A Night with a Wolf (Werewolf Romance Rough Sex Erotica) (Moon Bay Pack)

BOOK: A Night with a Wolf (Werewolf Romance Rough Sex Erotica) (Moon Bay Pack)
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A Night With a Wolf
(Werewolf Romance
Rough Sex Erotica)

Bay Pack #1

© 2013 Celia Sykes

Kindle Edition


“You really don’t know the first thing about being a wolf, do you?” Earl snarled as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the bar. “What the hell are you doing showing up here like this?” he said as he let go and pointed his finger right in my face.

What are you talking about?” I asked. I had only been in Moon Bay for a little under a week, and I was just doing my best to fit in with the pack. Earl was the alpha. He was a construction foreman and pretty much the big man on this side of town. As he walked me away from the bar, his anger subsided, and I could see the concern in his eyes.

“Christ, Les, you’re in heat. If you go back in there, they’re going to tear each other apart trying to get to you, and I don’t even want to imagine what would happen then.
All it will take is one whiff of your scent. I know you’re new to all of this, but use your head. If Mac were here he’d kill me for even letting you near this place.”

“Well, he’s not,” I replied. Mac was my estranged dad who had died in an accident of some kind a few weeks back. The authorities said he had been hunting when it happened, and I didn’t ask for details. I had come to town to settle his estate and tie up loose ends. I hadn’t seen him since I was seven years old. I had only come up at my mother’s request.

“Your father was a good man, Lesley. He just didn’t, well, he didn’t want you getting caught up in all of this.”

The news that I was half wolf came as a bit of a surprise. Sure, I got a little crazy around the full moon,
but who didn’t? And I liked my steak rare, but I never thought that was a sign of anything. It’s not like I had fur. It’s not like I howled at the moon or anything like that. I had heard stories about werewolves for years. I just never really believed they were true. One week in Moon Bay, Alaska sure took care of that for me.

I looked at Earl. “So what am I supposed to do?” I asked. I had worn my good jeans, the ones that hugged my hips just right and accentuated my assets, and I had even found a cute plaid lumberjack shirt at a shop in town.
If I was going to be stuck here for a few more weeks sorting out the mess my father had left, I might as well get to have some fun on the weekends.
At least that was the thought until Earl dragged me out of the bar.

“I’ll get Cooper. He’ll drive you back up to your dad’s place.

I looked at him. “Uh, I thought my scent was enough to drive any wolf wild right now.”
All I wanted was a drink and some flirtation, and now I had to deal with this bullshit.

“Good thing Cooper can’t smell for shit.”


“Accident a few years back caused him to lose any sense of smell. If he’s attracted to you, it won’t be because you’re in heat. I’m sure you’ll be able to deal with him.”

“And why should I trust him, Earl?”

“Because I do. And, you can bet your ass that he’ll listen to me.”

“Because you’re his alpha?”

“Because I’m his father. Now stay here.” Earl headed back into the bar to get Cooper.

“Great,” I muttered to myself. I couldn’t wait for Earl’s son to hit on me. He was probably barely old enough to drive.

A minute later Earl came back out of the bar, leading Cooper over to me. I held my breath as I watched him walking over. Cooper was no teenager. He looked to be in his late twenties and was at least six foot two, with broad shoulders that made him look even bigger. He had a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes.

Earl walked him over to me and introduced us. “Lesley, this is Cooper. Cooper, you get her back to her Mac’s place in one piece, ok?”

Cooper replied as he walked over to my truck. “Keys,” he said, holding out his hand and staring at me under the brim of his hat.

“I can drive myself, you know.”

“Just give him the keys,” Earl said. He slapped Cooper on the back and then headed back into the bar. A minute later, we were on our way back across town. Cooper stared straight ahead as he cut across the roads that led back toward my father’s house.

“I can drive myself home, you know. I don’t need protection from your buddies at the bar. I can handle myself fine.”

Cooper let out a short laugh and didn’t turn his attention away from the road.

“Is there something funny about that?” I asked. I don’t know if it was my frustration or his unwillingness to even look at me, but Cooper had gotten under my skin, and I just wanted him to leave.

“You think this is my idea of fun, playing chauffer?” Cooper said. He pulled off his hat and ran his fingers through his dirty blond hair as he looked in the rearview mirror. “I work eighty hours a week during the summer. Tomorrow is my first day off in weeks, and I’ll be damned if I spend it watching your ass because my father thinks you’re a danger to everyone around you.”

“I’m dangerous?” I replied.

“You’re in heat. We’ll have fifty wolves at each other’s throats in minutes if you don’t watch your ass.”

“I’m sorry, look, is there anywhere where we can at least get a bite to eat? I haven’t eaten since yesterday, and there’s no food at my dad’s place.

Cooper checked the rearview mirror again and then clicked on the turn signal as he slowed down. “Fine, we eat and then head back.”


Cooper brought me to a place on the other side of town. It was quiet and well lit place, half diner and half bar. There was a pool table off to one side of the dining area. “No wolves on this side of town,” Cooper said as we sat down at a table. “We’ll be fine here for a while.”

“Do you come here often?”

“Been here once or twice,” Cooper said. He had a wry grin. I wondered what he was up to.

I looked at the pool table in the corner. “You play?”

Cooper grinned. “Yeah, I play some.”

“I’ll play you for dinner,” I replied.

Cooper ordered a pitcher of beer and walked over to the table. “Sounds good to me.” He picked up a pool cue and looked at it for a while. “You aren’t hustling me are you?” He said with a laugh. He still had that smile on his face. For all of his fuck-off country churlishness, he sure seemed to be having a good time.

“Hey Gil, you got my stick?”

From behind the counter, a man in a grease-stained shirt walked over with a pool cue and handed it to Cooper.

“Uh oh” I said.  Within a minute and a half, Cooper had sunk every last ball. I didn’t even get a chance. When he looked back at me, Cooper couldn’t keep a straight face. I knew I had been played, but I was alright with that. He still had no idea that I wasn’t half bad myself. “How about I take my turn now? Can you set up the balls? If I can get a few in we’ll call it a draw.” I grabbed the cue from Cooper’s hand and set up for the shot. “Do I hold it like this?” I asked, pretending to have no idea what I was doing.
Cooper swung around me and slid his hand down my arm.

“I can show you how to shoot, if you’d like to learn.”

As much as I liked the sound of that, and as much as I liked feeling Cooper’s hand on my arm, I wasn’t about to let him show me up like that. Two minutes later, it was Cooper’s turn to stand in disbelief. “Where exactly does a city girl like you learn to play pool like that?” He asked, staring at me as I sank the last ball.

“Maybe you underestimate me,” I said.  “Let’s eat.” I winked at him. “Don’t worry, we can split the bill.”


Five minutes later, before the food even arrived, we were back at the table, sitting next to each other on the bench as we drank.
I began to think that maybe this night wasn’t going to be so bad. After all, if I had been looking to take a good-looking guy back home with me, I was halfway there. I wondered if Cooper was into me or if he was just amusing himself since he had been forced to take me with him.

What kind of woman does a werewolf like?
Was he fully werewolf like his father, or was he something else like me?
I wondered. From the few seconds I had spent in that dark biker bar before Earl had pulled me outside, I hadn’t been able to see much. I looked at Cooper as I moved a little bit closer to him.

rested his hand on my thigh, and I felt my pulse quicken at his touch. Without the shadow of his hat to cover them, his eyes were ice blue. “Why are you even here?” He asked.

“Because your father wouldn’t let me in the bar.”
He was probably asking why I had slid myself against him, but I wasn’t going to answer that question.

“Well, why would you even want to go to a bar i
n the middle of nowhere Alaska? Shouldn’t you be packing boxes or something?” He replied. “If I weren’t forced to stay here, I’d leave as quickly as possible.”

“I’ve been packing boxes all week, and I wanted to enjoy myself for a few hours.
Is that a crime?” I asked. Before waiting for an answer, I added another question. “What’s keeping you here?”

Family business,” Cooper replied. “Plus people don’t tend to take too kindly to our kind once they find out what we are.”

“Werewolves?” I asked.

“Assholes,” Cooper said with a laugh, before shaking his head. “Yeah, what you said.”

“Aw, you
seem like a sweetheart to me,” I said, gently mocking him. Cooper had slid his hand a little further up my thigh, just far enough to excite me, just enough to set off that little twinge of anticipation deep inside my core. I placed my hand on his and looked at him.

It’s funny. I usually feel somewhat nervous around guys. I guess I lack confidence in my appearance, but the way Cooper looked at me just made me want him. I had forgotten any of my insecurities. I only felt my intense attraction to Cooper. The way he touched me, it made me feel sexy.

“Well, I have a tendency to let things get a bit… out of hand.” He paused his sliding for a moment, and then I wrapped my fingers between his and slid his hand a little further up my leg. I could feel my blood pressure rising, my breaths growing harder, and I began to wonder if Cooper was as turned on as I was or if he was just playing with me.

I placed my hand on his hip and began sliding it down toward his crotch. It had been a long time since I had done anything like this with a man, but I was out of my mind turned on as I ran my hand over the outline of his cock. I could feel it stretching
against his jeans. He was so hard, and his heat felt amazing. I wanted to find some place to be alone with him.

As he rubbed my thigh, I leaned against Cooper, pressing my breasts against his arm. His muscles were so hard. Soon he slid his hand up between my legs and was rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I was so turned on that I could feel myself getting wet. I wanted him so badly. I could feel myself getting flush and excited and I didn’t know how I could keep myself from jumping him right there in the middle of the diner.

Then Cooper cleared his throat and slid his hand back from my thigh. “Maybe we shouldn’t.” He said. “I should probably go hit the head.”

. I thought.
I had blown it
. As I sat and waited, I wondered what Cooper was thinking. I wasn’t going to waste this moment. Even if it were just here, just this one time, I wanted him, and I needed to feel something other than the loneliness and dread I had felt for the past week.

I got up and walked over to the men’s bathroom and opened the door. Coo
per was standing by the sink washing his face. “What are you doing?” Cooper said as I walked over to him and pressed my lips against his. Cooper grabbed my ass and pulled my body hard against his. I could feel his erection as he ground against me.

was so aroused. I wanted to rip his pants off and feel the smooth skin of his cock. I reached down and unzipped his pants. I popped the button open and pulled his jeans around his thighs. There it was, his cock, thick and long and hard. I reached down and stroked it, rubbing up and down his shaft as I kissed his neck.

Cooper let out a soft moan and said, “We really shouldn’t,” as I continued to rub his cock. It felt so warm and hard in my hand. It felt great, and I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me.

“I need you to fuck me,” I said. I could feel my juices soaking through my panties as I unbuttoned the top button of my pants. Cooper shoved his hand down my jeans and began to rub my clit. His fingers were slicked by my arousal, and each movement of his fingers sent spasms of pleasure rolling through my core. I wanted to feel him inside me so badly. I needed him to fuck me.

We really shouldn’t,” Cooper said. “I don’t even have a rubber.” Even as he protested, Cooper ran his fingers back and forth across my clit. I wanted him so badly, and his protestation only made me that much more determined to make him take me right there in the bathroom.

Cooper slid his hand out of my jeans and I knelt down in front of him. I licked the tip of his cock and then slid him into my mouth, spreading my lips around his shaft as I pushed him deep against my throat. I worked my hand up and down the base of his shaft as I sucked and licked at his tip. After a moment, Cooper ran his hands over my face and through my hair. I looked up as he leaned back to enjoy the pleasure.

BOOK: A Night with a Wolf (Werewolf Romance Rough Sex Erotica) (Moon Bay Pack)
12.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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