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“What happened?” Trevor’s panicked voice broke into his thoughts. “Is she okay?”

Slade nodded, not trusting his voice, but when Trevor’s fear for his sister hit him full force, he sighed. “She’s just sleeping.” Slade walked past Trevor and headed toward Adam’s car. He needed to get her out of her wet clothes. Seeing Hunter had shifted back, he nodded toward his bike. “Can you get my bike back to the compound?”

“No problem,” Hunter replied, but his eyes stayed on Jill.

“Damn.” Adam’s face turned from irritation to a worried frown when he opened up the back door of his car. As soon as Slade slid in with Jill still in his arms, Adam closed the door and rushed to jump in.

“Back to the compound?” Adam glanced at Slade in the rearview mirror.

“Yeah and hurry.” Slade mumbled a curse when Jill shivered in his arms.


Jax, Blaze and Hunter all stood near the bikes watching as Adam backed out of the path with Jill’s brother following.

Blaze glanced at Hunter. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“If a big juicy steak and red head just as juicy is what you’re thinking, then yes.” Hunter slid on Slade’s bike.

Jax actually grinned at that.

“No, you asshole.” Blaze grunted. “Do you think old Mable could help Jill and the others?”

“Crazy-eyed Mable?” Hunter’s eyes widened. “Hell, dude, I don’t even think she’s still alive. The last time I saw her she about made me shit my pants, I’ll tell ya.”

Blaze laughed. “Garrett told me about that. You ended up having to take Emily Snodgrass to her prom.”

“And she told me if I didn’t my...and these were her exact words... ‘little wiener would shrivel up, turn black and fall off.’” Hunter actually adjusted his crotch. “Let me tell you, boys, when crazy-eyed Mable threatens your dick, you take Emily Snodgrass to the prom.”

“Who and what the hell is crazy-eyed Mable?” Jax had never met Hunter, but the guy was funny as hell and actually fit in well with the Warriors, at least with Sid and Jared.

“Some say she’s a witch,” Hunter replied with a shiver. “But she has this crazy eye that you never know if it’s looking at you or not. It just stares off in one direction one minute and the next it’s looking straight at you. Creepy as fuck.”

“She’s not a witch.” Blaze frowned, then sighed at Hunter’s look. “Okay, she might be a witch. Though she has helped a lot of people.”

“Dude, she threatened my dick and called it little. And do you seriously think Dr. Vampire is going to let his mate anywhere close to some crazy old lady with a crazy eye?” Hunter snorted, shaking his head. “Wait, let me answer that for you. Hell, no, he’s not.”

“Just a thought.” Blaze glanced at Jax who was grinning. “I seriously never expected Hunter Foster to be afraid of a little old lady.”

“Who threatened my dick. Did you not hear that part?” Hunter glared at him.

Jax, still grinning, climbed on the bike. “I just have to ask, why did she make you take this Emily Snodgrass to the prom?”

“Honestly, I was an asshole.” Hunter fessed up, actually looking a bit ashamed. “Emily was definitely not my type. She wore these big glasses, was a little on the heavy side, and just not my type. I made fun of Emily one day in town and old Mable heard it. Then she let go with the threats, which as I said scared the shit out of me, so I took Emily to the dance. Funny thing was after the initial embarrassment and after I stopped being a total jerk, Emily was pretty fucking awesome. She was funny and had such a kind heart. She was actually one person I trusted as much as my brothers until she took off to college.”

“So you made a great friend—” Jax started, but Hunter interrupted him.

“And saved my dick.” Hunter stopped to remind them all of that important information.

“Crazy Mable sounds like a pretty smart woman.” Jax nodded to Blaze who nodded back in agreement. “Okay, why don’t you guys head down to Tavern’s and see if you can find out anything on Mika then I’ll meet up with you later.”

“Sounds good.” Blaze slid on his bike.

“And where are you going?” Hunter grinned with a cocked eyebrow.

Jax’s gaze breezed right over Hunter as he started his bike, then kicked it in gear.

“Tell the pretty Caroline I said hello!” Hunter yelled after him, laughing loudly as Jax flipped him off.


ax pulled into Caroline’s long gravel driveway. It was almost completely dark and he could see what looked like candle light coming from her front window. Parking, he swung off the bike and dug in his bag. Getting what he needed, he headed toward the house, but stopped at the music coming from inside. AC/DC played loudly and Jax grinned. Who knew the proper little school teacher was a heavy metal fan? Closer to the house, he heard her singing along, his grin growing.

Once at the door, he knocked loudly and waited, but the singing continued. Stepping toward the side of the porch, he peered through the window. She stood on a ladder wiping down a wall. His eyes moved down her body. She had changed into a pair of jean shorts, which outlined her heart-shaped ass perfectly. She wasn’t a big woman, but she had curves with thighs that could hold a man tight. He was an ass and leg man, no doubt, and what he saw, he wanted with a force that shocked him.

Cursing, he backed off to get himself in check. Leaning against the porch railing, he dropped his head back squeezing his eyes shut, but the vision of her on the ladder wouldn’t leave.

“Fuck!” he cursed. Wicked visions of her on the ladder, naked, consumed his thoughts. Caught up in the heat, he fell backward, the porch railing breaking against his weight. He tried to land on his feet, but that didn’t quite work out because he found himself looking up at the starlit sky. “Son of a bitch!” he cursed again, but this time for a whole different reason and started to stand.

“What do you want?” Caroline’s shaky voice and the click of a gun broke the now silent night. AC/DC was no longer playing.

Jax’s eyes narrowed as he stared up at Caroline, who was squinting in the darkness, the gun shaking visibly in her hand. “What do I want?” Jax’s voice boomed from the darkness. He quickly got up, closing the distance between them, and grabbed the gun before she shot him or herself. “What do I want? Are you kidding me?”

“Jax?” Caroline gasped, then slapped her hand over her heart. “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Good.” Jax checked the safety on her gun, then stuck it in his pants.

“What was that noise?” Caroline frowned, looking behind him. Her eyes widened. “What happened to my railing?”

Jax glanced back at the rail and then eyed Caroline. Maybe she didn’t see his embarrassing fall. “Not sure,” he replied, before stepping in front of her to block the broken railing.

Still frowning, she looked up at him. “What are you doing here?”

“I noticed your door locks are old and I wanted to replace them.” Jax welcomed the change in topic.

“Oh.” Caroline looked at the bag in his hand before looking at him, confused. “Why?”

“Because you shouldn’t be staying here alone without good locks on your doors,” Jax replied, irritated. “That’s why. And if you ever have to point a gun at a man again, you better have a steady hand and do not, under any circumstance, ask him what he wants.”

Caroline bit her lip, folding her arms. “Well, I wasn’t expecting anyone—”

“Always expect someone.” Jax frowned down at her. “If you plan on staying here alone, you need to expect and be ready for some asshole to come sniffing around.”

She rolled her eyes, her frown deepening. “No one is going to come sniffing around.” She held out her hand. “Can I have my gun back, please?”

Jax ignored her and headed over to a small kitchen table, which was the only furniture in the place. Glancing down at a plate, he picked it up, looking at it closely. “What the hell is this?”

Caroline walked over, snatching the plate from his hand. “Dinner.” She put the plate back on the table.

The burned-to-a-crisp hamburger was eaten on the edges only and the lonely hotdog was so black and deformed he felt sorry for it. “That’s food?” He couldn’t help but ask with a snort.

“Yeah, smartass.” Caroline slammed her hand on her hip. “I had a little trouble with the grill, but it was perfect.” The disgusted crinkle of her nose revealed her lie.

Cocking his eyebrow at the food, Jax pulled out his phone and shot off a text. “You have any tools?”

“You really don’t have to do this,” Caroline said, her face blushing beautifully.

Jax stared at her without saying a word, waiting for her answer.

With a huff, Caroline went to the corner, bent over to grab a tiny toolbox, making Jax groan, and then set it on the table with a glare. “Anything else?” Her tone was definitely not pleasant.

Now wasn’t that a loaded question. Jax watched her, appreciating how beautiful she looked in candlelight. Staying clear of her was sure going to hell, he cursed to himself. She had a vulnerability to her that drew him in, plus she was beautiful, smart and what the fuck was wrong with him? Next he’d be kneeling at her fucking feet spouting poetry. “Fuck!” He growled, grabbing the tiny toolbox and heading toward the front door.

Before long, he had fixed both locks and had tried them multiple times before handing her the keys.

“Thank you.” Caroline took the keys.

“You’re welcome.” Jax rolled his shoulders, becoming uncomfortable and was glad to hear the motorcycles coming up the road. “Make sure you have these doors locked, both of them.”

“Why are you doing this when you so adamantly stated you wanted nothing to do with me?” Caroline looked up from the keys in her hand, true confusion coloring her voice and shadowing her eyes.

Caroline’s question was fair and Jax knew it. He just didn’t know how to answer her. And he never said he wanted nothing to do with her. He had warned her to stay away from him, which to be fair, she had. He was the one having a hard time, and wasn’t that a kick in the balls. The knock on the door saved him from saying anything at all.

“Who in the world can that be?” The knock startled Caroline.

Jax knew she hadn’t heard the bikes because of the music playing, something else that bothered him. Anyone could sneak up without her even knowing it. He watched her walk to the door and followed her. She was about to open the door without asking who it was, but he slammed his hand against it, preventing her.

“Never open the door without knowing who’s on the other side, Caroline.” Jax dropped his gaze to hers, her scent enveloping him in warmth. “Wouldn’t you tell your kids the same thing?”

Caroline’s glare softened with understanding. “Who is it?” she asked loudly, but her eyes stayed on Jax. He could have sworn she inhaled his scent as well.

“Pizza and my friend, beer. Now open the door. Pizza is getting cold and beer is getting warm, plus you have the biggest fucking mosquitoes out here that I ever saw. Blaze is fighting one as I speak.” Hunter’s voice came through the door. “Shoot the bastard.”

Jax grinned as he removed his hand from the door. Even though he knew exactly who had been out there, he wanted Caroline to realize living on her own in the middle of nowhere was dangerous. She needed to be smart and safe.

Laughing, Caroline opened the door wide letting them in. Blaze was actually swatting at something buzzing around his head. “I didn’t order pizza,” she said as Hunter passed her with three boxes. Blaze passed also, carrying a case of beer.

“He did.” Hunter nodded toward Jax and headed to the table.

“I didn’t order beer.” Jax caught one that Blaze tossed him.

“That was all me.” Hunter grinned, catching a beer in one hand while setting the pizzas on the table.

“What about me?” Caroline frowned, staring at Blaze who was setting the beer on the floor. Blaze gave her an approving nod, grabbing one out of the box and handing it to her. “Thank you.” She smiled.

“What in the holy hell is that?” Hunter picked up the paper plate bringing it to his face. “Is that a hot dog?”

“I had a little trouble with the grill.” Blushing, Caroline grabbed the plate and tossed it in the garbage bag.

“I’d say.” Hunter snorted, shaking his head. Opening one of the pizza boxes, he pushed it toward her.

“Kind of looked like what old crazy-eyed Mable was going to do with yours.” Blaze chuckled and leaned against the wall.

“Not funny.” Hunter glared at the garbage, then to Blaze. “But an uncanny resemblance.”

When Caroline frowned at Jax, he just shook his head with a chuckle. “Don’t ask.”


Slade hung up the phone as Pam and Duncan walked in his office with Sloan close on their heels. Seeing Pam, he frowned. She was extremely pale, her cheeks sunk in. She was deteriorating fast which made him wonder exactly how long she had been sick.

“I’m sorry Duncan hasn’t been at work much.” Pam looked up at Sloan.

“Damon, Jared, Sid and Jax have things under control.” Sloan offered her a smile. “You just worry about getting yourself better.”

Sloan’s eyes widened when Pam reached out, hugging him before quickly letting go. “Thank you.”

“Any news?” Duncan’s voice was harsh with worry as he helped Pam up on the examining table to sit.

Sloan cleared his throat, his gaze still on Pam. “Not yet.” He finally shifted his attention to Duncan and Slade. “I’m trying to set up a hearing ASAP, but so far nothing.”

Duncan cursed and took hold of Pam’s hand. He spoke to Slade. “What about you?”

“I just got off the phone with an old colleague of mine from California.” Slade actually felt some hope, and it must have shown on his face because Pam sat up straighter, her eyes clearing.

“Do they know what to do to help us that won’t get you guys arrested?” Her voice sounded as weak as she looked.

“They’ve been injecting vampire blood into the half-breeds who are under their care, like a blood transfusion. They seem to be tolerating it more intravenously than actually feeding.” Slade began, but held up his hand when they all three started to talk at once. “It’s dangerous and it may not work. It has worked with some, but not others, and on some it makes them sicker. For the ones who it has helped, they don’t know how long the results will last.”

BOOK: A Warrior Wedding
11.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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