A Desconian Happily Ever After (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

A Desconian Happily Ever After

Life on Earth has become more desperate.

David had to get his friend Ally and her newborn son off the planet, but the fee asked by people smugglers took his life savings. Determined to protect her from a world getting more and more violent, David sent her to Descon, vowing to follow as soon as possible.

Drew and Kallum adore Ally and know what she’s been through, the horrors she’s suffered. They can help her heal and claim the happy future that she would never have had on Earth. As time passes, and David’s arrival seems ever more unlikely, Ally finds herself falling in love with the two Desconian men. But will her love for a man who may never escape from Earth destroy the future Kallum and Drew can offer?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

Futuristic, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction

40,211 words








Rachel Clark










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David couldn’t find her.

She was supposed to meet him in their secret hiding spot, but when she hadn’t arrived he’d become agitated and started searching. He knew this area was dangerous. Between the increasingly powerful vigilante groups and the gang violence it was becoming even worse. Hell, there wasn’t a safe place on Earth anymore, but he had a plan to get her off the planet.

If he could find her.

The soft sound of an infant’s cry had his heart pounding in sheer terror. Ally wouldn’t abandon her son. If the child was alone it was only because Ally had been given no other choice. David carefully picked his way through the fallen stones and rubble, the abandoned remnants of what once had been a school.

He found baby Alex tucked into a small alcove. The child was usually so quiet, never even crying as if he somehow understood the danger, but if he hadn’t made a noise precisely when David walked into the room he would have gone right past him. David gathered the baby to him, tucking the child safely into the sling that Ally had fashioned herself, and then closed his coat over the tiny little life that Ally chose to protect over her own.

Trying to stay calm, he searched the immediate area, knowing without a doubt that Ally was not far away but in very serious trouble. She would have returned for her son if she’d been able.

He found her unconscious, beaten and bloody, but thankfully alive.

“Ally.” His voice was quiet, breathless, as he knelt down beside her to check her injuries. Her clothes were torn, her legs covered in bruises, and it didn’t take a genius to know what had been done to her. He’d promised the last time that this happened that it would never happen to her again. At the time he’d been arrogant enough to believe he could somehow stop it. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered as he stemmed the bleeding from several minor wounds and tried to blink the tears from his eyes. “Please, wake up, Ally. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Al…lex?” she asked in a gasping voice.

“He’s safe, Ally. I have him with me.” David wanted to move her but knew enough about inside injuries—the ones a person couldn’t see—to know he shouldn’t move her yet. It was better if she moved herself first. He’d seen enough misery and beatings to know. “I’m sorry, Ally.”

“Not…your fault,” she said, shaking her head slightly as she tried to move. He watched her, his heart aching for failing her, as she slowly rolled herself onto her side. The effort cost her dearly and she closed her eyes as she moaned softly.

He sat beside her, keeping watch as she slept, determined to keep Ally and her tiny son safe. It was hours before she was able to sit up, her mouth and both eyes swollen and bloody, her pale skin covered in blue and black bruises, but she eventually moved to check her son. When she smiled and thanked David for caring for Alex when she couldn’t he felt a desperate need to hold her close the way he had when she’d been in labor.

Uncertain where that thought came from—touching another human being had been discouraged since he was just a child—he glanced around the destroyed building instead. A long time ago he used to attend school here and the building was central to the few happy memories he had of his childhood. The government had closed it years ago for reasons he hadn’t understood at the time. He still wasn’t certain why, but with the recent introduction of laws that outlawed procreation, education wasn’t this planet’s only problem. All the new laws seemed to do was make it harder for David to protect Ally, and judging by today’s outcome, easier for those who would hurt her to do so.

David wasn’t well educated, but he was smart enough to know that life on Earth had no future.

And getting Ally and her son off this dying planet was priority number one.

Chapter One


Kallum tried to contain his excitement. When his friend and medical colleague, Tosh, had come to him with the idea he’d almost laughed in the man’s face. But the more research they’d done into the procedure humans had called “in vitro fertilization” the more excited he’d become.

Tosh had seen it as a solution to his wife’s and sister-in-law’s infertility issues, but Kallum could see much more wider-reaching possibilities. If they could make this work, it was quite likely a solution for many of the fertility issues on Descon. A procedure like this could very literally change the future of the planet. It also raised all sorts of legal, moral, and ethical issues that would need to be dealt with in due course, but it might just be the solution they’d been searching for.

If it worked.


“Good morning, Doctor,” Jenelle said as he stepped into the procedure room. She was there with all three of her husbands.

“How’s my favorite patient doing today?” he asked with a smile.

Jenelle smiled back, but it was obvious that she had a lot riding on this idea. Unable to carry children of her own thanks to a surgery that had been done to her without her knowledge or consent back on Earth, Jenelle had almost refused to marry the three men currently hovering protectively around her. Hopefully, this procedure would give them all a chance to have the child they hoped for. “I think excited, nervous, and flat-out terrified covers it,” Jenelle said with a soft, nervous-sounding laugh.

“I guess it would,” he said as he patted her hand and then reached for his ultrasound equipment. They’d been monitoring Jenelle’s surprisingly regular cycle and, with a bit of luck, today would be the day she ovulated. If they could capture the ovum soon after its release into the fallopian tube, they’d be able to fertilize it in the laboratory using a mixture of her husbands’ sperm and then introduce the zygote into a healthy womb. In this case it would be Jenelle’s sister-in-law, Galeena, who would hopefully carry the child to term.

Thankfully the equipment they planned to use was far more advanced than the stuff the ancient Earth doctors had used. Kallum had been shocked by the grainy black-and-white images. It was a miracle they’d been able to see anything at all. At least with his own equipment the image was three dimensional and far clearer.

And much more exciting than they’d expected.

“Jenelle, it looks like you’re about to ovulate from both ovaries. If we can harvest both of them we should be able to double our chances of success.”

“Call Galeena,” she said to Jax. “If we have a chance at two babies, one of them should be fathered by Galeena’s husbands.”

“Are you sure?” Jax asked her for what Kallum knew was probably the millionth time. It had been an ongoing concern for all seven people involved. They’d finally decided that the first “test-tube” child should be fathered by Jenelle’s husbands, Galeena’s for the second, but if they had a chance to implant two zygotes then it did seem like a reasonable decision. It would also make it easier for Galeena to hand the child to his or her parents if she was able to keep one of her own. It probably sounded a little childish that they would need one each, but childbirth and rearing was often irrational and based on emotion rather than logic.

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