A Club Esoteria Wedding [Club Esoteria 11] (Siren Publishing Classic) (10 page)

“Just what the fuck do you think you are doing?” he asked, his voice low and dark and oh-so-dominant. “Did I tell you to suck my cock?”

Whitney immediately dropped to her knees and assumed the slave position beside the lounger. “No, Master. I’m sorry. Your cock just looked so good and…”

“And you wanted to suck it. I applaud you for thinking of my comfort, but I’d rather watch you strip down until you’re wearing nothing but your collar and rings.”

Whitney smiled, her hips shifting and causing her pussy lips to rub against her clit, sending heated shivers through her. “Yes, Master.”

She stepped back and began to dance, her hips swaying and shoulders shimmying as she slowly unbuttoned the vest buttons one by one. Once the last one parted, she pushed the sides of the top away and cupped her small breasts, gasping when her thumbs brushed over the erect nipples. She never took her eyes from Taurus, needing his reaction to guide her as she continued.

He leaned forward as she shimmied again, and the vest dropped from her shoulders and to the deck. After opening the button and zipper on the short skirt, she turned her back to him as she continued dancing. Her hips popped from one side to the other as she slowly pushed the denim down, down, down her legs.

She bent over until her hands were at her ankles and the denim was pooled around her high heels. She could feel Taurus’s gaze on her ass like a caress as he took in the thin string of her thong that went up between the cheeks.

Straightening, she paused a moment to regain her equilibrium before she continued dancing around the lounger. She played with the waistband of her thong as she did, pulling it down then pulling it back into place in a teasing action she knew would drive her Master wild.

It worked.

On her next pass by his chair, he hooked his fingers into the waistband and jerked. This not only tore the thong from her body, but also pulled her off balance so she sprawled across his lap.

“Now, Mrs. Green, the time for teasing is over,” he said, his voice low and growly.

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that,” she said.

“I thought you would,” he said.

Instead of allowing her access to his cock, he surprised her by positioning her on her back with her legs bent to her chest. This spread her lower lips and ass cheeks wide and gave him complete access to cunt and clit. With a wide grin, he lowered his head in close and took advantage of her inability to move.

As soon as his tongue brushed over her knotted up clit, Whitney’s eyes rolled back, and she moaned as her arousal spiked. Even with all that had happened and Taurus’s injuries, he still had the ability to send her skyrocketing with just a few touches of fingers, lips, and tongue.

She screamed as he sucked her clit deeper into his mouth. He then used his tongue to mash it against the roof of his mouth, the pain and pleasure mixing and shooting her over the edge of her orgasm. He barely gave her a chance to catch her breath before he awkwardly crawled up over her and slid his cock deep into her dripping cunt. Kissing her deeply, he used his good arm to hold her tight as he logrolled them so that he was on his back and she lay over him.

“Sit up and ride your husband, my sweet, loving mouse,” he ordered gently.

“Mmmm, yes, Master.”

She kissed him as she bent her legs and pulled them up so they cradled his hips between them. Licking his lips, she pushed herself into a sitting position with her hands resting on his biceps and began to slide up and down his cock.

“Oooo, so good,” he gasped.

Her hips moved up and down, left and right, forward and back on his long, strong erection, sending them higher and higher. He bent his legs behind her, but he winced when he planted his left foot on the lounger.

“No, Master, please, let me please you,” Whitney begged as she moved faster on his cock.

His left leg straightened out again, but his right remained bent, and he used it to push up into her as she came down on him.

“Play with your tits, mouse,” he said gruffly. “Pinch those nipples.”

Her body tuned to his every wish, her hands lifted from his upper arms and moved to cup and massage her tits. Her hips moved up and down his cock faster and harder, her movements growing jerky when she pinched and twisted her nipples in the manner they both preferred.

When his free hand slid between her legs and stroked over her clit, her orgasm peaked again. She convulsed and fought for balance as her cunt clenched tight around him. He groaned, and his hips pushed higher and harder as he roared out his release a heartbeat later.

As he came, he reached up, wrapped his uninjured hand around her neck, and guided her to lie down until her cheek rested on the front of his shoulder.

“I love you, Mrs. Green,” he murmured as his fingers stroked through her hair.

“I love you, too, Mr. Green,” she returned with a smile, her eyes closing as she relaxed fully over him.

Taurus lifted her left hand and kissed the two rings resting there. “And if you ever, ever run away without talking to me first, I’m going to spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week before I truss you up in the club for an evening of creative teasing and torture from any of the Doms feeling so inclined. Do you understand, my mouse?”

“Yes, my love, my husband, my Master,” Whitney said with a kiss between each title. “I understand completely.”









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