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I smiled when I saw that she had fallen asleep. I still could not believe it. She really belonged to me now. She was mine and no one could do anything about that now, not even Marruk. I would inform him about this, but I presumed that he had set off with his males some time ago. However, it would still take some time for them to cross the Jade Mountains and from there it was still a long way to the castle. By the time they arrived here Susan will have come through her transformation. I could not wait to see her in her tiger form. My tiger was restless, too, although he was considerably less aggressive now that the ritual had finally been carried out. With my mate safely in my arms, I did, at some point, fall asleep.

Chapter 5

The three days during which my mate slept were the hardest of my life. I waited impatiently for her to finally wake up. I could not concentrate on anything, so I spent most of the time in bed with her. When I was not sleeping, I was staring at her - for hours on end and full of wonder. This female was mine. What could be more wonderful? Well, a child perhaps, but there was still time for that. Now the time had arrived when she might wake up at any moment. I sat next to the bed, gazing at her as if my will alone could rouse her. When she finally did wake up, I was not ready. I had looked at her for so long that I had fallen asleep. Her voice woke me.


I woke with a start, my heart in my mouth.

“Carisha,” I whispered huskily. “How are you?”

“I’m hungry,” she said, laughing. “I feel great, but I’m ravenous. I could eat half a pig on toast!”

“A what?” I asked, puzzled.

“Oh! Forget it!” she said. “Just bring me anything to eat. The main thing is – lots!”

I grinned and jumped up.

“Right away, my queen.”

She laughed.

“I’m being serious. You’re a queen now. My mate.”

Her laughter stopped as she looked at me, the realisation finally entering her head.

“Wow!” she said. “I’m really a queen now, aren’t I?”

I nodded.

“Well, then I do command you to bring the queen a biiiiiiiiig breakfast,” she shouted, laughing again. It was lovely to see her so happy. It made me proud. She was mine. My queen!

Susan really did eat a lot of food before she finally pushed the tray away, sighing.

“I’m going to take a bath now,” she said happily.

“I just need to go to my males. I’ll be right back,” I said, rising from the bed.

The thought of my mate in the pool was very appealing. I would hurry to keep her company whilst she bathed. I only had a few instructions to issue - that could not take more than half an hour.

Whilst I was speaking with my males, Maara’s voice came over the external sound system: “Your Highness, I fear that your mate needs you. Urgently!”

“Whatever’s wrong?” I asked in shock, but when I saw the stupidly grinning expressions on my males’ faces, I immediately understood.
“Oh! Umm, yes, of course. I’m already … I just need to …”

“We’ll be OK,” said Sellas, my general, barely suppressing the laughter in his voice. “Just go to your mate.”

I did not wait a second longer and rushed inside from the parade ground. I had never passed through the corridors so quickly before. Maara opened the door to my chambers for me before I could give the order.

“Abziarr! Damn it, where is that male when I need him!” I heard Susan shouting and I hurriedly crossed the room and opened the bathroom door.

“I’m here,” I said, out of breath. She seemed relieved.

“I … I need you, Abziarr,” she said, so pleadingly that I tore my clothes from my body without bothering to untie laces and so on. I undressed quicker than ever before in my life and got into the pool with her. I sat down, reaching out to her.

“Sit on me,” I said and she hurried to carry out my wish.

She slid over me, facing me, and I helped her to direct her pussy in such a way that I could easily slip into her. She cried out once I had filled her, throwing her head back. Her long hair spread out like a fan on the surface of the water behind her. I leant forward so that I could take one of her dark buds in my mouth and suck on it.

“Yes!” she cried, moving on top of me wildly. I embraced her hips, not stopping her. She uttered a quiet growl when she came the first time. I realized, with pride, that this growling was not a human sound. It came from deep inside her, from her tiger. My tiger answered her automatically.

My mate
,’ it said proudly.

Susan sank against me, breathing heavily, but I could sense that restlessness was still raging within her.

“Abziarr,” she gasped. “I … I can hear her.”

“I know,” I said quietly. “I know. My tiger can hear her, too. I can’t wait to see her.”

She groaned, moving restlessly on top of me.

“Is it happening again?” I asked.

She nodded, looking at me.

“You didn’t come, did you?”

“I will only come when you’re through with your needs. That’s normal, Carisha. This here is for you. It’s only for you, for your desire. It is my task to give you one climax after another.”

“Wow,” she said, groaning again. “Then I was wrong. I thought it must be every male’s dream to have a female who can’t get enough, but now I can see …” She groaned again. “… that it ends up more like work for you and it’s me who gets all the pleasure.”

I moved my thumb over her clitoris and smiled as she groaned loudly.

“Believe me, it is more than a pleasure for me to do this for you. I love watching you come. I love the sounds that you make. Don’t have a bad conscience. Just enjoy it.”

“Oh, I have … no bad conscience,” she gasped, moving on top of me. “I’m far too selfish, not to enjoy all thi… ohhh.”

“Come for me, Carisha,” I enticed her, massaging her pearl more firmly, whilst thrusting upwards inside her.

She came with a cry and as she threw her head back I could see her teeth. Full of love - I had to admit that she looked wonderful with her new teeth - so wild and sexy.

“Look at this stunning tiger,” I said huskily, full of awe.

She looked at me and I pulled her head towards me to kiss her.

She suddenly moved away from me and touched her sharp canine teeth with her hand.

“Wow,” she said. “You meant that.”

“Yes,” I confirmed, smiling.

“Oh, God,” she groaned. “It’s happening again …”

“Let’s change position,” I said. “I want to take you from behind.”

She nodded and slipped off my lap to kneel in front of me with her arms propped on the end of the pool. I grasped her hips and slid inside her, thrusting firmly. I took her hard and fast and the water splashed over the edge with every thrust. Not until she had come for the third time did I feel my own climax approaching and, leaning forward, I buried my teeth into her flesh as I pumped my seed inside her.

“You came,” she said after a while. “Does that mean it’s over?”

“Yes and no,” I answered, laughing quietly. “Your first phase is over. But it’s not completely over.”

“How … how many phases are there then?” she asked.

“They come at specific intervals,” I explained. “At the beginning they come approximately every six hours, then every four and finally every two hours.”

She laughed in disbelief, turning round to face me.

“You’re … you’re being serious?”

I nodded, grinning.

“Wow! That’s like … like a sort of sex marathon. There are people on my planet who do something like that, but then there are several men and one woman. Well, no man in my world would have such stamina. Wow!”

“Well, we Verkuzzis really do have a lot of stamina, but it’s only this extreme during our mate’s transformation phase. After that I’ll be a bit more limited, I’m afraid.” I grinned.

“I do believe I’m hungry again,” she said. “I hope I don’t get fat with all this gluttony.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “You won’t. Your body needs this much nourishment because the transformation uses up so much energy and, well, the sex marathon, too”

She laughed and threw her arms around me.

“I’m sorry for being so horrible to you.”

”Don’t say that. It can’t have been easy for you. I mean, I abducted you and you earth females think and feel completely differently.”

“It’s not that,” she said. ”I … I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, but I already knew, of course, from Lory, Charly and Keela, and of course Amber … So, I knew that with you people it’s either all or nothing. I panicked because …”

“You don’t need to exp…” I wanted to stop her, but she shook her head hard.

“Yes, I’d like to,” she said and I nodded. “I’ve been married twice. I married first at seventeen. I was pregnant and our parents forced us. I lost the child because he hit me. I got a divorce at eighteen and was married again at nineteen. I had really believed that it was the real thing, but he abused me verbally. There were times when I thought that I was completely stupid and useless because he convinced me of that again and again - until I met Keela. She was the one who opened my eyes and sent me to a therapist. The therapist told me that my husband would probably never stop doing that and that this would be because of him and not because of me. I got a divorce from him, too, when I was twenty two. Since then I’ve only had purely sexual relationships. When I needed sex I pulled a man and sent him away afterwards. I never wanted a relationship again. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“And then I was so aggressive to you - no wonder you didn’t want to - I should have given you more time, but …”

“No!” she said, taking my face between her little hands. “No! It was good this way. Otherwise I would probably never have let you near me. But this constant proximity released a longing in me and all of a sudden I knew that I wanted nothing else but you. “She looked at me intently. “I need you.”

I smiled.

“You’re mine,” I said huskily. “And what my mate needs right now is food. So - out of the bath and into bed with you. I’ll have some food brought to you quickly.”

We spent the whole of the third day of the transformation in bed - or at least, we ended up there every two hours, so we did not bother dressing. Susan’s eyes had changed. They were no longer dark brown now, but golden brown. When her tiger forced its way to the surface they became almost completely golden, otherwise they were darker. I sensed that her first shape shift would not be long. Her tiger could hardly be contained and Susan had been so aggressive the last few times that we had had sex, that she bit me if I did not take her from behind. Not that I’d have had anything against that. I liked her wild side. She still had no idea how to control her new half.

I heard her groaning next to me and knew that it was time again. During the last two hours she had dozed, exhausted from the exertion of the last few days.

“Abziarr,” she murmured. “You’ll have to do this. Tired.”

I rolled over her and pushed her thighs apart. She was weak, I could feel it, and it worried me a little. She had to finally end this cycle. I would try to speed it up in order to encourage her tiger to appear, because that was all that was missing. All at once I was struck by the alarming thought that, because of her foreign origins, she may not be able to complete the transformation. Yet up to now everything had been the way it would have been with every other mate amongst my people - except for this weakness that had overcome her since the last time. I slipped into her and she groaned again. I dug my fangs into her neck, injecting my hormone to strengthen her tiger. It was the tiger that carried out the transformation, but Susan was the one who had to allow it to happen.

I made love to my mate, hard and fast, using my thumb to help her come quicker and more powerfully. I allowed myself to come because my seed would also help to hurry the process along. Then I rolled off her and pulled her into my arms. Tenderly, I brushed her sweat-drenched hair from her face, looking at her.

“You must help me now. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve given you your orgasm, my hormone and my seed. The transformation is in your hands now. You must release your tiger. Don’t be afraid, Carisha. Just let it happen. Come onto your knees, facing me!” I helped her do this and she sat in front of me, on her knees. “I’m going to let my tiger come. Don’t be shocked. He will call your tiger, his mate, and you must let her come, OK?”

She nodded and I allowed my tiger to surface. He wanted his mate and called to her with a loud roar. Through my tiger’s eyes I could see Susan trembling, but then it happened. Before my eyes my mate disappeared and a beautiful female tiger with golden colored eyes appeared. She was somewhat unsteady on her legs and collapsed onto the bed, but she had made it.

“Wow,” I could hear Susan say in my head. “This is unusual.”

“You’ll get used to this quickly,” I assured her, laughing.

“Can I stay like this when I sleep? I’m tired and I’m lying very comfortably right now.” Her tiger yawned loudly, showing her long teeth.

“Sleep,” I said. ”I could use a bit of sleep, too.”

My tiger rubbed against her tiger and lay down next to her. It was not long before we fell asleep. It had been an exhausting three days.

Chapter 6

“Damn it,” I swore when I saw Susan’s tiger disappearing around the corner. Since her first shape shift my mate always used the quick body of her tiger to run away from me. She was playful and always up to tricks.

“If she carries on like this I won’t spot Marruk and his males arriving,” I said to Lomkas.

“Oh, I’ve just remembered, I completely forgot to report something to you,” said the giant, who was another head taller than me.

“What’s that?” I asked, turning to face him.

“We’ve discovered that Marruk and his males are about two hours from here. That’s what I wanted to say to you before your mate, the queen, sto… I mean … took my file with the documents.”

I sighed.

“I’ll await the new arrivals in the hall,” I said. “If you should see my mate anywhere, let her know that I’d like to see her.”

BOOK: Abziarr and his unwilling Queen (Lords of Arr'Carthian 1.5)
10.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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