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Table of Contents

Glossary of Terms/Acronyms

Character List

Sundry Characters

Special Forces Prayer

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Todd & Amy

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Todd & Amy

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Todd & Amy

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Todd & Amy

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

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Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Chapter 56


About the Author


To the U.S. Special Forces Community—

known as the Quiet Professionals.

You are warriors with humility and ferocity.

You possess courage and generosity.

You fight for freedom and those who cannot fight for themselves.

I pray this series honors the work you do, the men you are,

and your families who so tirelessly support you!

With a grateful heart … thank you!


Special thanks to:

The Special Forces veteran who posed on the cover—thank you, sir, for your service and for the sacrifices you and your family have made as you have served. May God richly bless you!

Former Special Forces operator Jonas Polson for your service to our country and your vigilance over freedom. Thank you for your help and kindness with elements of this story.

Admiration and thanks to other Special Forces veterans who gave tips and tried to educate on the minutiae of all things SF. Clearly, I still have a lot to learn. Thank you, sirs!

Thanks to Colonel Dean (retired) for help with cybersecurity. Well, as much as you could give without making it necessary to have me killed (just kidding … mostly).

Thanks to Kirk DouPonce, who accepted the challenge to take this Rapid-Fire Fiction novel to the next level with an über-amazing cover! Thank you!

Thanks to my agent, Steve Laube, who remains steadfast and constant in an ever-changing industry. Thanks for keeping it real, Agent-Man!

Allen and Kellie Gilbert—thanks for your helping with skydiving information!

A million thanks to Julee Schwarzburg—editor extraordinaire!

Bethany Kaczmarek—girl, you got
! Thank you for your constant and incredible help in making this book stronger. You’re amazing!

Rel Mollet—Where would I be without you, friend? You keep me encouraged and laughing when, really, I just want to puddle up and cry. You’re one of the truest and most genuine friends I’ve ever had!

Thanks to the Barbour Fiction and Sales teams, relentless in their efforts to make our books successful: Shalyn Sattler, Annie Tipton, Rebecca Germany, Mary Burns, Elizabeth Shrider, Laura Young, Kelsey McConaha, Linda Hang, and Ashley Schrock.


In writing about unique settings, specific locations, and invariably the people residing there, a certain level of risk is involved, including the possibility of dishonoring the very people an author intends to honor. With that in mind, I have taken some literary license in
Raptor 6
, including renaming some bases within the U.S. military establishment, creating sites/entities that do not otherwise exist, and other aspects of team movement/integration. Also, some elements of the story are pure entertainment and as with any work of fiction, demand a level of suspension of disbelief. I have done this so the book and/or my writing will not negatively reflect on our military community and its heroes. With the quickly changing landscape of combat theater, this seemed imperative and prudent.


After-Action Review

Army Combat Uniforms

—All Hands On Deck

Afghan National Army

—Commander In Chief

—Criminal Investigations Department

—Defense Intelligence Agency

—A semiautomatic handgun

—Improvised Explosive Device

Military slang for

M4, M4A1, M16
—Military assault rifles

—Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle

—Military Working Dog

Operational Detachment A (Special Forces A-Team)

Operational Security

—Rocket-Propelled Grenade

—Return To Base

Special Air Service (Foreign Special Operations Team)

—Satellite Intelligence

Sensitive Compartmented Information

—Special Forces Operational Command

Special Operations Command

—Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

—Tactical Explosive Detector Dog

—Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Weapons of Mass Destruction


Dean Patrick “Raptor Six” Watters (Captain)—
Raptor team commander

Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe (Staff Sergeant)—
Raptor team member; coms specialist; rank – Staff Sergeant

Eamon “Titanis” Straider (SAS Corporal)—
Raptor team member; Australian; engineering specialty

Fekiria Haidary—
Zahrah Zarrick’s cousin; teacher

Kamran Khan—
Taliban member

Lance Burnett (General)—
Raptor’s commanding officer; attached to Defense Intelligence Agency

Lee Nianzu—
assassin and associate of Zhang Longwei, son of General Zhang Guiern; Chinese

Mitchell “Harrier” Black (Sergeant First Class)—
Raptor team member; combat medic

Peter “Z-Day” Zarrick (General, retired)—
served as commander of Coalition Forces; Zahrah Zarrick’s father

Rashid Mustafa—
brother of Ara, one of Zahrah’s students

Salvatore “Falcon” Russo (Sergeant First Class)—
Raptor team member; team sergeant, aka team “daddy”; expert in ops/intel

Todd “Eagle” Archer (Staff Sergeant)—
Raptor team member; weapons expert; team sniper

Zahrah Zarrick
—a missionary teacher; daughter of General Peter “Z-Day” Zarrick


Amelia “Amy” Celine Archer—
Todd Archer’s wife

Ara Mustafa—
sister of Rashid, one of Zahrah Zarrick’s students

Ashgar Asad—
drug dealer Majorca

Atash Mustafa—
Rashid and Ara’s father; husband of Razia

Behrooz Nemazi—


Specialist Bramlett—
female MP at sub-base

Brie Hastings (Lieutenant)—
personal aid to General Burnett

callsign for Tony VanAllen, former Raptor team member

Chris Riordan (Lieutenant Commander)—

“—a spy who works with General Burnett

Collin Ramsey (General)—
Commander of the Coalition Forces

Tactical Explosives Detector Dog

Desi Watters
—Dean Watters’s estranged sister

Donny Watters—
Dean Watters’s brother

Ellen Green (Specialist)—
female soldier who was captured with Dean during the ambush ten years earlier

Sergeant Elliott
—mentor to Dean; police officer and former Army Ranger (Vietnam)

Grant Knight (Sergeant)—
Ddrake’s handler

Hafizah Haidary
—Zahrah’s aunt and Fekeria Haidary’s mother; has dark eyes

BOOK: Raptor 6
9.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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