surprise
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A Christmas Surprise
The Cassidy Family [2.50]
Jana Leigh

   In book two ½ of the Cassidy Family: Celebrating
Christmas with the Cassidy family can everyone stay alive long enough for one
of them to get the surprise of her life!


A Christmas Surprise


Cassidy Family


Book Two 1/2


Author: Jana Leigh


Editor Rose Colton


Artwork by JK Publishing INC


Published by JK Publishing INC




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Table of Contents


Chapter One


The snow fell in big, fluffy flakes. Sandi juggled the box she was carrying as she unlocked the back door to the restaurant. She loved working at JT's Fancy Diner that was owned by her two best friends, Jade and Traci. They both went to culinary school together and then came home to their hometown of Johnstown, Colorado, to open the restaurant, which had become a big hit. It was the only restaurant around besides a pizza place and at night, they turned it into a bar with a great little dance area.

Sandi set the box down on the counter and began to unpack it. She had gone upstairs to drag down the Christmas decorations, considering it was the beginning of December, and they had just taken down all the Thanksgiving decorations. This was the last box, and now she had to get everything organized. Soon, Jade and Traci would arrive to begin cooking and setting up.

She walked out into the dining area and began to take the chairs off the tables as she glanced outside and saw that people were out milling around, beginning to open their own shops. Just then, a young couple walked by the windows, smiling at each other, gazing into each other's eyes. The couple stopped, the man reached up and cradled the woman's face in his hands and kissed her slowly. Sandi turned her back, not wanting to intrude on such a private moment and also, because she felt that twinge of longing and jealousy, reminding her that she was alone.

Sandi lost her parents when she was fifteen, the state sent her to live with an elderly aunt who she barely knew. Aunt Betty turned out to be just what Sandi needed. She opened her home and arms to the young teenager, helping her through the tragedy of her parents’ death. They had been hit head-on by a trucker who had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Aunt Betty had sued on behalf of the family and procured a sizeable amount of money, which she placed into Trust for Sandi. She was to receive the Trust when she turned thirty, which meant she wouldn't be able to access it for another five years. Sandi was grateful to Betty for making sure she’d always be taken care of, but at the same time, she wished she had that money now. She missed Betty. She had passed on a few years ago herself, and that’s when Sandi had decided she needed a change and had ended up in Johnstown.

When she said she needed a change, Sandi really had. In one day, she packed up the house, sold everything she could, and took off in her old beat-up Firebird. Of course, it only made it so far, the fucker broken down right outside the town of Johnstown. When she called for a tow, the local man came out and sold her on this little sleepy town. It was just what she needed to get her life back on track. She found this job and the rest as they say was history, except for a few bumps in the road of course.

Although she couldn't complain, she had a great job working for two great bosses; she also had a cute little one-bedroom apartment above the restaurant. She had to admit, her life was decent, but it was lacking the one thing that Sandi had always wanted, someone to love her. She thought she was close once, but he was the one she had to let go.

Sandi had met Danny when she moved into town and began to work at JT's. He sauntered in with his brothers for lunch one day, and she had literally tripped while walking over to their table. It had been Danny, who jumped up and caught her in his arms.

She could still remember how it felt the first time those strong arms had closed around her, and just for a moment, she had closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Taking in his woodsy scent and feeling the warmth of his body pressed to hers. She had opened her eyes to find herself looking into the deep-blue eyes of a Greek God. Standing at over six feet, he towered over her smaller five foot three-inch frame. He had smiled at her and then sat back down at the table. She went on to take their order without further incident.

When he introduced himself, after she returned with their food, his brothers got a good laugh out of the whole name thing. Danny and Sandi, they teased and began to sing the song, “We Go Together.” It had been embarrassing considering she’d been the one to trip over him and now his brothers were giving him shit. It is a wonder they ever went out on a date.

She sighed once again as she thought back on their courtship. She had figured out pretty quick that Danny was a man-whore and not looking for a relationship, well, a serious one at least. He had been in his playboy stage, which in some ways still rang true, although he didn't seem to be going out as much lately.

This could be because first, his sister Jade had an incident with a boyfriend in college. The idiot thought he would have the easy life and marry into the Cassidy family. In a calculated move, he set out to seducing Jade.

Jade didn’t want to get involved in a serious relationship, and when she saw things in his closet before a date one night, she knew they were not compatible. When she tried to break up with him, it had turned into an ugly fight. Jade ended up pressing charges because he refused to accept no for an answer. He’d been sentenced to a few years in jail for domestic violence and attempted rape. Jade wasn’t going to press charges, until the day after she’d broken his nose for getting a little too frisky—the dumbass tried to break into her bedroom and rape her.

Then Jared, the oldest Cassidy brother, had been shot and then hunted by a terrorist he had dealings with back when he was in the military. Since then, the family had been on a lockdown of sorts since the threat against them had not been completely dealt with yet.

Sandi had thought that Danny was "the one," but those hopes had been dashed quickly. They had gone out on several dates and gotten along really well, but Sandi felt him holding back. Danny played as if he was only trying to bed her, when she knew that it was an act he was putting on. Maybe she came off as a prude, but she wanted to save herself for that special man, the one she would spend the rest of her life loving. Danny accepted that when they were alone. However, in public, he tried to act as if he was only trying to get into her pants. It drove her nuts, and she was too nice at the time, since then, after hanging around with his sister and best friend, Sandi learned how to get her bitch on.

Danny changed on the last date they went on dramatically. If she had the same self-confidence she had now, then, things possibly would have turned out differently. She never could find a reason, so she ended things before her heart got more involved. That had been a laugh, she realized quickly that she had indeed fallen head over heels for him, and now she had to sit back and watch him with other women.
Yep, her life was just fan-fuckin’-tastic

She shrugged off her thoughts as Jade and Traci came in from the back and started taking off their coats while they seemed to be arguing.

"Why are they being asses about the tuxes? It's not like we chose the ones with the tail-y things on them," Jade said as she looked over at her childhood best friend. Traci and Jade had been best friends since kindergarten. They met on the playground when an older girl had taken Traci’s lunch. Jade had punched the girl in the stomach and then gave her new friend her peanut butter and jelly sandwich back. They had been inseparable ever since. They shared everything together and when one was in trouble, so was the other one.

"Jared was only teasing you about wearing his jeans, Jade, you know that. You know he will do as I say...ask." Traci sighed as she turned and smiled at Sandi. The two best friends were in the middle of planning their double wedding that was to take place on Valentine's Day. They were two lucky ladies who had finally gotten their men. Jade had been in love with Zach for as long as she could remember. Traci and Jared were the same, but both couples took a while and a whole lot of antics on both sides to get together. Sandi thought that when they did, the whole town breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey girl," Jade said as she walked up and gave Sandi a hug. "You got all this down by yourself? Why didn't you wait for us?"

"Well, since I live upstairs and didn't sleep well, I figured I would start, and it didn't seem to take any time at all," Sandi said with a shrug.

"Next time wait for us. I don't like you carrying stuff up and down those stairs without someone here. You could have fallen and been laying there for God knows how long before we got here," Jade said, then turned, and began to open the boxes.

Before long, they had Christmas Carols playing and had finished decorating the whole restaurant. Traci had gone in the back to start on the specials for the day, and Jade was getting ready to begin making their traditional Christmas cookies and pastries. Sandi began to get out the menus and set up the tables for the lunch crowd.

With Christmas only a few days away, the lunch crowd had picked up as everyone was out shopping to grab last minute gifts. She heard the bell jingle above the door and turned to see Danny and Miles, Jade's other brother, walking over to their usual table. She let one of the other girls go over and take their orders. After she’d had those thoughts of him earlier, she didn't think it would be a good idea to be too close.

Just then, there was a crash in the back, and she heard Jade cussing up a storm. She rolled her eyes and made her way to the kitchen to see if she could help.
Yep, it was gonna be a great day

BOOK: A Christmas Surprise
9.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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