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Authors: Sara Daniell

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A Life Unexpected: Holly Nather Book One (Holly Nather Series)

BOOK: A Life Unexpected: Holly Nather Book One (Holly Nather Series)
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Copyright © 2014 Sara Daniell

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act
of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisher.


This book is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogue are drawn from the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Published by

Opine Press


Print edition ISBN numbers:

ISBN-13: 978-0692293669

ISBN-10: 0692293663





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Daughter of the Monarch: Book Three

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To My Daughters

Do the impossible and think the unthinkable.

You are remarkable human beings who can do anything.

I love you past the moon and stars.





great time!” I say with the sweetest smile I can manage while keeping my tone sarcastic. I had a horrible time. As a matter of fact, this guy was quite possibly the biggest jerk I had ever met.

“So…can I c—” I slam the door in his face before he can even spit out the vowel. Of course he couldn’t come in. I am well aware that I am contradicting myself with my previous statement of
“I had a good time”
, but I don’t care. He was trying to feel me up all night and getting frustrated when I would slap his hands away from my breast. Going on a blind date to a dark movie theater was clearly a bad idea.

As I take off my jacket and boots, I see that my roommate is nowhere to be found
. Hmmm

She must still be out with what’s-his-name.
I can never remember her boyfriend’s name, which is sad, because he’s a nice guy, or at least he appears to be. I use the phrase, “appears to be”, because I’m at a point in my life where I seriously doubt the existence of nice guys. But, enough of the pity party over how every guy I seem to date ends up resembling the reeking material that both janitors and plumbers deal with on a daily basis. You get my metaphor. In summary, it is safe to say that my dating life is cursed.

I start to take off my clothes to change into some comfy pajamas when my cell phone alerts me of a text message in the most annoyingly, effective way possible.
“Hey, hey, hey! You have text message! Hey, hey, hey! You have text message! Hurry, hurry! See who it is!”
says my cell phone in a voice so high pitched that I’m a little shocked it didn’t induce ear bleeding. I really do need to change that ring tone. My brother, Max, changed it the last time I went home to visit. I’ve just been too busy to remember to change it to something less obnoxious.


Unknown: Hey Holly. Can you meet me outside your dorm in 10 minutes?


This person must have texted the wrong number, a wrong number that just happens to have the same name of the actual recipient. Because, you know, that is
Oh well.

I decide to ignore it, and am putting my pajamas on when my phone starts up with that annoying ring tone again.
. I’m seriously changing that!


Unknown: Please?


Okay, either this person has serious issues or they honestly think they are texting someone else. I think it’s best to just block the number.

Finally, I’m able to put on some pj’s. It only took three tries. While changing my message tone, I can’t help but think
who is sending me those texts?
I jump when Blayne, my overjoyed roommate, bursts through the door. She’s the definition of Hitler’s perfect race— a tall, blue-eyed blonde that every guy wants to put his hands on and she’d gladly let them, despite having a boyfriend.

“Holly, there is a guy out there that asked me if I was your roommate, and I told him that I am. He said to ask you to please answer his texts. Do you know him?” Blayne was way too excited about this. I roll my eyes.

“Nope, and it’s kind of freaking me out,” I reply with a frown.

“You need to lighten up and learn to live on the edge. He’s

“I like safe, Blayne.” And that is the truth. I admire people who can live outside the box and do things on a whim. But that wasn’t for me. I keep schedules. I need each day mapped out, no surprises. In high school I was called anal most days and voted most likely to have a career in politics.

I turn to look out the window, and see the strange guy in a university hoodie and jeans.

“Oh come on girl, text him back! Obviously
he knows someone you know. How else would he have gotten your number? Just see who it is and what he wants! By the way, did I mention he is extremely hot!?”

“If he wants to talk to me, he could do it in a less strange way, like stopping me on the way to class. You know, like normal people.” Annoyance has started to find its way into my voice. “Why don’t you go out there and talk to him if you think he’s so hot?” I shook my head and closed my blinds.

“Because, he seems pretty adamant about talking to you.” she laughs. “Holly, what could texting hurt, huh?”

I knew she was right, and I have to admit, he has my attention. “Fine, but if I die it’s on you.”

She smiles. “If you die I will hold myself responsible.”

I raise my brow. “And that’s supposed to make me feel better?”

She shrugs and starts getting her shower stuff together.

Another text message comes in as soon as I unblock the mystery guy.


Unknown: Sorry. I should have explained who I am. My name is Luke, and this is my second year at Stanthum University. I have seen you around campus and keep wanting to talk to you, but you always seem like you are in a hurry. I realize that my first text was inappropriate, and I should have introduced myself first. Can you at least text me back or add me on Facebook? My name is Luke Denton.


Me: Is that supposed to make you less strange? Look, you are right. Your first text was inappropriate, and this is not a good way to meet a girl. First impressions are everything, and your first impression really sucks. I would greatly appreciate you leaving from outside my window and losing my number also. Thank you, and have a good night.


Luke: Goodnight.


He replied with goodnight? Saying, “sorry I understand, and I will delete your number”, would be more appropriate. But, all he said is goodnight? Luke Denton has made it impossible for me to fall asleep, unable to fight my curiosity; I open my laptop and get on Facebook.

BOOK: A Life Unexpected: Holly Nather Book One (Holly Nather Series)
2.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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