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Six weeks later, Lexi stood by the big window in her apartment, cupping her soft belly. There was a life growing inside her—she and Nash’s child.

She looked up as he entered the room, smiling with her secret. He came to her at once and took her hands in his, planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Nash, I’ve just been to the medic,” she said.

“Oh? Are you alright, my beloved mate?”

“Yes. I’m more than alright.” She smiled slyly, barely able to contain herself.

“What is it?”

“Nash.” She took his hand and touched it to her belly. “I’m pregnant.”

He immediately picked her up in his arms, twirling her around in a circle. He set her back on her feet with an expression on his face that said he could barely breathe.

“A baby,” he said, letting out a long breath.

He hugged her to him. Lexi could feel his joy radiating through his body, and hers. “This is everything I’ve ever wanted.”

She could tell something was wrong, though. Nash had seemed distant since the night of their mating. Then, the military personnel moved out. It had been a difficult time for him.

She understood now, the kinds of restraints he was operating under. The larger government of Draconia was at war. The much-needed mating mission was a lower priority. What had happened on Earth could have been prevented, but at this point, she no longer blamed anyone for the current problems.

She knew Nash was on the same page as her about everything. But, his hands were tied in a lot of ways. Without any trained military left with the fleet, it would be hard to implement any kind of change on Earth as effectively.

“I have some good news, too” Nash said, looking deep into space outside the window.

“What is it, dearest?” she asked, hooking her arm around his waist.

“The government is sending a task force to help combat the issues technology has created—help Earth get on a better course for the future.”

“Really?” she asked, gazing up at him.

“The government is officially taking a stance on our Earth issues?” she added, smiling.

“Yes. These men are the best of the best. Trained in dozens of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and exotic weapons. They are our top special forces soldiers.”

“How many are they sending?” Lexi asked.


“Only twenty?”

“Believe me, with these guys, twenty is enough.”


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BOOK: Alien Commander's Bride
9.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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